The Heart Of An Alien

By KlaatuFanGurl

Author's Notes: Ok. I know that the fad here is Klaatu/Helen but I just wanted to try something new so PLEASE give my story a chance. I promise I'll do my best to make it good and I'll try not to let my character be Sueish. Also, if my grammar is sloppy it's cause I'm young and just starting to get into writing for the first time in my life. Also, my character isn't under-aged so she will be reasonable.

Now, this story is five years after the movie and Klaatu comes back. Ok it's because his people want him to monitor the humans progression and he sort of is granted to live on the Earth for a while under a secret identity so that no one will know who he is. But he has to rent this house that is next door to a woman who has secrets of her own that may turn Klaatu's life upside down for better or worse.


Chapter 1: Getting Started

It wasn't easy going back. He's always thought about it after he left. He's daydream about going back and seeing his earth friends, what few he made. But when he did get the chance to go back, he felt as nervous as he ever did. It was like the first day of school or something if you wanted to compare it that way.

The Nargrotros (Klaatu's people) had made it so he could return to earth without making a spectical of himself. They gave him a new identity, and he had to return in the same human body he had left in so that he could live as a earth man.

It was sort of a deal. For him to stay here for a year or however long it took to observe our species and to take note and make sure that we were progressing well and meeting their standards. Yes, we were becoming friends to the earth rather than owners and we had been doing well for ourselves once the financial crisis the Gort left us in had dwindled down. And life was better. But why he was sent back was because we were slowly showing signs of slipping back into our old ways again and he had to monitor and see that we didn't screw up.

Klaatu rented a house of course in New York City. He rented a pretty nice brick home that was nestled between other similar houses. It wasn't cheap but his people saw to it that he could live here without looking suspicious. So he was moving in much like a typical guy.

To keep it more undercover, he took a job in a nearby tax office, which was also set up by his people without the humans knowing.

It was peaceful for the first week until of course his nextdoor neighbor got back from her excursion to Borneo.


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