Fujin is a woman of few words and many deep thoughts. A collection of Fujin mini drabbles themed with a word starting with each letter of the alphabet.

A Few Words

Word 01: Anniversary

Both Seifer and Raijin noticed it right away, the slight smile that shone through Fujin's usually serious face. Their curious stares did not really bother her, nor did the fact that they didn't remember what day it was. Either way, they would continue being a posse as they had been for the past three years to that day.

Word 02: Bee

The insect that dared to defy her was met only with a merciful waving of the hand. The bee flew away to pester Raijin who flailed at it frantically and ended up with a stung nose, much to Seifer's amusement.

Word 03: Cat

No one ever knew Fujin liked animals, she had never spoken of it or mentioned wanting a pet. But when Headmaster Cid sent the disciplinary committee to catch a stray cat that snuck into Garden, out of the three, the only one who was accepted with purrs and cuddles instead of scratches was Fujin.

Word 04: Done

Though they were the disciplinary committee that didn't mean they always stayed out of trouble. Occasionally they would end up with a few extra chores thanks to an impulsive moment from Seifer, and both Raijin and Fujin would help their dear friend without complaints. When Fujin was done doing the dishes, she went off to help Seifer mop the cafeteria floor, her duty wasn't finished until they were all done.

Word 05: Eyes

When Fujin's only visible eye closed sleepily and she dozed off on a bench near the stage in Garden, Seifer approached her curiously, with Raijin looking over his shoulder, and extended his hand to lift her eye patch and see if she really was missing an eye, or if she simply wore the patch to look cool. Then Fujin's exposed eye opened suddenly, freezing Seifer in place with a potent glare and startling Raijin into backing up and tripping over his own feet, falling flat on his back. Then the anger left her good eye and she patted the space left and right on the bench where a minute later Seifer and Raijin sat on either side after recovering.

Word 06: Fun

Some would wonder what was so fun about hanging around Seifer all the time, following him everywhere. But they didn't need to know and they didn't need to understand, because Fujin was having fun and that was all that really mattered.

Word 07: Guard

Fujin didn't know how Seifer accidentally broke the lock of his own room, but until it was fixed, she would have to guard his door to make sure no intruders went in. Prepared to fight fan girls and monsters alike, Fujin guarded the slumbering prince.

Word 08: Hair

Fujin had never exchanged more than a few words with Selphie, thus when the brunette started playing with her silver hair in the cafeteria and asking what she did to make it so shiny, Fujin did not know how to reply; and Seifer couldn't help it but to be amused by her deer caught in the headlights expression.

To be Continued

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