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The Lighthouse: Love For A Fool

Merriam Webster Online's definition of Mimicry: "1: an instance of mimicking; the action, practice, or art of mimicking. 2: a superficial resemblance of one organism to the other or to natural objects among which it lives that secures it a selective advantage (as protection from predation)."

Davis's definition of Mimicry: "Trying to be something you're not—a fallacy, a distortion of what Kari knows and wants and expects and respects."

Prologue Part I
...Only a Mimicry...


Falling in tiny tinkering splatters, like lightshards shooting—descending—gravitating from the rumbling clouds of Heaven's gray fury. They twisted and entwined within the world's atmosphere, melting from their icicle exterior and falling in droplets of warning.


Davis Motomiya once heard that it only rained when Heaven cried. Sometimes, the tears were light and gentle, as if the aether's inhabitants were smiling and laughing and crying only tears of bliss. Other times, the tears were heavy, arctic in their chilly wrath, filled with the acidic poison of hatred and despair. Rain was only a synonym for those tears – tears humans shared, tears that some humans even feared, tears that some humans even rejoiced.


Davis Motomiya also once heard that water was a symbol of washing away the old in order to make room for the new. It cleansed one's sins and ushered in a new era of change, a butterfly effect where the cocoon peels from skin and releases the wings of a creature reborn into a drizzle of life.


Even so, Davis Motomiya couldn't help but to smile wryly at the billowing gales of sharp wind, at the rolling cumulus thundering blue lightning and red sparking electricity, at the tears he wanted to hide amongst the Heaven's own but was unable to because Davis's tears were no one's but his own.

Davis never tried to hide his tears before.

He hated hiding anything.

Everyone knew everything about Davis (except for a few embarrassing secrets that Jun always blabbed about), and he never had a problem with it. If people wanted to be his friend, they could take it or leave it. Ever since MaloMyotismon's defeat, making friends became a lot easier—more people knew him—more people saw past the arrogance and cockiness, and saw the young man within. A man who would never give up, even when the going was tough. He wouldn't get going, because he was already gone. Davis loved everyone, even those he seemed to hate. He didn't necessarily get along with everyone (chaps like TK and the Poi Brothers instantly came to mind), but he cared for them. Davis, as the wielder and epitome of courage and friendship, could not afford to hate anyone, even those who turned his life into the hellish escapade it became the day Heaven cried.

Flashes of what brought him to this moment rung inside his mind, riveting and thrilling yet boring holes into a soul he made bright and cheery. It seemed like only hours ago when he was encouraging Cody to join the soccer team, only minutes ago when the sun reached its shining zenith and beads of sweat drizzled down his temple, only seconds ago that he was standing beside the best slices of his core: Ken, Kari, TK, Cody, and Yolei... Yet, here, in this moment, darkness ruptured their sunny day and brought with it the temporary oblivion of war.

It came suddenly.

Hours ago, a hole ripped between dimensions and brought with it the darkest of virus creatures – some digimon weren't even virus attributes, yet had a shadowy lust prevailing a soul ripe with rife. Immediately, bloodlustful digimon spewed into the Earth's atmosphere, bringing with them the tremulous roar of chaos. Earth began its swift descent into confusion, and though the Destined fought to keep order amongst Earth's civilization, none of them could control it all. Last Davis saw of any of the Destined, Tai had told him to follow Kari into the dark pits of Odaiba's nearby woods, TK's chest met the prickling claws of Devimon's hand, Ken was bearing down a cackling Myotismon set to make his life end, Yolei was taking on three digimon at a time and ripping them apart like sandcastles in July, and Cody was using his supreme kendo skill to join his grandfather in a duo of blades and blazes against the corrupt digimon. The older generation surrounded them all, yet each had beckoned their own personal battle that drew their attention away from an internal affair that now only Davis could stop.

As rain splattered and soaked his clothes, his boots, his hair, Davis's mind was laced with a million questions. Who opened a pathway between dimensions and consumed Earth in the dark grip of corrupt digimon? What did they want with the world? Though Earth knew about digimon and mostly everyone had a partner (though not everyone was necessarily a Destined), would the mere ability to have partners be enough to stop the thousands of digimon descending from the sky? And Kari...

Davis bit his bottom lip in thought.

He thought that maybe if he wasn't sick, he could've stopped it. Maybe, if he hadn't had a fever, he could've somehow repaired the dimensional rip or bargained with the ripper in order to stop the world's chaos. Maybe... perhaps... if he wasn't so sick, so slow, so freaking naïve, he could've somehow saved the friends he'd lost and would lose.

He shouldn't have been crying—he should've been strong—courageous—because that was the only thing he was capable of, right? That was what he represented, the two virtues at the core of his innate capabilities, right?


He had to be strong... for her.

Davis Motomiya was only sixteen, yet somehow, at that moment, as he stared at Kari Kamiya, he felt so much older. So much—weaker—than how he used to feel.



Rain was falling all around them, cascading and streaming down their frozen flesh. Davis felt a breeze tug at his hair and loose pieces of clothing, briefly distracting him from the pains of their current predicament to consider everything that was about to happen.

She—Kari, the bearer of light and all things bright—was breaking. Darkening. Shifting into a shattered reflection of the being she once was.

Davis could still remember a few months ago, when their friendship had taken a sharp shoot toward confidants. Davis caught her at the absolute worst time, before she could curl up in the arms of her brother or run to the house of her best friend. Back then, she was shaking horribly, her body a jolt of frustration and fear. "Davis..." she began, her bottom lip trembling. "I've been hearing this voice in my head..." Her face was pale and placid, moist with fearsweat and wasted adrenaline. "I think... it's from the Dark Ocean." She rested her palm against her forehead, tears filling her eyes. "I think it's calling me there again, but I don't want to go, and every time I hear it... it gets stronger and stronger. I don't think I can suppress it this time, Davis."

She'd been so scared... more scared than Davis had ever seen her. He'd heard many things from TK when Kari was first brought to the Dark Ocean, like how afraid she was of Dagomon's call, and the words she'd gathered from the dark creatures who thrived there. But he'd never witnessed it, himself, and the knowledge of that fear rippling in her eyes caused an echo of dread that tenfolded within his own heart. "The voice won't leave me alone, and I don't want to go there again... I don't want... anything. Oh God, Davis, what am I going to do?"

Thus, lo and behold, Davis stood before an angry and frightened Kari Kamiya. She was holding her temples, shaking her head—he knew in that instant that, in the last few months, the voice hadn't left her once. She'd lived for more than 90 days with that guttural growl that infiltrated the inner-sanctum of her psyche, pinning and jostling and growing like a tumor inside her cerebral cortex. And now, at the pinnacle of Earth's descent into madness, Kari Kamiya had descended along with it.

Though she wouldn't admit it, Davis knew the rain was hiding her tears, as well.

"Kari..." he whispered. His fingertips traced the line of her face, the rain filtering into the gaze of her doe brown eyes. He smiled softly, as if to encourage her, but she only clasped her cheeks with the heel of each hand, her eyes widening into bulges of white with a needletip-pupil in each eye.

Davis could remember Oikawa five years ago; at the time, he'd seemed so brittle, his body breaking away into light, his soul restoring into the guardian of a world he'd longed to be a part of since he'd lost his best friend. Even so, his voice, his presence, his very love was stronger than even the physical frailness of his broken body. In that instant, Oikawa had told the Destined that the powers of darkness would always fight the powers of light, but the powers of light would always conquer them. Always.

He wanted to believe that. There wasn't a thing he'd ever wanted to believe in more. But there was a part of him—a part that slithered into his heart and gripped it in a serpentine grip—that confirmed futile resistance, that it all wouldn't matter in the end, that Davis didn't matter in the end, that Kari never mattered in the first place.

I don't want to believe that, Davis hissed inside his mind. I refuse to! I can't let my friends down... I can't allow this evil to take my family... and most of all, I cannot—will not—allow that asshole to take Kari away.

She shuddered in the crisp cold as a cloud of breath heaved from between her lips. She watched it flutter to the sky before lightly dissipating, reminding Davis all too well of the many digimon he'd seen destroyed in battle. He didn't want to see that happen ever again—he didn't want to see that happen to Kari.

"Make it stop, Davis." Her voice broke. Her knees wobbled before sinking to her muddy soil at their feet. Dirt splattered her clothes and face, her body trembling in all of its growing terror. "I can't—stand—it anymore. It—It—keeps saying things... It keeps—telling me—so many things—I don't matter—I'll never matter—I can't stop It—that the Dark Ocean will swallow me and destroy everything that I am, everything I've worked for, everything I represent... It keeps telling me that it'll rip you all to pieces, and I... I can't stop it!"

Davis hadn't realized it when he marched through the muck and the cold rain—through the thin sheet of fear standing between them—and wrapped his arms around her, quickly maneuvering her so that her face was pressed against the crook of his neck, his hands tightly wrapped around her shoulders and against her back. She momentarily shivered, the bulge of her forehead gently leaning against the smooth of his chest. He gritted his teeth and embraced her as strongly and as quickly as he could, as if to secure her and tell her and show her that he wouldn't let anything happen—not to her, not to him, not to the others. He felt that if he held her, maybe, just maybe, she wouldn't disappear into the nothingness of the Dark Ocean.

"Don't let it take over you, Kamiya," he said firmly through clenched teeth. "Never let that beast defeat you!"

"I can't stand it!" Tremors ran throughout her stone-cold body as she gripped her temples. Behind him, Davis could hear the low caterwauls of digimon who undoubtedly followed him into the woods, ready to rip and tear the two kids standing alone in the rain. Kari's teeth gripped into a half-scowl of red fury as her voice hissed, "Where's Gatomon? V-mon? Where are all the others? I can't—I can't do this alone—Tai—TK—I can't—"


Davis listened to the sound of rain pitter-pattering all around him.


He felt oxygen fill his lungs and weave with cells, felt the wind of change caress his cheek, felt the soft glow of Kari's presence illuminate the strength he held deep inside himself—it was a lumination that not even Kari was aware of, an invisible light that shed from her body and covered his own.


He watched the rain plummet into the soil, stain the tree leaves and soak the woodsy floor.


He listened. And listened. And listened.


And then the rain muted.

He couldn't hear Kari's shallow intakes of breath, couldn't tolerate the thump of his heart banging against his ribs, couldn't take away the sound of dropping tears as Kari curled and coiled in his arms.

In that moment, Davis reached forward, his fingertips brushing her skin to turn her face toward his own, his bated breath coming out in puffs of white air. He locked gazes with her, the knowledge of his raging pulse reminding him of fiery electricity, his blood pumping and making liquid heat throughout his teenaged body. Even so, as soon as his fingertips met her chin, everything was swift, rapid, ongoing; somehow swift, rapid, ongoing, yet... frozen, calm, tranquil.

Everything was racing. Everything was stationary.


"Listen to me, Kari." He felt weak. Powerless. Even so, his voice was strong; strong as the man he fought to become in the years following MaloMyotismon's defeat to the current rain-drenched night. Strong as the men he admired (Tai, Matt) and the men he despaired (the Digimon Emperor, MaloMyotismon), strong as the Davis Motomiya he thought he'd only dreamed of becoming, strong as the man he was meant to be. "When darkness falls, you are the one link in a chain of shadows that will break past it all to create a lighthouse. A guide to those toward you. You're strong, Kari, stronger than you think you are. You don't need Tai or TK to be strong—you don't need me or Gatomon or Yolei or Cody or the others, or even your parents! If you don't believe in yourself, believe in me, believe in TK and Tai, believe in Gatomon, who all believe in you when you're unable to believe."

"Davis, I—I..." She shook her head, her shoulders shaking as her attempts to stop her tears failed miserably. Davis took that moment of momentum to clutch her cheeks in-between his callous hands, silencing her doubts as he gave her heart-warming smile only someone like Davis could conjure.

With a huff and a tilt of his head, his thumb lightly tracing her chin, he told her, "Close your eyes. Forget the world around you."

Allow the rain to murmur to you.

"Davis—" Kari's eyes widened. She winced and grabbed her temples, voice a hoarse cry as a roar of thunder crackled in the oblivion sky. With a bolt of electricity, Kari did as Davis asked and squeezed her eyes shut, her hair billowing in the perilous winds as Davis smiled sadly from in front of her.

Davis hurriedly held her closer to him, his voice a whisper on the wind as he continued, "Shh, Kari. Imagine them right here, right beside you, and it's not me holding your face, but them. TK's here, protecting you from the Dark Ocean's grip. Tai is shushing the voice in your head. Gatomon is fighting away your fears. This isn't my voice, it's the voice of TK and Tai, of Gatomon and Yolei."

Kari's tense muscles loosened as Davis soothed them with the gentle ribbons of a quiet voice. She allowed for darkness to surround her, for the voices of her friends to fill her head as Davis advocated all of their thoughts and feelings. Davis could almost discern the shadows plaguing her, as if pulling her into a dimension he didn't think he could follow her into. Immediately, the darkness that surrounded Kari's bright light caused the hairs on Davis's neck to stand on end.

This is bigger than me, he thought with clenched teeth.

I can't let go like this, he begged his determination.

I won't let her go like this, he confirmed.

"Hold on to me, Kari," Davis said, grip releasing her cheeks to instead clasp her shoulders and tautly hold them, disallowing her tremors to get a hold of her and cause her confidence to fall. He saw it happen multiple times in the past few months—he wouldn't let it happen again, over his dead body!

"Gatomon!" Kari screamed, her eyes still tightly shut. "Where's Gatomon!"

"She's right here!" His hand pressed against the center of her chest, inner-knuckles hugging her breastbone where he could feel the tremble of her heart echo throughout her body. "She's inside your heart, watching over you, looking after you. If I won't let you go back that easily, how do you think she'd react?"

She's knocked out, Davis's thoughts grumbled.

She's knocked out and heading toward the emergency room. He remembered Myotismon's shrill laughter as he brought a thunderous flock of high-pitched black screeches upon the cat digimon. Bats tore at her fur and forced her to step back, but that was the last step she took before Myotismon's red whip heralded an unconscious feline to become a mutilated version of her own self.

Those digimon did a number on her. On her and V-mon. V-mon had faced against a stark-faced Piedmon whose blades ripped into his face before he could even comprehend the war about to unfold. A second later and another blade pierced his chest, propelling clumps of blood to lurch from V-mon's wound and splatter across Davis's face. He couldn't save V-mon.

Oh, V-mon... His hand gripped his chest, his teeth gritting as he glared at the heavens above.

Oh, V-mon... His gaze wound toward Kari's closed eyes, and the fear twisted into her expression.

It won't happen again, he thought. I won't let them take away someone else I love.

"TK!" The ferocity of her voice sent jolts down Davis's spine. He snapped to attention, watching as her own hands now reached forward to grip his shoulders, her teeth in a hiss as she continued, "I—I need TK, Davis, please don't let me go there without him! I'm weakening... my power... my strength... my—light... it's fading, and he's the reason I survived last time. I can't go without him, please don't let me!"


Davis's heart flip-flopped as his lips pulled back into a warm smile. He didn't know why, but in that second, all jealousy paled, all anger wavered, all thought vanished as Kari waited for an answer Davis knew he could regret later. At the same time, he knew something else: he would do anything to save Kari, even if it meant becoming only a mimicry.

"He's right here, Kamiya," Davis whispered, his voice an intimate coo in the harsh winds that surrounded them. He wanted to laugh at the irony, yet something inside stopped him, something that seethed at the idea of laughing at that opportune moment. Something that told him this was the one thing he could do to help her, and if it meant giving up everything he was, Davis was prepared to do it. "He will never let you go alone."

TK is in the hospital. He remembered Devimon's lancing claws. Remembered watching as his greatest rival was impaled by a swift thrust of those Herculean arms. He remembered Patamon's cry, and the howl of Matt as he joined TK's side to fight the darkness who finally garnered his revenge (a revenge he never deserved, a revenge Davis promised to one day negate as he joined hands with TK to prevent the darkness's inevitable battle against the forces of light).

Does she love TK? He thought. At the same time, however, another part of him curled inside his chest and gutturally snickered, a part that loved the thought of Davis losing to the one person he swore he'd never lose to. That side of him smirked and said, Does it matter? If you love Kari, then you'll do what you must to save her.

His heart hardened.

His throat tightened.

His muscles tensed.

If you love her, he thought, You'll learn to live without her.

And, finally, as he reached forward to grasp Kari's hands in his, Davis said it:

"He's right here." He pulled her hand forward through the sheet of rain between them, allowing her palm to pressure against his left breast where his heart raced against his pulse. "I'm right here, Kari. And I will never leave you."

Her tears immediately halted, no longer forming, no longer falling. She hesitated, her body a ball of stress as her muscles refused to cooperate with her. Her tendons grew sore and unrelentingly stiff, the cold soaked into both her and Davis's bones, but there was one plus in all of it.

Her eyes were still shut, awaiting the moment she could imagine her friends surrounding her and encouraging her to stray from the darkness and keep on the path to light.

"TK..." Her voice filled with relief. Kari even let out a small smile, tugging at the corner of her rosy lips. She felt the warmth radiating from Davis's chest, and allowed herself to imagine that TK was the one telling her to never fear the darkness of His Master's Voice. "I can't go to the Dark Ocean alone."

"I told you," Davis said as he pecked her on the forehead, holding her as tenderly as he imagined TK would. "I'll never let you go alone."


It never seemed to end, never seemed to care, never seemed to know where it fell until it hit the ground. Until then, the droplets were fast and ready, their beat a crescendo into the thunderlight of the sky, a life that sped through the winds like bullets catapulting through the air. Rain was free. Free.

Though her tears had stopped only seconds before, they soon formed again—but this time, it wasn't out of fear or anger that she cried. Davis didn't exactly know what emotion he saw spinning in her expression, only that her lips were curled into a half-ringlet of warmth and smiles, even as the teardrops rolled down the dimples on each corner of her cheek.

She then pulled her hand away from Davis's chest and turned her face toward the sky.

Listen, she seemed to say. Listen to the rain.

"Thank you," she said softly, "TK."

There was a flicker that flashed across her flesh, reminding Davis of a fuzzy television screen. The flicker buzzed like static, traveling to every pore, every cell, every memory in Kari's body. Davis didn't hesitate to rush forward again, his fingertips just barely brushing the cusp of her chin—but Kari merely opened her eyes to stare into the mercurial shift of his own, her tears falling like rain to the tips of her toes.

And, just like the floating data of a digimon carcass, Kari's body faded.

Thank you... Davis.

"Kari—" He stood so fast he made himself dizzy. His fever was quickly catching up with him, as if he hadn't realized it before. He dazedly took a few steps forward, reaching out into the thin gray atmosphere above, toward the heavens with its clouds so dark they seemed black, and blue lightning that struck ground dozens of miles away. To the sky, he reached and reached, and desired; desired to shoot into the aether like some kind of rocket and travel to the world Kari was now in, yet, in all their icy glory, all he touched was rain.

When he no longer had the strength to hold his hand toward the sky, his arm dropped to instead clutch his chest, his lips slamming into a gravelly roar as his voice boomed as loudly as the thunder splitting the sky in two. "KARI!"

The darkness edged closer, and before Davis realized it, the heat rushed to his head and he fainted, a fever painting him as if he were a canvas.


Hello, Motomiya Davis.

A voice coiled around his thoughts in an invisible embrace. He tried to see past the voice to the person within, to know whose warm arms encircled him like a mother's hug, but in the end, the only thing he saw was mounting darkness.

(Who are you?)

His voice echoed endlessly in the hall of darkness. He saw an illuminating white glow surround his body, allowing him to see only his five fingers twitching as he realized they were real, fingers that strained with strength as he opened his fist, then closed his fist, then opened and closed them again. His knuckles cracked, his muscles whined, his body floated endlessly in a pit of darkness he didn't recognize. Even so, he found himself entranced by the voice rippling across his psyche, catching his attention and holding it with every inkling of comprehension Davis had.

Who am I? the voice gently soothed.

My name is...


(Geneva, aye?

And why are you speaking to me?

Especially in my head?)

Because you are the only one who can help Kari, and without Kari, the light will be defeated. The darkness will reign at last if the patron of its opposite dies.


His bottom lip trembled as his fingertips dug into the cloth of his shirt. He let out a pained hiss as he stared into the nothingness that surrounded him, a nothingness that seethed and bit and hardened as he remembered the gentle smile of a girl he failed to save. He remembered her life, the way she raised her hand to cover her lips as she laughed; he remembered her voice, a melody he enjoyed.


He hesitated. What was the "Geneva"'s intent in helping him? Was she like Azulongmon, a warrior willing to sacrifice anything to save the world? Or could she be someone else, someone wearing a mask with the desire to fake him out and would only backstab him later?

But then, he thought, what if he didn't have a choice? What if this was his only option, accepting the Voice's help?

When he remembered Kari's final tears, the way her lips curled into a sad yet sweet smile, the way she spoke as she thanked both him and TK, the way she faded into the atmosphere—remembering everything he loved about Kari Kamiya, Davis made his decision.

(How can I help?)

How, though?

He wasn't able to save her before... he wasn't able to do anything...

(I—I couldn't even stop her from going to the Dark Ocean! I couldn't stop what was playing with her mind! I couldn't— save her!)


Could he cry, even in his dreams?

There was a soft, gentle laugh, like a mother comforting her little boy. He felt a warmth envelop him then, as if someone had wrapped a blanket around him and shined a great light.

There is still hope.

(Yeah. And he's always—before me.)

But what is hope without courage to keep that hope burning?

What is hope without friendship to help?

What is hope without a miracle?


(Thank you.)

(Now tell me—what do I have to do...)


I will send you to the Dark Ocean, myself. From there, I will give you the weapon you need to defeat the evil lurking. You have one chance, Davis Motomiya.

Do not let the light fade.

Do not give darkness the chance to shine.

(Thank you, Disembodied Voice In My Head. I will always be grateful, and if there is anything I can do to make it up to you—)

Just save her...

Save her and you will make up the gift I have given you.


When Davis Motomiya woke up, he did not remember the voice that had spoken to him. He did not remember her name, or the enigmatic aura she held—even the warmth she had given him. When he realized the brilliant gray waves clapping against the sandy shore were the waves of the Dark Ocean, there was only one thing that remained in his mind—only one thing that echoed—only one thing he knew:

Save Kari.

Or die trying.


The Soul Sucker

He stared down at the world; at the people he labeled as soulless insects. He'd deny them all of their precious life, but not before he deprived them of the thing they needed most: their spirit, their ghost, their soul.


The Goddess of Moons

She'd journeyed searching for the role model she'd grown to love as a child. When that role model faded into oblivion's light, she faded into a dark hole that grew and expanded and became naught but future hells. In the end, she searches the world for the other half of her soul. Once she has found him, she will never let him go, never let another person fade. She'd lost her mentor, she'd lost her brother, she'd lost her mother, and someday, she'd lose her lover. Her other half was something—someone—she would not lose.


The Envious Abyssal Atrocity

He watched the Dark Master obliterate his family. He befriended Gennai, a guardian of lost souls. He ruled an empire of the seas, more gallant and triumphant than any city of the soil. And, when the humans spit in his face, he played a game of chess against the only friend he ever had. He's never lost a game to Gennai—but he's never won a game, either. When the chips are down and the epitome of light is within his grasp, who will claim the checkmate? Him, or the Destined?


The Wrathful Demon

He'd traveled to the ends of countless dimensions to find a cure to death; if he could find a way to cure death, then perhaps he'd find a way to resurrect the friends he'd lost. Perhaps, if he could find the infamous Dark Spore, just maybe, he would be able to gain the amity stolen from him, and maybe, just maybe, he could force the corruption of his lover to regain the memories taken. He'd restore his life, take over every dimension in his wake, and he would live to rain hell on the five sages who marred his name, his body, his soul, and his very hope.


One day, four lords of darkness would descend from the depths of a sealed hell.

And with them, all things would change.