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The Answer and the New Mission

Later that night

"… and so Metz had me go to London to retrieve a stash of Amulets and priceless museum artifacts from an occupied Organization stronghold near Buckingham Palace," Lok said grudgingly as Sophie and him ate dinner on the terrace of the townhouse.

Sophie who had gotten over her yelling and beating of him and Cherit, was listening with a shocked expression on her face at how dangerous the mission had been for him.

"So Metz had you go to London to gather a stash of Amulets and priceless museum artifacts from an occupied Organization stronghold near Buckingham Palace and you didn't tell me about it because Why?" glaring at Lok for keeping her in the dark about it.

Lok was expecting all of this and he an answer to solve all of it(fox-like smile on his face). He got up and walked over to the fuming love of his live and pulled her to her feet.

Too say she was taken aback at the sudden change in him while she was upset at him and waiting for him to give her an explanation. Well she an explanation, but not one she was expecting.

Lok had gotten down on one knee pulled a silver ring box and said "Sophie this is why I was away for a month," he said opening the ring box.

Sophie was speechless as she stared at the most brilliant ring she had ever seen and what really caught her eyes was the gen upon the ring. The gem it seemed she recognized as by looking at it brought back painful memories that night three years ago when she lost her best friend and first Titan Sabrial.

The gem was a big amethyst orb and then she heard Lok say "This your old Titan Sabrial, Sophie say hello to your friend once again and to answer your of HOW? It is all thanks to Cherit and a spell he remembered that allowed a fallen Titan to be Revived once more, but the side-effect is you have to reseal the Titan and thanks to Cherit once again was able reseal her," he said as he looked up at the now tear filled face of the one he loved.

"Oh yeah I also promised you another present it is Will you Sophia Castorwel give me the honor marring you?" spoke Loc in worried yet confident voice.


With Dante and Zhalia(same time)

They thanked whatever supreme being was looking out for them right now because they needed a night to themselves and that meant no kids for awhile, no Lok, no Sophie, and definitely no missions. Well they were thankful they had Cherit and La Blanche to watch over Saya and Lucas and they had gone over to drop them off to see their Godmother(Sophie) and had found out that Lok the kids Godfather had returned.

When they had gotten to the house they asked what was happening tonight and if they could watch the kids tonight. La Blanche told them what Lok was planning for tonight and that he was out finishing tonight's preparations and then La Blanche heard simultaneously from Dante and Zhalia " About damn time he did it." They said and thanked the butler and said goodbye.

A couple minutes later

On the big screen in the living room came to life showing Dante's teacher and friend, Metz leader and founder of the Huntik Foundation.

"Dante, Zhalia I know I have sent you four on a lot of missions as of late, but in need you to not tell Lok this until the right time, ok," pleaded Metz to his student and his wife.

"Metz do you even have to ask, now what is so important that we cannot tell Lok," said Dante.

"Rassimov and his lackeys are back and what is worse is they brought in Eathon Lambert, lok's father badly injured saying that we got what we need from him and they left saying that the ultimate Legendary Titan stronger than the Titan of Immortality that Lok Bonded to with the other three legendary titans." Calmly said Metz.

Now Dante and Zhalia knew why Metz wanted Lok to not know about it yet and they said "Where to."


La Blanche

'I do so hope that the young miss says yes to Lok.' Thought La Blanche as he was getting food for Saya and Lucas as Cherit was playing with them.



Sophie was speechless when she heard what Lok was asking her and she was extremely happy for it because they had talked about it off and on ever since Zhalia and Dante got Married.

She was screaming YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inside of her head ,but her mouth wouldn't respond. After what seemed like forever she opened her mouth said it, " Yes Lok I would be happy to be your wife and spend the rest of my life with the one I love and I thank you for always saving me when I need it."



Lok let her say part and then slipped the Titan/engagement/wedding band on hear extended ring finger and saw that Sabrial excepted her yet again as her wielder. The next thing that happened was that Sophie helped up her friend/Fiancée and kissed him with a lot of passion in it from both sides.

Next Lok thought he was imagining things as she said "let's finish this the bedroom."

Now they had shared the same bed for awhile but what she just said reminded him of something she once said.


"I don't want to have sex until I am with the one I love," said Sophie much to the dismay of Lok who truly loved her. That was last spring when Lok's mother asked them right out if they were having sex.

Flashback end

Lok was also going to get more than one present that tonight he thought as he moved the table inside. Yes, tonight was going to be special for the both of them and nothing was going to ruin it for them he thought again while walking back in to see his future wife naked on the bed sweetly saying in a sexy voice and thinking this will be good enough, "I have waited for this moment for a long time my love."