First Meetings

Bobby opened the door and was greeted by the sight of John Winchester and his two young sons, Dean and Sam. Dean was 6 years old with large green eyes and neatly combed dirty blond hair. He stood next to his father and was looking around at everything. Sam was 2 and had large hazel eyes and tousled brown hair. He was being carried in his father's arms.

Bobby could not believe just how curious two young boys could be. Dean was quick to investigate everything in sight at Bobby's house and Sam toddled along diligently behind him. Dean investigated every book that sat on the tall bookshelves down to every picture Bobby had out. It took John to sternly scold the boys to stay out of Mr. Bobby's things to finally get them to stop asking questions and to settle down.

John and Bobby sat at the kitchen table, discussing a recent hunt in low voices while the boys played with a couple toys nearby. Suddenly, Dean leaned over and whispered something to Sam. He then stood up and walked over to Bobby, politely tugging his sleeve.

"Yes, Dean?" Bobby asked, looking over.

"Mr. Bobby, I have to go to the bathroom. Could you keep an eye on Sammy for me until I get back?"

It took every ounce of Bobby's self control to keep himself from laughing at Dean's innocent request.

"Sure, Dean. No problem."

"Thank you, Mr. Bobby."

Dean walked back over to Sam and pointed at Bobby.

"Now you listen to Mr. Bobby, Sammy, until I get back! Make sure you behave!"

Bobby shook his head in amazement as he watched Dean trot off to the bathroom. He couldn't help but wonder if Dean would always remain so protective over his little brother.