My name is Bella and when I was 7 me my dad and my 2 brothers Anthony and Dan moved to Forks Washington. My mother died when 6 my mom died. My father and I were both born in Forks so my dad thought it would be a good idea to move back to Forks. when we moved to Forks. I didn't think I was going to make friends. When we got to the house I loved it. It was so cute in every way. I walked up to my room and looked out the window it was really close to the house next to us. I noticed a boy the same age as me looking out his window at me. he had short bronze hair with green both opened are windows

"Hi my name is Bella" I waved to him

"Hello my name is Edward. are you are new here?" He asked

"Yeah. Are you an only child?" iI asked him.

"No, I have a bother Emmet and a twin sister Alice." He said with a crocked smile.

"Oh. I have 2 brothers Dan and Anthony." I said couldnt help but smile.

"Do you mind if i come over and hang out with you?" He asked

"No its fine. im just unpacking!!" I said, he smiled at me and the next thing i knew edward was in my room.

"you have to show me how to do that!" I said looking at him.

"Okay later. I promise." He said.

That was then. Now I'm 17 and Edward is the high school star football player and the player that everygirl in school wants to date. Edward has probley dated over 50 girls. Edward and i never dated we have only been friends and nothing more.

"Bella?" Edward said finally breaking away from Amy. There was a tug in my stomach that hurt but i didnt know why.

"Yeah." I said with a confused look. Edward never broke away from a kiss to talk to me.

"Are you coming to my game tonight?" He asked

"Edward when we were 9 I promised you that when you made the football team I would go to every game no matter what.
he smiled pleased.

"Good!"he said then went back to making out with Amy. There was another tug in my stomach. The bell rang and i walked out of the cafateria. I dont see why Edward wants me to sit with him. to strong arms grabed me and interruped my thoughts.

"Edward let go of me!!" I yelled hitting him in the arms trying to loosen his grip but it didnt work.

"Whats wrong with you Bella you looked upset at lunch." He asked with a confused look.

"I dont get why sit with you at lunch. all you do is makeout with girls! I should just sit with Alice and Rosalie!!" I yelled. I pushed him away from me and ran to my next class. Biolgy. I passed Alice and Rosalie they both saw me and yelled at me running after me. I ran into the class sat at my desk and put my head dowm and started crying. Mr. Banner was out of town today so we just had free and Rose ran in the room within mintues. Then Edward ran in with them.

"Bella! Are you okay? Whats wrong?" Rosalie said rubbing my arm.

"Bella come one lets go to the bathroom and wash you up?" Alice said pulling me up by the arm. My eyes were red and puff my cheeks were I just walked out of the room with Al and Rose with tear lines down my face, Edward looked at me. He knew he had hurt me but didnt know how.