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It's been a while since Randy or Travis have talked to me… Travis never even apologized! Audrey thought. It all happened almost a week ago. Tomorrow will make it a week, anyways. Brandon became her new best guy friend in that short time seeing as Randy wasn't coming back to fill in that spot again any time soon.

Since it was obvious that Travis wasn't going to be the one to contact her, she called him.

"Hi. This is Travis. I can't get to my phone right now… Obviously. Seeing as you probably called to talk to me,"-he is such an idiot. What kind of voicemail is this? Audrey thought-"leave your name, number, and message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Um… Well… I guess that's it… Bye?" Then there was that stupid beep signaling me to leave my message.

"Travis. It's Audrey. I know you're probably ignoring me seeing as everything is your fault." Audrey thought back and knew she was going to feel bad about that remark later. "Well, ok. Not all your fault. But enough of it is…" She sighed. This was not going like she planned. "Anyways… Well… Couldn't you do me a favor and call me back? I really would appreciate it if you and Randy weren't ignoring me." She paused. "Please?" She added a little pleadingly.

Sighing, she hung up and decided to call the one person who probably hated her guts. But she couldn't sit around and let her great life slip straight from her fingers. She had to do something about it.

Her fingers were shaking as she looked down at the screen of her Blackberry. She still had him on speed dial. He was number two, seeing as she couldn't put him on one due to the voicemail speed dial. She took a deep, shaky breath and pressed the two, but hesitated on the send button. What would she say if he answered? 'I'm sorry. Take me back'? Uh, no. You don't expect someone who thinks you cheated on them to take you straight back after a sorry. Sadly, life doesn't work that way.

And what if he didn't answer? Would she be able to take the fact that he's probably ignoring her and never wants to speak to her again? Would she be able to handle seeing him at school? Today—Friday—was practically over as it is. Spring break was practically over, what with school starting again in three days. No one can expect her to move on within a matter of a week after a breakup. She was never that good with breakups, anyways. And to suddenly have one of her ex-best friends and boyfriend dump her because of something that wasn't her fault? How he wouldn't let her explain herself? It simply made matters worse.

Stop being pessimistic! Maybe he'll let you explain! Just CALL! Audrey told herself before hesitantly pressing the send button.



Ring- "Hello?" An unfamiliar voice rang through the phone. A female's voice.

"R…Randy?" Her breathing picked up. He… he couldn't of… Could he?

"No. I'm sorry, who is this?" Her unshed tears were fighting a battle that was well lost long ago. She broke into quiet sobs before hearing:

"Who's on the phone, babe?" He did…

"I don't know Randy. She never told me." Her sweet, innocent, high-pitched voice answered. "Who are you?" She asked back into the phone. That's when she hung up. She fell back on the bed and flew into hysterics.

Her parents and her brother Hunter went off to Disneyland, California Adventures, Universal Studios, and other fun stuff out in California for spring break, but she had insisted that she stay here in New Jersey and hang out with her friends without the annoyance of her brother, when she really wanted to be able to cry at night without anyone bothering her. They left last Friday afternoon, and were coming home Sunday morning. She had two more nights; might as well use them to her fullest extent.

The sound of her cries bounced off the walls and echoed throughout the house. She wondered if anyone could hear her, or if anyone would rescue her and save her from the pain in her chest; her heart.

"DREE???" Ah. My knight in shining armor. Finally, she thought "Dree?" He shouted through the house again. "Dree, are you ok?" He asked once more before Audrey heard the pounding feet on the stairs. Suddenly, she found herself falling to the floor and burying her face in her hands. She heard her door open and someone drop to the floor beside her before an arm wrapped around her shoulder "Dree…" he whispered. "What happened?"

She looked up, afraid to let him see her in such a vulnerable state even though he's been the one to clean up what Randy—she cringed at the thought of his name. Who could've possibly been with him?—had started. He was the one to wipe away her tears and hold her some nights telling her everything's going to be ok. He cared. He knew the full story, and as long as she had him—and Charlotte—she could get by alive, at the very least.

"Brandon…" She choked out, her crying dying down to manageable sobs. "He had… another girl… She answered when…I called… then she… and he…" She snapped and she was once more in hysterics.

"Who? Dree, you gotta help me out here. Why are you crying? Who had another girl? Please, calm down, Dree." Concern was etched into his voice, but he knew whom she was talking about. He just had to confirm it before he went to go beat the crap outta him. No one messes with his best friend like that and gets away with it.

"Ran… Randy… got... another GIRL!" She cried through her sobs. How is it that he moved on in a week, but she simply can't—and won't—get over him?

"Do you know who it is, Dree? Any clue at all?" He needed to know who went after him. He knew practically everyone because of stories and descriptions Audrey gave him. He knew they were her opinions, but that didn't matter. If she didn't like them, he wouldn't hang out with them. He cared too much for Audrey to do something like that. Of course, I also happen to have more than a few tricks up my sleeve. Should I reveal why I appeared out of nowhere? Why I became friends with her and Charlotte almost as soon as we met? Now might be a good time… But would she listen? Would she accept it? Would she allow me to help her my way? He sighed, knowing he should reveal to her soon why he was also at her side and that things would get better soon if she would just grant one wish… It would come true and then I could reveal… Come on, Audrey… One wish… He kept chanting in his head.

She wiped her tears from her cheeks with the back of her hands before taking long, slow, deep breaths. After three minutes, she looked directly in his eyes and replied, "It was Sally."

And why is he with Sally, of all people? They hated her! She used to bully Audrey all the time when Randy wasn't around, but of course he always believed Audrey when she said Sally wasn't as sweet as she tried to come across in front of him… And now they're dating? What's with that? She always knew Sally liked Randy, but Audrey thought she would never pursue him. What has the world come to? The end, it seemed like to her.

He was confused, but the name only fueled his anger. "Sally?"

She nodded. "I just wish I knew why he was with her."

Suddenly, Brandon's face brightened. A small smile formed on his lips before he closed his eyes and thought, you know why he's with her. You do now, anyways. A minute later, her face twisted into a confused, but somewhat angered look.

"He's with her to make me jealous??" She laughed bitterly. "Well, I'll show him how jealous I'm not. In fact, I'm happy. I'll show him that I don't care and can get over him just as fast. He doesn't need to know anything. I'm done with him." She smiled and thought for a moment. "Wait… How did I know…?" She turned to Brandon, who placed her hands in his.

"I need to explain something, Audrey. Do you promise not to laugh, freak out and run, or not believe me? Because believe me when I say I'm not crazy and am telling you the absolute truth." She simply nodded and he took a deep breath before giving her an explanation.

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