Love Bites

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Chapter 1

Isabella Marie Swan

"Isabella," my mother's frantic voice woke me up from a peaceful sleep. "Isabella, wake up."

"What is it, mother?" I asked sleepily.

"There is someone…" my mother's voice turned into a scream. My eyes flew open. She fell to the floor; a man was hovered over her. My mothercontinued to scream as I watched the strong man lift her into his arms. He moved her hair from her neck. I noticed that the man's eyes were red. I let out a scream of my own. I was frozen in shock, I couldn't move. The man lowered his head to my mother's neck. He then sunk his teeth into her. We both screamed as he seemed to drink from her. I finally found myself and grabbed for the candle stick next to my bed. I chunked it at the man's head. It hit him, but he didn't even flinch. His gaze flickered to me though. My mother went limp and he dropped her. The man stalked over to me.

"I am so sorry," he guilty whispered. He lowered his head to me, brushed my hair aside. I felt a sharp prick as he sunk his teeth into my own flesh. I didn't scream or move. I just sat there. A hot, fiery pain shot through my body, starting at my neck. The man pulled away. I watched as he picked my mother up and laid her on my bed next to me. "I am so sorry," he kept repeating.

The pain became too much for me. I soon slipped under unconsciousness even though the pain was still ever so present. My mother's screams were still present as well. So I knew I was still conscious enough. I kept my mouth shut tight. If I opened it, I would surely scream. The man stayed with us during the time the fire spread through my body. He whispered things that made no sense to me. Like "it's almost over." He said that a lot. But for after awhile of "it's not over," I began to think it would never end.

The fire raged throughout my body. My mother's screams confirmed my thoughts that she was experiencing the same thing. But I remained silent. At some point, the fire seemed to die down in some areas; my fingertips and toes were first to stop. The fire also seemed to be building in my chest. My heart beat rapidly, fighting to stay against the fire. My heart beat once, twice, and then stopped. The fire engulfed it, and then went out. The pain was gone. I wanted to yell out into the world, it was gone! My fingers twitched and I let my eyes flutter a little before opening them. I was amazed at my sight. Somehow, my vision had heightened to new lengths. I could see every chip lead in the ceiling. I could see every particle of dust in the air. My hearing had also undergone a change. I could hear voices of our neighbors down the road. A horse pulling a carriage, cheerful laughs coming from it. I could hear their heart beats, smell their sweet blood. But the smell disgusted me. It was too sweet.

I sensed two others in the room with me. I sat up quickly. My mother lay still beside me. I glanced around and found the man that had done this to us sitting in my rocking chair looking at me in wonder.

"What have you done to us?" At first I wasn't sure it was me who had spoken. But it had been my thoughts. I had moved my mouth. No one else in the room could have spoken it.

"Wait till your mother is awake. She will be soon," the man said in a kind voice. Now that I could really look at him, I studied him. He was tall with pale, olive skin. He had the same red eyes I had seen earlier, only they were brighter. His hair was black and long. He wore odd clothing I hadn't seen before. His voice I recalled was heavy with a French accent.

A gasp brought me back to my mother who lain beside me. Her eyes shot open. I was startled and jumped back. My mother's eyes were blood red; brighter than even the man's. I stared in bewilderment as she sat up, taking in her surroundings as I once had. Her features were very different. Her skin pale, almost translucent. Her bone structure seemed sharper, but still held their kindness. Her hair was a more vibrant brown than I remembered and shone with the light reflecting off it. She turned to me and smiled with teeth perfectly sharp and white. The smile soon vanished when she took in my appearance. "Isabella?" She murmured.

"Yes, mother?" I asked hesitantly.

"What happened to you?"

"You should ask yourself that," I whispered. I picked my small mirror up from my bedside table and handed it to her. She looked at herself, touching each feature with care and wonder as if she had never seen her reflection before.

"Have you seen yourself?" My mother inquired. I shook my head and she handed my mirror back. I took it and brought it slowly up into my line of sight. I gasped in horror. That was not me. The girl had the same heart shape face as I. But her cheekbones were bold and weren't stained by the permanent blush as mine. The girl's skin was as pale as my mother's, not sun-kissed like my own. The girl's hair was more colorful, the sun reflecting different shades of brown throughout it. Mine was a dull brown color that didn't have the volume the girl had. I looked at the girl's eyes last. Her eyes were red; a red that reminded her of blood.

"What have you done to us?" I repeated to the man in my chair. He stood up with such grace that left me jealous.

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Laurent. My kind is not very known throughout yours. If you have heard of it, it would be by legend or a scary story. You see, I am a vampire."

I was pulled out of my reverie as Emmett pointed to a silver car as we sped past it. "Ooh Bella that was nice, wonder who got the bank for that around here?" I shook my head at my brother's antics and drove on.

"Isabella, Esme, I would like you to meet Victoria," Laurent smiled and gestured towards the woman standing next to him. She had a mane of red curls that went down to her waist. The red reminded me of a fire. Victoria's red eyes were like cats; slits with cautious glances. Her movements were also catlike.

"Hello, my name is Isabella," I curtsied.

"Laurent, when I sent you out to get dinner, I didn't mean for you to bring back two newborns. And why are they so civilized? Did you just take them to feed?" Victoria questioned Laurent, ignoring me.

"No, I didn't. I don't know how they are acting like this. Neither has said a word about their throat's burning. Nor have they tried to attack a human when they walk by. They actually flinch the other direction. Victoria, it's like they are repelled by the smell of blood," Laurent was astounded.

"Um, may I ask what you mean?" Esme said quietly.

"Yes?" Victoria asked calmly.

"What do you mean by our throat's burning and attacking a human? Why would we want to attack a human?" Esme inquired.

"Look, you are vampires now. Newborns in fact. Vampires have to feed. A human's blood is our diet. A vampire always has a burning in the back of their throat, one that is only quenched with blood. Newborns have it the worst. They are savage creatures that won't stop until they get blood. They awake from the change only craving blood. They need it. The burning in their throat is far worse than vampires. Newborns are also quite dumb. They have impeccable strength but no brain to use it wisely. Their fighting skills is predictable since they have to follow purely instinct. But you two are different. Neither of you are showing any signs of being a newborn. If it wasn't for your eyes, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a vampire of a century and a newborn," Victoria's voice was laced with venom. I processed all this information quickly. My mind was so much more open now that I could think things clearly and think of others things at the same time. I could also get distracted easily.

"So, you are saying we skipped our newborn years?" I clarified. Victoria nodded her head in agitation.

"Look, I don't want to put up with you. So here are the rules: Don't reveal our kind to humans and don't make more of our kind. All clear?" Victoria snapped.

"Yes ma'am," I nodded my head in understanding.

"Good, later," and with that they were gone.

"Hey Bells, do you think the new kids are going to be vamps?" Emmett mused as we pulled into the driveway.

"I highly doubt that Emmett. I believe we are the only vampires who even bother going to school," I answered glumly. "Besides, Alice would have seen it."

"Mother, I smell a bear," I targeted our next meal. We were currently in Maine, just two years after being changed.

"You can have it, I'm stuffed," Esme laughed musically. I smiled and ran on. We had found that animals were a perfect substitute for a vampire's typical diet. We had an inside joke where we called ourselves 'vegetarians'. I was getting closer, but another smell was overpowering the bear's. It was sweet; but too sweet. I realized it was a human. I heard a bear growling and a man calling out for help. When I reached the scene, it surprised me. A bear was attacking a large man furiously. The man tried to fight back, but the bear was too strong. I called out to Esme. She came quickly and took the bear off of the man. I grabbed the man and took him back to our cabin in the woods which, luckily, wasn't too far off. I got there fast. The bleeding man in my arms looked up at me in wonder. He was losing a lot of blood. I knew he didn't have long. I laid him down on my bed and tried to fix his wounds. But there was so many.

"Please, I don't want to die," the man whispered. He had a nice face under all the blood. He had dimples like a child and bright blue eyes. His curly brown hair was matted with blood and leaves. "Help me, I know you can," he said and went unconscious. I knew if I didn't do something quick, he would die.

"Bella, do it," Esme placed a hand on my shoulder for comfort and support. I hadn't noticed her arrival. "You can save him." I nodded and leaned down to his neck. I bit him. The blood tasted so much better than I had imagined. The smell may have been too sweet for me, the taste was amazing. I found it hard to stop, but his screams pulled me out of my thoughts. I jumped away from him. I could tell the venom was spreading fast throughout his body with his shakes and screams. "It's okay," Esme cooed as she wrapped me into her arms. I hadn't realized I was sobbing until Esme's body started to shake from mine.

Three agonizing days later, his screams subsided. The venom was dissipating but rising in his chest. His heart beat fast and hard; giving one last fight. I stayed with him during the three days, never leaving his side. I whispered sweet nothings into his ear, hoping it would help. Finally, on the third day, his eyes fluttered open. He opened them wide and took in his new surrounding with a new sight. I gave him a moment before making my presence known. I stepped into his line of sight and he jumped back. He seemed to recognize me because he relaxed after studying me.

"Hello, my name is Isabella Swan. You can call me Bella." I smiled warmly. He returned it with a bright, wide smile. His dimples were more pronounced with the simple gesture. I could see a difference in his appearance. He was not tan as he was before, now he was pale, almost translucent. His blue eyes replaced by a bright, blood red. The curls had many different tones of brown now. His muscles were more defined and large.

"Hi, I'm Emmett. Emmett McCarthy," Emmett raised his hand, which I took in mine. "Thank you."

"No, thank you," Esme crooned from her place by the door. Emmett's eyes flickered to her, studied for a moment, then he returned her smile. Esme took that as an okay, and ran into his arms. "Sorry, I just always wanted a son. Well, that is, if you want to stay with us," Esme remembered sadly that he still had a choice.

"Of course; I was in the woods looking for my parents who had disappeared last week when that bear came across me. I found their camp torn apart and figured a bear had attacked them. I would love to be a part of your family."

"Thanks, oh, this is my mother, Esme. You are probably wondering what you are now." Emmett nodded excitedly. "Well, I don't know if you had ever heard of our kind. But, we are vampires," I tried to gauge his reaction.

"Vampires? Hmm, that's awesome! Wait, you were out in the sun?" And the questions continued. Esme and I gladly answered. We had a new member of the family. I had always wanted a brother and Emmett was perfect. He was like a big teddy bear. Even though Esme had high hopes we would hit it off as more than a sibling relationship, she was happy anyways.

"Hello Bella, Emmett, what did you get at Blockbuster?" Esme asked as we entered the house.

"I told you, they got Transformers and Pride and Prejudice. Even though they both can quote the movies. I should have gone and got a newer movie," Alice complained, running down the stairs and into the living room.

"Hey, don't complain! We went out and got them, you should have requested something," Emmett snapped, plopping down on the couch. "What's first? Transformers it is!"

"Hey Bells, did you hear that?" Emmett asked while we were walking down a street in NYC. It had been ten years since Emmett had joined the group; now past his newborn years. That was a strain on Esme and me to get him to stick to the diet. He wasn't that tough, but stubborn.

"Yeah, it's coming from that alley," I pointed ahead to a dark space between two buildings. I heard a girl whimpering and a man was talking viciously to her. I checked to see if anyone was watching and ran at vamp speed to the alley. A blonde man was leaning over a small girl.

"You look tasty," he said and bit into her wrist. The girl screamed. Emmett ran and threw the man off her. I went to the girl.

"Are you okay?" I tried to ask her. I wasn't sure if she could hear me over her convulsions.

"It burns," she managed to say. I looked down at her wrist. There was a crescent shape on it with blood dripping. I ignored the smell.

"Emmett, I'm taking her to the apartment," I called over the ripping noise as Emmett tore the man apart.

"Okay," Emmett answered and flicked a match on. A pile of body parts set on fire as he dropped the match. I grabbed the girl into my arms and ran to our apartment. I stayed with her just like I had with Emmett during the three days. When she woke, I discovered her name was Alice. She couldn't remember much of her past. Just that her name was Alice Brandon and she was around 17 years old. When we tried to explain to her what we were, her eyes glazed over.

"So, I'm a vampire," it wasn't a question.

"How did you know?" I asked Alice.

"You just told me," Alice replied like I was stupid.

"No, I was about to tell you."

"What?" Alice's eyes glazed over again. "Oh!"

"What is it?" I queried.

"I have visions," she simply answered.

"Do what?" Emmett asked.

"I can see the future; I just had a vision that basically explained that I can have visions. It was as clear as if I had been there. It also showed me my newborn years. Eh, I don't think so," Alice grimaced. "So, I have decided I'm just going to skip that stage," her pixie frame shrugged as if it wasn't a big deal.

"Hey, newborn years aren't so bad," Emmett defended.

"Yeah, I value my appearance, and I don't want to deal with that mess," Alice giggled.

"Whatever," Emmett stalked off out of the room.

"So, you have 'decided' that you're just going 'skip' your newborn years?" I asked skeptically. And that was that. Alice did have a little trouble transitioning, but she pulled through quickly. We were proud of her. Alice's visions came in handy through the years. She was able to tell us which stocks were good to invest in. Our money grew and we traveled a lot. We met many other covens. One being like us, vegetarians, in Alaska. The Denali coven was a lot like our family; civilized. A member, Kate, helped me develop my ability. I could block other's abilities. She asked me one day if I could push that block to protect others. We practiced a lot. After much work, I was able to extend my 'shield' far. Another ability that came with it was that I could communicate with those in my shield. Like, I could let them see into my mind if I wanted, but I could see into theirs. I didn't like to pry though. So I learned how to just leave it at talking silently. Something Alice and I do a lot.

"Hey Bells," Emmett once again pulled me from my thoughts. "You wanna go for a hunt before school tomorrow?"


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