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"Wanna see the boogie man?" Neemon asked happily while skipping. "How on earth can we see the boogie man?" Bokomon asked, annoyed by his 'little yellow friend'*. Neemon then started to pick his nose (I know he doesn't really have a nose but just deal!) and pulled out a huge green booger, he then started molding it to this weird human looking figure. "Now you have seen the BOOGIE MAN!!!" Bokomon just slapped his forehead and kept walking…

*'little yellow friend' came from the Pink Panther 2 movie! How racist! Yet…funny


It was a hot summer morning and Zoe Orimoto woke up from her bed with a smile on her face. Today was the day her and her best friends Takuya, Kouchi, Kouji, JP, and Tommy were going to hang out at the movies. They have known each other ever since last year when they met going to the Digi World.

Zoe jumped out of bed and did her regular morning routine: brush teeth, comb hair, take shower, and get dressed. She was planning to meet her close pals at the Shibuya Movie Theater at 12pm and it was 10:30am right now.

After Zoe did her regular morning things she hustled downstairs to quickly eat breakfast. She saw her mom already prepared a huge breakfast buffet.

"Hey mom, wow this food looks yummy!" Zoe exclaimed as she sat down and began eating

"Thanks dear, oh and by the way I am going to an important meeting today so is it okay if you're home alone until 6pm?" Mrs. Orimoto asked

"Sure thing! I'm going to hang out with my friends all day anyway" Zoe mumbled as she gobbled down her breakfast.

After Zoe finished she wiped her mouth with a napkin, it was now 11:30am. Zoe quickly had one last look at the mirror and headed for the door sliding on her socks. She quickly put on her boots.

"Well later mom! Have fun at your meeting!" Zoe yelled as she ran out.

"That girl, always filled with optimism" Zoe's mom whispered to herself. She began cleaning up the dishes.

Zoe ran the movie theater because she didn't wanna get late. When she got to the last crosswalk, just one block from the theater it was 11:50am on her watch.

"Oh shoot, I got to hurry!" Zoe realized. She started pushing the button on the crosswalk rapidly.

"Come on! Come on!" Zoe complained, the bystanders just looked at her in curiosity.

"What? Ya haven't seen a person trying to cross a dang crosswalk!" She yelled at the people.

Finally, the crosswalk had the go sign and she practically sprinted all the way to the theater. The sidewalks were crowded with people since this town was very busy with the hustle and bustle of tourists and locals shopping.

As Zoe panted when she stopped running just a few steps from the theater, her friends were there just laughing at how tired their friend looked. It was 11:59am.

"Wow Zoe you're on time!" Kouchi congratulated Zoe

"But you know we could wait for you, no need to hurry" Kouji added

"But you are so fast and punctual, making sure you're on time is a wonderful aspect of you!" From guess, who? Yup, the Zoe crazed JP…Still haven't gotten over it huh 'Jeep'?

Everyone just shook their head…Poor JP, stuck in his old ways…

"No surprise you're earlier than Takuya! Tommy said jokingly

"Yeah, I bet he slept in again, as usual" Kouchi said

Just as Kouchi said that he noticed Zoe blushing a hint of rose, hmmm? What is this? Does Zoe have a little puppy dog crush?

Man, I promised myself I was going to tell Takuya how I feel by the end of the summer! Man and we have only two weeks left! I hope he likes me…Zoe thought to herself as she blushed even harder

Well! So, Zoe has feelings for Takuya? Kouchi thought to himself

I wonder why my brother is thinking so hard, maybe he is thinking of a girl, (Boy was he right!) Thought Kouji.

Why doesn't Zoe love me? What's wrong with me? So I have a little bulk here and there, but I heard girls dig a bulky guy! Wait, maybe I should bulk up MORE! JP thought and immediately started chowing down on a chocolate bar.

Why is everyone thinking so hard? Why is Zoe blushing? Why is Kouchi studying Zoe? Why is Kouji staring at his brother? And why the heck is JP eating a chocolate bar? Wait, he's probably 'bulking up' for Zoe… Tommy thought and just shook his head.

After a long moment of silence Takuya ran up scaring the heck out of everyone.

"Sorry guys, I rushed here as fast as I could, you see-"

"You woke up late?" Everyone else answered

"He he… How'd you guess?" Takuya sheepishly grinned

Takuya was looking at everyone and when his eyes stopped at Zoe his cheeks immediately blushed beet red as well causing him to look away and back to the guys.

Boy, I really want to ask Zoe out, but how? I need someone to help me… Takuya thought as he was looking away

Aha! Takuya likes Zoe back! I need to help them! Time to play MATCHMAKER (My title, get it?) Kouchi though happily.

"Well let's go watch a movie already! This awkward silence stuff is boring me a lot!" Tommy said complaining.

"Okay so what are we going to watch?" Takuya asked

"Definitely not a horror film!" Zoe said

"Okay…So let's watch… the haunted house of horrors!" Takuya cackled making Zoe jump

"You are so immature!" Zoe said as she crossed her arms

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!!!"

"You guys!" Kouji yelled as he broke the fight

"Jeez, we try to have some fun and instead we get a fight that sounds like it comes from an old married couple!" Kouji joked

Cue the blushing from Takuya and Zoe!

"We are so not a couple!" Takuya and Zoe yelled

"Sure…" Kouchi sarcastically remarked

"Fine just to show we are not an 'old married couple'" Takuya started to continue

"Zoe, what would YOU like to watch?" Takuya asked politely

"I guess we can compromise and just this once we will watch a horror movie" Zoe answered

"Bravo you two, you actually learned how to compromise.." Kouji said as he rolled his eyes.

Funny thing is, this movie is PG 14 1/2!! (haha, I made up a rating, haha)

Kouchi went up to the ticket seller "Six tickets for Haunted House of Horrors please"

"Here you go!" The ticket seller said, not even realizing the kid was too young.

"Thanks" cough stupid cough, he thought

The gang went inside and bought the following: For Zoe a soda, For Kouji and Kouchi some popcorn, For Tommy a candy bar, for JP 20 candy bars, and a large popcorn with a jumbo soda and grande nachos with extra cheese topped off with 10 hot dogs and 2 packets of candy for the big mouth (and apparently big stomached) Takuya.

They all entered the movie's screening room and sat down. Zoe sat next to Takuya (aww…)

As the movie began it was pretty okay but by the middle it got super scary.

Zoe was so scared she clung onto Takuya when the scary and gruesome gore fest began. Of course since it was dark Takuya could hide his blush that was so severe at that moment. And Takuya didn't finish his food because well, when Zoe grabbed his arm the first time he immediately dropped his food on the floor….Smooth Takuya.

Finally, the movie ended (Sorry I skipped a ton!) and they all got up, of course Tommy, Zoe, and Kouchi were scared stiff.

"I will NEVER agree to watch a scary movie EVER again" Zoe said shakily

"Yeah and I will never sit next to you when we watch a scary movie" Takuya joked Please, if we ever get the chance to watch haunted house of horrors 2 I WANT TO SIT NEXT TO ZOE!!!! He thought.

"Oh, please I wasn't grabbing on to you because I was s-scared" Zoe said defending herself

"Oh ya sure, I believe that" Takuya mocked

"Pssh, whatever" Zoe said

"Hey does anyone need to go to the bathroom?" Tommy said

"Why Tommy" JP asked

"Well, let's just say…I spilled some lemonade on my pants"

"Wha?" said the JP that didn't even understand

"Oh Tommy, eww! You are staying home the next time we see a scary movie, now let me uh, help you clean your little 'mess'" Takuya offered

"Thanks" Tommy said embarrassed still

Takuya and Tommy rushed to the Boy's Bathroom.

"Wow, soda can go through my system pretty fast!" Zoe said as she rushed to the Girl's Bathroom.

Kouchi then gathered the guys around

"Hey did you notice how Zoe and Takuya blush when they see each other?" Kouchi asked them

"Yup" They said

"Well I think we should play a little 'Matchmaker' to help them out!" He stated proudly

"Wait! Wait! Wait! MY Zoe likes Takuya? Nooo!!!!!" JP cried

Kouchi and Kouji tried to explain to JP that he never really had a chance. And when that didn't work Kouji slapped him silly until he agreed to be in the plan.

"Okay now that we are on the same page, we are gonna try everything possible to get Takuya and Zoe together okay?" Kouchi said

"Yup!" Kouji answered

"JP..?" Kouchi asked

"Yes! Yes! Just don't hurt me!" JP answered back wimpering

"Alright, come over to my house tonight and we will plan everything" Kouchi told JP, he was a pretty good leader.

Tommy, Zoe, and Takuya came back as if on cue and the others quickly ended their matchmaker conversation.


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