Only a Photograph


"Miss Swan, we need you on set in ten minutes for the cliff diving scene."

"Thanks Marcus! I'll be on my way as soon as Alice finishes my make-up!"

Life since my vacation in England took off towards the sky. After a long week in Edward's arms, I returned home only to be mobbed by photographers. I kept getting asked how it felt to be in love with Edward, my only response: It was amazing. Interviews were set up and needless to say I wasn't struggling for rent at all. My father surprised me by saying this was the way to get my dreams accomplished. I wasn't sure what he meant at the time but I did now.

Not soon after the first few interviews aired I was contacted by Marcus, the director of Dark Moon. After a few meetings I was officially the new Kris and signed on for the last two movies. I had to hire my own bodyguard, which I gave to none other than Jasper, he may look small but he can throw a man far. A stylist was also necessary, and Alice was thrilled when I asked her if she wanted the job. Bella Barbie every day, how could she pass that up? Even more of a plus for her, all my outfits were designed and made by Alice herself and soon fans of mine wanted her designs. Thus Pixie Designs was formed and Alice was on her way to her first million.

If you're wondering about Edward and I, we are doing fantastic. I moved in with him, to England that is. We bought a house down in LA for any jobs we have in the US or when I wanted to visit family. It didn't matter where I had a house though, as long as I was with Edward I was home.

"Bella, I'm all done. Go knock them dead kiddo." I smiled and stood from my seat before giving Alice a hug. What would I ever do without this girl? I made my way down to the set. I was to jump off a short cliff with a safety harness and land into a stunt bag. The safety harness was to ensure I didn't jump too far off the edge. As I neared the set I saw Edward off to the side smiling, just like he always did. I blew him a kiss before harnessing up and taking my position.

"Quite on the set please. Ready and Action!" I heard Marcus yell. Taking a deep breath in I looked down for a short peak. Yep still really high up. I don't care who thought this was a short jump; I was going to kill them. I prepared myself just like my character would before running and right before I hit the edge I jumped. I started falling when I heard a loud snap. The safety rope had broken on my lead. I was falling to far away from the stunt bag, right into concrete. I closed my eyes and prepared for death, Edward's name screaming from my mind and lips.

*hides under a rock* Don't kill me I'm working on a sequel, I'll post a author's note when it's up. Thanks a lot guys and please don't kill me!

Destiny Kalince