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Characters: Sheppard and team. No spoilers

Summary: The void took him into a peaceful rest…

I really should be getting the next chapters out of my other 2 fics, but this is screaming to get out, sorry for making you wait for the others. Here we go then.

Alone in the void.

Sheppard struggled to open his eyes, when he did everything was a blur. For a moment he couldn't remember where he was or, how he got here. He became aware of an object in his hands, it was a tablet. The tablet showed some readings which at first, he was confused about. The readings came into focus, as did the reason he was in his situation at the moment. It read, five minutes of oxygen left. Crap he thought wearily. Just as he began fading again he heard a panicked voice over the radio, trying to get his attention.

"Sheppard!" the voice was familiar to him, it was McKay. Sheppard couldn't for the life of him figure out why McKay sounded so scared or, he was calling him on the radio. What Sheppard did know was that he was loosing time and that he could barely even help himself. He was aware that there was something trickling on the tablet in his hands and then remembered he was bleeding but how he got injured, he couldn't remember. He was numb from the coldness around him or was he going into shock. He tried to listen to the voice but didn't have the energy to reply.

"Sheppard! Can you hear me, Sheppard?" Sheppard drifted again, his vision fading.

"Sheppard! Just hold on, we are almost there, just a little longer" the voice was so distant it hardly seemed real.

His head was pounding and his breaths were shallow, he knew his time was up; his friends were too far away to help him. He was ever the optimist but, even he couldn't see a way out of this one. Unless, the distant voice was, within the four and a half minute window he had left. He had hoped had it come down to it, he would be able to actually say goodbye to his friends, this situation however, left him too weak to speak the words he wanted to say.

The darkness of the empty space around him was creeping ever so slowly into his vision. The tablet counting down to his death dropped out of his hands with a thud, his hands well past being strong enough to hold it. The coldness of the void in front seeping into his skin or maybe, the void was leaching his remaining heat. He was drifting alone in the blackness of space in a lone puddle jumper. Even if they found him, how would they get him out? As the remains of his strength failed him and he slumped into the pilot's chair, he thought he could see the outline of another puddle jumper though, it could have just been his mind playing tricks on him. This gave him a little hope; the darkness consumed him into its painless slumber...


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