Note: Well, this fic would focus not only on Neji and Tenten but on Sasuke and Gaara as well…well…this is mainly a romance story and has nothing to do with the main plot of Naruto. I also have to input characters from bleach as this is a crossover.

I came up with this since I lost my file on the Covenant Trilogy. It was disappointing. I worked so hard for that only to have it accidentally deleted. Careless me...anyway...I just love the idea of a different Neji, Sasuke and Gaara...cold and bitter yes but somehow a little bit different...

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Named woman covered her ears with one of the pillows as her friend kept prodding her to wake up. She pretended not to have heard the man.

"It is really very unlike you Ten," he said again. "Come on now. Wake up and help me with this problem."

"You're supposed to be the genius right? How come you can't solve it on your own?" she asked and sat up, a little bit annoyed.

The man flashed his very rare Hyuuga smile which would have fooled many girls. Jesus….this guy has a fanclub to begin with…despite that stoic face and I-don't-care-look from him. She really wondered why he always have to be so uptight around people.

"Listen Ten, there is this girl – "

He did not get to continue though when he received a rather startled look from her, her brown eyes unblinking as she stared at him, her lips forming an 'O' shape.

"What?" he asked, a little bit annoyed.

"You are actually talking about a girl? Do my ears deceive me? Are you really interested into someone?" she asked simultaneously that her friend had to roll his eyes.

"Was that supposed to be surprising?" he shot back and Tenten had to shrug.

"Why, yes of course…considering you never bother to even have one for yourself," she said in mock tone. "Are you positively sure you like a girl and not the other way around?" she asked, her eyes glinting with laughter.

"That is not supposed to be surprising," he argued and sighed. "She's a new recruit in the hospital. She seemed really odd you know…but quite like you I guess."

Tenten raised her brow and stood up from the bed as she went towards the bathroom. "So, what's the problem now?"

"I'm interested in her."


She eyed him through her chocolate brown eyes before a mocking smile graced her lips and she had the audacity to chuckle in front of him while all he could do is glare at her. Apparently, Tenten is one of the few people who is unaffected by his glare.

"Stupid me…I forgot you never courted anyone yet. A girl courts you and not the other way around," she said and chortled as she hurried inside the bathroom again before he could glare at her once more.

"It's not that."

He surmised she might not have heard his remark since he could hear the water dripping down the faucet already. He sighed.

He is Hyuuga Neji, a prominent doctor downtown who owns the most prestigious hospital across the nation and he is a doctor by profession. Not only that, he is nephew to a prestigious family as well but never really cared about that fact. The truth is he never considered himself part of the family…but he does care for his cousins though...

Now, Tenten is the only woman among his circle of friends. He practically grew up with her. She has no one in her life. No family. She mentioned coming from the orphanage and adopted by a man named Gai who had a son, Lee. Apparently though, Lee and Gai died from an accident leaving Tenten with no one at all except him maybe…

From people outside his circle, they would say he is a hard, serious and stoic man just like his two friends, Uchiha Sasuke and Gaara.

But then, there are always reasons for people to grow up the way they are, right? And well, he could say he is just like Sasuke and Gaara…having family trouble and all…except for him, his family are his cousins…

More or less fifteen minutes later, the bathroom opened and his friend stepped out with only a towel around her slim body. He sighed and reached for her robe and handed it to her.


She entered the bathroom again to change into it. "So, why not ask Sasuke or Gaara about it?"

He smirked as if Tenten could see it. "Like the two could really help at all…they are just as worse as me when it comes to socializing so don't you ever suggest them to help me out with this. They might even suggest a way to scare her off which is not on my plan."

"What's her name?" she asked instead and stepped out again while she used the towel to dry her hair.

"Haruno Sakura," he answered and reached for the towel and did the drying himself. It was already natural for them two of them…acting like this…no malice and all…

"I see. So, what would I do with her? Skin her alive?" she asked teasingly and shrugged.

"Just meet with her and well…find out anything you can…" he said reluctantly.

"You're such an ass, Neji," she said while he continued drying her hair. At the retort, he smirked.

"So they say."

"This is not for free," she said after a moment of silence and Neji had to beam. This means that she had conceded to his request. She reached for the towel from his hand.

"I know," he smiled again and bent down to kiss her forehead. "Thanks babe."


Neji looked up from his files to find one of his friend actually enter the office with apparent boredom in his usually serious features.

"What gives?" he asked as Gaara took a seat.

"Nothing really…just decided to drop by," was the answer and Neji felt sorry for him. Ever since that incident five months ago, it seems Gaara had withdrawn further back…

"Coffee or anything you want to drink?" he offered but his friend just shook his head as he leaned on the couch, his face looking upwards. Yeah…Gaara had indeed withdrawn further back…all because of a woman…

"I'm thinking of taking a break ," he muttered after a few moment of silence. Neji raised his brow at the remark. Gaara taking a break? Seriously? Since when did the businessman ever considered taking one? In fact, if truth be known, these past months, his friend had been working himself to death.

However, Neji understood and agreed to it. "Yes, I think you needed that at least," he said.

"It is not for the reason you have in mind," Gaara said dryly. "There is just something I needed to settle. My brother had been caught up in a mess somewhere in Paris and he needed money to be bailed out."

"And you have to go all the way there?"

"Yeah and I might even need Sasuke's help if possible."

"Have it your way. It is nice though," he said and sighed. A knock caught both men's attention. "Come in."

Not a few moments later, the girl he had set his eyes on had entered with a bright smile. "Good morning Doctor Hyuuga I – "

Her eyes took notice of the redhead seated on the couch, seemingly oblivious of her again as he continued staring at the ceiling.

"Sakura, is there anything I can help you with?" he asked politely and caught Gaara's sideway glance at him.

"Ah, not really but I – "

"Neji! Had teme been here?"

The loud-mouthed guy walked in disrupting Sakura's words and all eyes turned to the blond man who seemed to be looking for someone as he poked into every corner which one would find truly ridiculous. Hello…no person in his right mind would do that…as if searching for a rat from a hole…absolutely no one except this blond man…Uzumaki Naruto.

"He's not here and what made you think you will find him here anyway?" he asked, amused at his friend's idiocy at times.

"He told me he would drop by to visit a patient," he answered as he scratched the back of his head.

"And since when did Neji's office become a patient's room Naruto?" Gaara interjected with a smug look and Naruto grinned sheepishly at his friend.

"Well…now that you have mentioned it…yeah, you are right," he said and darted off but charged in again. "Who was this patient?"

Neji is aware of the patient Sasuke is constantly visiting. Her name was Hinamori Momo and well oddly, the victim of the defendant whom Sasuke was trying to prosecute…simply put, Hinamori was the wife of the man named Aizen Sousuke.

Uchiha Sasuke is an acclaimed man known for his 100% conviction rate. He is a lawyer who had won all his cases and this was the first time, his success rate was being challenged by the defendant who refused to have a lawyer and suggested to represent himself as one.

"Just go to S205 and you'd find him there," Neji answered with exasperation before he noticed Sakura who was still standing there, apparently amused at the scene. "Well…you were saying?"

She flicked her fingers. "I was saying that can I borrow your medical report about the patient named Sai?"

He looked into the files and handed it with a smile while Gaara watched with a smirk on his face and only spoke as the woman left.

"I can see you're interested in her," he said and yawned.

"Was it that obvious?"

"Not really…the only woman you smiled at was Tenten so it was kinda surprising. Now I am reminded, how is it between the two of you?"

Neji frowned at the question. His relationship with Tenten had always been misinterpreted by everybody else and he had thought Gaara would have the sense not to consider himself as one of those people. Unfortunately though, he was mistaken as it seemed Gaara too wanted to pry.

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asked with annoyance.

"I meant to ask if you two had hit it off already," he said and stood up as Neji scowled at his friend. Why is it that people keep saying that? Tenten and he were just close to each other like nobody else.

"Back off Gaara," he snarled as his friend made his way out.

"Ah…you'll realize it soon. I'll go see Sasuke."

With that, he left Neji who merely shook his head.


Tenten sighed heavily as she threw her sports bag on the couch and took a seat beside it. Damn she felt tired. It was a taxing day. She had an assignment together with a guy named Shikamaru who seemed to have nothing to say except troublesome.

But for all that is worth, she was glad they were able to track down the man named Kabuto before he could leave the border. He was such a pain in the ass. What guy in his right mind would try to kill a police officer in public? He's practically insane.

Oh crap. Today is Friday and she made a deal with her friend to meet up with this Haruno Sakura. So despite feeling migraine, she forced herself to stand up for a quick shower. She's mainly curious about the woman who took Neji's interest. Perhaps she's something for her friend to waste his time for. She shrugged and frowned when her friend came out from the kitchen. She tends to forget that Neji had a key to her apartment.

"Dang, you really looked beat," he mused and pushed her down the couch.

"Have you raided my kitchen again?" she rather asked pointedly and he shrugged.


"Why can't you cook your own food?" she asked warily and he only chuckled. "You are practically eating here everyday."

"Come on now babe, you can't be fretting over that," he said as his hands worked on her head for a massage. "So, how did the operation go?"

"Glad it was over," was the curt reply. "We are about to meet your girl right?"


"Then I will meet you at the place. Scram," she said and stood up, not minding the wave of nausea that got over her. She blinked. Her migraine is really getting worse.

But she could not say no to her best friend that's why…

He reached for her and kissed the top of her head affectionately. "Thanks again babe."


Quite odd relationship don't you think so? For two best friends…ah never mind…anyway, babe had been Neji's endearment for her in this story. I thought I would like to explain it for those who might be wondering about the certain 'babe' thing. The characters here are also OOC from the main plot line okay?

So there…we first actually ahm had a glimpse of Neji and Tenten's relationship as friends. These kind of friendship is quite rare in reality…anyway…I really do not like Sakura and sorry for those who love her. I mean no offense here but we all have different preferences so I would suggest for Sakura-lovers that if you don't want to get disappointed, please refrain from reading this because she only has a minor role to play here.

I would like to ask your opinion though. Who among the remaining characters would suit Gaara? I can't seem to find one. I am considering two options: Ino or Hinata.

What do you think? Or if you can suggest more, please do so. I would very much appreciate your help.

And as for Sasuke's pair…you'd say I am crazy for this crack pairing but I love the idea of it. Rukia and Sasuke…bleach and Naruto…I like her character and she rivals Sakura. So…what do you think? Crack is it not? But then again, this is a fanfiction where you can freely post any story you want regardless of the pairings…