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Rain of Embers


Thunder boomed overhead and stark white lighting lit the world in its fiery embrace. A large black dragon strained, a sheen of sweat over her dark scales.

"Almost…" came an expectant whisper from an icy blue dragon.

"It is time," an old red dragon rasped.

A large purple male dragon padded into the birthing den silently. "Are they coming, Ignitus?"

The red male dragon nodded slowly.

There was an audible groan, then a deep red egg slid out onto the fern nest. Shortly afterward a sparkling purple egg slid out into the world.

"Cynder?" The purple dragon asked uneasily.

"Yes, Spyro?"

"Your eggs… one of them is purple."

Cynder rocketed from her niche in the den. "Purple?" she asked sharply.

Spyro could only nod mutely.

"That can only mean one thing…" Cynder mused.

"Yes," Ignitus confirmed. "The purple dragon has come."

"But a purple dragon comes only once every ten generations!" Spyro put in hastily.

"Afraid that you're not a once-in-a-purple thing anymore, Spyro?" Sparx laughed from a corner of the den.

A quiet grumble of laughter came from Ignitus.

"It's more than that, Sparx." The icy blue dragon said ominously.

Cynder turned to the blue female dragon. "Lyra? What do you think?"

Lyra paused for a moment, deep in thought. "The Ancients must foresee a great trouble ahead, to send us another purple dragon." Her tone sharpened abruptly. "The world will not accept this dragon, you know. They will be afraid, afraid of a destiny they cannot control. Afraid of something different, something beyond their powers."

"True," Ignitus added. "No force in the Dragon Realms can alter the will of the Ancients. The world will be afraid of someone who's destiny is of a greater power. Your child have no place in this world."

"My child…" Cynder murmured. "An outcast."

Spyro pressed his muzzle to his mate's side comfortingly. She bent to touch her two eggs.

"A purple dragon…amazing." Spyro said.

"Yes," Ignitus rasped quietly, so that no other dragon could hear. "A legend is born."

* * * *

The egg trembled once, then stilled. A tiny crack split the piercing depths of endless purple. Once again the violent shivering shook the egg.

Suddenly, one piece of the eggshell cracked off. Purple scales shone through the hole. With a swift and violent motion, the egg shattered. A small purple dragon tumbled from its warmth and safety.

Cynder jumped forward to nuzzle her child. "It's a girl."

Spyro placed one paw on his daughter. "She's beautiful."

The young dragon was a dark purple with fiery dark red tips. She blinked open her enormous blue eyes and took her first glance into the world that she was born into.

"Embyr." Cynder spoke quietly. "Your red scales glow like embers in the moonlight.

"Embyr." Spyro agreed. "That's a fine name."

"Look," Lyra whispered quickly. "The other egg is hatching."

Cynder turned to her other egg. Swiftly the shell smashed itself and a red dragon slid out. Cynder gently licked her newborn, her gentle rasping stimulating and waking the young red dragon.

"Flayre. Your name shall be Flayre." Cynder murmured.

The young dragon opened his orange eyes to stare into his sister's. Embyr and Flayre locked eyes as siblings, love and understanding passing between them.

"Something's wrong," Spyro snapped suddenly.

Cynder lifted her head quickly. "What?"

"I'm not sure. I just have this feeling."

"Well, your instincts are usually right, Spyro. We must keep wat-"

Without warning, a dark shadow descended over the dragons.

"Malefor!" Cynder spat, hatred flinging from her eyes.

The warped purple dragon landed next to Cynder. He spun and sank his teeth into her neck. Cynder collapsed underneath his weight and the wounds he had given her.

"My creation, a traitor!" Malefor snarled. He tore his fangs from her neck and turned to stare into Spyro's burning eyes. A mocking grin crept across his face.

"So sad that you all have to die," he laughed roughly.

Spyro flung himself at Malefor, scorching flames erupting from his jaws. Malefor dodged the attack and flew forward, claws outstretched.

He dug his talons cruelly into Flayre's back. He launched himself into the air, still gripping the young dragon.

Spyro rose to his feet and attempted to spring into the air after his son. Malefor turned his head and let out a stream of engulfing flames. Spyro fell back, unconscious.

The dark shadow rose further into the sky, then disappeared into the descending night.

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