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Chapter 3

Mitsu walked stunned in the wake of her companion. Her last test had confirmed her fears because she had not the guts to ask him herself. She would act as if she had never learned of it for his sake. He must have his reasons for acting the way he did.

Asu stopped and turned to look past her. She also stopped and followed his gaze. There, running after them, was the frenzied red-garbed alchemist and his younger brother in the tin suit.

"Stop right there!" Ed shouted pointing at them while still running. Asu opened his mouth comically and sprinted in the opposite direction; Mitsu close on his heels. Ed quickened his pace and all out ran after them.

"Nii-san!" Al cried after his brother, his suit banging loudly on the ground, "wait for me, Nii-san!" Ed ignored him and continued chasing. Asu also quickened his pace with Mitsu desperately chasing.

A mischievous grin appeared on Ed's face and he stopped abruptly. Al almost ran into him but stopped just in time so he was inclined to glare down at him.

"Nii-san! What are you…"" he paused and watched as his brother leaned over and clap his hands. A small rock popped out of the ground before Mitsu. She gave a startled cry and fell on her face.

"What are you doing, Ed?" Al inquired, "Shouldn't we be catching Asu?" Ed again gave his mischievous grin but this time it was more evil. Al backed away slowly from his older brother.

"I've got myself a hostage," he grinned. Al sweat dropped but continued to back away. Being Ed, he was sure to gloat. Asu had stopped by now and was staring wide-eyed at him and her.

"Ha! Ed laughed pointing his finger at the stunned boy, "I beat your puny ass in the battle of the wills!" (Cue anime fall for all others present) Ed blinked than placed his hands triumphantly on his hips.

"I've got you know! (Asu by now was completely ignoring him due to his present stupidity) You better come quietly or she gets it!" Mitsu's eyes widened in horror and Asu rolled his eyes. Al gasped and raised his fist in agitation. He brought it down HARD.

"OUCH!!!" Ed cried bouncing around comically with his hands on his head, "ow ow ow owoooooow…. AL!!! WHY THE HECK DID YOU DO THAT?!" Al crossed his arms and glared down at him.

"Now, Nii-san," he began, "be a nice little boy and leave her alone." Ed's eyes narrowed dangerously and Al started sweating profusely in sudden horror of his current predicament.


"Now, Nii-san… calm down…"

"WHO'S THE RUNT SO TINY HE CAN BREATH THE OXYGEN IN A GLASS OF WATER?!" Ed cried lunging at his younger brother. Al squeaked and ran away quickly.


"No! Nii-san why are you chasing me?!"


"I will if you'll stop chasing me!"

"ARGH!!! AL!!!!!!!!!!" Asu and Mitsu sweat dropped and started walking in the opposite direction. Mitsu grabbed his hand and shook it in earnest. Asu glared down at her but she stared back at him with pleading eyes.

"Would you have helped me?" she asked him. He shook his head causing her mouth to fall open in amazement. He cocked his head towards her and drew a notebook from his pocket. He quickly wrote something down in it and handed it to her. She quickly grabbed it for he rarely spoke to her. It read:

There is/ will be/ or was going to be no need.

"Why so?" she asked in surprise.

He and his brother would not risk the chance of something happening to me my body.

Why would they care about that?" Asu paused and drew the notebook close to himself. He thought over the question for a few seconds before placing the notebook back in his pocket. Mitsu was about to protest but she quickly stopped herself.

The shouts behind them suddenly stopped and Asu paled. He looked around quickly for a place to escape or hide, but the empty desert yielded none. Mitsu also paled when the familiar sound of an alchemic reaction reached their ears. Asu jumped up expecting an attack from the ground but gasp when Ed appeared above him, pinning him to the ground. Mitsu gave a cry and tried to run towards him but Al reached out and grabbed her arm. The party stood still for several minutes before Ed bent over and punched him square in the face. Asu gave a startled cry and reached up to hold his now bleeding nose. Al and Mitsu appeared completely flabbergasted.

"Nii-san!" Ed threw him a quick look that quieted him instantly. Ed turned once again and punching him rapidly and HARD in the face. Al gave a cry and ran over to his brother. He held his struggling brother as Asu rose to his feet. He cradled his now bruising face.

"Nii-san, stop! You can't harm him!" Ed teas sprang into Ed's eyes and he fell to his knees crying. Al as completely astonished. His brother never cried. Al stepped back and let his brother cry. He could not comfort him; at least, not when he was in the body. All figures present were COMPLETELY speechless at what happened next. Asu walked over and knelt beside Ed. He leaned over and wrapped his arms tenderly around his shaking body. Ed chocked back his sobs and looked into the face of his younger brother. But, on his face lay not his brother's but another's. The hug was different… the warmth behind it was… Ed stumbled backwards in surprise not at being comforted by him but… but for another reason.

"Ni-i-san?" stuttered in fear. Ed stood and looked at Asu carefully. He returned the stare. Ed sighed and was able to bend his pride just enough to stretch out his hand to the other boy. Asu's eyes widened in amazement but n humor lay with Ed's eyes.

"Please forgive me," he began to their surprise, "I was so intent on reviving my brother I never stopped to think about he who resides with his body…" Asu coughed and Ed blushed brightly. Asu nodded so he continued.

"I ask of you to join us so we can return you to who you are and my brother to he was… and to right things for both of us. Asu paused than smiled. He drew out his notebook and began scribbling down something in it. He handed it to him.

Of course. That's what I wanted all along. But

Ed looked at him and handed back the notebook. "But what?" Asu smiled more mischievously this time and wrote something else and handed it back.

Do you want to help me into my body because you want to see what my body looks like?

Ed dropped the book, startled. He looked at him in horror with an enormous blush on his face. "NANI?????!!!!!" Asu started laughing. Mitsu stared in wonder at him. He had never laughed before. She liked the sound. Al bent over and picked up the notebook. He read the contents and was completely confused.

"What's going on? I think I'm the only one missing something. Asu's eyes widened and he looked at the other to in astonishment. He pointed and himself and both nodded. Asu paled then blushed brightly and so did Ed.

"What's going on?!" Al cried not wanting to be left out. Asu twirled his hair nervously and then walked over to him. He looked up at him and handed him a piece of paper. Al read it quickly then, if it were possible, blush the brightest blush he ever had in his life. He fell over and looked at the equally blushing Asu.

"HOW CAN THAT BE????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!""WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE A GIRL?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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