A/N: I have a serious question you guys…

Would you mind me making this a sequel? It wouldn't be 30 chapters long… Maybe ten to fifteen chapters top. School's out in a week almost and softball will only be on weekends and week nights so that won't be a big issue. Then my job, if it's at the movie theater, will only be on nights and weekends.

But this story just keeps on dragging on. And I think where I left off would be a perfect end point. I thought it would be finished soon, but while typing that chapter, it just sort of flowed that way. I knew what Ambrosine's power was, but I didn't realize it was going to come into affect like that. No, I didn't plan this story out before I wrote it. I'm someone who enjoys the thrill of sitting down and letting the story take me for a ride. I give myself over to the characters and let them live their lives through the brush of my fingertips over keys.

I know I mentioned a sequel earlier on, so what do you think?

I'll add an epilogue sometime in the next week or two, even though I have a tourney this weekend and next week is semester testing… Gah, I hate how life gets in the way. I wish I could just hit pause and life just freeze so I could have time to sit down and lose myself in typing.

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