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Patience is a Virtue outtake

Edward's POV

I woke up before Bella. Waiting to hear news about Jacob's progress was putting a strain on all of us. If he was successful, James would officially be out of Bella's life, locked away where he couldn't hurt her again. Not being able to kill him with my bare hands was taking all of the restraint I could muster.

Keeping Bella close was the only thing stopping me.

She mumbled in her sleep that morning, my name mostly, but then Jacob's name followed. Logically I knew it was because she was worried about him putting his life on the line, but I couldn't help being a little jealous that he was a part of her dreams now as well.

I buried my nose in her hair, breathing in her subtle strawberry scent and allowing it to relax me. Acting territorial would not help.

"Edward," she sighed.

A grin spread across my lips, I loved the way she said my name.

"Edward," her voice was a soft whisper, mumbling my name again a few more times.

Unable to control myself any longer, I moved my lips from her hair and pressed them to her neck, kissing a trail down to her collarbone. Nipping and sucking on the tender skin, I felt her beginning to stir beneath me. "Good morning." I chuckled at the slight moan she let escape.

She blushed, her skin heating up, but didn't try to stop me. "Morning, Edward."

Raising my head from her neck, I wanted to see her warm eyes, and rested it against my pillow. "I can't wait until you are my wife. I want to be able to say that you are mine and I am yours." My voice was husky from sleep, rough.

Bella smiled, holding my face in her hands. "I already am yours, completely. But I do understand what you mean." Her thumb was feather light as it stroked my cheek, her eyes never leaving mine. They were so wide and expansive, I could look into them for hours.

"When this is all over, let's get married. I don't want to wait for some long drawn out engagement." Maybe I was moving too fast, but with everything we had been through lately, I wanted to live my life to the fullest. She was all that mattered to me, us finally being a family.

Thinking over my suggestion, Bella wound her fingers through my hair and gingerly scratched my scalp. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as she took my words into consideration, watching me the entire time. "Okay, when all of this settled let's set the date." She continued to run her fingers along my cheek, sending sparks throughout me, her lips forming around each word perfectly.

"Really?" I watched her face light up, the biggest smile I had ever seen spread across her lips in response. She agreed. I could barely contain myself as I hovered over her and pressed my lips to hers. I tried to keep it gentle, deepening the kiss slowly, licking her bottom lip before pulling it between mine and sucking on it slowly. "Thank you," I finally managed to whisper against her lips, pulling back slightly.

Holding her in my arms, I never wanted to leave our room. We were having the perfect morning and after we talked for awhile she began opening up to me. A little, but she still opened up to me.

For the first time in my life I felt like everything was going to be okay. That Bella and I were on the right path.

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