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Chapter One

Ed and Al walked down a sunlight bridge. Ed stopped to look at his palm in exhilaration and pride. His new found power a mystery and yet a wonderful new turn in events that lead them towards returning his brother to his former self. Turning, he looked up at his younger brother.

"Al?" he asked softly.

"Hm?" Al also stopped.

"Today marks a big turning point for us, you know." He paused and smiled.

"It's full speed ahead now, and if dead ends come, then we'll find another way!" Lifting his fist, he pointed it to his brother with a large grin and his voice full of sincerity.

"Someday I swear I'll get you back the way you were."

"Uhuh. And when that day comes, your full body will be there too." Al reached down and punched his brother's fist. They turned and continued to walk down the path. The beautiful sunset shone on his face and Al's large armored body. A train whistled in the distance.

"Come on! Hurry up; we're going to be late!" Ed and Al turned to see a girl waving vigorously. Ed raised an eyebrow in confusion at her but realized what was happening. A hooded figure ran quickly past them and to the waving girl. Stopping, they waved their hand dismissively.

"What do you mean!" she shouted making them flinch, "we're going to miss the 5:00 train!" Ed froze and his smile quickly vanished.

"Oh no!" he shouted as he started running. Al quickly followed realizing their predicament. They were going to miss their train.

Ed watched as the two figures sprinted off in the same direction they were headed.


Ed sat fuming on the train with Al sitting calmly before him. They almost didn't make it on in time because of the ticket seller. Al had to convince her that Ed was his son just to let him on the train. She was obviously new to the business.

"No hard feelings, right, brother?" Al asked him timidly. Ed grumbled and Al sighed in relief. Ed uncrossed his arms and turned to look over the seat. The pair which they saw behind him and the hooded one had their back to him. The girl was talking vehemently to their hooded partner.

"You were so stupid! Running around like that! It was like you were trying to avoid someone! And then you get all sick…" she ranted.

"Um…" she jumped and looked in surprise at him. Her partner however seemed unaffected.

"Y-yes?" she stuttered. Ed raised his eyebrows but continued.

"Thanks so much," he said quickly. She blinked rapidly and smiled.

"For what?"

"I know it was unintentional and all but… you reminded us about the train so we made it in time." Her smile faltered for a second then she leaned forward and smacked her comrade on the head. They gave a cry and jumped up quickly. Falling back down, they rubbed their still hooded head tenderly.

"See that? We actually helped someone!" The person's head fell and they shook their head. Al had leaned over by now watching with his brother.

"I think that person was sleeping," Al whispered and Ed nodded. The hooded figure turned slightly at Al's voice and quickly stood up and opened the door to the car.

"Where are you going?" their comrade asked. They pointed their finger out the door then twisted it to imply the room down the hall.

"Oh! Sou ka. Just don't fall in the toilet this time." The person froze and drew something slowly from their pocket and chucked at her head in irritation then stomped out of the room.

"By the way… what's your name?" Al asked her. She cocked her head in his direction and raised her finger.

"I'm Mitsu," she said. Al bowed slightly.

"I'm Al, and this is my brother Ed."

"Nice to meet you two."

"What's your friend's name?" Ed asked. She shook her head.

"I think Asu or something… he has bad handwriting. I can't tell." Ed and Al looked at each other in confusion.

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Well," Mitsu began, "he's mute… I don't know how long he's been like this but…"

"Mute? Oh, sorry."

"For what?" Al blinked and leaned back in his seat.


A hooded figure entered the small train bathroom. He raised his hand and threw back his hood. His sin stared back at him and he scowled. Tears came to his eyes and he grasped the sink in agony. His body wracked with shivers and he touched the glass.

"How can I hide?" Straightening he whipped around and raised his hands helplessly to the ceiling calling out with all his heart.

"Help me!" he cried to anyone who would listen.


Ed looked up when the train door opened and Asu stepped out into the car. He watched the mute man walk over and sit back down in his spot. He turned to look at the pair even though they could not see his face. Ed smiled and waved. Asu inclined his head but froze when he saw Al. Jumping up once more in surprise; he crashed into the rack above their heads and bent the wire. Mitsu raised an eyebrow in astonishment.

"Do you have an automail head or something?" she said sarcastically. Asu rubbed his head and turned to see a very intimidating conductor staring angrily at him.

"Why are you two traveling together?" Mitsu asked Ed and Al. They looked at each other than Ed smiled sheepishly. Just looking for information. And why are you two? Are you a couple?" Mitsu blushed brightly and the two turned to see Asu chocking on the water he had been drinking.

"No! No, no… we are not…" Ed nodded and raised his hands.

"Sorry... I shouldn't have asked something like that."

"Oh… it's alright." By then Asu had stopped chocking and was back to his calm self. He jumped (again) however when a shadow loomed over him.

"You better pay for that, son!" he said pointing at the rack. Asu nodded slowly and placed his hand near the mutilated area. Ed and Al gasped as a light began to form around his hand and then an iridescent red transmutation circle appeared. The bend wire slowly regained its shape and Asu removed his hand. Turning he saw the astonishment in their eyes.

"How…?" Ed began but Asu quickly ran towards the door. Clapping his hands, he created a barrier to prevent him from escaping. Asu turned sharply to see Ed jump at him and grab his cloak. The hood was torn down and Ed cried out in astonishment. He stumbled back. Al walked over and looked at what had frightened his brother.

"What is it, brother?" Al gasped and his eyes widened (if possible) and took a step back.

"I-impossible…!" Asu turned his golden eyes upon them with hurt lining his features. He lowered his head making his blonde hair fall in his face.

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