Author's Note:

Through writing various Max/Terry fanfics, and reading my best friend's (DesertedMirage) awesome fanfics, we started realizing how awesome Chelsea is, and she asked me to write a fic for Chelsea. So this is me exploring Chelsea's potential. I hope that this is interesting for you, believable, and opens up new doors for you in your creative potential.

Chelsea's wardrobe is inspired for me by this awesome site online called etsy . com. You can see my favorites (her ring is actually taken from my favorites) and the rest is inspired by the beautiful stuff there, and how that site has inspired my own fashion bent. So you can see my site and also my favorites by going to: elizabethrosemiller . etsy. com

I hope this fic encourages you to reach your own potential, to be creative and unafraid. I just had so much fun writing this, and really let myself out. Furthermore, life is too short and boring (if you don't) so let yourself out of your box and pursue your passions.

But because I love you, I want this story to be enjoyable for you. So, beyond what I've got now, I want it to be driven by your thoughts and ideas. So review with plot ideas, or what you think should happen, or what would be realistic to you, or what you think want to happen next. I am so excited to embark on this journey!


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Chelsea combed her fingers through her stiff, backswept blonde hair.

"You are so extremely cool," Dana mentioned.

Chelsea stopped, startled that her best friend would jump from talking about her boyfriend problems (as usual) to giving a compliment. Her eyes narrowed as comprehension dawned. "Ooh no."

"Chelse, hear me out--"



"Are you out of your mind!?"

Dana stood, sighed, and stuffed her hands into the pockets of her denim mini skirt and took a few steps out onto the marshy outskirts of Gotham Lake. Her shoulders were hunched all moodily, and her long dark hair writhed in the air like a liquid thing. It was a beautiful, melancholy picture. Typically how Dana got her way.

"Ugh, Danaaa..." Chelsea ground the heels of her chucks into the sand.

Dana turned back around to face her friend. "It was YOUR idea."

"NO IT WAS NOT!" Chelsea promptly freaked-out back. She was a little high-strung with her dad, sure, but never with Dana. She was usually the level-headed one. But when said best friend tries to set you up with her BOYFRIEND so that she can get rid of him, it could stroke even trademark-cool Chelsea's fur the wrong way.

Dana set her stance to defend. "Yes it was. Three weeks ago. I told you I couldn't do it, I couldn't break up with him, and you said that maybe I didn't have to. That I could set him up with another girl and that would do the job for me."

Chelsea stood, feeling more calm now that she could track what was going on. "Dana. I did not mean that you should set him up with ME."

"But who else would he go out with? Who would go out with him?"

"I didn't even know that you really wanted to break up with him all that much." Chelsea wondered, brushing off the seat or her orange burmudas.

"Me either. But...being single wouldn't be that much different than going out with Terry McGinnis."

Chelsea watched her friend with compassion, though she didn't seem that torn up. ...Over it, maybe?

"I thought it was a really good idea."

"Well, it wasn't." Chelsea sauntered over to one of her dad's boats and flopped inside. It was an old green and white rowboat that had probably never been on the water. Dana and her had sat in it all through high school, reading magazines and talking about boys. Only Chelsea's boys ever changed.

Dana followed, knowing she was breaking through. "C'mon. You want to help me, don't you?" Finding another point to bolster her case, she gave a little jump and pointed at her friend. "YOU'RE the one who has been telling me for, um, years, to break up with the guy!!!"

Chelsea looked up at Dana, sad. "This is not something you ask of a best friend. Like, ever."

"Oh c'mon, he's not gross."

"'s kind of why I don't think I should be going out with him...I mean, er...go out with him, ONCE. I meant."

"Why not?" Dana looked puzzled.

"Because! Um, what would people say? If they find out I went on a date with your boyfriend! They wouldn't know WHY I did it..."

"I know, Chelsea. I know it's a lot to ask." Dana slumped into the boat and sat on the bench across from Chelsea. "But I have to ask you."

"Why can't you break up with him again?" Chelsea squinted at her friend, knowing she'd heard it a million times, but hoping for a change.

"Because...well...Terry is hecka hot."

"And you wouldn't be jealous BECAUSE...?"

"Oh come on. I've given up. Terry is like on of those trophy can look but you can't really...I don't know..."

"Be with them?" Chelsea finished. She was an expert on Dana's life.

"Yeah, that's it. See? You understand. You know why you have to do this."

"ARG! Chelsea slammed her forehead into her palms. "Well how do we even get him to do it?"

"Oh I know Chelsea Cunningham has her ways."

"Thanks, Dane, that's really flattering," Chelsea grumbled.

"As is the nickname 'Dane.'"

"Well you had better know how slagging much this is gonna' cost me because--"

"Oh, I know. C'mon, let's go buy some hair dye. I'll do your hair for you - no charge."

"That does not even begin to cut it, but...alright."

Two days later, Chelsea was strolling down the sidewalks of her subdivision in a black and white checkered mini dress, in high-top combat boots. The boots were a little warm for the summer day, but they just made the outfit look so shway, she couldn't resist. She reached up to touch the blue ends of her hair affectionately as she licked at snazzleberry flavored ice cream. An old-school favorite. Summer was great, but...there was only so much she could do to stay out of the house and away from her dad. It was pretty much either shop or hang out with Dana. It was senior year next year, and she was tired of the guys in her class and couldn't date upperclassmen anymore as they had all graduated. Boring life, basically.

Her cell began to ring from a pocket on the hip of her dress. Ooh, Dana! Maybe she wanted to go out?

"Chelsea. Hey, so, uh, have you asked Terry out yet?" She asked in one breath.

She rolled her eyes in annoyance. "You mean, have I asked your boyfriend out yet?"

"Chelse! You promised!"

"Fine, fine, fiiiine. I'll call him, once, and if he says yes, then so be it, and if not...well I did what I could do."

"Okay! Call him!"

"You so owe me, like, forever."

"Wait, no, what if he says no?"

"....Um, exactly my point."

"No! You have to go do it in person! He can't say no, Chelse."

"Danaaaaaa, please, no..."

"Chelsea, have I ever asked you for anything?"


"Wouldn't I do it for you?" Dana pleaded.

Chelsea stopped walking and let out a long sigh. "Yes, you would. I'll go to his house, call you when I get back."

An hour later, Chelsea pulled up to the apartment building where the McGinnis family lived in her father's sports car. It was a dark blue Viper, all enclosed and low to the ground, with a black windshield that bent over halfway across the roof. She sat inside nervously for a moment, not knowing what she would say when she got to the door. "Oh god oh god," she mumbled.

Once she got out, her face was all sunny smiles and confidence. She bounded up to the door in her usual school garb of sneakers, a stretch mini skirt, and a tight sleeveless cropped top. Very cheerleader. A bit of a departure from her summer wear.

She rapped on the door. Mrs. McGinnis answered.

Terry's mom looked momentarily startled but smiled graciously as she said "Hello, Chelsea! It's good to see you!"

"Hi, Mrs. McGinnis. I came Terry. Is he around?"

"Yes he is, let me call for him, TERRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYY?" He came around the corner in a sweatsuit eating a bowl of cereal, with bedhead and groggy eyes.

"Mom! You didn't have to yell."

"Alright, sweetie." Mrs. McGinnis gave Chelsea another smile before she walked off to leave them alone.

Terry shuffled to the door and looked at Chelsea with a puzzled expression. "Hey..."

"Hey, Terry! Been a while since I've seen you, I think I've only seen you, like once, since school got out..."
"Yeah," Terry replied with a huge yawn.

"So how is your summer going?" Chelsea fumbled, anxious on the inside, though she hid it with hyper excitement.

"Um, good..." Then something changed. Terry became alert. The sleepiness vanished from his countenance. The cereal bowl almost slipped from his fingers. His mouth hung open, and he stared past Chelsea.

Chelsea watched him with wide, confused eyes.

"Oh my god, is that the Viper Slash G89?"

"Er...yes. It's my dad's."

Terry pushed past her gently and walked reverently up the car in his bare feet. Cereal bowl in one hand, he ran his other hand across the seamless windshield. "Wow..." he breathed.

"Of course!" Chelsea murmured to herself, an idea dawning.

"This is one of the best lookin' cars out right now," Terry muttered, meaning to let Chelsea know, but not getting his voice quite loud enough. Chelsea appeared by his elbow.

"Want to take it for a spin?"

"YES!" Terry fairly shouted. He ran back inside to dump his cereal bowl off and tell his mom he was going out.

Chelsea sent off a text to Dana as she got into the passenger seat of her dad's car.

Dana responded quickly. "What if he wrecks the car?"

Chelsea had a brief moment of panic as Terry slid into the driver's seat.

"Okay," Terry said, hysterical with joy. He expertly bolted in, glanced over to check that Chelsea was, and then threw it into gear. "A manual shift and everything! These are so rare now!!!" He cried.

Chelsea giggled, enjoying the feeling of being plastered back into her seat by the speed. Even she hadn't gotten it going this fast. As they drove, her worry began to fade as she noticed the skill with which Terry operated the vehicle. He was certainly no stranger to high-powered vehicles. Going at lightening speed, he also demonstrated his ability to stop on a dime as he slammed on the break, switched gears, and ripped the wheel to the side, bringing it to stop, sideways, exactly four feet away from a squirrel scampering across the road.

"You saved Pipsqueak!" Chelsea laughed.

Terry looked serious. "No one should take these things to their full speed if they don't know how to stop. Especially in suburban areas."

Chelsea raised an eyebrow at his corny, but perfectly sincere, speech. "...You sound like a cop or something."

Terry shrugged and zigzagged onto another street dangerously, as if to make up for the slip of his carefree teenage facade. He was definitely an intriguing guy...Chelsea could see why Dana had such a hard time breaking up with him. He was powerful, dynamic, handsome, and yet so GOOD. Chelsea had never felt the crackling in her ears around him before, because she had never been with him without Dana.

Voice almost shaking, she decided it was time. "Would you like to go -- er, hang out tonight? You could drive the car some more!"

Slowing the car considerably, Terry glanced over at her, wary. "Oh, Chelsea, probably not."

"Oh? Okay," Chelsea muttered, looking down.

"Well I guess I'll let you go," Terry said, cheerfully, and ripped the car back to his place. "Thanks for the spin, Chelse! It was nice to see you!" He said and then ran back into the house, without waiting for her to speak.

"Terry McGinnis turned down MY best friend!?!?" Dana shrieked over the phone as Chelse was driving back.

"Um, Dana, it's understandable."

"Who says no to Chelsea Cunningham!?!? What is his problem?"

"Dana, he's dating you. Maybe he's a decent guy."

"What? You're saying this now? You never used to say that."

"Well...maybe I didn't know him, before."

"Woah woah woah, are you starting to LIKE him?" Dana shrieked in glee.

"No! What kind of a best friend do you think I am? No!"

"Well you can't give up now. Nothing has happened."

"Dana...I think I've had enough of this. And besides, I really think you need to learn to break up with the guy. And - and, maybe, you don't want to break up with him. I mean...maybe he's not as bad as I've always said."

"What? Chelsea. I've made up my mind. I want to break up with him."

"Okay. Just...whatever. I need to go. I'll catch you later, girl."

Chelsea wandered into the huge spare bedroom, the one her father never bothered to go into, and stared at her handiwork. This was the one other thing she did with her free time in the summer. The thing she didn't even tell Dana. And certainly not her dad. A sewing machine sat on the oak writing table, facing out over the large window, giving a beautiful view of the estate and lighting the room in the perfect light. Large blackboards held sketches and figures, and a computer sat on the bed with a screensaver that scrolled through her creations. Huge color print-outs of her masterpieces hung from the ceiling. And there were racks everywhere, rack upon racks of clothes, in every size, shape, and color. A plum silk dress, the skirt of which was made of strips of different colors, composing a rainbow. That one was great for spinning. A pearly gray sweater that glimmered like raindrops when it moved, a mirrored mini dress with a matching headpiece. She walked over to her sewing machine and brushed her fingers over the work-in-progress. Tumbles of blue fabric in the perfect shade of blue. An image flashed in her mind of her design for it. An amazing ballgown that trailed on the ground, the front laced up with black cord, long sleeves slit from the shoulders... She would never have anywhere to wear it. Not that she would have worn it anyway. She didn't wear anything she designed, because then Dana would want to go shopping at the store she "bought" it from, and her secret would come out...

Not even her favorite orange shirt. She wouldn't even wear that one. The long-sleeved, paper-thin soft cotton creation with the screenpinting of black diamonds all over it, and the thumb was so shway. But no. She didn't want anyone to know.

Stuffing her feet into her (own creation) white knit slippers with stitched purple X's on them, she slumped down at the machine and lost herself in her own world.

Wearing a grey stretch wrap dress, sea-green emerald sheer tights, high brown leather boots, and an orange bow headband, Chelsea was leafing through magazines at the library. She had finished the blue dress earlier that day, and wanted to spend the day wallowing in inspiration. "I need to make something GREEN," she thought in delight. Mmm, perhaps a tattered green scarf. She stood with her stack of magazines and headed to push them back onto a shelf. She began to walk out of the recesses of the library, and past all the computers. Real magazines were less and less common in libraries, but Chelsea felt so much more inspired when she was holding a real glossy page in her hand. The colors were much more vibrant that way. As she passed a computer, she noticed an extremely attractive man leaning over a computer, tapping away intensely...Terry! Oh, that was embarrassing.

She could have kept walking and he would never see her, but...she just had to know.

"Terry! Um...what are you doing at a library?"

Terry turned around, the intense look slowly fading from his face. "I'm...wait...why are you dressed like that?"

"Like WHAT?" Chelsea shot back defensively. A couple of people started looking at them.

Terry raised his hands up in surrender. "Nothing, nothing, never mind."

"Alright then," Chelsea said haughtily and moved to brush past him. Terry gently grabbed her elbow.

"Hey - I'm sorry, I didn't mean a bad way..."

"Yeah, it's no problem, Terry," Chelsea replied, reaching up to massage her forehead with one hand.

Terry's hand dropped from her elbow. "I'm sorry about earlier," he murmured, so as not to disturb others in the library. "You took me...a"

"Yeah well, I didn't mean like a date..."

"Yeah I'm sorry...I just..."

"I know, took you a little off-guard."

Terry smiled at her.

"Sorry I bothered you, I just...well, you took ME a little off-guard...being in a library," Chelsea giggled behind her hand.

"Yeah, well," Terry shrugged. "Maybe I'm a closet nerd."

Chelsea giggled again. "Maybe I'm a closet...oh, I don't know...designer," she said, beginning to laugh hysterically.

"A what?" Terry said, not catching the joke.

"Nothing," Chelsea mumbled, squirming under the look of a stern librarian. God, why were librarians so devoted to silence?

"Why is she so pissed off?" Terry noted, trying to alleviate her discomfort. They both laughed quietly together.

"Well, I gotta' go," Terry said dolefully.

"Oh, right, yeah, me too."

"Why? Where are you going?" Terry asked politely.

Chelsea stiffened. "Um, you go...hang out." No way was she telling him 'the fabric store.' "You?" She asked quickly, to get Terry off the subject. Man, she got the feeling that he was really an investigator.

"Oh, to meet Dana. She called me and asked to meet," he replied openly.

"Oh! Well..."

"Wish me luck," Terry joked.

"Good luck!" Chelsea obliged.

"Well, I'll just walk out with you then..." Terry offered, and they began awkwardly to walk toward the exit.

"Would you happen to know what Dana wants to talk to me about?" Terry asked after they left. The fun atmosphere seemed to melt out of the air. Chelsea cleared her throat and examined her zebra-print nails that Dana had painted a week ago. They were chipping really badly. She was about to respond when Terry interrupted.

"Hey, I like your hair! I hadn't noticed. Blue, that's shway."

"Um, thanks, well, Dana would probably --"

"And your ring! That's so cool! Where did you get that?"

Chelsea coughed and held her hands behind her back, hiding her yellow felt butterfly ring. "Um...I saw" No need to mention that she had made it herself from something she saw online. And it had not been easy to make. But she loved a challenge. She had to stiffen the felt with all kinds of glue to get the 2-inch-wingspan to stay slightly folded upright...

"Wait don't hide it, I've never seen anything like that," Terry made a grab for her hand, but Chelsea danced out of the way.

"Well, I like your...tracksuit..." Chelsea tried.

Terry laughed. "Okay, maybe I'm not Maybe you could help me with that?"

"Yeah, maybe," Chelsea said a little high-pitched as she hopped into the car.

"Maybe I could drive the car again!" Terry yelled through her closed door.

"Dream on Terry McGinnis!" She yelled back with a smile as she peeled out of the lot.

Chelsea tried to hide the fantastic green fabric in the back seat. It was this gorgeous shaded forest color, out of the perfect, light-weight, tough scarf material...and she could not get it to stay in the bag! Change of plans, hanging out with Dana. Dana jumped into the car and Chelsea quickly sat upright, trying not to glance into the backseat to make sure it could not be seen.


" did?" She lifted her hand to her forehead and glanced behind her fingers into the backseat, trying to see if the fabric was showing.

"Yeah, just now. I met him at a coffee shop and I DID IT."

Chelsea forced herself to switch gears mentally. "Okay, so, how did you do it?"

"Well, um, I told him that I knew that you had asked him out..."

"Oh my gosh." Chelsea slid down lower in her seat, feeling embarrassed that she had talked to him only an hour before he had heard this from Dana.

"And I told him that I didn't mind.'

"You did not!"

"And then he said that he didn't mind either."


"See, you like him!"

"I do not!"

"Well, he didn't say that."

"...He didn't?"

"No I just wanted to see your reaction."

"Oh. Well then...what did he say?"

"Well we talked about our relationship, and we said, 'let's still be friends,' and we hugged, and laughed, was great...and I feel so free!"

"You do?"

"Yes! I should have listened to you MONTHS ago!"

"Oh. Well, I'm really glad you feel good, Dana. I'm glad."

"Yeah, you said that."

"Okay, well...should we just sit in front of your house, or should I drive somewhere...?"

"Let's call Max!"

"MAX?" Chelsea choked.

"Yes of course Max."

"Dana, Max is Terry's, like, best friend..."

"Yeah, but she's also cool and will so totally be on my side. And honestly, Ter wasn't torn up or anything."

"Well, okay..."

"But even so, you call."

Chelsea glared at Dana. "No."

"Okay! Geesh." Dana whipped out her cell and spoke Max's name into it. A moment later, it was ringing.

"Hey Max, what'sup girl? I was just calling to say...I broke up with Terry. Yeah, for good. So, you hadn't heard?"

Chelsea watched Dana nervously out of the corner of her eye, feeling guilty.

"Well, I was wondering, d'you want to, ya' know...go clubbing? Okay, sweet! Meet you in twenty!"

"Clubbing?" Chelsea asked skeptically.

Dana stared back. "When have you ever said no to clubbing?"

"It's not that, it's just that...maybe it wouldn't be too sensitive to go try to pick up guys in front of's best friend...?"

"Okay, where is my best friend and what have you done with her?"

Chelsea began driving slowly and said nothing.

"C'mon, Chelse. Max is fine with it."