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--------------- ------------------------------------------

Suzaku hated moving. Hated it with a passion. But he didn't have any other choice.

He was seventeen now. He was a man. He was ready to live on his own… Yeah right.

Suzaku looked back out the window of the cab he was the sole occupant of, save for the driver of course.

He would miss his family but he would miss Nunally the most he thought painfully. But it was something he had to do.

They weren't his real family. They had adopted him when he was ten years old, Nunally was only three and she was adopted as well. But even though this was true, their parents loved them, and they loved their parents just as much, to them, that was their family. But Suzaku was different. He felt he was different. His parents were from rich, noble families. They could not have any children of their own, so the adopted. Suzaku was grateful for all they had done, he loved them, but that life just didn't fit well with his commoner ways. Nunally had grown up with it, it was all she knew- it was home. To Suzaku, he was a just a plain jagged puzzle piece that didn't fit in with the rest of his family's golden colors and perfect shapes.

He knew not only for them, but for himself, he had to do this. So just months after his seventeenth birthday, Suzaku announced that he would be moving to a small city about five hours away. He wanted to live on his own; he didn't want to be a burden. He didn't want to embarrass his family. But most of all he wanted to find somewhere he belonged.

So while his family was hesitant, they understood. They loved him and knew they had to let him go.

Nunally was crying. She had pleaded with him not to go, but he promised they would still see each other often. At least once every two months, depending on how much work he had, and he promised to write. She thankfully agreed.

Suzaku could not stand to see his sister cry.

Suzaku loved his family, loved them more than anything. And because of this, Suzaku hated moving. He hated it with a passion.

--------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------

As Suzaku finally reached the small apartment his parents forced him to let them pay for, he let out a heavy breath. This was it. The moment his life would change.

If only he knew.

Suzaku put the few boxes he had down on the floor and looked around. His Parents insisted on buying him the necessities, and paying for all his expenses. Suzaku didn't agree, but eventually they decided they would help just until he got his own steady income. They understood their son wanted to be independent but they would not let him live on the street. Suzaku gave in, after all it was the best he was going to get and he figured he needed to thank his parents. He was glad to have running water and a soft bed to lie down on. Suzaku smiled. He was really going to miss them.

Suzaku spent the rest of the evening unpacking his things and adjusting to his new environment. He had come down here weeks before with his parents, they wanted to know where he would be living and helped him chose an apartment and enroll in school. It was mandatory that he go, they made that very clear. They spoke to the principal who was to keep in touch with them and take care of their little boy who would be on his own.

Suzaku decided to shower before calling his parents. They had given him a cell phone, seeing has having landline would be too costly- for him. Because Suzaku was going to pay his parents back. Every cent they had ever spent on him, he would give back. Not because he wasn't grateful but because he wanted to. He wanted to show he could make it. Maybe he was being stupid and blind to just how much his family cared, but he wanted to do this. Didn't he?

Suzaku sighed as he closed his eyes, letting the hot water trickle down his back, and through his hair. It felt good, the strong blasts of water jetting on his tense muscles, the water sweeping down his tan skin. The brunet took a calm breath, this was just what he needed.

--------- ---------------

Drying his hair as best he could with a towel, Suzaku picked up his phone.


"Suzaku?" He smiled.

"Hello mother."

"Oh Suzaku, sweetheart, don't address me as mother, it makes me sound old and like you despise me or something. Did you arrive safely?" Suzaku let a loud laugh escape from between his lips.

"Yes mom I got here about two hours ago. Sorry I forgot to call, I was preoccupied with unpacking." He heard his mother let out a relieved sigh.

"Okay good, we were worried that you got lost. You're not used to big cities like that Suzu."

"I know mom I'm sorry."

"Alright well I'm glad you're okay. School starts tomorrow doesn't it?" Suzaku nodded, even though his mother couldn't see it.

"Yes it does."

"Okay. Well it's getting late so you best be off to bed, it already 10:30 you know." Suzaku smiled.

"Yes mom." There was a slight pause.

"Suzaku?" His mother's voice had changed. It sounded sad. Suzaku frowned.


"We all miss you… very much. You know that right?" He closed his eyes and sat down slowly on his bed. She was only making this that much harder for him.

"I know mom." His voice was now considerably softer. "I miss you guys too." I miss you all so much it hurts.

"Good. Good night Suzaku. I'll call you tomorrow okay?"

"Yeah, good night mom."

"I love you."

"Love you too. Tell dad and Nunally I said hi."

"I will. Good bye Suzu."

"Bye." It took Suzaku a second to realize he was crying, and even longer to realize he hadn't hung up the phone. Why did that sound so much like a last good bye? Why did it feel as though he would never see his family again? He knew he would, and now was the time to think positive.

Wiping the newly formed tears from his eyes, Suzaku forced himself to smile. He would see them again very soon. And with that he shut off the light and went to bed. He had a busy day ahead of him.

---------------- ---------------------------------

The alarm echoed loudly through the small apartment. Suzaku groaned. Slamming his hand down on the snooze button, the tan boy slowly sat up and groggily rubbed his eyes.

Getting up, Suzaku made his way to the bathroom, before he changed into his uniform, and grabbed a cup of instant ramen from his cabinet. Sitting down to eat, Suzaku noticed the time. It was 7:15. He had to be at school by eight and it took him at least half an hour to get there on his bike.

Finishing off his breakfast, Suzaku threw out the container and put the fork in the sink to be washed later. He grabbed his bag, and at 7:26, was out the door.

Once he was at school, Suzaku quickly climbed up the stairs and made his way to his homeroom after greeting the principal. The principal was a brutish man he had concluded. He spoke in a formal yet strict way and had a very gruff sounding voice. He was a big man, with giant white curls. Truthfully, he intimidated Suzaku, but the man seemed nice enough.

Opening the door to his class room, he was met by many staring faces. The man at the front of the room, who he assumed was the teacher, had almost gray hair, but from a distance it seemed almost blue. He wore glasses and a lab coat. Suzaku remembered him to be the science and lab teacher, from when he toured the school.

"Ahhhhh, Suzaku Kururugi, yes?" Suzaku nodded. "Very good. Come right this way I won't bite." The man gave an unsettling chuckle while motioning for the brunet to come closer. Reluctantly, he stepped closer with a nod. "You can call me Lloyd. I'm not up for formalities, so my last name is not of importance, I don't like the whole Mr. Asplund thing anyway makes me sound old. And this way you can't report me to the cops." The man grinned before turning to the students before him. Suzaku was speechless. Hopefully not everybody was as weird as the man before him.

"Alright class, we have a new student today, so be nice or else I'll have you as my test subjects. Haha well I'm not serious you know, they would probably arrest me for that anyway. But be nice or I'll have to report you to the principal. Okay?" Suzaku was not sure whether to be scared of his new teacher or to find him funny. He voted for neither and decided he would just avoid him altogether. Looking around the room he noticed a dark haired boy sleeping in the back. Beside him was a tall blonde boy who seemed as if he was bored out of his mind, and an empty seat. They sat in the very back of the room, but seemed even more distanced from everyone else even though their desks were equal distances from the other students "Looks like there's an empty seat over there next to Mr. Lamperouge, he's not a very social one, but looks like that seat is all yours Kururugi." The boy nodded and headed to the back of the room, gaining glances from the students he passed on the way. Sitting down next to the dark haired boy, the blonde on his other side leaned over to look at him.

"Hi, my name's Gino." The boy held out a large hand, that Suzaku eventually shook. "Suzaku right?" The boy in question nodded.

"Yeah." Turning in his seat, Gino faced Suzaku.

"So you're new here right? Where are you from?"

"A small town outside the city. My family lives out there but I wanted to move out in my own." Gino raised an eyebrow at this.

"Really? You wanted to move out?" He let out a small laugh. Suzaku frowned, it did not go unnoticed by Gino who quickly waved his hands in defense. Suzaku noticed he had three braids trailing down his back. "Ah no, I didn't mean to offend you! I just mean usually, it's the other way around. You know, the parents kicking the kids out? Well that's how it was with me anyway haha." The blonde boy seemed to have an everlasting smile on his face, even with the facts he was sharing that would make anybody else depressed. "But it's fine, that was a long time ago. My sister and I, we get along fine, well I mean she's not really my sister but, I take care of her so we're like family you know?" Suzaku nodded.

"Yeah. I have a little sister too. We're both adopted… but even so, I really care about her." Gino grinned as he once again faced forward.

"Yeah. Must have been hard to leave her then. But siblings really are the best aren't they?" Suzaku smiled.

"Yeah." Beside him, the boy stirred. Gino turned to face him as well.

The boy sat up slowly and moved his dark hair from his eyes before resting his chin on his hand. He had pale skin and bright amethyst eyes that were still slightly clouded by sleep.

"Siblings are only a source of stress and hatred. They're not someone worth wasting your life for." Suzaku frowned. Whatever sadness Gino didn't display on the outside, this guy definitely had enough for all three of them and more.

"Oh come on Lelouch, not all siblings are that bad. I mean, so yours aren't the best but not everyone's siblings are like Sch…" Gino's words were quickly lost as he began to trail off after receiving the most menacing glare Suzaku had ever seen from the smaller boy.

The two must have been close friends. Suzaku mused. But they appeared to be polar opposites.

Lelouch huffed as he sat back in his chair, a frustrated expression on his face.

"Whatever." He turned to Suzaku. "So you're new around here?" Suzaku hesitated for a moment.

"I am." Lelouch looked him up and down. Suzaku couldn't help the strange feeling that the other boy could see right through his uniform. "Um…"

"You should be careful." Was all he said before getting up just as the bell rang." Suzaku blinked.

"Excuse me?" Gino watched his friend exit the room before turning to Suzaku.

"Sorry about that. Lelouch is a really nice guy, he just... doesn't have the best family situation right now. Once you get to know him he-"

"Gino hurry up! We can't be late again or Cecil will have our heads for sure!" Gino grinned and waved to the shorter boy before hurriedly grabbing his stuff and making his way out of the class room.

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly. He was able to find his classes and the students were all really nice. Gino and Lelouch were in some of his classes but he never actually talked to them again.

During lunch he was invited to join the table where the student council sat. Millay was the head of the club- something all students were required to participate in, or so he had learned. She was a loud and boisterous blonde, who loved to speak her mind and make others squirm. Rivals was just your normal nice guy. He had blue hair and the most obvious crush on Millay. Shirley was your average spunky girl, who stood up for herself and seemed to play mother hen a lot. Suzaku had a lot of respect for her; it wasn't easy to boss around these guys. Finally, Suzaku noticed, Lelouch and Gino sitting at the end of the table, apparently they were in the student council as well. Nodding Suzaku began to tune himself out of the argument that was now ensuing between Millay and god knows who else, he was too occupied with staring at Lelouch. The boy interested him, raised his curiosity if you will. He couldn't figure out why, but there was something strange about him that Suzaku was just dying to figure out. However, Suzaku's gaze was soon noticed by Lelouch, who broke away from his conversation with Shirley for a moment to gaze back at the green eyed boy.

Looking away, Suzaku found himself flustered for a reason unknown to him. Lelouch smirked quickly to himself before once again engaging Shirley in a conversation about why ants can survive in water for an extended period of time.

After that, Suzaku would learn to stare from a distance.

As he made his way home, Suzaku began to think about all the needs he needed to accomplish in the next week. Get his school work done, finish unpacking, get settled in but most importantly, he needed a job. This weekend he would go on a job hunt, and find a good starting job where he could begin to support himself.

Suzaku smiled. Everything was turning out to be okay. He wasn't going to say that it wasn't hard but, the people were nice, and he would get used to the different environment soon. And so, the week went by in a flash, and when Saturday came along, so began the search for Suzaku's new career.