My And Then There Were None Story

a fanfiction by Pearl the Barrister

Note: I am sort of trying to make fun of ATTWN, but not in a mean way (AC is one of my favorite authors!). So enjoy!

Vera Claythorne walks into the bookstore with her lips pressed in a straight line. She's been walking around like that ever since Lombard told her the news a few days earlier.

It's an old second-hand bookstore, really musty. Everything's covered in a thick layer of strange-smelling dust. Vera ignores the cashier's whispered "Hi" and walks--no, marches--straight to the MYSTERY AND ROMANCE section. There is a variety of hardcover books, but Vera ignores them, walking straight to the main bit- the paperback section.

She rifles through the selection until she finds the one she wants. She flips through it, making little sounds of astonishment and annoyance now and then. Finally, she snaps the book shut with two fingers and takes it to the counter, paying two pounds for it.

The spine says:


"Ugh!" groans Vera. "This sucks!"

Lombard nods. "I know what you mean."

Dr. Armstrong cuts in. "But what can we do? I mean, it's not like she broke any laws."

"But how did she find out?" asks the judge slowly. It's an interesting question. One none of them can answer.

"Well, at any rate," says Marston slowly, "she got the facts wrong. 8 of us are still alive, aren't we?"

They nod slowly, unsurely. The only ones not there are Mrs. Rogers and the Colonel.

"I think we should sue," announces Vera.

"But why?" asks Lombard. "What good would that do?"

"Look," says Vera. "It says here that this is the eighth best-selling book of all time. Obviously, it's made an oodle of money. We could sue and get the money. Plus, our reputations would be bettered, because then people would know what would happened."

"But what if they don't believe us?" asks someone.

"They will. For starters, we're still alive, aren't we?"

More nodding.

"Then it's settled," announces Vera proudly.

The others are not so sure.


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