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The man placed the bouquet of flowers at the tombstone then he said a silent prayer as his hands slid down his pocket and his eyes stared above…the permanent smile on his face had, for once, been gone.

It had been years…too long for him to remember but the memory is still actually very vivid in his mind.

I swear on this grave Ran-chan…I'll make them pay.

He made that promise years ago and the time is already near when he will have to actually put it into action…the time for vengeance…to pay them back for killing her…

For killing their unborn child…

For that, he would make sure they would know death and would suffer from it…bit by bit…

He did not make any attempt to turn around upon feeling the presence of another man.

"Ah…Ulysses," he acknowledged.

"You still have not forgotten about it," Ulysses said, his eyes on the gravestone.

"How could I?" Gin asked bitterly. "They took away my woman and my unborn child."

"I'm sorry about the past."

The two stood in silence for a while before Gin faced the man, his hands shaking the other man's hand. "Yeah. It is hard to lose them both."

"What do you plan to do now?"

"I would have done it before when I had the chance…but then again…I waited…"

"How are they?" Ulysses asked once more.

"Quite well. Have you prepared everything?"

Ulysses nodded. "Aye."

Gin nodded and glanced at the gravestone once more before turning on his heel towards his car. The man followed. There he saw another two men waiting for him.

"Ah…those faces are rather nostalgic. Been a long time…Phelan, Pax."

"Indeed. How've you been doing?"

Gin shrugged then grinned as he opened his car while the three men watched. Gin turned to Ulysses and gave him a nod. "This is it then?"

"Take care…Hawkeye," Ulysses said with a small nod.

Gin hesitated for a while before he finally entered in, his perma smile back in place. "I will…Byakuya."


Tenten and Rukia both stood up when the door opened to reveal the woman they have seen once. Her hands were actually holding a tray of food.

"Time for supper."

"We are not hungry."

"I advise you to eat if you want to have an energy later on," the woman said cryptically before turning to Tenten. "You're quite lucky you have escaped Orochimaru before. I heard Hidan was about to actually feed on you."

The statement froze Tenten on her spot as she stared at the woman. How dare this one remind her of that when she had tried so very hard to forget it? during the supposed to be rendezvous, she was the only one who was left alive.

Upon waking up, she found herself bound on the wall…a seemingly lunatic man had a scythe on his hand…telling her of how delicious she would taste…

At first she had no idea what he was talking about…she was thinking he would rape her…but it was far from that…it was the most gross thing she had ever witnessed in her entire life as she watched helplessly…as she watched him devour one of her comrades with his bare teeth..

Training had kept her body in control even though she was about to puke…

He had given her a demonstration of what he would do to her…but while performing his certain ritual…a man appeared from nowhere and struck him with something…

The blow must have been so hard because the man named Hidan was immediately knocked out. She was freed…thanks to the man, she would learn later, was found dead.

She had kept her cool after Hinata painted the image of one of the victims. It was none other than that man. His name was Suigetsu.

"Ten…snap back," Rukia called back her attention and Tenten blinked before facing the woman who just came in.

"You killed the man who saved me,"

The woman shrugged. "It was not me who killed him. I work in Las Noches not here in Karakura. And it was unfortunate that Suigetsu was discovered."

Tenten spat. "You cold-hearted bitch!"

The woman merely smiled, unaffected by the outburst. "I suggest you save your energy later or on the next days to come…depending on what will the bosses plan for you. For the meantime, you might as well enjoy life while it lasts."

"What's your name?" Rukia decided to ask, for the sole purpose of prolonging the conversation, hoping they could both come up with a way to get out of the room.


"I see. Tell me something, was it also your organization who actually planted bombs on my friend's hospital?" Tenten asked acidly.

The woman, Oleta, shrugged and leaned on the wall as she faced the two with an unfazed expression.

"No. My job was to kidnap you both. They were probably Orochimaru's men."

Rukia and Tenten glanced at each other.

"If you're thinking of a way to escape from this place, there would be none. Every corner of this building is actually being monitored and I would say this is the safest room. If you manage to get out from here, you'd find yourselves in living hell," Oleta said and leaned away, reaching for the knob. "I was given the strict order to actually kill one of you should you do anything stupid. And…"

She glanced on her shoulder. "You have a visitor, Kuchiki Rukia."

Upon saying that, Oleta actually opened the door and one person stood there, waiting for Oleta to finish.



kenpachi was actually grinning from ear to ear as his feet rested on the table, a phone on his ear, and his hand scribbling something.

"Yowdy Kensei."

"Zaraki. Have you gotten something of relevance to the case?"

kenpachi chuckled. Sometimes, Kensei could just be so succinct.

"Ah. No sweat. He gave in after a little test of endurance. Want to come over?"

"Why don't you send it at my office?"

"No problem. I have to say I owe you one Kensei. I actually had some fun…even just for a little while," he said.


"Kensei…Kabuto was the most trusted man of Orochimaru…the only man the latter confided with."

"Your point?"

"He was given the access to Orochimaru's hideout. The place where the two women were being held is not Hueco Mundo. It is actually somewhere Karakura but not Hueco Mundo."

"I don't get it…"

"Hueco Mundo is not a place."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard it Kensei. Hueco Mundo is the name of an operation they were working at aside from nuclear creation. This one here is actually more…vile…more…inhumane…"

"Hold it right there," Kensei said and the line went dead. Kenpachi chuckled.


"Halibel…" Neliel spoke as she leaned on the wall, her eyes closed. She's talking to her best friend from the other line.

"Neliel. Christ! I was so worried about you. Where are you?" Halibel asked.

"Some place. I have a dangerous job. I have told you about it…" she started.

"Will you be fine?" Halibel asked in worry.

"Aye. I should be. Besides, Ulquiorra would not let me get hurt," at the mention of the name, a small smile grazed her lips.

There was a soft chuckle from the other end. "You're one lucky girl. Be careful when you sneak in Nel. I'm worried about you."

"Don't be. Say hi to Stark for me."

"I will."

Neliel let a moment pass before speaking once again. "I've told you everything you have to do in case…"


This must be the first time Itachi have heard Kakashi curse as the three were facing the screen, while the computer was running down the information Gin had given Byakuya.

"Son of a bitch!"

Itachi gave his comrade a bemused smile. "That's unlike you."

"Shut up Itachi," Kakashi growled a little, his eyes still focused on the wide screen.

"So…this is Hueco Mundo huh? It's not a place like we had all come to believe. I guess Rose and Love did not have the time to elaborate further their findings before they were killed," Byakuya spoke, then suddenly he jolted up, his body had become stiff…

And for the first time…fear was clearly evident in his eyes…


"What is it?"

"They are not just for leverage…" he trailed off…and the two had already picked up the meaning of it…both turned at each other in horror…

"They are about to become guinea pigs…" Kakashi continued…

Without warning, the door opened and Ulquiorra, Sasuke, Grimmjaw and Neji came in. neliel was not among them.

Aware of the tensed silence, Grimmjaw decided to ask. "What gives?"

But the others have already stared at the screen in front of them.

Operation Hueco Mundo.

Byakuya, Kakashi and Itachi all took a seat to calm themselves…it was not often or it is rare of them to be that shocked.

"Curse all the devils in hell!!!" Grimmjaw cursed.

"No…" Ulquiorra gasped slightly, as well as Sasuke and Neji when they have shared the same thought as that of Byakuya.

"I believe they would be more than just that."

"This means we need to act sooner," Sasuke said in sudden desperation and fear.

"I agree…however…we still need to plan things out…we are not just dealing with nuclear materials here…" Byakuya spoke and closed his eyes.

"There is no time for that!" Neji snapped.

"Believe me…we still have time…"

"That's bullshit!!! How can you sit calmly there knowing your sister and cousin is about to become one of their live experiment? A guinea pig…fuck!" Sasuke argued, fury evident in his eyes.

"Calm down Sasuke, Neji," Kakashi cut in. "You too Ulquiorra and Grimmjaw. We can sense you two are also about to burst out. Listen to us carefully. We need a plan."

"We have someone working inside and he would do everything to prevent that from happening…or at least to stall it in time for us to reach there…" Byakuya spoke again and changed the contents of the screen. What came next are some profiles of men they never saw before…

"During the conference…we mentioned the three died for Hueco Mundo. Actually, there was a correction on that one."

the statement made the four guys snap. All eyes bored on the three….

"Where's Neliel?"

"She's talking to someone right now."

"I see…the three…Rose, Love and Gin…those were their names…when they started working on that…they happened to stumble on an incomplete experiment…an incomplete project…they were just able to send us the name of the operation…so we had assumed it was a place…but as you have already read…it's not…"

"Rose's and Love's covers were blown…except for Gin. He had infiltrated their base and remained there until now…he had sent us his message that he's alive…but would be off temporarily to act as one of the Godfathers. They have never suspected him."

"And he's there?"

"Aye. He was the one who provided this information and this is the first time in a long time that we saw him. He'll take care of Rukia and Tenten while we prepare our move. As said, their security is tight…they have a satellite monitoring an area of about five kilometers…"

"Don't worry. We'll get there in time. And if they happen to lay their dirty fingers on my sister and cousin…" Byakuya said in bone chilling voice…one Ulquiorra and Grimmjaw never heard before in their entire life as Byakuya's men.

The regal man stared at Sasuke and Neji. "If anyone ever tries to make a pig out of them…they'd die by my hands…not yours…"



That is the most dominant feeling reigning on Rukia as she stared at the new comer…

"It's been a while…" the person said wearing a crafty smile and upon seeing it…Rukia shivered…then suddenly…

So suddenly and so abrupt…

The incident three years ago had once again played back on her mind…she was finally able to remember it all…the blood…Kaien…

The wretched smile…

Confusion was gone in an instant, replaced by cold fury as she stared at the person eye to eye…her body trembling in controlled anger…



"Kaien…what have you done to him back then…?"

"A little test…and it worked…"

Rukia's lips were pursed and the person had already started to leave.

"I just thought I would drop by and say hello…and to say you'd be next."

The statement was followed by a crazy laugh as the door opened. She stopped upon hearing Rukia speak once more…

Her voice was now hot with venom. "If I get the chance here…"

"If you get the chance," the person interrupted in mock tone.

"I'll kill you myself…Inoue Orihime."