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KP - Blank Slate

By LJ58

Part Six: In which Kim finally marries, Hego attends the wedding, and Ron finally learns the truth.

Ron sighed as he sat in class on Friday, watching the clock tick off the seconds.

Three more hours and school would be out for the week.

Four more hours and his BFF was going to get married.

He was pretty sure the world was going to end soon after. It only made sense.

"Stoppable," Mr. Barkin growled. "That paper isn't going to pass itself up. Move it, boy."

Ron looked around the desk in front of him, and realized he was supposed to handing in his paper. He handed it to the scowling brunette that snatched it, and then Bonne smiled as she handed them to the substitute teacher who seemed to be in every class Ron had of late.

"So, where's Possible," he demanded, thumbing through the papers as he eyed the class. One eye focused on Ron.

"She had last minute fittings to do," Bonnie volunteered. "Seems Mama Possible is starting to put on weight already," Bonnie smirked.

"Okay, knock it up," Steve Barkin all but bellowed when more than a few of the students sniggered at Bonnie's words. "Off! I meant off," he sputtered as the class exploded with laughter.

"I can see why you don't want to be in the wedding, Bon-Bon," Ron murmured.

"Why not," she huffed as if actually uninterested.

"All those smiling, happy people," Ron sighed. "You'd really stick out. Wouldn't you?"

Bonnie's eyes narrowed to slits as more than a few sniggered at her now.

"Stoppable, maybe you'd like to be late for the wedding, too? Because I've plenty of empty seats in detention this afternoon."

"No can do, Mr. B. When the Ron-Man says he's going to be there, he is going to be there."

"Oh, really," Steve Barkin smiled coldly.

At exactly three-oh-five that afternoon, Ron headed out on his scooter, looking down at Rufus who was staring up at him in genuine shock.

"A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, Rufus. I told KP I'd be there, and Ron Stoppable does not lie."

"Nope," Rufus agreed even as it sounded like a wounded bull moose was bellowing from somewhere behind them.

It would be thirty minutes before anyone opened the janitor's closet to find Steve Barkin bound hand and foot with a dust mop shoved in his mouth glaring out at them. Ron Reager, unable to resist, snapped a picture he immediately sent to everyone he knew.

Right before he shut the door in the man's face as he howled behind his makeshift gag.


Kim sighed as her mother helped her adjust the train of the pale ivory gown that was made by her best friend Monique, who in spite of her age, had an uncanny eye for fashion.

"Your friend did a wonderful job, Kimberly," Ann smiled at her daughter as she set the veil in place, pinning the sprigs of baby's breath around her ears. "You can't even see where she had to let out your waistline."

Kim scowled at that, still unable to believe she was already gaining that much weight.

"Yeah. I haven't even seen Shego's dress yet. They both wanted to surprise me."

"Oh, you'll love it, dear," she smiled.

"You've seen it," Kim asked, looking envious.

"Well, I did have to help them in the fitting," her mother reminded her.


"Yes, dear?"

"Were you nervous when you…..? You know…..?"

"Getting cold feet?"

"No! I mean, I love Shego. At least, I'm pretty sure I like her. A lot. I mean, we're having a baby. Which I didn't even realize was possible." She stopped and gave a weak chuckle. "I guess I really can do anything."

"You're just nervous. All brides are, dear," Ann patted her hand before she picked up the bouquet of red and green miniature roses Wade had arranged.

"Even you?"

"Honey, I found out your father was descended from an ancient alien race three days before the wedding. I was petrified."

"But you still married him."

"I still married him. Because I loved the man I had come to know, and respect. Whatever else he might be to your…..people. Your father is the sweetest, most loving man I've ever met. I wouldn't trade him for anybody else in the world."

"Yeah. You guys do rock," Kim smiled as they waited for their cue.

"Sweetie, I'm sure you'll be fine. You must have chosen Shego for a reason. Remember that if you remember nothing else."

"I know. It's just…..I just found out I'm not exactly that normal….."

"When were you ever," Ann asked dryly.


"Sorry, dear. But you know what I mean. You've always done things your own way. There's no reason to stop now."

"I'm just afraid Shego might…..change her mind."

"From what I know of Shego, dear, I doubt she'd have stayed with you this long if she didn't want to be here."

"But what if it's just…..? I don't know, alien pheromones, or something funky like that? What if they wear off? What if she starts hating me again? I…"

"Honey. You're babbling," Ann cut her off. "Now, I'm going to check on Shego, and then I'll be joining the procession. Will you be okay?"

She took a deep breath, and steeled herself.

"No big," she agreed. "I mean, we've already had the honeymoon. Sort of," she blushed.

Ann hid her smile behind her hand as she left her, saying, "Don't worry, Kimmie-cub. I doubt Shego is ever going to let you go once you two are knotted."


Her mother made a suspicious sound as she left the room without looking back.

Ann, meanwhile, walked into the room down the hall, and pointedly ignored the GJ agents stationed everywhere for security. "How's the, ah, bride doing," she asked with a smile.

"Ready to elope," growled the woman in the pale green dress that was almost formfitting, and more suggestive of a skirted tuxedo.

"Shego, you look beautiful," Ann told her as she smiled at the brunette whose, long, dark hair was left free to flow down her back. "You should know, Kimmie is really looking forward to seeing you. She can't believe you two are really about to get married."

"That makes two of us."

"Problems," Ann asked.

"Ms. Go here is having cold feet."

"I am not," she shot back at Monique who wore a startlingly white dress that contrasted with her dark complexion.

"Freezer burn," Monique nodded.

Shego glowered, but said nothing.

"You should know, Kim is really looking forward to starting your life together," Ann Possible told her. "And you'll have a child to bring you even closer together very soon."

Shego sighed. "But what if….?"


"My genetics aren't exactly normal. What if something….whack happens? She might hate me. Even if it doesn't, what kind of role model am I for a kid? Gah, I don't even know what I'm doing. I never expected any of this."

"I doubt Kim did either," Ann agreed.

"That's another thing. She's a freaking hero. I'm….."

"Yes," Monique asked.

"What if I disappoint her," Shego surprised them both by asking.

Ann walked over, cupped Shego's face, and smiled. "The only way you could ever disappoint Kimberly is if you don't try. Now, the Shego I've heard about, and gotten to know isn't afraid of anything. So, are you ready to marry my little girl? Or do I have to kick your green butt down that aisle, and make you marry my daughter?"

"Oh, please," Shego huffed now. "You couldn't….."

Monique cracked her knuckles, and smirked, stating, "She'd have help."

"You people are nuts. You know that? Completely nuts."

"Welcome to the family, dear," Ann smiled.

"Fine. Fine. Let's get this over with."

"Look at this way. In a few more months, you can run off on your real honeymoon, and you won't have to worry about a thing. Meanwhile, you can look forward to setting up your own house while Kim finishes school, and you can work on deciding what you want to do with yourself."


"Well, you're not just going to sit around the house waiting on Kim, are you," Ann asked, releasing her cheeks after she patted one side fondly.

Shego sighed.

"Don't worry. It's always a little scary when you are first starting out."

"Who said I was scared," she glowered.

"No one," Monique smiled wryly.

Shego frowned, then sighed again. "Fine. Fine. I'm….ready," she said, and smoothed her 'jacket' that was fitted over the bodice of her dress.

"Right on time," Ann said as she heard the music starting. "Shall we ladies," the redhead smiled as she started for the door.

Ten minutes later, Shego was walking down the aisle with the 'best man,' and glanced over to see her brothers. All of them in bright suits that just happened to reflect their usual costumes. Hego, she noted, stared straight ahead, jaw clenched, but said nothing as she walked past him.

She held her breath as she went past him, reached the alter, and barely noticed the minister smiling at her as Ron and Monique looked back even as the bridal march began. She felt her breath catch again when she saw James Possible in a very distinguished looking suit that looked as if it were rarely used leading Kim into the sanctuary.

She stared, unable to believe just how….pretty she looked as the redhead walked toward her, beaming like an idiot as she clutched the red and green flowers in her hands, her eyes locked on Shego as if she couldn't tear her gaze away from her.

"You're beautiful," Shego told her as she stopped just a few steps away, and the minister cleared his throat to begin the ceremony.

Shego scarcely heard a single word as the man droned on for a few minutes, and then she cringed as he asked if anyone present had just cause to protest the union, and she all but felt Hego's intake of breath as Kim groaned.

"I….." the blue-clad simpleton began even as Shego whirled to fix a cold, green gaze on him, cutting him off.

"I'll handle this," she said sweetly to the minister as Kim looked as if she might actually cry.

That in itself was far more shocking than Hego opening his big mouth.

She walked stiffly back to where Shego stood, glared, and nodded curtly. "Let's go."

"See here, Shego. I have an obligation….."

He yelped as she grabbed his ear, and jerked. "You. Me. Now."

He yelped again as he was led to the back of the sanctuary and out into the lobby by his ear. She smiled at the gaping guests, then closed the door behind her, and then turned and swung Hego against the wall. She might not be as strong as her muscle-headed brother, but she was no weakling.

"Listen, and listen good, you moron. I love Kimmie. She loves me. She's the best thing that ever happened to me, and you're going to go in there, sit down, and watch us get married. Because if you screw this up for me," she growled, and blatantly grabbed his crotch. "I'm going to make it impossible for you to even think about marriage ever again. You understand me, 'big brother,'" she sneered as her hand started to warm slightly.

"All right. All right," Hego wailed, feeling his groin start to heat up. "I was just trying to…."

"No. No, you don't do anything. You go in. Sit down. Smile, and say nothing. Got it?"

"Got it," Hego nodded anxiously.

"Remember. You open your mouth, and it won't be just your tongue I barbeque. Now, get in there," she growled convincingly as she released him to jerk the door open again.

She walked into the sanctuary again, smiling as she said loudly, "Just a family squabble. Nothing to be alarmed over," she assured them as she walked back to Kim's side as Hego walked back to his seat, sat down, and kept his legs pressed together very tightly.

"Very well. Do you have the rings," the minister went on.

There was another tense moment when Ron fumbled with the boxes, but he produced both rings, and the women took them in turn, Shego sliding an engraved band of white gold she had picked out onto Kim's finger as Kim slid a matching band onto hers.

Even Ron smiled as the 'brides' kissed, and the sanctuary erupted in applause.

Except for one man that didn't stand, and didn't even look up as the brides walked past them on their way out after they were joined.


"Can you believe this?"

"I know, it's practically on every channel," Killigan muttered sourly as he and several others saw the edited footage of Kim and Shego being married.

"It's an outrage is what it is," Drakken glowered. "She's supposed to be my sidekick!"

"Dude, c'mon," his cousin Ed beamed. "Two hot chicks getting hitched? Seriously!"

"Ah, my blue fox," Junior sighed. "Now I shall never be able to whisk you away to my private island," the billionaire's son complained.

"Are you kidding me," Dementor frowned at the witless boy-man. "You are still being after her, too?"

"Aye, what is it with the wee lassie? She has everyone chasing her of late."

"Not you," Dementor scowled.

"Good God, man! Of course not. Do I look like a cradle robber to ya?"

"We were to be soul mates," Junior informed him. "Of course, I do not actually have an island. It's father's, but I'm sure he would not mind if….."

Dementor rolled his eyes, and walked off.

"This will not stand," Dr. Drakken said, palming the television remote as he stalked out of the day room. "This will not stand," he shouted down the corridors as more than one prisoner told him to shut up.


"You have two days before you have to be back at school," her father told her after the reception, handing her the keys to her car. "Make sure you're not late, Kimmie-cub."

"But do enjoy yourself," Ann told them both.

"Oh, we will," Shego grinned as Kim blushed.


"Ron. Thanks so much for being here, and standing up with us," she smiled.

"No big, KP. When the Ron-Man gives his word, not even Mr. Barkin can stand in the way."


"Oh, nothing. Nothing. Shego. Uh, I guess…..congratulations. If you're what makes Kim happy, then I'm happy for you, too."

"Thanks, Ronald," she smirked. "I know that hurt."

"Hurt," he frowned, searching his chest. "I didn't feel…. Oh. Yeah. Heh. Well, just remember. I still got your back, KP. You ever need anything….."

"I think we're covered for now," Shego told him, sliding an arm around Kim as she deftly plucked the keys from her hand.


"I'm driving. You don't know where we're going yet."

"Only because you wouldn't tell me," she complained as Ron shook his head as the pair headed for the car.

"Rufus," he told the small naked mole rat on his shoulder in his own mini tux. "This is going to be a very weird sitch."

"Uh-huh, uh-huh," his buddy agreed, watching the pair drive off.

Ron sighed, then looked back at the crowd waving Kim and Shego off. He didn't know some of them, but some were more than familiar. The GJ agents were boarding their jets, or climbing into cars to discretely follow the pair on their temporary mini-honeymoon, but Ron figured anyone stupid enough to attack those two were past help.

He chuckled at that image, then frowned.

Shaking his head, he stared hard at Dr. P, and Dr. Director who were standing nearby.

Rubbing his eyes, he looked again, and it was still the same image.

Giant cats.

"Rufus? Do you see what I see?"


Then he felt a familiar frission, and he realized what was going on.

"It's my mystical monkey power, buddy. For some reason, it's….showing me some weird stuff. Try it, and take a look around."

Rufus squinted, then his dark eyes shimmered just before they bulged, and he dove into Ron's inside pocket with a squeak of alarm.

"You see it, too," he asked.

Rufus only shuddered, not even bothering to look up again.

"Something freaky is going on buddy. We need to talk to Wade," he said as he let the others walk past him as he left the others still celebrating Kim's wedding.

Behind him, the Possibles thanks Betty for attending, and for the security, and waved her off as she went back to her own job as they headed for their car with the twins. They passed Team Go along the way, but the four heroes said nothing as Hego all but stalked past them with a dark expression.

"Hmmph," James told his wife. "What did I say? Circus folk are nothing but trouble. Even if they are family."

"Yes, dear," Ann smiled, and climbed into the car after him and the boys.

"Well, I guess Kimmie-cub will be moving out soon," James sighed.

"Can I have her room," both boys asked as one.

"I thought you liked sleeping together," Ann asked knowingly.

"We do. But her room would make a great lab," Jim beamed.

"Lots of space, and ventilation, too."

"No labs in the house, boys," Ann said as James started the car, and drove away from the church.

"It is strange," James murmured as they drove home. "I never thought our little girl would get married so fast."

Ann smiled at that.

"So, what now," he asked her with a strangely forlorn smile.

"Now? We take it one day at a time," James was told. "Just like they will."

"Hmmmm. Well, I suppose I can live with that. It's gotten me this far," the eccentric scientist admitted to his wife even as something exploded in the trunk.

"Boys," James growled as the car made a funny clattering, and began to stall.

"Oops, wrong car," came twin voices.

Ann only sighed, and counted the years until her other children grew up.

Not Nearly the End…..