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August 19 - 1:00 am

Freddie fell into a fitful and angry sleep, which was not ideal but certainly beat out the alternative emotions he had to select from. He couldn't get the image of them together out of his head. She was all sarcasm and long blonde hair and he was all tall and winky. He felt like an idiot, obsessing over her for the last several months, turning every little interaction into an epic of hidden signs, and meanwhile, she was off finding her next boyfriend.

He hated her. He had hated her before, he could certainly hate her again. He just had to remind himself of all her faults. She was mean, she was sarcastic, she was emotionally stunted and immature, she was violent, she was gross----dirty----loud----obnoxious---demanding----aggressive----impossible. That is what it all really came down to. She was impossible. They were impossible.

His dreams were erratic and disconnected. Real memories and fantasies combined to create an impossible illusion within his mind.

He could smell her hair, he could hear her whisper his name, he could feel her tugging at him insistently ---

"Sam?" The darkness of the room and her hood obstructed the majority of her expression, but she was standing with one shoulder hitched and her hands in her back pockets, a posed and practiced indifference expertly projected.

She nodded her head towards the hallway. "Come on." He couldn't tell if her voice was hoarse or if she was simply attempting to whisper.

He sleepily followed her out into the hall and through the large window to the fire escape. Rain was falling in sheets around them and the sky lit up every few minutes followed immediately by resounding booms of thunder. "The storm is right on top of us." He spoke just to have something to say, a way to break up the deafening silence between them.

She just nodded and shrugged as she pulled her bright hoodie a little closer around her damp body and fell haphazardly into the camping chair she had marked as her own in the months prior. He mimicked her actions with the identical chair beside hers, again, he thought, just for something to do.

Usually, in better times, they would both have slung their legs on the shared ottoman, crossing them over one another's, tangling their calves, feet, and toes, but tonight Freddie pushed the ottoman away with the ball of his bare foot, and kept his feet firmly planted on the cool concrete. She had her hands buried deep within the over-sized pockets on the hoodie, and had folded her entire body into the chair in a way that left one knee exposed through a rip in her jeans and her face completely turned to face Freddie.

They sat there, settling themselves in, listening to the rain and the thunder, before Freddie finally turned to her. "What are you doing here?" Disgust and anger dripped off every word as he looked her square in the eye.

She cocked her eyebrow at his tone, but apparently selected to ignore it, or accept it, because she simply shrugged. "You're the one that insisted we have to talk." She dropped his gaze for a moment to look around the fire escape. "I figured this was the most appropriate place to discuss everything."


A/N: This will be a 9 chapter story following Sam and Freddie during the end of their Junior year and the summer before their Senior year. I have all of the chapters written but I am a perfectionist so I am still working on edits. The prologue is an excerpt from the last chapter. Chapter one will be 6 months prior to this moment.

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