Duck Hunting

"Gibbs." Gibbs said tersely as he picked up his phone. He nodded twice, then said, "Done." and hung up. Tony, Ziva, and McGee all looked on and he turned to them.

"We have an intruder alert. They found two guards out cold and they've been out for a while. They didn't see their attacker, but a camera picked up the edge of something going by, still unidentified. Security is going over the tapes so the director said for you to find the intruder and bring him in. Think of it as a training exercise."

"Right, boss." Tony replied, sliding on a bulletproof vest. He tucked a pair of handcuffs onto his belt, and met McGee and Ziva in the center of the room.

"I'll start in Autopsy," Tony volunteered.

"I will start on the top floor." Ziva stated, and McGee nodded,

"I'll get Abby somewhere safe, then check the perimeter."

"Move!" ordered Gibbs, and they headed for the elevator. "Take the stairs," Gibbs said. "I'll be waiting in the elevator if he decides to board."

Despite the four of them being spectacular investigators, their eyes failed to miss a flash of dark red hair from the stairs.


Ziva worked her way systematically through the top floor, giving people the 4-1-1 on the situation, and warning them to be on the lookout. She moved down a floor and continued scouring for the intruder. She was Moussad and no intruder would get the better of her. She was trained to kill.

Tony started in autopsy and used a similar strategy to Ziva's, spreading information and keeping both eyes open. He met Abby on her way up to Gibbs' office, which was the safest place in the whole NCIS building. She beamed at him.

"Hi Tony."

"Hey Abby."

"Who do you think got in? Do you think it might have been a spy? Because these guards are trained pretty well, Tony, and I think that we must have something super-important information or something. Like a top-secret file or an agent that knows too much." Abby's pigtails bobbed as she gestured with her arms excitedly.

Tony shrugged, for once not quoting a movie line, though he had several to throw out. He was too busy for that at the moment.

As Abby met Gibbs in the elevator, Tony turned, hearing a noise. He studied the room but nothing was there. Tony spent a good fifteen minutes looking through the room for the source of the noise but found nothing. The girl whom had made it was already gone.

Two hours later, Tony, Ziva, and McGee met back in their 'office.'

"Nothing?" Tony asked. The other two shook their heads. Ziva looked put-out.

"They have slithered through our fingers." she declared.

"I think you mean slipped." Tony corrected. Ziva scowled.

"It is the same thing."

Tony would have dearly loved to argue but Gibbs' desk phone rang and Gibbs strode out of the elevator and pressed the speakerphone button.


"Jethro, you need to come down here, now." Ducky's voice came in on the phone clearly, with a woman's voice in the background.

"If you'll just listen to me!" the voice shouted, exasperated, desperate, frightened .

"I've caught our intruder." Ducky explained. The phone then went dead, leaving the dial tone after a few seconds.

"Ducky." Gibbs said, pulling his gun out of the holster. Ziva, Tony and McGee all followed suit and they got on the elevator.

"Abby, stay here." Gibbs ordered. Abby nodded quickly, looking worried, as the elevator doors closed.

"How are we doin' this boss?" asked Tony.

"We're doing it well, DiNozzo. I'll get Ducky, Ziva can get the intruder--don't kill her David--and McGee and you can back us up."

The elevator door dinged open and the four rushed out, taking positions outside the autopsy doors. There was a pause as Gibbs glanced in, then nodded. They burst through the door, guns aimed.

"Hands on your head!" Gibbs barked. Ducky blinked at him through wide-rimmed glasses. He was alone in autopsy.

"Where'd she go Duck?"

"Not far. She's probably still in the building."

"And why is that?"

"She came here to talk to me. As far as I can tell, it is extremely important to her. I don't think she'll leave until she finds me again."

"Is she dangerous, Duck?"

"My instincts say no, but she took out two armed guards, Jethro."

"Security says she used chloroform," Gibbs informed him.

"Smart girl, then. I think if we wait a little while longer, she'll come back. Go back to your office, Jethro. Plan, talk, just convince her you're not looking at the moment. She will try again."

"And when she does, Duck? Then what?"

"I'll have the whole thing on speakerphone."

"How, Ducky?"

"I'll manage Jethro. I always do."

"I don't like it," Gibbs growled. "What if she decides she wants to do more then talk? She might be armed."

"What does your famous gut tell you?"

Gibbs hesitated a fraction of a second, then nodded and left autopsy, his team trailing behind him. They rode the elevator to their office room, then sat at their desks, talked, planned. They were all alert, on edge.

It took an hour for the phone to ring. Gibbs picked it up, put it on speaker instantly.

"I didn't want to hurt anyone," came the woman's voice. It still held a note of terror.

"I believe you," said Ducky.

There was a pause and McGee took the moment to bring the autopsy cameras online. There was a woman in autopsy, but the lights were off, save one over an operating table. The woman kept out of the light.

"I just wanted to meet you. My mother would tell me the story of the night you met over and over. I loved to hear it. She said you were a gentleman. You don't have many gentleman in the world, she said to me." The woman had a Scottish accent, but it was only a hair stronger than Ducky's.

"Your mother?" Ducky asked. He didn't sound afraid, but the girl sounded like a nervous wreck.

"Yes. Her name is Amy. Amy Smith." Her voice shook a bit, but it was then controlled.

"Amy Smith…" Ducky mused. "Does she have red hair?"

"Yes!" Delight was evident in the woman's voice. Gibbs signaled for his team to follow. Abby had already left and was currently in the director's office. The team took the elevator again.

They rode the elevator back to autopsy, but when they arrived, again, she was gone. Ducky looked disappointed.

"Jethro, she saw the lights on the elevator and took the stairs. I wish you had waited a few minutes longer."

"We don't know who she is Ducky, she could have killed you."

"Jethro, I don't think she is here to kill me. She's here to tell me something."

"Everyone at my desk. Now." Gibbs ordered. They all piled back into the elevator. Only when they arrived in their office, a redheaded young woman was reclining in Ziva's chair. Ziva had a gun pressed to her head before she could blink.

"Stay very still or I will shoot you." Ziva ordered.

The young woman looked a little scared, but did not move. "That's very cold." She said. Ziva smiled wickedly.

"Not if I fire it."

"My dear Ziva, put the gun down." Ducky said. "I've been trying to get this girl to tell me something for a quite while now."

Ziva looked to Gibbs, who nodded. She lowered the gun.

"So, what brings you to NCIS, Ms. Smith?"

"Actually, I don't use my mother's name…" the girl paused, hesitating, "I prefer my father's last name…Mallard." She said all of this deadpan, as though she had planned the words long before now.

"Oh my. You're not--?" Ducky began, but the woman smiled a little hesitantly.

"Yes. I'm your daughter."


First chapter was long with lots of 'splainin to do. Next one will get to who the girl is and what she wants. This story should have hints of Tiva. Reviews please!!!