It was almost too easy to infiltrate the Uchiha household. She glides carefully over the nightingale floor, her feet making no noise; Sakura is a ghost in a house of death. Even in the ruins of Konoha, the house stands, albeit a little shaken. Her body moves lightly, careful to not disturb the untrustworthy timber.

She hears a rustle, pivots on her heel slightly --- and a blade is at her throat, a mouth leaning into her ear that whispers her name.

"Sasuke", she murmurs, "I've come to bring you home."

The boy grunts. "This is my home."

Sakura just exhales, watches her throat dip forward into the curve of the kunai.

"Shit!" Sasuke jumps back, his kunai clattering to the floor. A red trail like a thread trickles very slowly from under Sakura's chin. He moves to take Sakura's arm, but she moves first, and soon Sasuke is pinned underneath her. A drop of blood falls and splatters an inch from his head.

Sakura manages to press and wrap a bandage around her throat with one hand as she talks. "You're the last Uchiha now. You don't need to stay here any longer."

If she is surprised to hear Sasuke chuckle, it doesn't show. "I ended this bloodline with my own hands. So here is where I will end."

Sakura smiles, says "Who said it had to be the end?" before dragging Sasuke's face up with both hands for one last kiss. Their bodies press together on the dusty floor as if they were never apart.

"We will start a new bloodline," Sasuke growls into her ear. She scratches red lines down his back and bares her teeth mirthlessly.

When Sakura accepts Sasuke's offer, it is the next day, with only Itachi's grave as their witness.