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Chapter 5: Their Please – An Epilogue

One year later

House walked in his apartment. Their apartment. The apartment he'd shared with Allison for almost ten months. It hadn't taken them long to move in together. Sometimes it still amazed him that things had gotten to the point they had; that they were as happy as they were. Yes, he thought, I'm happy.

Oh, he was still the cranky Dr. House at the hospital, but at home he was different. Not drastically different, but slightly. Enough that he hadn't run her off!

There were times that he wished he'd gotten his head out of his ass earlier regarding Allison. Then he would realize that they hadn't been ready before a year ago.

Had it really only been a year? It had been a great year. There had been times, in the beginning, that they had needed to make adjustment.

He had even hinted at marriage and kids. Yes! Greg House was thinking about getting married and having children. That wasn't something he had ever given serious though to. Not even with Stacey. With Allison however, it all seemed possible, even desirable.

"Honey, I'm home." He hollered out in a singsong voice.

"In the bedroom." She hollered back. He hurried down the hall to see her. He had worked late the night before, getting home after she'd been asleep. She'd been up and gone by time he had woken up this morning.

He found her sitting on their bed, something clutched in her hands. She looked nervous.

"What's up?" He asked. She held something out to him. He took it as he sat down next to her. It was a box… a pregnancy test box.

His eyes flew up to meet hers. "Really?"

"Yes." She gripped his hand in hers. He could hear her whispering softly, like a chant.

"Please. Please. Please."

His mind went back a year. He realized that it was almost exactly a year ago when he'd found her crying in the lab over another pregnancy test. House thanked a god he wasn't sure he believed in that he'd happened by at that exact moment. Remembering the question he'd asked her then, he repeated it.

"Please what?" She grinned up at him. She remembered too.

"I know what I'm asking for this time."

"Oh yeah? Please what?" He repeated

"There are a lot of parts to it." She hedged.

"I think I can handle it." He assured her. His mind was spinning at the prospect of being a father, but he wasn't freaking out. She took a deep breath.

"Please let it be positive. Please let us have made a baby that is the best of me and the best of you. Please let it be healthy. Please let it have your blue eyes and your brilliance. Please let it be the best thing that either of us have ever done." She finished with a soft smile.

"No… please don't let Greg be angry?" He asked with a smirk.

"Nope." She reached up to stroke his cheek. "We've come a long way in the last year. We've talked about the possibility of this. I'm confident in you and in us."

"That's good to know." He leaned to give her a kiss. "I hope it is positive too."

She gave him a beautiful smile with watery eyes. It was a smile that told him that he'd somehow managed to say just the right thing.

"My please is a little bit different though."

"Oh really?"

"I want a little girl who looks just like her mother." She smiled again and leaned in to kiss him. Before their lips met, however, the timer she'd set up dinged. The test was ready.

Allison smacked a quick kiss on his lips and ran towards the bathroom.

"You coming?" She asked in the doorway.

"No I'll wait here." Honesty, he wasn't sure if his legs would hold him up at the moment. A flash of fear that he wouldn't be a good father shot through him, but was replaced by a calm only she could give him when she walked back into the bedroom. She made him believe in himself.

There were tears in her eyes.

"Allison." He said softly. Then she jumped him!

She jumped in the bed, pushing him onto his back and straddled his hips.

"We're pregnant!" She cried happily. "We're pregnant!"

House looked up at her. She'd never looked more beautiful to him than she did at that moment. He thought about the small box in his pocket. The one that he'd been planning on hanging on to until this weekend. Yes, he'd been doing a little more than thinking about their future.

Just before she lowered her mouth to his, he spoke.

"Please." He murmured with his eyes on hers.

"Please what?" She asked suspiciously.

He pushed up into a sitting position and reached into his pocket.

"I was going to wait until this weekend, but I don't want you to think that this is because of the baby." He cursed the shakiness of his voice. "I want you to know that it's because I love you."

He saw the moment his words and the meaning behind them registered.

"Please what?" She asked again.

"Please marry me. Please make me happier than I ever thought I deserved to or could be. Please be my wife."

She held out her left hand for him to slip the ring on her finger. She stared at the ring for just a moment before meeting his eyes.

"Yes, I'll marry you. I'll marry you because you make me happier than I ever thought I deserved to or could be. I'll marry you because I love you more than I thought was possible." She told him earnestly through her tears.

"I love you too." He told her with conviction. It was something that he didn't say very often. When he did, she knew that it was heartfelt and all the more true because he didn't say it frequently. Talking about emotions was something that he still had difficulty with.

He pulled her down to him for a kiss and to show her that he loved her. This was one way he didn't have a problem with… showing her that he loved her. It was something that he did do quite frequently.

It wasn't until much later that she took off her ring and looked at the inscription. There was only one word. The one word that had changed it all for them.


House was right as always, being with the right person made all the difference.

The End