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Amun PoV!

Amun was running as fast as he could to his home. People were giving him weird looks, while others got out of his way, maybe afraid that he'll kill the first that got on his track. He could guess why the humans were afraid though, he look as if he just came out from a mental hospital, all dirty and desperate. Three days ago the hunters had ambush the Lords of the Underworld and had taken them prisoners along with there mates, Amun had left the mansion the night before in one of his depression moods just to arrive and see all torn and broken.

He started looking for anything indicating where they had been taken and if they were still alive, seeing that Galen had found a way to suck the demons out of our body's and place them into a willing host. He erupt into a panic fit when he saw Sabin and Torin lying on the floor immobile, he almost started to curse and yell only the knowledge that he would be weak in days afterward stop him.

He was now on his way with morphine and other special medicine, sure they were immortals but he couldn't stop the pain and loss of blood the two warriors were having. Both had ugly gashes everywhere and a few bullets, he was having a hard time especially with Torin. Taking the bullets out of him was a pain in the ass.

Fuck I have to get out of here, the police are already following my lead of the girl I raped and killed, she was so soft… A rough voice sounded through his head.

'Secrets don't get on my nerves! Stay inside and don't you fucking dare jump into people's mind.' Amun yelled to his demon already stressed out by all his problems he didn't need more.

That's not fair, when I'm going to have some fun.

Just shut it.

Signing, he walked to the main door of the house, grimacing for what he was about to do. He stop dead in his track when he saw that a trap was uncovered. Moving to get a closer look proof that somehow the thing that fallen in there had come out.

Running way faster than before, he made it into the house, climbing the stairs two at a time. His friends were on the third floor, on the floor there were small footprints that weren't there when he left.

Arriving at the door he heard someone talking, a woman's voice, but it seemed she was alone. Slowly, he approached the entrance of the door, taking out his semiautomatic in the way. The door was slightly open, Amun was about to wrench it open the rest of the way, but what he saw left him dumbfounded.

The girl barely a woman had both of her hands pressing against either chest of the warriors. The palms were glowing and before his eyes the wounds began to close. She groaned and then with a last surge of power her hands fell to their side, panting she got up. Sabin and Torin simultaneously gave a shuddering breath and felled to unconsciousness again.

Suddenly he felt a wave of stark similarity to some he thought he knew maybe of a dream or vision, although he was sure it wasn't the same person. She was moving toward the window, her steps stiff and heavy. She put a foot on the ledge and got up balancing out in the edge. Amun didn't know her, didn't know where she came from, but he knew he couldn't let her jump. He had question, and she was going to answer them all.

In an impulsive movement, he had her by the waist and thrown her in the floor. Her eyes were foggy an unnaturally yellow. Her hands were ball in fist, before she could produce any harm; he had them pinned above her head.

"Amun" The name was said by two different voices, one sounded almost like a demon. Her eyes return to normal but were still an unnatural color, fuchsia.

For a moment he forgot who he was and where was because he almost opened his lips to ask what she was. He glared at her and she gulped, he took away his gaze from her which proved a hard thing to do, and observe his friends. Both were breathing regularly and actually looked like they were sleeping.

She didn't make any move to attack him, she didn't move at all. Slowly he got off her, strangely missing her body heat. She too got up. Once standing he could see her true beauty, straight black hair, average tall reaching his chin and curves that would bring a lesser man to his knee. She was smudged with dirt, her clothe broken in some place and his breath somehow hitched when he saw the start of her red lace underwear.

When his gaze went back up, he stop in her stomach and thought he saw a butterfly tattoo. Frowning he went up to her she backed away one step. Again he came forward but this time he grab her shirt and raise a bit. His conclusion was correct.

He met her eyes and tried to voice the question in his mind.

"Yes. I'm a demon… like you…" her gaze dropped where he still grab her shirt and she hastily back away again. Disappointments fill him… Wait disappointment?

He now wanted to ask her more things, but because of his curse he couldn't, it was time like this that he hated his demon.

The awkward silence intensified, until it was broken by a movement in the cot, when he turned his head Torin was seated in the end of the bed, with his head down rubbing his temple. Happiness and hope hit him like a running train; they could look and save the captured warriors and their mates.

Suddenly he wanted to repay her, thank her for what she did. Before he knew what he was doing, he was in front of her and lowering his mouth to hers. He mouth was soft and the taste… He wasn't prepared for it; it tasted of life and sweets…

His arms went around her waist and he tilted his head to take more of her mouth…

He stopped and slightly move away just to see the power and desire in her eyes, unable to do otherwise he lowered his head again…

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