What would you do if you had one wish? Would you use it wisely or just throw it away as if it were no big deal? Well, for Audrey and Charlotte, it was the biggest deal. Ever.

What did they wish for, you ask? They did happen to make a couple of wishes. The first wish: to get as many wishes as their heart desired. They thought they would handle the situation well. They thought they could handle a big responsibility. But they couldn't. It happened to be a big mistake. They were unaware of what they could do and how it could affect the whole world. What happened? In two words: a lot.

"Hey, C! Over here!" Audrey shouted as soon as she made it out of the hallways of the crowded school, spotting Charlotte almost right away. Charlotte turned and started to walk towards Audrey. Odd was her nickname, but when spelled, it was Aud. "Where have you been? Flirting with Blake? …Again?"

"I haven't seen you all day, either. Been flirting with Travis?" She smirked and Audrey hit her shoulder. "What? You know it's true! Anyways, what are we doing today?" Audrey tilted her head up a little. She only did that when she was actually concentrating or actually thinking about it. This wasn't as often as you would think though. Charlotte smiled and said, "You really should keep a poker face when you're pretending not to be obnoxious, otherwise it just gives it away."

"Oh, gee. Thanks." Audrey said sarcastically. "You're such a nice friend." They made their way down to the sidewalk and started to chat, thinking of things they should do to pass the time today. Audrey looked at Charlotte and then she had an idea. "Let's go to the park. We could play tag or… HIDE AND GO SEEK! You know you want to." She poked Charlotte's side constantly while saying, "Eh? Eh, eh? C'mon! It'll be fun! Eh?"

"What makes you think that I want to? Huh?" Said Charlotte.

"'Cause that's who you are. Naturally, of course. Besides, that's how we became friends! When were four, I asked you if you wanted to play hide and go seek with me! Don't you remember?" She started poking her side again. "Eh? Eh?"

"Why should I believe you, if I have the better memory? Besides, you're blonde remember?" Charlotte smiled, raising her eyebrows, giving it that slight hint of sarcasm.

"Oh, sure. Bring hair into this. That isn't why I'm partially stupid, okay? That's just who I am and you know you love me! C'mon! Please? I wanna go to the park!" Audrey said, whining like a 5-year-old, trying to find candy.

Charlotte contemplated what the bad of the situation was. She really didn't want to go the park. Honestly. They were fourteen. "If Blake, Travis or anyone else sees us there, and a rumor spreads around the school that we actually are nerds that just look hot, I am completely holding you responsible."

Audrey sighed in defeat. "You're no fun. And besides, we're already nerds, so what's the point?" She sighed again. "Fine. Wanna go to Pinkberry or something?"

"What's the point? What do you mean what's the point? First of all, no one knows we actually are nerds"-this was true. Just because we were smart doesn't mean anybody knew the grades we got. They always found a way to get their awards from the office and stuff so as not to get called up in front of the whole school for them. Audrey had to hand it to Charlotte. When it came to snooping and spying and getting out of things, she was the first one to call-"and second, on our way to Pinkberry's smoothie place can we stop by Aeropostale? I have been, like, dying to check out their sales since last weekend and never got the chance to." Then she mumbled, "Stupid homework."

Audrey clapped her hands unenthusiastically. Sarcastically, she said, "Yay. I've been just dying to go there. I can't wait." She sighed and said, "Fine. I'm not paying… right? Or did you spend all of your allowance already?"

"Don't be so sure of yourself! I'm fourteen, I can totally hold on to my money without spending it now." She paused. "Besides, don't you want to see it, considering you've never been there?" Charlotte gave her pleading eyes that were just begging.

She sighed. "Okay, sure. I don't have much money though. I bought clothes at Kohl's last week. You know I'm weak when I see the 'clearance' sign. It had the cutest outfits!"

"Gee, way to go Blondie. Aren't you supposed to get your allowance money today anyways?" Charlotte said.

"Um… Well, actually… See, here's the thing… You'll find it hilarious! Ha… I kinda got grounded yesterday." She paused. "Hunter took my bra and put it in the freezer. After he did that, he gave it back to me. I put it on and it was freezing. Well, obviously. I started chasing him down the stairs and I… Um… Helped him get to the bottom. Twisted his ankle and I got grounded." She looked down because her face was cherry red.

"Audrey, you have three flights of stairs, why the heck would you push your nine-year-old brother down three flights of stairs?" Charlotte said obviously confused.

"First of all, your bra wasn't put in the freezer, now was it? And second of all… We were on the second flight down! I'm not that cruel. I waited 'til he got halfway down the last flight when I pushed him! Jeez!" Charlotte started to laugh at her. "What?"

"Well I'm glad you don't live at my house. We have four flights! Your brother would be terminated by then! Oh, and maybe my brother didn't freeze my bra yesterday…" She narrowed her eyes and looked around suspiciously. "…Maybe it was the day before..." Charlotte tried to hold in her laughter while saying.

"Anyways… Back to the original topic." She laughed, thinking back on the conversation. "We're going to Aeropostale, then Pinkberry, right?"

Charlotte giggled, "Totally."

This is an edited version. I realized that i never put in a time zone or anything... What is wrong with me? haha. and i really needed a time zone for the upcoming 6th capter I am currently writing (Like, right at this moment). so i'm updating the other chapters. So, they just got out of school for the day... It's... let's go with Friday, since last weekend CHarlotte forgot to hit those sales. (CURSE HERR!! No, Joking,). I'm gunna start doing school scenes in the 6th chap. cuz they are much more important there. the next few chapters finish up this weekend and then it hits into a week before spring break. I'll explain more when i get there. REVIEW PLEASE!! :)