Chapter One

Yugi Mutou woke with a start as his alarm clock beeped at him. I groaned and reached out to hit the snooze button. As soon as he'd stopped that infernal noise, he let his arm drop onto the bed. But instead of the bed, it collided with something warm. Yugi opened his eyes slightly and saw that his arm rested across his Yami's chest. Said Yami was lying on his back, still fast asleep.

Yugi sat up and smiled at Atem. After the Ceremonial Duel, Yugi had managed to persuade Ishizu to bring Yami back. She had done so, and luckily enough Atem wanted to stay. Of course, the spell also brought back Yami Bakura, or just 'Bakura', and Yami Marik, who now went by the name 'Malik'. That was two years ago. Also, as a plus side, They'd managed to get the Millennium items back.

Yugi Tried to figure out a way to climb over Atem to get ready for school without waking the Pharaoh up, but in the end, Yugi just pushed Atem on to the floor. Atem sat up as soon as he collided with the floor.

"What's wrong?" The Yami asked, yawning.

Yugi just smiled and climbed out of bed. "I needed to get out and you were in my way," Yugi replied, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Because I have to go to school today,"

Atem walked up behind his Hikari and wrapped his arms around Yugi's waist. "Awww," he said. "I'm going to be a lonely Pharaoh today then, huh?"

"I'm sure you'll survive," Yugi said, giggling as Atem's hair tickled his neck. Yugi wriggled out of Atem's grasp and changed into his school uniform.

Yugi started shuffling through his belongings. "Have you seen the Puzzle?" he asked. Atem just shrugged.

"Not recently," Atem replied. "I'll look for it today," He stretched, and Yugi blushed as he noticed Atem's shirt riding up.

"Anything interesting happening at school?" Atem asked, as he kicked through a pile of clothes to find a shirt to change into.

"Not really," Yugi replied, attempting to pull a hairbrush through his messy hair. "I have a History project due and some English writing that's due on Monday … but that's just about it,"

"Well, I hope you have a good day,"

"Me too,"

Yugi left for school and met up with Tea. They set off to Domino High, talking about what they were going to do over the vacation that started tomorrow. Tea said she was going to practice her dancing. Yugi was planning to spend more time with Atem, since school got in the way most of them time.

Yugi and Tea got into home room, where Ryou, Duke and Joey were talking.

"Hey guys," Yugi greeted his friends. "Where's Triston?"

Joey shrugged in response. "No idea," he said. "Maybe he got that cold that's been going around,"

"Just before vacation though. That must suck," Duke commented.

"I'll give him a call later," Yugi said.

The day went by normally—with the exception of Triston, of course. Once school was finally over, Yugi and Tea headed back to the game shop.

"I hope Triston's alright," Tea said, sighing.

"I'll call him later and let him know what he's missed," Yugi said. "I'll let you know once--,"

"Why are there policemen outside the game store?" Tea interrupted.

Yugi looked up and indeed there were two police men stood outside the game store. They were talking to Atem. Yugi immediately knew something was wrong.

Atem's hand was covering his mouth and his eyes were wide—a traditional sign of shock. Atem kept shaking his head as the police continued talking to him. Yugi almost ran over to them.

"What's wrong?" Yugi asked once he reached the group. Tea ran over too.

Atem looked at Yugi, having only noticed he was there. The police men also turned to the two who had just arrived. The first police man spoke up.

"Are you Yugi Mutou?" he asked. Yugi nodded, confused.

"What's going on?" Yugi demanded. Atem's sudden expression of fear and shock had taken Yugi off guard.

"Are you friends with Triston Taylor?" the police man asked.

"Y-yeah…has something happened to him?"

The first police man looked over at the second, and then at Atem. He nodded.

Atem looked at Yugi and Tea.

"Triston…Triston's dead,"