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Okay, in this, Amaya and Lelouch are around 4/5. Mai has just become a pilot, and has got to be close friends with Marianne, and it is Euphie's birthday.

Some notes for the Lady of Zero: The Sidestories

1: These chapters will not be as long as a chapter from the actual story, they are short stories!

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Lelouch gave a sigh as he stood by his mother, as the Ball celebrating his sister's, Euphemia's, birthday continued. Lelouch glanced at his mother, pulling her sleeve slightly to gain her attention.

His plan worked, as Empress Marianne, 'The Flash', met his gaze, he declared lowly, so no one would hear him,

"How long will this last?" Marianne rolled her eyes, sitting, her hand over her very pregnant stomach as she sighed,

"This is Euphie's birthday, Lulu, you should be celebrating it with her!" Lelouch warily glanced at Euphie, beaming as she was surrounded by her girl friends her own age, all dressed in gowns, giggling and doing quite the opposite of what he would ever do willingly.

"And besides," Marianne added, seeing his glance, "I'm waiting for a friend of mine, Mai. She's bringing her daughter I believe…" Lelouch nodded, uninterested as he lay his head in his hands. "She's your age, and a great friend of Euphie's, a nice girl." Marianne added, attempting to grasp his attention.

"Maybe you two could be friends." Lelouch shrugged as he looked back at Euphie's friends, pausing as his eyes roved over a girl his age, wearing a dark, violet dress, her intriguing emerald eyes sparkling as they glanced at him.

Lelouch took a deep breath as he saw her eyes met his.

Lelouch paused, as he saw the girl smile gently at him, her midnight hair shining in the light, before he blushed, glancing back at his mother. Lelouch froze as he saw his mother smiling cunningly at him, glancing back at the girl, then back to him. Marianne smiled, as she announced, looking at the girl and the woman behind her,

"Oh, there is my friend, Mai ,and her daughter." Lelouch glanced at her as she hinted,

"Why don't you go introduce yourself?"

Amaya's eyes widened slightly as her mother motioned across the room.

"That's Prince Lelouch." she explained, as Amaya nodded, adding,

"Empress's Marianne's son?" her mother nodded, as Amaya glanced at him again. He wore a light blue, royal looking suit, which went well with his slim frame. His hair was a dark raven, like Empress Marianne's…

She paused as her eyes met his, a small gasp emitting as she saw the dark, violet eyes. They held for awhile, and for a moment, it was as though they were alone. Amaya slowly began to smile, as the boy, Lelouch, glanced away again, as she looked back at her mother, a blush rising in her cheeks. Her mother smiled, as she mused,

"Perhaps, you could be friends with Prince Lelouch." Amaya sighed as she pointed out,

"But he probably has so many friends already, after all, he is royalty!" her mother shrugged as she added,

"Maybe. But maybe, he needs a real friend." Amaya blinked, pondering this, as she glanced back at Lelouch, blinking in surprise as she saw him make his way across the room towards her, Empress Marianne following.

Lelouch took a deep breath as he walked, trying to keep his composure steady as he neared the girl, who stared at him as he neared, blinking in surprise.

He paused before her, silence dominating between them before he finally recalled the formalities of an introduction. Crossing an arm over his chest, and a hand behind his back, he bowed his head slightly as he greeted,

"I am the 11th Prince, Lelouch Vi Britannia."

Amaya paused as he looked back at her, as he stood straight again. Her eyes met his violet ones again, and she felt a smile appear, as she curtsied, smiling gently, her eyes meeting his, as she greeted,

"I am Amaya."

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