A Few Words: 163 to 175

Word 163: Outcasted

They walked by pretending, or rather trying to pretend, that she was invisible, but their cautious sideway glances were more obvious than a direct stare to her. This was Fujin, part of the disciplinary committee, the mysterious and intimidating quiet woman. She was an outcasted by everyone but her personal posse... and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Word 164: Cuisine

The smell was exotic to say the least, but in a good way. As for the color, let's just say neither Seifer nor Raijin had even seen anything like it. They looked at each other with a mixture of excitement and caution across the table, then finally they dove into the adventure as comrades. This was Fujin's cuisine... and it was delicious.

Word 165: Maiden

He smiled and she glared, he tried his best to keep a serious face, but ended up smiling again. She'd get him for that, but he couldn't help it. He wasn't the one who handed out the roles of the play, but he was certainly amused. Seifer was in fact so amused by Fujin in a lovely maiden's dress that he didn't mind that his own costume of olden days was just as ridiculous. Then she would link arms with him as part of the scene and they would walk a few steps across the stage. Her eyes were now looking forward, so she didn't see that hint of something else in his, something other than amusement, something hidden and deep, something that pertained to his character well enough, but was in truth all his.

Word 166: Blackout

The small flame flickered and almost gave out. Raijin was fascinated by the storm's light, sitting by the window in awe. Fujin seemed to hear something in the howling of the wind that only she could understand and that left Seifer as the only companion of that lonely small candle. Then just invisible as the wind and with movements just as swift albeit as gentle as a mid summer breeze, unlike the storm that raged on, Fujin joined him next to the flickering light as they waited out the blackout.

Word 167: Forgiveness

He wasn't sure what had upset her, but he could easily perceive the imperceptibly small change in her behavior, the way her quiet and precise movements seemed a little faster as if done with just the tiniest bit of spite. He couldn't think of what it was that bothered her, but he offered her a seasalt popsicle and hoped for forgiveness. She took it with the slight hint of a surprised expression overcoming her features. Everyone had an off day now and then and Fujin was no exception. That was no reason for Seifer to seek her forgiveness, as there was nothing to forgive... but she gave it anyway and accepted the piece offering with the slightest hint of a smile that she knew he could easily perceive.

Word 168: Book

He passed by in silence and glanced at her book. The cover was so worn he couldn't read the title. Without a second thought, he continued on his way, yet the nagging curiosity wouldn't leave him. He passed by again and examined her book without disturbing her reading. He still could not decipher what it was about. Finally, Fujin, who was all too aware of Seifer's curiosity, patted the space on the couch next to her, offering him a place to sit. From that angle he could clearly see what was written in the old pages of the worn text. He didn't know she liked poetry.

Word 169: Lotion

Seifer's nose first picked up the scent when he woke up in the morning. He searched for it in the common areas of the house he shared with Fujin and Raijin but could not find the source. Though it was all pleasant and somewhat similar, he knew the scent didn't originate from the flowers in the vase in the living room's coffee table or the fresh muffins that were kept in the kitchen. The whole day he felt compelled to smell every pleasant thing in the house, but the scent was always just slightly different. Then finally, with the casual motion of Fujin handing him the TV's remote as it was his turn to pick what to watch next, he found the source of the pleasant scent to be her. Rather than just taking the remote, he held her hand for a curious moment, bringing it close to his face and took a deep breath, deciding that he really liked the scent of her lotion.

Word 170: Mad

The glow in her eyes was ominous and threatening, her expression incredibly fierce, her aura was beyond words to express, it was a disaster, it was a catastrophe, Fujin was mad.

Word 171: Parody

The sword was far larger than what Seifer was used to, but at least Raijin was enjoying this as he had discovered a trigger happy side of him he didn't even know he had. As for Fujin, she grumbled and readjusted her skirt, her boots had metal plated soles, but how was she supposed to kick in that skirt? She would have to blow off some steam by punching everything in sight just as hard as Tifa would.

Word 172: Abuse

Raijin tried to help her garden by pulling out the weeds... along with the flowers. Seifer tried to help her garden by watering it... until the ground turned to liquid mud. They might have good intentions, and she appreciated it, but far from being gardening, this was plant abuse.

Word 173: Plastic

He pulled at it and pulled at it, but far from releasing the prize it held confined, it only stretched stubbornly and refused to break... until she came over with a pair of scissors and another enemy fell defeated, the latest victim: plastic.

Word 174: Misunderstood

His past ambition was frowned upon by many, but she saw the truth of his wish to be as a knight, and even if he was misunderstood by the whole world, in the end, one way or another, she would always understand him.

Word 175: Trainwreck

It was a disaster and she looked like she had been in it, because she had. Yet she was alive and miraculously without a broken bone. At that moment, even if Fujin looked like the trainwreck she just walked out of, to Seifer's great relief upon seeing her without serious injuries, even covered in dirt, dust, and scratches, she was the most beautiful he'd ever seen.

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