For the lawyers, I don't own any Disney character, nor am I trying to profit off them. Just telling a story.

Kim Possible: Blank Slate

By LJ58

An AU look at what might have happened after Kim 'lost' her mind….

"You mean she's…..?"

"Her mind is completely wiped clean."

"Ah, man," Ron whined, staring at the vacantly smiling redhead as Drakken frowned at her.

"Don't look at me," Drakken sputtered when all eyes turned his way. "It's not my fault….."

"Just zip it, Doc, and let's go," Shego hissed, and then stopped just before she would have shoved the blue-skinned moron out the window into their waiting hovercraft. "Hey, egghead. You said Kimmie's had her mind completely blanked?"

"Well, not completely. But her personal memories are all…"

He made a wiping motion.

Shego grinned a smug, sadistic grin, and bounded over to snatch up the redhead simply staring curiously around her.

"I think this is my cue," she smirked at the sidekick who looked at her in horror as she carried Kim toward the window.

"Shego! What are you doing," Drakken demanded even as she jumped into the hovercraft, dropped Kim in the back, and settled into her own seat. "I was just about to crow over my arch-foes cerebral demise…"

"Zip it, Dr. D, or I'll erase you next," she said as Ron shouted unintelligibly from far below as she fired the thrusters, and left the buffoon behind. "I've got my own greatest plan ever going here."

"Really? I didn't know you had it in you," Drakken sniffed. "I'm so proud….."

"Doy. Will you just zip it? Jeez, you act like my brothers sometimes."

"Well, when you put it that way, I'm quite proud….."

"I hate my brothers," she thundered as she flew away from the medical center as fast as she could, occasionally glancing back at her prize.

"Meh. Well, in that case, why would you compare me to…..? Oh. Oh! Shego, what have I said about hurtful words?"

Shego's growl of frustrated rage was more than audible.

Behind her, the empty-headed redhead giggled.

"What," she demanded of her captive.

"You're funny," the redhead beamed.

"I'm funny?"

"Him, too. Why are you green?"

"He's blue," Shego huffed.

"It seems to fit him," Kim answered plausibly, her wide-eyed expression as guileless as any child's.

"Just why did you bring her anyway," Drakken whispered.

"Because, doofus. If we left her behind, what do you think would happen?"


"Gah! The buffoon would call their brainy buddy, who would figure out how to cure her, and she'd be after us by suppertime. No, this way, there's no one to help her, and we do the job of filling in her blanks. We'll teach her how to be evil, and make Kim Possible our ally."

Drakken's face lit up. "And with Kim Possible on our side, nothing can stop us," he exclaimed, his expression growing characteristically manic. "It's perfect, Shego. Flawless. My greatest plan…..! Ah, your greatest plan?"

"How about our greatest plan, Dr. D," she smiled coldly as she glanced back at the redhead yet to move from where she had dumped her as she stared guilelessly at them.

"I'm good with that," he grinned.


"I'm sorry, Mrs. Dr. P," Ron sighed. "I didn't think Shego would actually…..kidnap her."

"This is bad," Ann murmured. "What about Wade? Can he track her? Or Shego?"

"He's on it," Ron said sadly, his head bent over the table, staring miserably at the food he had yet to touch. "And so is GJ. But they went completely off the grid. According to Wade, until they show back up, they don't have any way of tracking them."

"And she was completely…? I mean her memories….?"

"According to the doctor, it wiped out all her memories. She didn't even remember her own name."

Ann groaned. "Poor Kim."

"Yeah," Ron muttered. "There's no telling what kind of torment they must be forcing on her."

Ann grimaced, not even wanting to think about her helpless daughter caught in the grasp of two of her most implacable foes. It just did not bear thinking about.


"Will you stop that," Shego demanded.

"You said to help," Kim smiled, still trying to butter the blackened squares of charred bread she saw nothing wrong with as she ignored several of the henchmen who were running from the kitchen with hands covering their mouths.

"I thought you could do anything," Shego roared.

"Except cook, obviously," Drakken shuddered, staring at the unnamable concoction bubbling in the pan that was apparently a casserole of some kind. If his sinuses weren't burnt out from years of dabbling with unstable chemicals, he supposed he'd be running for the bathroom, too. As it was, it merely smelled bad to him.

"Doy. I guess she forgot how."

"No, Shego," Drakken shook his head as he shoved the pan back into the oven, sparing the rest of his men the sight of even seeing the horrendous mass of bubbling…..things. "My own research indicates her skills, factual knowledge, and general abilities remain. It's only her personal memories that have been lost."

"So…Princess really can't cook any better than you?"

"Shego, I can cook…..!"

"Microwave dinners do not count," the green-skinned woman growled.

"Fine! Who wants pizza?"

"Are you nuts," Shego demanded. "We're laying low until we can train Princess here in the fine arts of evil. Remember?"

"I think she already knows some of them," Lars growled, staring at the thick,

gooey mass in another pan on top of the stove.

"Well, we can't too well have pizza delivered here," Shego went on as she dragged Kim from the toaster that seemed about to catch fire. Somehow, it was overheating, and about to melt down. "Their computer nerd would be onto us before we finished scaring off the delivery boy."

"I'll go pick them up," Lars, their number one henchman drawled. "Don't worry, I'll go in civvies," he said, glancing down at his Henchco uniform.

"Can I help," Kim asked, making Shego groan, and Lars shudder.

"I've got it," the big man said, and bolted from the kitchen.

For the past ten hours, Kim had proven that helping out was still an integral part of her personality that went beyond memory. It didn't matter who was doing what, she wanted to help. Only so far, everything she did was a complete disaster.

Drakken's lab was still filled with smoke yet to be cleared by the overtaxed ventilation system. Five vacuums were now smoldering piles of scrap, and Shego guessed she could now write off the new cookware set she had just stolen last week, because those pans weren't coming clean anytime soon. She was pretty sure she wasn't even going to try to wash that…..mess.

"You guys…..clean up in here," Shego told the few men tough enough, and brave enough to stay behind in the kitchen as she dragged Kim out of the room.

"I can help," she whined, wanting to stay.

"Meh, and I thought she was annoying before she lost her memory," Drakken sighed as he sat at his usual place staring at his empty plate.

None of the henchmen disagreed with him.

Meanwhile, Shego had an epiphany.

"I've got the perfect job for you, Princess," she continued to call her erstwhile rival, not even wanting to let her hear her former name for fear it might somehow remind her of things best left forgotten.

"Really," the green eyes lit up as the young redhead now clad in a Henchco uniform that did not suit her coloring at all.

Drakken insisted, but Shego was sick of looking at the dark red uniform on the slender woman. It was past time to get rid of that hideous monstrosity, and put her in something decent.

"Really," Shego nodded, thinking she had a spare uniform from her younger days as a hero that might just fit the wiry teen. "But first you have to change."

"Change what," Kim asked brightly, staring at her with complete trust in those wide, innocent eyes.

Fifteen minutes later, she led Kim, in a matching black and green uniform, into her workout room in the underground lair where even Kim and her sidekick had not known existed. After all, who would look for Dr. Drakken's most secret hideout right under his own mother's house?

Fortunately, his mother was out of town this week visiting another of her annoying relatives, and wasn't around to pester the momma's boy, or her, with her usual delusions.

"Okay, Ki….. Ah, Princess. Let's see if you can still fight," she grinned with a feral smirk.


"Watch," Shego grinned, and dropped into an offensive stance, and ran through a few of her basic kata.

"I can do that," Kim grinned excitedly, and began performing a perfect mirror image of her moves to the last stylistic flourish.

"Whoa! Not bad. Okay. Do you know what sparring is, Princess?"

"Spar. The exchanging of blows, or simulated combat to test the skills of….."

"That's it," Shego sniggered, thinking someone had a bit of an egghead buried deep in her head, too. Figures, with her parents. "Now, let's spar," she said, and adopted her favored stance. "Defend yourself. And try to give me your best shot. Don't hold back," she said, not even bothering with her bio-plasma this time. She was just looking for some fun. And a chance to test how sharp Princess' skills might be without her brain in gear guiding her.

Twenty minutes later, Shego was holding up a hand as she stood bent over, panting for air, and seriously thinking about retiring.

"That's…..enough…..for now," she rasped, still sucking air, and feeling not unlike she had just gone ten rounds with Hego.

And lost.

"Did I do good," the redhead smiled happily at her, barely breathing hard.

Shego was tempted to shoot one of her traditional taunts back, but she had to admit that, "Yeah, Princess. You did great."

Who knew? Kimmie must have been holding back all these years. The girl could wipe the floor with grand champions if she wanted. She could have easily wiped the floor with her! And that grated.

Even with her plasma, she probably would have lost every time, because she knew she didn't use that power to hurt people. She never had, though it scared most of her opponents just showing it off. Not Kimmie, though. She had just laughed, and came at her every time.

How the hell could a scrawny, little know-it-all be so good at kicking butt?

"Yaaaaay," the girl cheered herself, and lliterally tumbled over to stand beside her. "What next?"

"Jeez, Pumpkin, where do you get your energy?"

Kim glanced off thoughtfully, and then shrugged. "I don't know."

"Pizza," Drakken's voice echoed down the hall into the gym.

"Pizza!" Kim cheered, and jumped up and down, applauding. "I'll help serve!"

"Go eat, Princess," she waved her off, moving to follow her at a more sedate rate. "I'll be there in a day or two," she groaned, wondering how Kimmie was with full body massage.


"I'm very concerned," Ann told James that night. "Three days, and not one word? Not one sign?"

"Honey, we both know how special our Kimmie-Cub is," her husband told her. "The one thing I know for certain is that she's going to be okay. There is nothing she can't handle."

Ann shot him a fulsome glare.

"Okay, unless she tries to cook," he admitted.

"That's not what I meant. Ron said she doesn't even remember who she is," Ann fretted.

James sighed, and gathered his still attractive wife into his arms as they lay together in the bed. "Honey, we both know how special she is, and what she is. A little memory lapse isn't going to change that. If anything, I'll bet it only makes her more of a threat to Drew, and those around her. Which means, sooner or later, she's going to show up, and then her friends will help her get back home."

Ann sighed. "I hope you're right."

"So do I," James admitted.

"I just hope she doesn't lose control. If they find out….."

"I'm sure she'll be fine. Even without her memory, she is still the best of us," James told her.

"I know. It's just….."

Back in their room, two identical faces turned off the listening device planted in their parents' room.

"Hicka-bicka-boo," one asked quietly, almost somberly.

"Hoo-sha," the other replied so ominously that for a moment the world held its breath, and even the angels shuddered in fear.


"Just grab it," Shego hissed as she was filling a cart with things from the Upperton jewelry store as the henchmen continued to grab the best diamonds to fill the power foci in their boss' new laser pistols.

"But…..stealing is wrong," Kim whined, staring at the jewels exposed in the shattered display.

"No, stealing is fun," Shego corrected her, wishing they had figured out Kimmie's sense of morality wasn't tied up in her memories before they went on this little supply run.

She had thought masking the girl in a Henchco uniform of green and black would be the perfect way to break in her new protégé. So far, it was not working as planned.

"Fun," Kim frowned, staring at the green-skinned woman who for the past nine days had sparred relentlessly with her, and found her to be an enjoyable companion.

Who also gave very good massages, and didn't mind a little girl-on-girl fun at the end of the day either.

"Then this fun is wrong," Kim's lips turned down, and she looked more like her old grim, stick-in-the-mud self, which made Shego shudder.

"Then just hold this," Shego swore, handing her a small leather pouch she had already filled as she prepared to fill a second.

Kim took the satchel even as the sirens of approaching police filled the air.

Shego swore, and told the six thugs with her, "That's enough. Let's go," she said, and led the way out to the waiting hovercraft before they flew off just as the police arrived. They were airborne before the police could even get out of their cars.

"Where's the bag I gave you," Shego asked later when they arrived at the lair, and the men began turning over the jewels for Drakken's use.

They already knew the mad scientist only used the best for his work needs, and then give them what was left over for their own use. There was usually a lot left over.

"I gave it to the man in the store," Kim told her with a smile. "He seemed very happy to have it back."

Shego growled. "I can't believe….."

"But, Shego, stealing is wrong."

"Something wrong, Shego," Drakken asked with a smirk. He had been smirking a lot lately as he watched Shego try to teach Kim Possible how to be evil.

So far, he and his henchmen had learned to just give her very simple tasks to keep her out of the way. Like reading War & Peace, and writing a detailed report on the plot. That usually kept her busy a few hours. The last thing any of them wanted her to do was let her near anything remotely complicated.

Like a kitchen.

"Ungrateful…redheaded….. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh," Shego howled, and stormed off on her own.

"Did I do something wrong," Kim asked Drakken, looking genuinely distressed at the idea.

Drakken, who rarely got the better of his sidekick/henchwoman, patted Kim on the shoulder and assured her, "You did just fine, my dear. "You know how Shego likes to challenge herself. This is her way of testing her skills as a teacher. You just keep doing what you do best, and I'm sure she'll be very proud of how you show her you're learning to think for yourself again."

"Really," Kim smiled happily.

"Really," Drakken nodded. "Now, why don't you go….ah, kiss and make up."

"You do know you're going to pay for that," Lars said quietly as Kim skipped happily off after Shego.

"Yes," Drakken grinned. "But when was the last time either of us saw anyone get under her skin like that?"

Lars only smirked.

"You're still going to pay for that," he predicted.

"Maybe," Drakken said in a singsong way. "But watching Shego play mommy is just tooooooo good to ignore."

"Is that what they call it now? "Besides, I didn't know she was….you know. Like that."

"Just with Possible," Drakken sniggered. "Go figure. Besides, you say that out loud again, and it might be you paying for something."

Lars wisely said no more.


"Shegooooo," Kim smiled, walking into the shower fully clothed with the naked woman trying to wash out her hair. She had pulled off her mask by then, but she was still dressed in the makeshift uniform Shego had made for her.

At that very moment, Shego was pulling out tangles as she washed her hair, trying to calm herself down. Sometimes she enjoyed the convertible hovercraft. Sometimes, not so much.

"Kimmie! Get out of my shower!"

"Who," she frowned, staring at Shego who had only called her Princess from the beginning.

"Ah…..Princess. You shouldn't be in here with me," the woman sputtered, wiping soap from her eyes before she quickly leaned back to let the spray wash the suds from her face.

"Why not? We sleep together, and….stuff," the redhead blushed becomingly.

"For one, you're still dressed," Shego sputtered.

Kim looked down. "Oh. Right," she agreed, and started to pull off the green and black jumpsuit.

"Damn it, would you just let me finish my shower in peace," she roared, shoving her back.

Kim said nothing as she backed away, and looked at her with eyes filled with hurt.

"You're…..mad at me? You're….don't like me?"

"Damn it, Princess…! Princess," she yelled as the redhead turned, and ran out of her private living quarters, bawling like a child.

Shego's inarticulate cry of frustration and fury echoed through the corridors as the henchmen went looking for places to hide.

Just in case.

Because they were hiding, no one noticed the distraught Kim run out of the lair, up into the Lipski home, and out into the streets of the city.


"I found her," Wade told Ron.

"Where," Ron demanded, clutching the Kimmunicator with both hands.

"Believe it, or not. Right in the middle of the city park."

"Which city," Ron asked eagerly.

Wade and Rufus both slapped their palms over their faces.

"Focus, Ron," Wade snapped. "Middleton City Park. You'd better hurry. You know who can't be far away."

"Oh. Right. Let's go, Rufus. We have a girlfriend to save."


"What do you mean you can't find her," Shego thundered. "Where was the watch? Are you idiots telling me no one was watching the exits?"

"The Fearless Ferret marathon was on," one of the henchmen said uneasily. "They were featuring the best of the villains."

"Doy. Are you guys henchmen, or babies," she demanded, and stalked out of the lair leaving them all behind.

"Is she gone," a pale blue face asked as Drakken only then peered around a corner.

"Yep," the man who drew the short straw nodded, still feeing very lucky to have gotten away with telling her the redhead had apparently gotten away.

"Whew," Drakken sighed in relief as more than a few men came out of hiding.

"Someday, I'm going to have to get her in anger management classes."

More than one henchman looked at their employer as if he were truly insane.


"KP! I found you."

She didn't even look his way.

Worse, she was wearing one of Shego's costumes.

Even worse, she was crying.


The redhead looked up at him. "Are you talking to me? Do I know you?"

"Kim, come on, I'm like your best friend forever. Well, since Pre-K. And we've been on missions all over the world. And we're even dating."

"Dating? But….I like girls. Don't I," she frowned, looking as if she were asking herself.

"Well, you have some girlfriends, but you and I….."

"Focus, Ron," Wade's image came on the Kimmunicator he still held, having guided Ron to the park just nine blocks from his house. He had a little trouble finding it.

"Oooh, you have a little television," Kim smiled, taking the device. "How many channels does it have."

"Only one, Kim. And I'm not a television show. I'm live."

"Live television?"

"Kim, I'm Wade. Your friend."

"Really? Shego said she was my friend, but she hates me now," she sighed wistfully.

"We don't hate you, KP," Ron told her. "And neither does your family. We're all really worried about you. We've been looking for you ever since you lost your memories."

"My….memories? That must be why I get so confused lately."

"Yeah," Ron said uncomfortably as Wade called for attention.

"Hold up the Kimmunicator, and I'll scan her brain for indicators," he told Ron.

He nodded after a moment, then said, "I'll be in touch. Kim, trust Ron. We're going to help you. I promise."

"Listen, come with me, and I'll take you to your mom and dad. They can explain things to you better than I can."

"Okay," Kim sniffed, then smiled. Then asked, "Why is there a naked mole rat in your pocket?"

"Heeeeey," the little creature sputtered as it scrambled up to Ron's shoulder to glare at her.

"That's Rufus. He's a friend, too. Don't worry, buddy. She's just not herself right now. Remember?"

"Yip," he nodded.

"He….talks," Kim exclaimed with her first real smile. "Spankin'!"

Rufus preened as they led her back toward her house.

Strangely enough, Ron knew the way without help this time.


"Here," Jim frowned as the young genius indicated the innocuous house before them.

"More like thirty feet down, and then some," Tim said, and focused the device he carried. "Hey, look at the mailbox. Do you know whose house that is?"

"Wade will never believe this."

"We'd better go back and let him and Ron know what we found. Plus, we'll need more gear to break into that underground lair," Jim told his twin.

"Right. We're going to teach Drakken and Shego that you don't mess with a Possible," Tim agreed.

And their features looked almost feral at that point.


Shego frowned as she easily tracked Princess back to her parent's house.

She arrived not long after she had, but couldn't get near the place. Her instincts were screaming that she did not want to even step on the sidewalk, and judging from the way the neighbors walked completely around the house as she watched from a discreet distance, it was pretty obvious you didn't just walk up on the lawn these days.

It seemed that as her fame had spread, so had the dangers from those seeking to make a name for themselves by putting Kim Possible down. Only attacking her at home became impossible with a super genius for a friend, and a family full of brainiacs now devising their own, private security systems.

Shego watched incredulously as a stray hound trotted by, started to use the lawn for his litter box, and set off three motion-activated lasers that aimed at the animal, but just scared it off at that last minute by shooting to one side rather than kill it.

She loved her instincts.

Somehow, she didn't think whatever was running the defenses around that seemingly innocent family home would have just scared her off with a close call. She would have to figure this one out, because as long as she was in that house, she wasn't going to be able to get close to Princess.


"Did I like this," Kim asked as she stared at the food on her plate.

"You loved it," Ann assured her.

"Shego said…."

"Forget Shego," Ron grumbled. "She's bad. Evil. She is your number one enemy. Well, maybe not number one, but she's up there. Way up there. She's….."

"Ron," Ann cut him off.

"Well, she's bad," Ron trailed off.

"Then why did I like her," Kim asked with a sigh, looking up at the woman that said she was her mother.

The blue-eyed redhead did look a lot like her. And there pictures everywhere. Even pictures with Ron, and the little mole rat that seemed quite at home in her apparent home.

The back door suddenly burst open before Ron or Ann could answer her, and twin boys ran in exclaiming as one, "We found….. "Kim?" they exclaimed as one.

"You're Jim and Tim. Right," she smiled at them, sounding quite proud to have remembered them from the pictures.

"Kim! You're safe," they howled, and hugged her before suddenly stepping back, looking sheepish as they muttered, "That is, we're glad your safe. We…..ah…..were looking for you, and….."

"Boys," Ann spotted the device they held. "What is that?"

"Uhm, a….."

They glanced at Ron.

"Something we conjured up to track Kim's…..distinct…..uhm, bio-signature," Tim adlibbed.

"We tracked her to Mrs. Lipski's house. You won't believe it, but there's a huge underground lair under her house."

Ron slapped his head with his right hand. "Maaaaaan, I'd never have thought of looking there."

"Nu-huh," Rufus agreed.

"Put the toy away boys," Ann told them. "I believe you know what your father says about taking those things out of this house."

"But, mom…"

"I understand you were worried about your sister….."

"Were not," both protested.

"We just…..didn't want those bad guys to think they could take on a Possible….."

"And get away with it," Tim finished for his brother as they realized Kim was smiling.

"Thanks for worrying, guys, but…..I really was okay. Well, except for the mess in the kitchen," she said as everyone there shuddered at the thought. "Then I had trouble with the vacuum cleaners."

"You mean vacuum cleaner," Ron suggested.

"Noooooo," Kim said sheepishly. "There were….more than one. Or there were."

Ann stifled a laugh.

"And for some reason, things kept falling apart around me. I don't know what it is, but….I think I'm not very good with mechanical things," she admitted.

The twins sniggered, hugged her again, and ran off shouting, "Good to have you back, Kimmie. Can we borrow your stereo?"

"My…..stereo," she echoed.

"Thanks," the twins shouted even as they took off.

"I have a stereo," she asked Ann who was still trying to decide how to respond to that when Ron said, "So, let me get this straight. "You," he pointed at her. "Were trying to cook, and clean…..for Shego?"

"Well, her, and her family. But things didn't go well. We've been eating a lot of pizza."

Ron banged his head on the table.

Ann chuckled. "Something wrong, Ron."

"I told Wade to check for pizza orders. I told him!"

"Yip. Yip. P'zza," Rufus agreed.

"Well, Kim is back safe, and that is all that matters."

"But, mom," she asked sadly. "What about Shego?"

Ann said nothing to that.

"I'm ready," James said as he came back into the room just then.

"Ready for what," Kim asked, her mother grateful for the timely distraction.

"Well, Kimmie-Cub. Since you seemed to have forgotten your life, I had the idea of downloading all our photos, home movies, and such onto a high-speed, HD DVD with enough subliminal guides to get you back up to par in no time," he said, steering her from the kitchen to the living room where he set her down in a chair parked just feet from the widescreen HD TV. "So, you just sit there, and let your life come back to you in living color."

"Her life," Ann asked suspiciously as she caught glimpses of a certain television program her eccentric husband had enjoyed in his youth. "You know Kimmie hated that show."

"What," he sputtered innocently. "I just thought it might….appeal to her a second time around. Rockets are go," he grinned at her, ignoring Ron who was staring at the screen in rapt attention, too.

Ann groaned. "You'd better hope she doesn't remember the fact she hated that show," she told him.

"What are the odds," James smiled. "Besides, the doctor said nothing was left of her personal life. So what are the odds she'll remember that one little thing?"

Ann only stared at her husband.


"Sorry, guys," Wade told them. "GJ showed up, but the lair was a bust," he told Ron and the twins as Ron waited on Kim to get ready for school. She was getting flashes of her old memories back now, stimulated by the new memories created by the subliminal download from her father's program. Enough to realize Shego and Drakken had tried to manipulate her.

Still, she was having trouble letting go of her fondness for Shego, and she didn't understand why.

"Well, we had to figure they'd bolt when she got away," Ron replied. "I don't suppose there were any clues to where they went?"

"No. But there were a lot of diamonds, and a lot of destruction left behind. "GJ said they thought Drakken might be working on toxic weapons, until they realized it was just restricted to the kitchen."

Ron almost strangled trying not to laugh.

"I heard that," Kim called as she came downstairs in her usual pants and tee, looking more herself in the casual wardrobe.

"Well, let's be honest, Kim," Ron said. "There is a reason we eat out a lot," he told her.

"I'm not that bad."

"Kim, even we wouldn't touch the food you make," Jim and Tim stated somberly.

She glared. "Thanks a lot, tweebs," she sputtered, using the appellation for the first time since her return. The word seemed to make them very happy.

"Well, we gotta go. We're having a physics quiz today," they exclaimed happily, "And we're hoping to set the curve."

"Weird," Ron frowned.

"Yes, aren't they," Ann smiled knowingly, and eyed Kim. "So, honey, are you ready for this?"

"Sure, mom. No big, right? Besides, I've got my BFF with me, so what could happen?"

Ann chose not to answer as she eyed the lanky teen smiling at Kim.

"So, do you remember we're dating yet?"

"Dating who," Kim asked.

"Me," Ron whined as they walked out to his scooter.

"You're dating? Really? Do I know her?"

Ron could only groan.

Kim, blissfully unaware of his frustration, asked, "Maybe we could double date. Or am I seeing anyone? Besides Shego, that is?"

Ron tried not to bang his head into the handlebars at hearing that.

To Be Continued….