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The Silence of Harry Potter

Chapter 1: Shocks and Awe

Granger Residence

About 1 pm, late July, 1988

Sarah Granger was currently in the kitchen making a light lunch on a beautiful Saturday morning. She had decided to make her daughter's favorite meal. For the last few days, her precocious bushy haired daughter had been in a severe depression, ever since she had had that nightmare.

Sarah was a well kept woman in her early thirties. With her long light brown tresses, that were occasionally bushy and her piercing hazel eyes and beautiful face, she lit up the room with her presence. She was about five foot six with a slim waist and narrow hips. She kept herself in shape by working out regularly in the backyard pool and the local gym near her and her husband's office.

From what she had been able to gather between Hermione's screams and tears was that a young boy about her age had been brutalized. According to her dream, this Harry Potter had had his larynx either removed or so badly injured that he could no longer speak. Sarah had tried to tell her that it was just a bad dream, that what she saw while asleep didn't really happen. Hermione kept insisting that it did.

This was not the first time something like this had happened. For about half of her nine year old daughter's life, she had been having several different kinds of dreams and nightmares involving a young boy being either beaten, starved or tortured in some way. Sometimes the dreams were nice and peaceful, but most of the time it seemed to be the latter.

Sarah and her husband, Adam, were at their wits end. This latest nightmare had really pushed Hermione to the edge. She was afraid that if her daughter didn't snap out of it soon, they would have to seek professional help.

Sarah had just put on a pot of water on the stove when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," Sarah yelled out. She knew that Adam wouldn't be able to. He was currently consoling Hermione in the family room.

Moving from the kitchen to the front door involved leaving the kitchen through an archway that led into the dining room. The room was furnished with a massive china cabinet that was ornately decorated and filled with her grandmother's china. The table and chairs were of the quality that you could use for either a formal dinner party or for everyday usage.

Exiting the dining room, she moved into the living room and towards the front door. The room was furnished with top of the line furniture. The couch, love seat and recliner were all made of top quality black leather. The end tables and coffee table were made of oak and lovely to behold. Sitting between the two front windows was an ornately decorated entertainment center housing a large TV and surround sound system.

Reaching the front door, she peaked out through the peep hole to see who it was standing on the front porch. What she saw gave her pause.

Standing there was as older lady dressed in a plain green dress reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands. Her graying hair was pulled back into a bun and she had an intimidating air about her that brooked no nonsense in her presence.

The lady standing next to her was dressed in a simple pale blue summer dress and her hair was pulled back into a pony tail. Her expression and demeanor was open and friendly.

What really intrigued Sarah was the young boy standing between the two ladies. He had unruly black hair that seemed to be all over the place. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but his head was pointed towards the ground and he seemed to have a defeated air about him. If his height was an indicator of his age, she would have guessed that the boy was about five to seven years old, not much more than that.

Sighing, Sarah opened the door.

"Yes? Can I help you," she asked.

"Maybe," came the reply from the gray haired woman in a Scottish accent. "Are you Sarah Granger, mother of one Hermione Granger?"

Tilting her head to the side, Sarah glanced at all three of the people standing on her front porch. Taking a moment to gather her thoughts, she said that she was.

"Good, we are at the right address then," the older lady said with relief. "I am Minerva McGonagall, a professor at a school called Hogwarts. This Poppy Pomfrey, our school nurse. And this handsome young lad is Harry Potter. May we come in?"

Sarah notice that when Minerva had gently touched Harry on the shoulder, he had flinched slightly. Her warning bells starting going off. As a medical professional, even though she was a dentist, Sarah and her husband had been trained to notice certain things concerning child abuse.

"Um, now might not be a good time. You see, Hermione is not feeling well at the moment and we are trying to cheer her up. So…"

She stopped in mid sentence and gasped in shock as her mind processed the identities of the people in front of her. Her hand flew to her mouth.

"H…H…Harry you say? Are you saying that this young man is named Harry Potter?"

Now the two ladies wore shocked expressions.

"Yes, his name is Harry Potter," Poppy said in a surprised voice. "Do you know him?"

Sarah shook her head no, still trying to collect her scattered thoughts.

"I thought she was just having dreams," Sarah mumbled. "I thought they were just dreams."

The two ladies standing on the porch shared a look, then turned back to Sarah. Finally realizing that she really needed to talk to these people, Sarah invited them in and led them over to living room furniture.

"Please have a seat. I need to get my husband Adam and Hermione. I will be right back."

Putting her words into action, Sarah quickly left the living room and made her way to the family room. Upon entering the room, she saw that Adam and Hermione were sound asleep in the recliner. Hermione was snuggled into her dad's lap.

As soon as she entered, Adam's eyes opened. He cocked an eyebrow, asking her a silent question.

"Come quickly to the living room," Sarah said breathlessly. "Leave Hermione for now. There are some people here who might be able to help her."

Saying that, she turned on her heel and left the room, heading for the kitchen to make some tea and sandwiches.

In the living room, Minerva and Poppy moved over and sat on the couch. Harry silently moved over and stood in the corner. He kept his head lowered towards the ground, but occasionally he raised it to look around the room. He hoped that his taped together glasses would hold out for a little bit longer. He needed to get them replaced soon.

With quick glances, Harry took in the room. From the nice furniture and TV to the family pictures on the walls. Everything he saw told him that this was home with a happy family, not a display case for proving that you are better than everyone else. He just wished that he could get away from the Dursleys. He also hoped that these nice ladies could make that happen, especially after what had been done to him a few days before, but he wasn't really expecting it to happen.

Upon seeing this, Minerva stood up from the couch and eased over to him. The closer she got to him, the more he started to tremble. Lowering herself down onto her knees, she gently placed a finger under his chin and raised his head until he was looking into her eyes. Emerald eyes finally met soft gray eyes.

In the gentlest softest voice she could muster, the soft but stern professor started to talk to frightened young man.

"Harry dear, are you ok?"

Eyes filling with tears, he tried to nod his head yes, but couldn't. He just couldn't lie to this nice lady, so he shook his head no. It hurt to do so with the bandage on his neck and throat.

Trying to speak through the lump in her throat, she spoke hoarsely.

"Harry dear, would like to sit with me and Poppy on the couch? I promise you, I am not going to let anyone hurt you anymore. You are safe with me, Harry. Remember, I am now your guardian and it is my job to make sure that you are taken care of. Understand?"

Before she could say or do anything else, Harry launched himself into her arms, crying silently all the way. After holding everything in for the last several days, the dam finally broke, and he let it all out. Some instinct was telling him that he could trust this stern looking person, that she would not harm him or allow him to be harmed and that she was nothing like the Dursleys.

This is the scene that greeted Sarah as she returned to the living room with a tray full of tea cups and sandwiches.

What could have happened to this young boy to cause this, she wondered, setting the tray down on the coffee table. Hearing footsteps behind her, she looked over her shoulder and saw Adam standing the doorway taking in the events that were unfolding in the room. They shared a look that said this kid had been severely abused. Then each gasped as they saw the bandage on Harry's throat when Minerva finally pulled away from Harry and led him over to the couch.

Adam Granger was a tall broad shouldered man standing a little over six foot. His open and honest looking face framed his chocolate brown eyes and sharp intellect and was covered by shoulder length dark brown hear.

NO wonder he is so quiet, Sarah thought. Looking at her husband, she could see that they were of the same mind. Whoever did this would pay and pay dearly.

Adam came up behind his wife and slow put his arms around her waist. He drew her in tight to his chest as he watched the young boy cling to the older Scottish woman. He noticed that the other woman had tears in her eyes also and was gently rubbing his back.

Gently clearing his throat, Adam announced their presence in the room. He saw the boy start, but did not release his hold on Minerva. For her part, she just turned and looked her hosts and gave them a wan smile. Poppy did the same thing.

Taking the initiative, Adam opened the conversation.

"Sarah here tells me that you might be able to help our daughter. In what way can you do that?"

The two witches shared a look.

"Before I answer that," Minerva said with her Scottish accent, "let me ask you a few questions first. Then we will have a better understanding of how to help your daughter Hermione."

At his nod, Minerva continued.

"Your wife mentioned that Hermione has been having dreams, very bad dreams, about a boy named Harry Potter, is this true?"

Again, Adam nodded he also added that some of the dreams had not be so bad, just normal things too. Minerva and Poppy shared a look.

"Roughly how long has this been going on," Poppy asked.

Sarah and Adam exchanged glances.

"Roughly four, four and a half years," Sarah answered. "What has that got to do with this young boy sitting here?"

"Please, just bear with us," Minerva pleaded. "I take it that most of these bad dreams were about a boy being shall we say being mistreated by his relatives?"

Sarah nodded her head yes. At this, the two older ladies shared another look.

"It's worse than we thought," Minerva said to Poppy.

"It has also gone farther than we thought. This is unprecedented," Poppy replied.

Adam and Sarah both shared another look.

"What are you talking about," Adam said with exasperation. "What has this got to do with Hermione?"

Sighing heavily, Minerva started to speak, but before she could start a shaking voice called from the doorway.

"Ha…Harry? Is that you?"

At the sound of this voice, Harry's head popped up from Minerva's chest and looked towards the doorway, his eyes widening in shock. Everyone else turned to look at the young bushy haired girl standing in the doorway with a look of total surprise on her features. The room became so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

Releasing Minerva, Harry slowly stood. Everyone could now clearly see the bandage on his throat. Hermione let out a gasp, her hand covering her mouth. The teary eyed boy slowly made his way over to the shocked girl. Emerald green eyes locked on chocolate brown eyes. The air between the eight year old boy and the nine year old girl seemed to become heated and crackle with energy the closer he got to Hermione.

By the time Harry reached his goal, the other four people in the room were watching the spectacle in wonder. Both children seemed to be glowing by the time Harry reached Hermione. Harry stopped about two feet in front of her. The two just stared at each other for several moments, then Hermione broke the tableau.

"Oh my god, Harry, you are real! How could those people do THAT to you?! All of these years, I thought you were just a dream, but you're real! I'm so sorry, Harry. I am just so, so sorry."

By this time, Hermione was crying and she threw herself at Harry, wrapping him up in a hug and pulling him tight against her. At first Harry stiffened. He was not used to this kind of touching or experiencing these kinds of emotions. Hermione just tightened her hug, sobbing into his shoulder. Slowly, Harry raised his arms and encircled the crying girl and rested his head against hers. For some unknown reason, he kissed her forehead.

As soon as he did that, a blinding golden light flashed between them and encompassed them completely. After several seconds, it slowly faded until just a faint trace was left floating between them connecting their heads and chests. It eventually faded after several more moments.

Adam and Sarah were openly stunned at what had just happened. Nothing in their entire lives had prepared them for what they had just witnessed. Minerva and Poppy were also shocked, but slow knowing smiles made an appearance after awhile.

"What just happened," Sarah was the first to ask, turning towards Minerva.

"What we have just witnessed is a very rare and beautiful thing," she said in awe. "It's what we call a soul bond. What you would call 'a marriage made in heaven.'"

"Whoa, what did you just say," Adam nearly shouted shaking off his shock. "A 'soul bond'? 'Marriage made in Heaven'? What are you talking about?"

At the sound of his raised voice, Harry flinched and started to release his hold on Hermione, but she just tightened her hold on him. Looking over at her dad, she had a fierce expression on her face.

"Stop shouting, Daddy," the incensed nine year old scolded, "you're scaring Harry. When you shout, it reminds him of his Uncle Vernon, the man who did this to Harry's throat. All that evil man does is shout and hit Harry!"

Hermione was shouting by the end of her short speech. Harry flinched even worse. Turning back to look at Harry, Hermione eyes widened and she tightened her grip on the boy in her arms.

"I'm sorry for shouting, Harry," she said in soft soothing tone looking directly into his expressive emerald eyes. "I promise you, you're safe now. Daddy won't let him touch you ever again."

A question appeared in Harry's eyes.

"I know, Harry, but daddy is a little upset right now. He didn't mean to shout. He just wants to understand what just happened."

Another question crossed the emerald eyes.

"Of course I can understand you. So can everyone else. You are speaking quite clearly."

Then it dawned on her, Harry's voice box had been severely injured and he couldn't make a sound. She gasped in surprise as she realized what was happening. So did the others.

"Harry, are you speaking directly into my mind?"

Yes, I think so. Is this because of that light that surrounded us?

"I think so, Harry," Hermione said as she shrugged her shoulders.

She reached up and gently touched the bandage on Harry's neck.

"Can you tell me what how this happened?"

I remember fixing dinner. When I asked if they were done, Dudley hit my throat with something, I could barely talk or breathe. I think I passed out. When I woke up, I had a really bad pain in my throat and I couldn't talk. I don't know what happened.

"What do you mean 'when Dudley hit you in the throat' Harry," the angry bushy haired nine year old said, her eyes narrowing. "I thought your uncle did this. That's what happened in my dream."

I don't know about that. All I remember is Dudley hitting me in the throat with something at dinner one night when I asked if they were done eating. The next thing I know is that I am waking up in my cupboard, my throat really hurt and I was thirsty.

Aunt Petunia unlocked and opened the door. She was yelling at me for being a lazy good for nothing freak and not doing my chores for the last couple of days. I tried to ask her for some water, but no sound came out. She had this really nasty grin on her face and she told me to try use my freakishness now without my voice.

I broke down and cried after that. She just gave some water and a sandwich and told me to get to my chores. That was yesterday.

This morning, these two ladies showed up and said that they were there to help me. Aunt Petunia tried to stop them, but that Minerva is right scary when she wants to be. I have never seen Aunt Petunia back down so quickly from anyone.

The other lady did something with a stick when she pointed it at me. Whatever happened, she didn't like it at all. She then started to give me a bunch of little bottles to drink, saying that they would help me. The pain went away and I have never felt better, well except for my throat.

Hermione took all of this in an instant, since Harry said it directly into her mind. Then she asked how they ended up here at her home.

Before he could say anything with his mind, the memory of what happened popped up and started to play. The memory surrounded them and they could see, hear, and smell everything, but could not touch anything.

The memory scene opened with Minerva, Harry and Poppy standing in the backyard of #4 Privet Drive near the well cared for flower bed. Minerva was standing in front of Harry looking directly into his eyes, assuring him that he was going to be ok now. Poppy was standing next to him, waving her stick thing, scanning him to make sure that the potions were doing what they were supposed to do. Harry was just standing there looking scared but a little bit defiant. He felt that he could trust these two ladies.

"Now Harry, I need to ask you something. Do you think that you can write the answer down from me?"

Harry nodded at the stern looking lady, still afraid, but willing to do as she asked since she and her friend were willing to help fix him.

With a flick of her stick thing, the lady calling herself Minerva made some funny looking paper appear out of thin air, along with a bottle of some dark liquid and a nice feather. His mouth fell open in shock.

The stern lady kneeled down in front of Harry and showed him how to use the funny looking paper along with the ink and feather to write with.

"Ok, Harry dear," she asked in a nice soft voice, "what do you know about your parents?"

Not much, he wrote. Aunt says that they were good for nothing drunks who died in a car crash. They died, I lived.

He could see the anger that this caused in the stern lady. He started to shake a little bit. Seeing this, Minerva said that she was not mad at him, but at his aunt for saying that.

"Harry, what if I told you that your parents were wonderful people who really really loved you very much and that they did not die in a car crash, but were killed trying to protect you from a very bad man. How would that make you feel about them?"

Harry just shrugged his shoulders. He really wanted to believe that, but he had been told his whole life that he and parents were worthless and not fit to live.

Is this true?

Seeing that the stern lady was about to cry, Harry wrote asking her not to cry, that he didn't know what to believe, since all he had been told was to not ask questions and keep quiet and do his chores.

"Oh, Harry," the other lady moaned and pulled him into a hug. He stiffened up since he didn't know how to react to this kind of touching. Both ladies saw this gently pulled him deeper into a hug. He didn't know else to do, but he tentatively put his arms around them both.

Once the hug ended, the stern lady asked him if he wanted to talk to some people who could explain who his parents were and who he really was. He nodded his head yes enthusiastically. Both ladies smiled at this.

Will I have to come back here?

"No Harry, you will never have to come back here again. The people that we will be talking to can tell us where you really should be living, ok?"

Harry nodded at the stern lady and gave her a small smile. She smiled back at him.

I like it when she smiles, Harry thought.

With a wave of her stick thing, the stern lady made everything disappear. He smiled because he liked that, it was like magic.

"Ok, Harry we are leaving now, so take my hand and hold onto it real tight. This might feel a little bit strange, but it will get us to where we need to go really fast."

Harry did as she asked

"Minerva," the other nice lady said, "what about his scar? People will know who he is if they see it."

Minerva smiled and nodded. With a flick of her stick thing, a plain black hooded cloak appeared. She handed to Harry and had him put it on. His smile got even bigger. He had new clothes!

Seeing that everything was in order, Minerva held his hand tightly. With a loud Crack!, Harry suddenly felt as if he was being pushed and pulled through a very tiny hole. As quickly as it started, it ended. He fought the urge to vomit. The only reason he didn't fall down was because he was holding Minerva's hand so tightly.

"I'm so sorry about that, Harry dear," Minerva said leaning down to look him in the eyes. "It is a bit uncomfortable until you get used to it, but it was the fasted and safest way to get you here. Are you ready to go for a quick walk?"

The nauseous feeling had faded away, so he nodded that he was ready. Minerva quickly reminded him to pull up his hood so no one could see who he was. It also hid the bandage on his neck.

With the hood up, Harry felt like a spy trying to hide his identity from the bad guys. It also allowed him to look around as they walked down the street towards a big white marble building. Everything that he saw amazed him. From the owls and other animals on display in front of a shop to another store selling brooms to the book store that had a display setup with moving pictures. It was all so wonderful.

Harry saw several families going in and out of the shops as they passed. Everyone looked like they were having a good time.

All too soon the trip ended in front of the marble building. He suddenly became scared as saw what was standing in front of the doors. Standing on each side of the door were creatures with larger than normal eyes, long noses and sharp pointy teeth. They were dressed in medieval armor with long spears in one hand and swords on their hips. Their grey colored skin really creeped him out. He clung tightly to Minerva.

Seeing his reaction to the creatures, she informed him that they were called Goblins. Not exactly friendly creatures, but trustworthy. As they entered the doors, both Goblins bowed to them. Harry bowed right back. The Goblins gave him non-toothy smiles as he passed. Minerva and Poppy also smiled at Harry's antics.

Once inside, Harry was awed at the sheer size of the room he was standing in. It was at least two hundred feet in length and about sixty feet wide. The ceiling was vaulted with several Chrystal chandeliers hanging from it. One wall was lined completely offices and meeting rooms. In back was large teller's station next to some doors. The other wall was nothing but teller's stations.

Minerva and Poppy quickly led him to teller's station in the back.

"Yes," the Goblin asked coldly.

Harry tried to hide behind Minerva's legs. This Goblin scared him.

"I would like to speak to the accounts manager in charge of the Potter accounts, if he is available and has the time, please."

Harry saw the Goblin eyeing Minerva with a questioning look.

"Who are you and why do ask this," the Goblin asked coldly.

Giving her most intimidating glare, Harry heard Minerva state who they were and that there was an urgent matter that needed to be resolved right away concerning the Potter account and possibly, the inheritance. The Goblin looked down at Harry with his cold black eyes. Harry tried to stare back, but he couldn't. As he dropped his eyes, the hood shifted causing his scar to become exposed briefly.

Upon seeing the scar, the Goblin simply nodded at Minerva and called for another Goblin to escort them to the Potter account manager. A tiny Goblin about as tall as Harry appeared next to them and ordered them to follow him. He led them through the set of doors next to the teller's station and into the maze of corridors that were housed within the Gringotts building.

After a few minutes of walking, the tiny Goblin led them into a very plush office. It had very fine rugs on floor and oak paneling on the walls. The room was the size of the Dursley's kitchen and living room combined. Massive paintings lined the walls three plush chairs were placed in front of an ancient desk.

Seated behind the ancient ornate desk was a well dressed Goblin who had several gold earrings in his rather large left ear. His balding head had a fringe of white hair around the edge.

"Ah, Madam McGonagall, Madam Pomfrey, Lord Potter, I am the Senior Potter account manager Sharkbite. To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?"

His deep voice surprised Harry.

What's this 'Lord Potter' thing? I'm just Harry.

"Senior Account Manager Sharkbite," Minerva said politely, "There was an incident involving Lord Potter a few days ago at his place of residence. He has been injured to the point where he no longer has a voice. He would like to know why he was placed at the Dursley home since they obviously do not like him."

The Goblin gave Harry a hard appraising look, before answering. Harry started to shake in his chair. Seeing this, the Goblin relented.

"There is something that we need to do first before we go any further. I need to sample of the young man's blood so I can verify who he is. Young sir, if I might have your right hand for a moment?"

Harry looked at both ladies with a question in his eyes. The Poppy lady answered him.

"It's alright, Harry," she said in a soft reassuring tone. "All his is going to do is prick one of your fingers, take a drop of your blood and put into that bowl in front of him. It will tell him that you are you."

Harry looked at the stern lady. Seeing her nod her head in agreement with the Poppy lady, Harry held out his right hand to the Goblin. A quick prick and it was over with. The Goblin put the collected blood sample in the bowl and watched to see what would happen.

A first, it did nothing and everyone held their breath as they waited for it do something. A few seconds later, the bowl turned a combination of blue and gold. Harry thought the colors were quite calming after waiting for so long. A piece of the funny looking paper appeared from the base of the bowl. With a nod, the Goblin read the piece of paper then put the bowl away and was all business.

"You have my upmost apologies, Lord Potter, for I did not know that you had been placed there. It goes against the wishes of your parents will. I know because I was a witness at the signing of the will. Do you know who placed you there, Lord Potter?"

Harry gave the Goblin a confused look, then shook his head. Remembering that Harry couldn't talk, Sharkbite turned to Minerva. With a sigh, she answered.

"Headmaster Dumbledore is the one who ordered that Harry be left with the Dursleys. I have been protesting about this since that night. I warned him that something like this might happen to Harry, if he was left in their care. It seems that, unfortunately, I was right."

She gave Harry a sad smile as she said this. She looked back at the Goblin.

"I have since been trying to get Albus to move Harry somewhere else. He simply refuses to do so. I have been looking in on Harry from time to time, when I could. I have reported to him what I have seen happen to young Harry here."

Harry gave her a quizzical look as she said that she had looked in on him from time to time. He didn't remember anyone looking like her ever watching him. She gave him a conspiratorial smile, then leaned over and whispered into his ear.

"Tabby cat."

His eyes widened in shock and he looked up at her in awe. He had several fond memories of a tabby cat that would show up sometimes during his summer months and weekends during the rest of the year. The cat had always been playful with him when he had been outside doing his chores. With a wink at Harry, Minerva looked back at Sharkbite.

Seeing the byplay, Sharkbite gave a quick smile, then turned to nurse lady.

"Madam Pomfrey, can you detail the injuries suffered by Lord Potter while under the care of the Dursleys?"

"Of course I can," Poppy said a bit snappishly, "but may I ask why you would like a copy of injury list?"

"It will be entered into evidence as proof of misconduct on the part of Albus Dumbledore against Lord Potter."

Grabbing a piece of parchment from his desk, Sharkbite continued as he filled it out.

"Since he has also somehow made himself Lord Potter's magical guardian, Dumbledore will also be removed from the guardian position as well. Now we just need to find out who will be Lord Potter's new magical as well as his legal guardian according to his parents will."

Once he had finished filling out the parchmentwork, Sharkbite, reached into a drawer on his desk and removed a rolled up scroll. He instructed Harry to break the seal on it as he handed it to him. As soon as Harry touched the seal, it disappeared. Harry handed it back to Sharkbite.

The polite Goblin slowly unrolled the scroll and skimmed it quickly.

"Well, it would seem that not only did Dumbledore go against the wishes of Lord Potter's parents, he also interfered with the chain of custody for Lord Potter. According to this list, he was supposed to go to Sirius Black, then the Longbottoms, followed by the Tonks. If none of those were available, Lord Potter was to be placed with Sarah Granger, a childhood friend of Lady Potter's. Now, Lord Potter, where would you like to stay?"

Not knowing what else to do, Harry looked at both of the ladies who had rescued him from the Dursleys. He question was obvious. Minerva and Poppy shared a look. Reaching a silent agreement, Minerva answered.

"Harry," she began, "Sirius Black and the Longbottoms are not an option. Sirius is in jail for something that he did. You can't go to the Longbottoms because they were so badly hurt just after your parents died, that they are still in the hospital. I don't think that they will ever be able to leave there either."

"The Tonks are very nice people. Their daughter is currently going to Hogwarts right now, so if you choose to go stay with them, you will have someone who can tell you all about Hogwarts. I don't know Sarah Granger at all, but since the will says that she is a childhood friend of your mum, then she is most likely a Muggle."

Seeing Harry's confusion at the use of the word Muggle, Minerva explained that it stood for non magical people. Harry indicated that he wanted to write on something. With a wave of his hand, Sharkbite made some blank paper, ink and a feather appear in front of Harry. Harry nodded his thanks.

Can you tell about my parents, Mr. Sharkbite? And I am just Harry. I do not think I am a Lord of anything.

After reading this, the Goblin had a faraway look in his eyes for moment, then looked at Harry with kind eyes, for a Goblin anyways.

"Very, well Harry, I will tell you what I remember. What I remember of them is that your father was a very interesting and nice person for a wizard. He was always nice and polite to me and the other Goblins here in the bank, but what can you expect from a Potter. As for your mother, I only met her a few times, but she struck me as a fine young witch who had finally tamed your father, if what I hear about his exploits at Hogwarts is true."

Seeing that Harry wanted more, Sharkbite continued.

"You, Harry, are the last surviving heir to several Ancient and Nobles Houses, hence your title. Your parents had plans to give you several brothers and sisters so most of those lines could continue."

Seeing the disbelieving look on Harry's face, Sharkbite reached into another drawer and pulled out a rolled up scroll. Moving from behind his desk, he opened the scroll and with a wave of his hand caused it to expand and grow in size. It hung in the air in front of everyone.

The title of the scroll was listed in big bold letters as The Lineage of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter. The next line down proclaimed (Formerly Houses Gryffindor/Ravenclaw, Pendragon and Myrrden).

Harry's eyes widen as he read that. He looked at everyone in the room, his eyes asking if this was true. The Goblin answered his questioning eyes.

"Yes Harry, all of this is true. These documents can't be faked or forged. As you can see here at the bottom, here is your parents name followed by yours."

As Sharkbite was pointing out Harry's name, everyone noticed that a solid gold line connected Harry's to one Hermione Granger. It was followed by a date, 10 July 1984. The three adults' jaws dropped as they saw that. They turned and looked at Harry, their question obvious.

What, a confused Harry wrote. What's going on?

"Harry," Minerva said in a shaky voice, "do you know what this means?"

Harry shook his head no.

"What this means," Sharkbite continued Minerva's train of thought, "is that according to this, you have somehow become bonded to one Hermione Granger. Tell me, have you ever met this person, Harry?"

Again shaking his head no, Harry wrote his next question and answer to Sharbite's question.

Bonded? What does that mean?

No, I have never met this person, but I have dreamed about her, I think. For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed about a girl named Hermione and her nice family.

The shocked expressions on the adults' faces was causing Harry to start to shake, thinking that he had done something very bad.

Did I do something bad?

Upon reading this, everyone was quick to let him know that he had done nothing wrong and that everything was ok.

"Well, this changes everything," the shocked Goblin said. "Lord Potter must be placed with his bonded as soon as possible. It is for his and hers safety. Also, I will look into the Potter accounts to see if anything else has happened that I am unaware of. Madam Pomfrey, if you could please, the injury list."

With a nod, Poppy quickly produced a long list of Harry's injuries to date and handed it over to Sharkbite. For his part, the Goblin and called for one of his assistants and ordered him to locate the Granger home address and find out everything that there was to know about them.

What is happening?

Minerva and Poppy quickly explained that somehow he and Hermione were connected at the most basic level and that the Goblins were trying to find out at much as they could about the Grangers, so that he did not get put back into a situation that he had just left.

At that moment, Harry's stomach decided to growl. Harry quickly blushed and his eyes dropped and focused on his shoes. When asked if he was hungry, he shook his head no, but his stomach did not agree with and decided to growl again. His blush deepened.

"It would seem that your stomach doesn't agree with you, Harry," Poppy said with a slight laugh.

Sharkbite quickly had some refreshments brought in for the hungry young man. When Harry saw the amount of food placed in front of him, his eyes bugged out. At first, he didn't reach for anything. Poppy told him to eat as much as he wanted and not to worry about it. Finally, Harry's hunger overcame what his relatives had beaten into him and he fell on the food like a starving wolf.

While Harry ate, the others helped themselves to what they wanted and they waited for the report to come back on the Grangers. Sharkbite meanwhile was looking over the injury list. He was not happy with what he read. Harry didn't know it, but Sharkbite decided that he would help the young human as much as he could.

After about ten minutes, the door opened again and Sharkbite was handed a thick folder. Quickly reading through it, the Goblin account manager got a pretty good idea about the Granger's character.

"The Grangers are a type of Muggle healer called dentists, they fix problems with teeth. They have one daughter, Hermione, who is bright according to her school records. They live in an upscale Muggle community near London and have no outstanding or delinquent debts. All of their bills are either paid ahead or paid off. Good credit score too."

"The reports also indicate that they are a nice family who value their time together. They take extended vacations during the summer months and the adult Grangers, Adam and Sarah, spend a lot of time with their daughter. Overall, they seem to be a nice family and should accept the situation with very little trouble, since Sarah Granger was a family friend of Lady Potter while growing up."

The Goblin looked up at Harry and gave him a very kind smile for a Goblin. He saw that Harry had finished eating even though there was still a lot of food left. He reached a decision.

"Harry, would you mind if either Madam McGonagall or Madam Pomfrey became your magical guardian? The reason I ask is because, even though you are bonded, you still can't claim your inheritance or title until you reach the age of eleven. At that point you can claim your inheritance and title, but not your seat in the Wizengamot, the Wizarding World's Parliament. Either one will be able to look after your affairs here until you are able to take your proper place.

Before Harry could write anything down, Poppy made here thoughts known.

"While I would love to be your magical guardian, Harry, Minerva would do a better job of it than I would. She is more respected in our world than I am and most wizards and witches do not like to make her angry. So I think you should choose her, Harry."

Harry looked over at Minerva. She just smiled and nodded her head. Since Harry really didn't understand what this guardian thing was all about, he indicated that Minerva should have the job. Sharkbite filled out a form then handed it to Minerva to sign. She quickly signed it and handed it back to the Goblin. The Goblin then handed Minerva a piece of paper saying that it was portkey to a park near Granger home.

Harry didn't know if he could trust the people, but he was willing to take the risk, especially since it might get him away from the Dursleys. Anything was better than going back that….PLACE!

Minerva and Sharkbite set up a time for a follow up appointment for few days later so they could go over the Potter accounts in depth and how best to protect Harry and his bonded's family.

"Ok Harry, time to go," his new guardian told him. "Just place a finger on it and when I tap it with my wand, we will be on our way."

Harry complied. Poppy also touched the piece of paper. Just before Minerva tapped it with her stick thing, Harry gave the Goblin a slight bow. Sharkbite bowed back in surprise. Suddenly, Harry felt something like a hook jerking him behind his navel and he was whisked away from the Goblin's ornate office.

The memory scene faded from view. Even though the memory had taken quite awhile to view from beginning to end, only about fifteen seconds had passed in the real world. As the two young children came back to themselves, they slowly separated but still held hands. It seemed natural for them to do so.

I am so sorry for scaring you and hurting you. Can you forgive me? And please don't tell anyone what we just saw. I'm just Harry, not a Lord of anything, ok?

The way he said it and in a matter of fact tone, like it was no big deal and with an air of defeat, alarmed Hermione.

"Of course I forgive you," Hermione said with tears in her eyes. "And you're the one who has been hurt, not me. You're safe now. Daddy won't let those nasty evil people hurt you anymore."

She turned her angry chocolate brown eyes towards her male parent.

"Will you daddy? You won't let them hurt Harry anymore, right?"

The silence it the room was complete until Minerva said in a shocked voice, "Oh my word, it's a complete bond."

Releasing Sarah from his grip, Adam slowly made his way over to the hand holding children. He could see that his daughter was clutching Harry possessively and was not about to let him go. Harry for his part, when he saw the tall man approaching, started to shake and tremble. He just couldn't help it, but he kept his emerald eyes focused on Adam.

Seeing that the boy was shaking badly and that the only reason that he was still standing was because Hermione was holding on to his hand and arm, Adam knelt down so he was on the same eye level as Harry.

"Harry," he said as gently as he could, "I promise you right now that I will do everything in my power to make sure that you are safe and well taken care of. I have a very good friend who is a solicitor. Do you know what that is?"

Harry shook his head no. Adam gave him a warm smile.

"Well, his job is to protect innocent people from going to jail. He also makes sure that young boys like you get the help that they need. Do you understand?"

His expression said that he was still confused, but would accept the answer for now. Adam just smiled kindly at him. He wanted to take the boy into his arms and give him a hug, but he could see that Harry was a long way from point. Turning back to Minerva and Poppy, he voiced his main question.

"Ok, what is really going on here? Please explain to those of us who have no clue, namely those of who aren't you. Like, how can Hermione supposedly understand Harry if he can't talk and what do you mean, 'a complete bond?'"

Poppy and Minerva shared a look and Poppy nodded her head in silent agreement. Minerva cleared her throat and suggested that everyone take a seat as this may take awhile to explain. Poppy and Minerva took the couch again, while Hermione lead Harry over to recliner. Adam and Sarah took the love seat.

"There are some things that you will not understand right away and that's ok," she said going into lecture mode. "The first thing that you have to understand is that magic is real. I and Poppy are witches. Observe."

With a flick of her wand, she transfigured the nearest end table into a pig, then a turtle, and ended the demonstration by returning the turtle to its original form as an end table. There were shocked expressions on everyone's faces except for Poppy, who had seen this many times before.

"Now Harry here is wizard and a powerful one too, once he has been trained in how to use his powers properly. From what we can tell, and there is a book at Hogwarts that can confirm this, is that your daughter Hermione is a witch also. From what we have seen today, she will be a powerful witch in her own right."

Minerva held up her hand to forestall the questions that were on the lips of Hermione and her parents.

"Please, just bear with me for a bit more. Now as to why we are here, when we picked up Harry this morning from that … place," she spat the word out, "Poppy started scanning him to see what his overall health was like. Let's just say it's a good thing that we got to him when we did. Poppy had Harry take several healing potions. Most of them fixed his immediate problems, and others will help take care of his malnutrition and stunted growth over time. As for his throat and voice, well we are hoping that our hospital, St. Mungo's, can fix that, but magic can't heal or fix everything."

She paused to take a sip of the lukewarm tea that had been forgotten on the coffee table.

"After making sure that Harry was going to be ok, Poppy and I took young Harry here to a place called Gringotts. It's our bank, run by creatures called Goblins. Once there, we contacted Harry's account manager and met with him to go over the will of Harry's parents and to see where else he could be placed. To our surprise, the will was never executed."

"Once the will had been read, we found out that Harry should have been placed with several different people, including you, and never should have been placed with the Dursleys. That is also when we found out about the bond between the two children."

Minerva looked over the two children sitting together on the recliner clutching each other. She gave them one of her rare smiles.

"I am now Harry's magical guardian and with your permission, I would like for you to be his legal guardians, just like Lily spelled out in the will. That way, he can never be returned to those disgusting people."

She was about to continue her explanation, when there was a polite knock on the front door. Minerva and Poppy quickly exchanged glances.

"I think it best if I answer this," Minerva said in a stern voice. "This is not unexpected."

Seeing the confused looks on the faces of Harry and crew, she gave them a quick smile. Getting up from the couch, Minerva headed towards the door, while Poppy took up station near Harry and Hermione. Seeing that everything was ready, Minerva opened the door.

Standing in front of her was a tall black man with a bald head and a golden hoop in his ear. He was dressed in a tasteful business suit. His wand was discretely held at the ready. Seeing who was waiting for him in the doorway, he broke into a wide smile showing off his perfect white teeth.

"Minerva," he boomed a deep voice, "it's good to see you again. It has been too long."

"Hello Kingsley. I see that they have you on Muggle area patrol. What did you do to deserve this?"

"Oh, nothing. I am just training a new graduate from the Academy. This is Auror Basic Jacobson. I am sure that you remember him."

Standing behind Kingsley was a nervous young man in his early twenties. He was of medium height and had blond hair and hazel eyes. He was also dressed in a business suit.

Nodding her greeting to the young man, she turned and led the way into the Granger home. Kingsley followed Minerva into the living room while Jacobson took up station near the doorway.

With a quick glance, Kingsley took in the situation. He saw a man and a woman sitting together on a love seat, while a young boy and a girl were sitting and clutching each other in the recliner. He raised his eyebrows at the site of the Hogwarts healer standing protectively near the children.

"What is going on here, Minerva," Kingsley asked in his deep voice. "These two are obviously to young to be attending Hogwarts and the detectors indicated a massive power spike coming from this residence."

He quickly dismissed the two adults as the cause of the power spike, so he looked closely at the two children. Upon closer inspection, the boy seemed to be familiar somehow. He just couldn't place him right now. He also noticed the bandage on the boy's throat. That would explain Poppy's presence.

Turning back to Minerva, Kingsley waited for his answers. She didn't fail to provide the answers. Minerva quickly brought him up to date on what had been going on during the course of the day. He kept his features passive as he followed the tale of Harry Potter. When it was over, he let out a deep sigh.

"I need to bring my boss in on this, Minerva," Kingsley said sadly.

"And just who are you," Adam asked standing up from the love seat and placing himself between the children and everyone else.

Unbeknownst to the adults in the room, Harry was starting to panic, thinking that this tall black man was here to take him back to the Dursleys. He was starting to shake and tremble violently. Hermione was doing her best to calm him down and tell him everything was going to be alright.

"I am Master Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt," Kingsley said as he turned to look at Adam. "I am what you would call a police officer. It is part of my job to investigate unexplained magical occurrences like what happened earlier between the two children. Since it involves Harry Potter, I have to let my boss, Madam Bones, know so she can make the proper decisions."

Without further ado, Kingsley raised his wand and a quick flash of light escaped from the tip of it and vanished quickly out of the house. Lowering his wand, the Auror looked at over at the children. What he saw didn't make him happy.

Harry was shaking so bad, he seemed to be vibrating. Hermione was doing her level best to calm him, but was not succeeding. Poppy was about to hit him with a calming charm. Seeing that there was no alternative, she did. He calmed down, but was still very worried that he would be forced back to the Dursleys.

Everyone jumped as a soft knock was heard on the front door.