Chapter one

The night was falling and the air was icy cold. I have never been afraid of the dark and will never will. The last thing I remember from my parent was there admiration of having a daughter so brave. As I walk the streets of New York, busy as if it was the middle of the day, I hear a few screams and see a bunch of people running towards acrowded place. As intrigued as any other human I went to find out what was happening. I came to a haul when I saw a man on his belly with a shot through the back. I gasped and sank the urges to scream.

Save him.

I turned around but nobody had whisper me in the ear. In fact nobody was around me.

You can save him. You know you can.

I froze. Why was I hearing voices? Maybe I was tired and my brain cells where just fooling around. I heard the faint paramedic's sirens and kept walking.

As days went by I became to find myself weaker by the minute. I tried all my best but I always ended crumble on the bed or the first place my feet gave under. I went to the doctor, but I was as healthy as a horse.

As I got ready to go to my lousy work, I felt a jolt of pain in my stomach and went to the bathroom. I finished spilling all my guts. I cleaned myself up as best as I could and went to work through the crowded sidewalk. I was getting dizzy and weaker every freaking second I was alive.

When I was turning the street I saw and old man coughing and weakened by treatment for cancer.

Save him. Just touch him and you'll see. The voice inquired. It was the same voice I had heard. Again I looked through the streets to see if somebody was whispering I found nothing.

Just freakingggggg touch him!

"Stop it!" I screeched and almost fell to my knees. "Get out of my head!" I didn't know who I was talking to but I just wanted to stop.

I started running as fast as I could, which wasn't much because I felt a joint of pain through all my body. I darted through a intersections of cars in which I didn't notice the black Mercedes who was driving way off limits. He tried to skip so he couldn't hit me but in doing so he hit a little girl.

The girl gave a scream which echoed in my mind for a while. When I was able to move I went up to her, she had landed a few feet were she had been knocked. A bunch of people were already gathered along the girl's corp.

She was a little thing with tan skin and brown eyes. A man was taking her pulse and shook his head indicating she had no remedy.

"No!" it was barely audible. I couldn't stand anymore and dropped to my knees. She couldn't be dead. She just couldn't.

You can…

I don't know if it was the voice or my action, but my hand reached and grasp her neck.

So good! The voice shuttered in ecstasy.

"Miss. I already checked her. She has no pulse, she's dead…" he hasn't finished talking when the girl's eyes opened and blinked several times.

All eyes turn on her and everybody had a face of bewilderment, confused and horror faces. Someone try to reach my wrist but I ducked it in less time I would have think possible. What the hell had just happen!! She just couldn't finish shivering. The looks on everybody's face and those eyes, she just couldn't try to imagine them again.

We will talk, little fellow but for now rest. Tomorrow will be a long day. the voice sang in content.

*** the story WILL continue.