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Edward's Point of View

It was another on of those days. I was getting ready to have a boys night out with Emmett and Jasper. We did are normal thing going club from club. Bella said she was just going to be at home working on the stuff for the wedding in the next couple days and that she would be home if I needed her. Right now I was on my way home from a run to change and meet the guys. When I pulled up the drive way Emmett and Jasper were already there.

"Dude what took you so long?" Emmett asked in a booming voice.

"Sorry, you guys are early anyways." I said searching for my house key.

"Sorry" Jasper and Emmett said at the same time.

I ran in the house quickly that I almost missed the note on the table from Bella.

Hope you have a good time tonight.
love you forever

Bella. 3

I took the note with me as I ran upstairs to change out of my running outfit into a pair of dark washed jeans and a red polo. I sat the note from Bella on the night stand and kissed it and grabbed my coat and left.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Yeah. We're ready" They said.

"Lets take my car. Where are we going?" I asked grabbing my keys and locking the door.

"The Vig." Jasper said messing around on his iPhone.

"Okay. I know where that is." I said pulling out of the drive way.

When we got to the Vig I was so happy. I was about to kill Emmett, every time a song came on in the car he sang at the top of his lungs to it. I think if i ever here I kissed a girl again I'm going to be sick.

When we were inside we got a couple shots and drinks. A couple girls kept trying to flirt with me but I just kept looking away. I thought about calling Bella so I went outside and called her. In the middle of the third ring I saw a car that looked just like Bella's. Well thats weird why would she be here? Was she spying on me? Who was she with. So many answers so little time to find out. I ran inside to tell the guys.

"JASPER EMMETT! BELLA IS HERE!" I yelled over the music.

"Dude I think you have had to much to drink. Why would she be here." Jasper said.

"I don't know. Lets find her." I said.

"Okay." Emmett and Jasper said.

We walked around the whole bar and I couldn't find her. Jasper had a couple girls check in the bathroom but she wasn't there. All the sudden out of no where Emmett started yelling at me.

"Edward look! Right there! She is right there with that guy!" Emmett said pointing over in the direction Bella was.

I turned around to see Bella kissing some guy in the middle of the dance floor. I turned around and headed for the door. I saw that Emmett was still over there.

"Emmett lets go!!'' I yelled.

I was so mad. How could Bella do this to me. I though she loved me? I guess I was wrong.

The whole way home no one said a word. The radio was playing but that was it. It was pouring rain. When we got to the house I didn't say a word to any of the guys. I just walked in the house and turned on a little light in the living room and sat in the chair and waited for Bella.

In a matter of 15 min I heard Bella's car come up the drive way. So may things were running through my mind. I wanted to say so much to her. I heard the keys jiggle in the lock and she walked in the room quietly. When she turned around to see me she look surprised. Her clothes were wet and she looked like she had been crying.

"Hey, I didn't know you were up." She said, like she was happy to see me.

"What the hell were you doing at a bar kissing some guy." I said under my breath.

"Edward it's not what it looked like." She said like she was about to cry

"Oh really Bella then what was it!" I yelled. Now standing right in front of her

"I yelled at him when he kissed me! Did you see that Edward!" she yelled back.

"Oh! Really Bella! You want me to believe you!" I said. She looked scared to death of me.

"I swear I did Edward believe me! Please!" She started crying there in the middle of the room.

"Leave Bella! NOW!!!" I yelled at. I took the picture off the table of us a graduation and throw it on the floor and I shattered in pieces. I walked upstairs and slabbed the bedroom door shut.

I could tell Bella stood there for a little just crying. I heard the front door close and her car roar to life. I just sat up there in the room. The T.V. was on but I didn't watch it. In the middle of my thinking. My phone started ring. I grabbed it and looked at the caller I.D that read Emmett.

"Hello." I said in a weak voice.

"Edward! Don't get mad at Bella right as you walked away she started yelling at the guy and I think she slapped him across the face to." Emmett said.

With that I felt so may emotions came over me. I was so mad at myself for treatinf Bella that way.

"Thanks Emmett." I said and hung up the phone.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew it was bright in room and the sun was shinning in my eyes. I got up and changed into some nice pants and a botton down shirt. I walked down stairs and made me breakfast and a cup of coffee. I was reading the mail and drinking coffee, when I heard the door open and I saw Bella come through the door. She looked horrible like she had been crying her eyes were puffy and purple from no sleep.

"I'm sorry! I was just coming to get some clothes and I was leaving." She said walking up to the room.

The tears just started coming out of her eyes. I quickly walked over to her and wrapped her in my arms. I softly kissed her forehead

"I'm soo-oo so-rry" She tried to say.

"Shhhh. Bella it's okay. I believe you. Shhh. Come on lets get you up stairs and to bed. I can tell you haven't had sleep in a while." I said.

I picked her up and carried her up stairs. I crushed my cold hard lips to hers and she was out asleep. I just layed there with my arms wrapped around her making sure she wasn't going anywhere this time.

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