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A silence reigned for a moment as Amaya took Zero in. He seemed to be looking out the window as they were returning to base, their victory and his speech creating a hum of triumph in the air.

Amaya continued to study him, her own mask hanging limply in one hand as the other leaned against the window. The mask was sleek. Elegant, and yet, Amaya noted with keen eyes, dark. It was an enigma. A symbol of the Black Knights...

This was the mask that would strike terror into the hearts of Britannians. Of the Emperor. The royals. Her father, yet, Amaya could not help but look at his hands.

Like her, he was keenly observing the view. His gloved hands, elegant suit...Amaya furrowed her brows as she reminded herself that he was not an enigma. Zero, no matter how many speeches he gave, no matter how many miracles he created...He was a man. Blood and bone.

And more importantly to Amaya, more than capable of mistakes. All it took was one step too far...One mad scheme just a little too chaotic...And everything she had worked for, everything she had built, would be gone in an instant.

Amaya clenched her jaw in thought as another question wormed it's way into her mind. Was she truly prepared to place this amount of trust into Zero? Was this the right decision? Was Tohdoh right...Was he just a bit too extreme?

'It's too late anyway,' the nagging voice told her in the back of her mind. 'With that speech, there is no going back. The Black Knights exist, and Zero is their face. To lose the enigma, to lose the mystery, to lose the terror that he creates...And we lose everything still.'

"Penny for your thoughts?" Amaya glanced back at his mask as reality settled around her. The cabin suddenly seemed so much smaller as a silence continued.

"That's very cheap of you. My thoughts are worth at least a dollar." Zero chuckled, nodding as he tipped his hand towards her. "Very well. A dollar." She cocked her head as she began softly, having nothing to lose,

"I''m wondering if I made the right decision to become partners with you, Zero."

Zero glanced her over as he crossed his arms in thought, nodding as he noted equally softly, "I see..."

"I understand that you're a wild card." she continued, holding her mask on her lap as she gazed calmly across at him. "You will get the Black Knights far...But how far, before you, or one of your crazy schemes, goes too far?" Zero gazed at her a moment, before calmly replying,

"And what do you mean by 'too far'? Where is the line drawn, Fujiwara-sama?" Amaya stared at him unemotionally, fire blazing only in her eyes as she replied,


Another heavy silence fell in the car. Zero stared at her as the name of the man who nearly killed hundreds of people for his deluded ideals of victory over the Britannian Empire hung in the air like lead.

"Kusakabe." he repeated, Amaya placing her helmet by her side silently before glancing back at him, the blaze in her eyes rising every second.

"He was going to do it," she began softly, calmly. "he was going to kill all those people, civilians, for nothing..." her eyes met his, and she stared deeper into the mask. "His plan was madness. Selfish. Pointless." she leaned closer with every word as she was reminded of the look of utter belief in the man's eyes at his plan.

"He was going to murder hundreds of people for a deluded scheme, based on nothing but his own need for revenge on Britannia." Zero slowly leaned forward, leaning his elbows o his knees, hands together as he contemplated her words.

"You know what I want to do." she became blunt, jaw clenching now as she continued, "My aim is simple. To protect Japan. To free Japan, and to destroy Britannia." Her eyes flared as she added, "Britannia. Not the Britannians. Not innocents, who have nothing to do with this."

Zero did not back away as he contemplated her words. Her heart rate sped up as she clenched her jaw once more, before continuing,

"You're a wild card. You're plans are brilliant. Genius, even...But they are unpredictable. You are unpredictable." she sat back again before continuing, "I know what you're aim was today, and the main aim certainly was not to save those people." Zero glanced at her with a cocked head. "It may have been a factor. I know you're not heartless...But we both know, that the main aim was to announce to the world that the Black Knights exist."

Zero sat back now, arms and legs crossed as he waited for her to finish. When she was silent for a moment, he gave a slow nod.

"You are correct, Fujiwara-sama." he replied calmly. "My main aim was not to save those people- Yes, it most definitely was a a major factor...But we needed to present ourselves to the world in a dramatic fashion. We needed to be seen by the world as heroes. This was the perfect platform." Amaya said nothing as he held up his hand.

"You're main aim was to save the people...But even you have to admit, that my same plan crossed yours as well." he looked pointingly at her. "You knew as well as I did that this was the perfect platform for our debut." Amaya said nothing in her defense, because he was right.

The thought had crossed her mind, briefly...But she had turned her focus to the people, and instead left the debut for Zero to handle...Her mouth opened slightly as that realization dawned on her. "I knew I could leave the people in your hands, Fujiwara-sama." he stated, "I knew with you they would be safe. I therefore took the perfect opportunity for our debut."

"But you are right about another thing," he leaned forward again as he began, "You do not know my true aims in my participation. You don't know, and so you cannot trust me, at least not fully. I understand that." he leaned back again as he began lowly, "...You see, Fujiwara-sama...How we must look at as a partnership."

"Partnership?" Amaya repeated, crossing her arms, narrowing her eyes across the car.

"Yes. A partnership." he mirrored her, crossing his own arms. "You must trust me to deal with the plans. You must believe in my schemes, my strategies... Whereas I must trust you, Fujiwara-sama...To know where the 'line' is, so to say." Amaya said nothing as he continued,

"You're the fire, Fujiwara-sama. You want to protect the people. You give them hope. You are passionate about this. It is what drives you. What drives me..." a silence fell as he looked out the window.

"Is ice..." he looked back slowly at Amaya as he added, "I focus on results. Sometimes, perhaps, I forget the people involved... And if I do, Fujiwara-sama, forget about those people...Then I have you to remind me. And likewise, you have me to remind you of the results."

"Fire and ice." Amaya repeated softly, thinking of her relationship with Zero. It seemed to sum it up very well. But that only left one question left in her mind...

"If I'm fire and you're ice, then what do we have in common?" she raised an eyebrow in question as Zero leaned forward again, and she leaned forward to hear him as he said one word with what she presumed was a smirk.


Amaya felt a smirk of her own tug at her lip as she glanced into the mask...And felt herself trust him on that. Although they were both fire and ice, they could cancel each other out. Seperately, they could destroy Britannia in different ways...

But together...

Amaya released a low chuckle as she leaned back again, picked up her mask, and glanced back at Zero with a grin.

"My sentiments exactly."

Amaya nor Zero said nothing else for a moment. They stared at each other, and for the first time, everything about their relationship was clear. They both knew what their role was in their partnership, and for the first time, Amaya could feel herself relax completely in this knowledge.

A bang on the window broke them out of it as they returned to base.

"Zero! Fujiwara-sama! We're back!" the door opened and Zero stepped out first, holding out his hand for Amaya to take. Amaya took it without hesitation, swinging down from the tank like jeep and onto the concrete floor of base.

"Thank you." she nodded to Zero as he released her hand. "Will you stay? I'm assuming pizza is being ordered." Zero paused, looking like he was going to contemplate the offer, before slowly shaking his head.

"My apologies, Fujiwara-sama. It is incredibly late...Or incredibly early, whichever way you look at it." He glanced at the clock near them. 4:37 in the morning.

"And I'm afraid that I have somewhere to be this morning." Amaya raised an eyebrow if intrigue. She nearly forgot that under the mask, there was a person. With a life. Places to be. Curiosity itched under her skin like an insect bite, but she had to ignore it.

"I understand. Another time, maybe." she smiled and he nodded back, bowing his head in respect.

"Most certainly, Fujiwara-sama." before sweeping away, ehading for the door.

Amaya stared after him for a moment, before turning herself, deciding to eat something before heading to bed for a good, good, portion of the day.

"Fire and ice certainly," she muttered to herself, thinking that he was going to be up in the morning after the night's events.

"Zero is definitely a morning person."

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