I forgot to mention that none of these are related to each other, unless otherwise stated. Rating has been upped to T. This will probably be the last author's note of this little collection, because these things are short and, I'd like to think, self-explanatory. Right, then-onto the fic.

Song: Numb

Artist: Linkin Park

Universe: Pre-Legend of Spyro

Cascadan's eyes were wide and hurt, and his mouth could only open and close; no sound came out. Not surprising-Malefor had torn out his throat moments ago.

He guessed the Water Guardian was asking, "Why? Why, Omniprious?"

Malefor's old name. The purple dragon snorted as he lashed a claw.

"I make my own destiny."

Song: Simple and Clean (PlanitB Remix-Short Edit)

Artist: Utada Hikaru

Universe: Legend of Spyro

In the crystal, Spyro dreamed. What else was there to do? He dreamed of the Swamp, and of the Dragonflies who had raised him. Somewhere along that line, the swamp dissolved into the Temple, and Mom and Dad dissolved into Ignitus and the other guardians.

Cynder showed up far too often, evil and not.

He dreamed of the future. What would it hold? It seemed to be swallowed in shadows and crystal shards…and in it all was a light.

Song: Rhythm of the Night

Artist: Valeria

Universe: Insomniac

It had been too long since Elora had been to Fracture Hills. As soon as she stepped through the portal, she knew it-the familiar night swallowed her up and brought a smile to her face.

Her hoof hit the grassy hills, the clear night air hit her pink nose, and the sound of bagpipes hit her ears. In the distance, she saw a Satyr leaning his head back and lifting the bagpipes in his arms. One of the other fauns was dancing near him, moving her yo-yo in time to the beat.

With a soft laugh, Elora ran to them. Exchanges of greeting rushed past; it was cousin Sheila and Uncle Finlay she had met.

And, like that, the night swallowed them in a whirl of dancing and music. For the first time in a long time, Elora felt like she was home.

Song: It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Death Wish

Artist: My Chemical Romance

Universe: Legend of Spyro

"See anything, Spyro?"

"No. But I've got a bad feeling."

"…Yeah. Me, too."

That exchange hadn't seemed like much at the time. Well, no-it had, but it grew to mean more as time passed. Things went from chaotic to calm there in the temple. Spyro and Sparx got another playmate, and the Guardians got a daughter.

At least…that was how it should have been. But, as luck would have it, the nightmares started coming. Cynder ran off, and the Temple was attacked.

The Chronicler told Spyro so, himself-things were going to get harder for him in the future. For him, and the world. Spyro remembered that exchange…and went off, anyway.

Song: Wherever You Are (I Feel Love)

Artist: Laava

Universe: Legend of Spyro

Cynder shivered. Why was it so cold outside the temple? There was no reason for it…

She'd done the right thing. Even without her Master's voice in her ear, she knew things were going to get worse, and she was only going to worsen them. She'd brought it to them, after all.

So…why was his face coming to her mind? That face that she had grown up hating, that name that had once made her snarl in rage…Why was she thinking of him?

"Spyro…" she murmured. She looked at her paws. They had once been so large, and now they were the same size as his.

She shook her head. It was for the best. With that thought, she kept running.

Song: This Fire

Artist: Franz Ferdinand

Universe: Insomniac

The story of the hatchling who'd come into the world with a breath of fire was not entirely exaggerated. Spyro knew who it was about, and thought it suited him perfectly. The thought that he had his fire while other hatchlings his age did not had never occurred to him. There were no other hatchlings around him, anyway-that was just what the other dragons had said.

It seemed to get on their nerves, too-he had to use it. Constantly. It often felt like it wasn't just his lungs or his mouth that were on fire, but his whole being. Which made his name even more appropriate.

He never told anyone but Sparx…but he often wished that there was more to scorch than sheep or frogs. Which was why he was glad when Gnasty Gnorc took over.

Song: Distant Sun

Artist: Lacuna Coil

Universe: Insomniac

Elora often wondered about why the worlds worked differently. Why were some portals steeped in day, while others were in night? Why did the sun rise in some places, but never appear in others? How was it that stepping into a portal and staying there for an hour could result in stepping back and finding that a week had passed?

The Professor, who had studied these things for a greater part of his life, answered these questions with relish. The way he explained it, each world existed on a different plane of existence, as did each of the portals it held. Each portal led to a different part of that plane, which could not be reached by foot, or even by wing. Such limits could be breached with balloons, boats, rockets, and other means of transportation, but that was another science altogether.

Song: Double Bass

Artist: Gorillaz

Universe: Insomniac

"So, where else have you been?"

Marco turned from the sight outside the balloon basket, and peered at the dragon over his scarf. "Beg pardon?'

The little purple dragon flapped his wings, in what he guessed was impatience, and repeated his question. "Where else have you been? If you're a balloonist, you must have been places other than the Artisans World. Right?"

Marco laughed. "Well, sure! I've been to the Dreamweavers World, the Magic Crafters World, and the Peacekeepers World. We're going there now."

"Oh." Spyro looked disappointed.

Marco frowned. "Why?"

Spyro sighed. "Well…aren't there any worlds outside the Dragon Realms? I mean…there has to be."

The Balloonist looked back over the basket. "Well…Sorry, little guy, but I can't tell you about that. I haven't been outside this world before, so I wouldn't know." He looked back at Spyro. "But that doesn't mean they don't exist, right?" He winked.

Song: Get Off My back

Artist: Bryon Adams

Universe: Legend of Spyro

He'd been attacked as an egg. He'd been attacked outside the egg. His parents, his brother, his family, had all been threatened and held hostage. His world had been threatened. And now, on top of everything, he'd been kidnapped, and was being forced to fight for the amusement for a bunch of drunken pirates.

To say that Spyro was angry was an understatement. Even Sparx was catching on now, and was returning with more attitude than he usually did.

As he was dragged out to the arena, seeing the arachnids and their loutish riders did nothing for Spyro's mood. The announcement was made, and then he was off. By the end of the battle, the pirates were not disappointed.

Song: Tidal Pool

Artist: Conjure One

Universe: Legend of Spyro

The lesson for that day was different than what Spyro was used to. Instead of honing his powers for a future rescue mission, Spyro was led to the Vision Pool, and instructed to look into it. Seeing nothing but the familiar glowing green depths, Spyro blinked in confusion.

"Why, Ignitus? I don't see anything."

The old dragon peered at the young one with patient, seemingly ancient orange eyes. "You will, young dragon. I have ever confidence in you." He leaned close to his son. "Remember this, Spyro-a hero is not only strong in body, but in mind and in soul. Even if you see nothing, you will be learning something about yourself." He raised himself to his full height. "That is the purpose of this exercise. Now clear your mind, find your center of being, and concentrate on it. You will know when to open your eyes."

Ignitus then turned silent. When he said nothing more, Spyro did as he was told, and closed his eyes. He cleared his mind of everything, and evened his breathing. In, out. In, out. In…

A final sigh. In that moment, he left his body. Opening his eyes, he peered into the pool again. A flash of something-blue, purple, gold, and then nothing.

"I saw something, Ignitus!"

The Fire Guardian looked pleased, but not surprised. "I knew you would, Spyro."

Artist: Bryon Adams

Song: I Will Always Return

Universe: Post-Legend of Spyro

He'd died hearing Cynder murmur "I love you" to him. He could have sworn he heard it as he woke up again; she was the first thing he saw, laying next to him. She was already awake.

"I left," she admitted. "I flew off, because I thought I was dreaming, and I thought it was too good to be true."

He blinked, not sure what he was hearing. "You came back," was the first thing he said.

She nodded. "I came back." She nudged her nose to Spyro's. "I'll always come back to you."

He laughed, and shoved her. "Come on. Let's go home." It didn't occur to him that she might not know where 'home was.' When he rose into the air, she followed him. She already was home.