I'M SOOO SORRY! I know people hate it when I post these things: I hate it when others post them too! I'm really sorry about that!

There is a couple things I have to tell you guys:

First off... I'm really really really sorry that I haven't updated in a LONG time. I haven't been at HOME in a long time. Summer has been camp after camp after camp, and I didn't get home until now. And now I'm leaving to India and Thailand for three weeks! Jeez. I didn't get to update my story at ALL. I'm so freaking sorry!

Secondly, I won't be able to update until around August 10th, and that's just three days before school starts (BOO!) so, I'm sorry about THAT.

Third, I figured, since you all are going to hate me, I might as well give you guys something to do, to pass time. So I came up with this sort of contest. It's not really a contest, where there are winners and such but.... I think it's still fun! During the three week period that I am gone, you guys can write the next chapter of this story. Post it as a one-shot in your stories titled 'Challenged Pride Contest-- Title' (And, please, replace 'title' with your TITLE :P). Just post the link in a review or PM me the link, and I'll look at all of them. If you don't want me to use your chapter in my story, just say so in the Author's Note for YOUR chapter. If I do end up using your story (and you have no objections to it) I'll type it in bold, and reference you. :) I'll try to incorporate as many of yours as possible, but please don't bite my head off if yours doesn't come up in the story. I'm so sorry!

Lastly, I believe I have some people I need to recognize. To cnp97: thank you for your wonderful ideas. I thought of a wonderful idea by reading yours :)

To bookworm: Why do they need fake names and why is Max called Alex? Well, for starters, this takes place before the whole world knew about them, so they are still 'undercover' so to speak. Because of this, and their paranoia (because, if you recall, they are MUCHO paranoid in the books) they give themselves fake names. Since Max never gets a fake name, I had to make one up for her, and I thought Alex would fit, because Alex is also like a boy name that can be given to a girl. I tried to find a name that was the most similar to Max and Alex fit the bill.

To Erik Night Lover: Mistake with Fang's eye color. I will try to fix that as soon as I can. Because I mentioned Fang's eye color more than once in the whole story, can you PM me with a list of the places that you found I made a mistake? Um, and could you be specific about that? I'm not too good at finding things.... :)

THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING SO PATIENT!!! OH, and, thank you WinterSky101 for helping me and PMing me into at least posting this. If not, I have no idea where I would have been. And you all would have eaten me. :)




So, like I haven't updated in a BAZILLION-TRILLION YEARS. And you hate me for it. Or you're past the point of even caring. Either way... You're not paying attention to this story anymore. Good, because I don't know when I can update next.

The truth, which is very hard to say, is something I really don't want to say. At all. ROAR.

Iggy: Just say it.

Me: NO! Please, don't put me through this torture!

Iggy: Well you WERE the one who lost--

Me: -clamps hand over mouth- DON'T YOU DARE.

Iggy: Mmph?

Me: What? -removes hand-

Iggy: -makes a face- I SAID, why?

Me: Well, because who ever cares enough to read this will be mad. And then they will eat me.

Iggy: I fail to see what's so bad about that...?

Me: I'll be DEAD, hun.

Iggy: Once again, I fail to see what's so bad about that. -smirks-

Me: Oh, shut it. You horrible, horrible person. Hmph.


Me: -wrestles to the floor-

Fang: Please wait while the wrestling match continues. Basically, Princess lost interest in writing and has a very severe case of writers' block. It's lasted for... About 7 months now, and many more to come. Since no one has given her ideas and she can't think of any herself, she must put the story on hiatus until the next freaking Ice Age. Because that's when she'll actually get a good idea. Now, we are going to reread the story to see if she can think of a better one. :)

Me: -pops up, gasping- Thanks FANG. For being amazing, and not a complete DOLT like SOMEONE. Hmph.

Iggy: I said it, didn't I? That's more than I can say for you!