OK, this is an imprint story, because I love those, even if there are a lot of them. Paul is freakin' awesome. Seth and Embry... you can't really do too much with them. Well, you can with Seth, but he's too perky for me to take seriously.

Here I go!

Ali's POV

I was chillin' in the back of the moving van, listening to my dad's Led Zepplin CD. It was when I was in the middle of the Immigrant Song when we pulled to a stop, meaning we were at our new house. Why do we always get to places during the chorus of a good song?

"Ali!" Dad called. He was driving the van saying that he had an "inside source" at the moving place. He didn't know that I knew all the customers got to drive their very own crappy van! It's a merkle!


"C'mon over. We're at the starting line to our new lives!" He yelled joyfully. I rolled my eyes. Sooo Bono. Not the lead singer of U2, my dad. He changed his name to Bono when he was 18.

I grabbed my ripped up green backpack and slung it over my shoulder, examining our new casa. It was... cute. We decided on moving to La Push about a month ago. By "we" I mean Dad. This move was allll Bono.

Dad's a musician, or at least he was. Pretty good, too. We're not Native Americans. Maybe partially, but I consider my self a full-fledged Italian. My grandpa, Jordan Raydon, lives here. I think he's actually my step-grandpa, but Dad considers him as his father, so he's my grandad.

La Push was really close to Forks, Washington, which was like all rain all the time, though I actually liked that. Unlike some people, I loved the rain. I loved dancing in it, especially. Closing my eyes and throwing my hands up to the sky... perfecto!

"Our new lives..." I mumbled, checking out how it felt. My ratty jeans covered in marker were already wet from the dampness. If my mother was here, she'd have probably groaned and complained about how small the yard was. No garden! I would have to fix that, in memory of her. Maybe some yellow daises to add some color to all the green.

We headed inside. I wondered out loud before we came here with a moving van, if we had no luggage. It was part of Dad's "Start All Over Plan". he told me that the moving van was all part of the experience of actually moving.

Yesterday, we both bought a whole new wardrobe, though Dad picked out most of my clothes since I was afraid he was spending too much money. Hey, what can I say, the old dude's got good taste.

My room was pretty big compared to the rest of the house. It was aqua with a squishy white carpet, like one of those temperpedic beds.

I collapsed on the bed and closed my eyes, picturing myself back in New York where I could hear cars streaming by and I could walk to the nearest art studio. I loved Manhattan, but Mom didn't. Not enough green. She would've liked it here.

I fell asleep in my clothes that first night in La Push and woke up to Dad running in my room screaming at the top of his lungs the words to "Ruby Tuesday". When he saw me, he looked confused. "Why aren't you at your grandpa's?" he asked.

I yawned. "Since when was I going there?" I asked, trying to smooth out my Metallica T-shirt, to no avail.

Dad tsked. "What will you do when he comes and hunts you down in his 80-year old glory? Man, that'll be bloody. Good luck, girl." He walked out of the room, leaving me frozen.

I'd nearly forgotten about how... scary Grandad was. He used to be in the military. A general or something. Crap.

I ran out with the clothes I was wearing and my favorite pair of combat boots. Bet Grandad would get a kick out of those.

Dad didn't believe in cars mainly. He had made an exception for the van, but we only owned a motorcycle, which I knew Grandad didn't know about, so I was on my feet, sprinting in fear of my life.

When I finally got to his house that was real close to the beach, I was sweaty and out of breath.

Grandad marched out to meet me, his hands folded across his surprisingly muscular chest. He sighed impatiently waiting for me to quit panting.

"What took you so long?" he barked.

"Sorry, sir." I said with only the faintest hint of sarcasm, that he never detects.

"Oh well. You're here now. Let me have a look at you." he said and walked around me a few times, making me feel like a soldier under inspection.

"Hmm..." he stated. "Too skinny, not enough muscle. How old are you now? 25? Still living with your father?"

"I'm 19." I replied, trying to sound respectful. "I just finisihed high school."

"Planning to go to college?"


"Don't. Join the troops. You got the blood." He stated proudly.

"It's still summer," I said cautiously, not wanting to blurt out that I would rather become a lawyer -gag-, "So I'm gonna weigh my options some more. Can we go inside?" I asked, motioning to the door. We were still standing on the porch.

"Not today. I'm done with you now." he barked.

I smiled. "Love you too, sir." He gruffly nodded and marched back inside. I shook my head. He needed to learn how to express emotions.

I heard voices and turned to the hedges that were on the perimeter of the land, where I heard sound coming from. I ducked behind the swing on the porch, wondering who was hiding.

After a few minuates of squatting uncomfortably, a kid around 12 poked his head up, looked around, then threw an egg at the side of the house. I growled and jumped out, before he could toss another one, he fled. i guessed Grandad wasn't that popular.

I started chasing after him, hoping to give the little twerp a good scare. He started heading down to the beach and I followed, my pace slowing down to a jog. I had wanted to see the beach anyway. No surprise that it was damp and cold.

Towards the other end of the beach, where the kid was running, stood a bunch of gigantic dudes, all with dark skin and hair. The natives. They seemed to be wolfing down (haha unintetional pun) hotdogs. My stomach growled. It was around lunch time.

Some girls were there too. As I got closer, I saw one who was without a doubt the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, not that I play for that team or anything. She was just incredible and made me feel subconscious. She had her snow-white arms around one of the native boys.

I felt like an intruder when the party came to a halt as the boy skidded to a stop in the center me right behind him. I suddenly had no idea why I had followed him this far. I probably got distracted checking out all the people.

"Uh.. Hi." I waved awkwardly, while the kid tried to catch his breath.

The man with his arm around the pretty girl asked, "Why were you chasing Craig?"

That brought me back down to Earth. The kid nervously looked at a middle-aged woman who was standing next to him, who I assumed was his mom.

I made a snap-decision. "Just playing tag. He took me by surprise back there, so I was it." i said lamely. The kid looked up at me gratefully and I said, "I was just looking for a place to buy eggs..." i smirked, knowing he seriously owed me.

"Well I'm Jacob." The man said. "This is my girlfriend Nessie." The pretty girl. "Embry, Quil, Sam, Emily, Seth, Leah, Jared, Kim, and Claire." I smiled at all of them. They seemed around my age. "And you know Craig and this is his mother, Sue. She's also Seth and Leah's mom."

"Hey. I'm Ali." I said.

"Oh. You're the new girl." Sue stated.

"Yup." I replied.

"Why'd you move to a reservation, if you don't mind me asking." Claire asked. Her and Quil seemed to be together as were Jared and Kim.

"My grandfather, Jordon Raydon, lives here." I said, looking at Craig again. "I moved with my dad, Bono Raydon."

"Bono?" Nessie asked with here eyebrows raised.

I looked straight at her. "And?" i challenged, to see her reaction. She shrugged.

"Well I had better be going. Sorry to interrupt." I turned too fast and started blindly running when I crashed into something hard and hot. I flew backwards.

"Jesus! Watch where you're going you-" A voice yelled, but he cut off sounding like he was choking.

I looked up and saw another ginormous man standing above me. "Uh. Sorry." I started to apologize, but then stopped. "Wait! You were the one who could actually see me coming! Why don't you watch out jerk!"

He didn't answer, just kept on staring at me. I huffed, looking down at my skinned knee. I glared back up and saw that the man was much closer. I jumped back. "Woah! You're in my personal bubble!"

Quil walked over to us, curiously looking at the jerk. "yeah, Paul. Why are you in her bubble?"

Emily helped me up. "Would you like some food?" My stomach growled in response and i laughed.

"Wouldn't mind." i replied, dusting off my shirt.

I sat down next to Seth and dug in, not bothering to pay attention to the chatter around me until Paul asked, "Dosn't your dad feed you?" I jumped, not knowing he was next to me.

I scoffed. "Sure he just... is scatter-brained sometimes. We forgot to go shopping yesterday." I looked around and spotted a cliff where there were two figures on top. I watched in awe as the first shape jumped off and landed in the water.

"That's Collin and Brady cliff-diving." Seth told me, seeing where I was looking.

I yanked off my boots and threw 'em on the sand.

"What are you doing?" Embry asked.

I grinned wildly and ran towards the cliffs, ignoring the yells of protest. i felt someone pursuing me and rolled my eyes. They had no idea who they were dealing with.

As i leaped off the cliff, with my arms spread wide apart, I thought of my mom and how she would love the feeling of wind rushing all around her and I though of how Grandad would yell at me saying my dive was off. I knew Dad would probably be beaming at how natural I seemed. He taught me how to dive when I was 10.

i also felt a pang of guil as I realized the natives probably thought I had no clue what I was doing. Oh well. Sucks for them, i guess.

I plunged into the water and right before I got to the surface I felt a splash next to me. Someone jumped in after me...

Sorry if that was boring, it was just a starter chapter, ya know?