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Chapter 8

(No POV)

Lori, Heather, and Carrie are all gathered around the kitchen table for an "emergency meeting."

Lori clears her throat, "I have asked you all over here to decide what our next move should be."

"First off, where are Kate and Beth?" Carrie asks, always being the sensible one.

"They're upstairs playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band or whatever the hell it is." She waves her hand dismissively.

"I think we should do some kinda intervention. Ya know? Make them own up to their feelings." Heather suggests while messing with her cell phone.

"Heather, that's pretty genius. Lori, do you think it will work?" Carrie says while typing everything that's been discussed during the meeting.

"Well, it about has to. We don't really have another choice. I mean, I'm all out of plans and I think if we just spell it out for them, maybe they'll get the hint. Agreed?" Lori asks while sticking her hand in the middle of them.

The other two girls role their eyes but put their hands in regardless.

"Agreed." They both say.

They all throw their hands up in their air for good measure. If anyone would have walked in at that moment, it would have looked ridiculous. Unluckily for them, Kate and Beth chose that exact moment to walk into the kitchen.

(WARNING: Sex Scene…Cue Marvin Gaye's, "Let's Get It On" (just kidding…kind of)

Without breaking the kiss, Kate starts to back up, pulling Beth towards the bed. When the back of her knees hit the mattress she falls back, bringing the brunette down on top of her. Beth quickly adjusts herself to a more comfortable position.

Beth starts to trail kisses from the corner of the blonde's mouth, down to her neck. She begins to suck on Kate's pulse point, making sure that she leaves a mark.

"Mmm Beth," Kate moaned as Beth's hand glided up her shirt. Kate leaned forward and discarded her shirt. Beth's eyes lustfully raked over the other girl's body. She pushed Kate back down and latched onto her collar bone while her hands softly kneaded Kate's breasts. Kate groaned and rolled her hips into the brunette's.

Beth hissed and thrust hard against the blonde in response. Kate groaned at the contact. Beth kissed down Kate's body, stopping to lick her belly button. She continued lower and looked up at the blonde as she lightly skimmed her tongue above the girl's pants. Kate's eyes fluttered shut and her mouth dropped open, causing a new rush of wetness between the brunette's legs. Beth hastily unbuttoned and dragged Kate's jeans down her body.

Beth mentally moaned at the sight of Kate in the matching red bra and boy shorts set that was originally bought to tease John. Kate leaned forward and pealed the brunette's shirt over her head. Beth realized that it would be pretty much impossible for the blonde to get her pants off in this position, so she quickly took them off herself. Kate stared at Beth's body, clad in a matching black lace bra and panty set, with a look of pure hunger.

Beth crawled back on top of Kate, "You are so beautiful." The blonde capturing her lips in a heated kiss. Kate opened her mouth and their tongues fought for dominance. The blonde snaked her hand up Beth's back and quickly unclasped her bra. Kate broke the kiss long enough to toss the brunette's bra onto the floor. The brunette gave her a surprised smirk before sliding her hand behind Kate and doing the same. The blonde gave a shy smile before leaning up, allowing Beth to pull it off of her.

Beth trailed her kisses down, pausing to lick the mark on the other girl's neck, that she had left earlier. Kate made a noise in the back of her throat, urging the other girl on. The brunette continued down and left light butterfly kisses around Kate's breast. The blonde's breathing picked up and she rolled her hips into Beth's to inform her that she didn't want to be teased. The brunette groaned at the contact and seemed to get the message because she captured the blonde's nipple in her mouth roughly. Kate released a loud moan and reached between their bodies to softly grope the brunette. Beth groaned and grinded into the blonde.

Beth pulled back long enough to slide her hands to Kate's boy shorts. She lifted her eyes to the blonde's, silently asking if it was okay. The blonde nodded and lifted her hips, helping the brunette slide them off. Beth's underwear were also thrown to the floor, which had a considerably large amount of clothing littering it.

Both of their hands found and softly teased one another. "I love you," Kate whispered with so much emotion that it made Beth's eyes water. "I love you too," Beth said back with just as much emotion.

They entered each other at the same time, both at a whole new level of bliss. They began to move faster, matching each other's pace. Their lips crashed together and they roughly started circling each other's clits. They were building, reaching, and clawing for something that they knew only the other girl could give. They both stiffened, then their orgasms washing over them in waves. They tightly clung to each other, whispering each others names.

"Holy shit! That was amazing." Beth panted out, trying to get her breathing under control.

Kate furiously nodded, "I was thinking the same thing."

The girls curled up together and fell into a blissful sleep, finally at peace.

(A few hours later)

Beth and Kate walk into the kitchen, their hands entwined, fully prepared to tell everyone that they were together. What they didn't expect to see was Lori, Carrie, and Heather all throwing their hands in the air like idiots.

"What are you guys doing?" Kate asked while trying to keep from laughing. It was a failed attempt when Beth snickered, sending both the girls into a fit of laughter.

Heather and Carrie both shot them evil glares. In all of this commotion, the three meddlers failed to notice the two had their hands intertwined.

"Anyways, Beth and I have something to tell you. We're together." Beth shot Kate a huge smile.

"Oh for the love of all that is holy! Girls, the mission is off." Lori yelled out while throwing her hands in air.

"It's about damn time you two! Can I get back to my social life now?" Heather said while rolling her eyes.

"I'm glad you two finally see it our way." Carrie beamed while closing her laptop and packing up her stuff.

"Wait, what do you mean mission? What in the hell is going on here?" Beth asked, thoroughly confused.

"Oh please, we've been plotting to get you two together for forever. Like when Beth stayed with us, that was part of the plan. I got your mom in on our mission as well." Lori stated with pride.

"Yeah, and the cat noise and hidden camera, that was all Carrie and I." Heather stated.

"Hidden camera? And Beth's mom knows? Jeez, did everyone except us know that we liked each other?" Kate questioned.

"Of course! You guys just needed a push in the right direction and we were all happy to be that forceful shove." Carrie stated as if it were obvious.

"Well, we're glad you're together, but Carrie and I should probably take off." Heather smiled.

"Absolutely. See you guys at school." Carrie said while waving.

With that, both girls walked out the door, bickering about who originally said Kate and Beth belonged together.

"On that note, I'm going to run upstairs to my room and call your mom, Beth. Have fun girls." Lori said while bolting out of the room, taking the stairs two at a time.

Beth turned to Kate, wrapping her arms around her, "Well, that was definitely a surprise."

Kate softly rested her forehead against Beth's, "Yeah, but could we expect much more from them." The girls softly kissed each other.

Kate broke the kiss, her face suddenly turning pale, "What did Heather mean when she said hidden camera?"


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