Considering the overwhelming popularity of my last songfic(that was dripping with sarcasm, btw),
I thought I'd try it again.
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The set up: Chandler and Monica slept together in London, but kept it in London. One year later, Monica ran into Richard, and they started dating again. They are now engaged.

~The Letter~

"I Do"
(Words and music by Jude Christodal)

"Oh, Monica, that's so great! Congratulations!" Rachel, Phoebe, Ross and Joey were jumping up and down, elated with the news that Richard had asked Monica to marry him.

"I knew he was the love of your life!" Rachel quipped.

"I know! I am finally marrying the man of my dreams!!" Monica sighed.

Chandler stood a few feet away from the group, a plastic smile on his face. After all that he and Monica had been through, he'd simply assumed that Monica and Richard were temporary. After all, she belonged with *him*! They were meant for each other. He had felt it, the moment their lips met in London. He often wondered if she had felt it too. But then she came up with that "not-New York" rule, and he figured that she just needed time to think. So he waited. And waited. And before he knew it, a year had passed, and suddenly, Richard Burke was back in her life. Chandler sighed, and joined the celebration, pushing past his own feelings, as he had done so many times before. All he wanted...all he'd ever wanted, was for Monica to be happy.


Chandler stayed away from Monica for the next couple of months, or tried to, anyway. It wasn't difficult, now that she and Rachel and Phoebe were wrapped up in wedding plans. The whole thing didn't seem real. If he really tried, Chandler could pretend that it wasn't real. But eventually, the day came, the day that reality slapped him in the face, and told him what an idiot he was for believing that it wasn't gonna happen.

"Chandler! You've got some mail," Joey called out, as he dropped a bunch of thin envelopes onto the counter.
Chandler emerged from his bedroom, and put on his best "I'm totally okay" face. He picked up his mail, and began thumbing through it. Bill-bill-bill-Columbia House ad-coupon book-TV Guide, for Ms. Chanandler Bong-invitation.
Wedding Invitation. Chandler's heart dropped. This was it. The invites had been sent. There was no turning back.

I got a letter today
An invitation
And the writing looked like you
Hello how are you and by the way
Please RSVP I do

I thought of writing sad words of how it used to be
But I didn't want to bring you down, no
I guess the bells will ring pretty well there without me
Don't worry 'bout me baby I'll wear the thorny crown
I will play the clown

Chandler looked at the pretty parchment paper, and realized that there was no way he was going to get through this. There was no way he could watch while Monica married Richard. He'd have to come up with something-some excuse. He had to get out of this. The thought of Monica, dressed in white, and kissing that big tree--it made him cringe.

If you think that I don't love you, you're just wrong
And that don't matter now anyway
I couldn't bear to see you up there with a white dress on
Here's my vow to you
I'll stay away

The day of the wedding was fast approaching. And Chandler found himself in a panic. He had no idea how to rectify his situation, short of telling Monica how he felt. But he knew that it would only hurt her, and that's the last thing he wanted to do. So he did the next best thing. He told Joey.

"In LONDON!" Joey yelled.

"Would you shut up!" Chandler said his eyes nervously scanning their empty apartment.

"I can't believe this! This is huge!"

"Well, it's not that huge-she's marrying Richard!"

"But--Chandler, you gotta tell her! I mean, if she really said all that stuff in London--"

"It was in the heat of the moment. She probably regretted it."


"Joey, you and I both know she is better off with Richard! Rachel said it best--he's the love of her life."

I remember when in a lover's whisper you said
No other man would ever share your bed
Well we both know that's not been so
And I wish I'd never let you go now
You found a better man instead

"But--" Joey protested again

"No, Joey. It's better this way. She's happier this way."

I wish you health and wealth and a white house on a hill and I
I hope you raise a family
Little boy and a little girl, a little more joy in this little old world
Well, that'd be enough for me

If you think that I don't love you, you're just wrong
And that don't matter now anyway
I couldn't bear to see you up there with a white dress on
Here's my vow to you
I'll stay away


The wedding was in three days. Chandler, having no real excuse, told the gang that he had been transferred to London, and that he had to leave immediately. He promised Monica that he would try to be back for the wedding, knowing in his heart that there was no way he would be back.

Time rolls on
And dreams they die
And I've thrown out the pictures I had of you and I
And if you're ever wondering if love can be true
Well, think of me and remember darling like I, like I do

And Joey knew it too. He looked at his best friend, and tried to think of a way to help heal his broken heart. But Joey knew that only one person could keep Chandler in New York. So, while Chandler was wrapping things up at work, Joey searched the apartment, and found The Letter. The letter that Chandler had written to Monica, with no real intention of giving it to her. The letter said everything. In it Chandler told Monica how he felt, and how he wanted her to be happy. He was sacrificing his heart, so that she could have everything she'd ever dreamed of. Joey knew that this was true love. And if Monica felt the same, then everything would go perfectly. If not...everything would fall apart. Chandler did not know that Joey knew about the letter. Joey was sure that, if this backfired, he would lose Chandler as a friend. But he wanted Chandler to be happy, so it was a risk he was willing to take.


Monica fussed with all of the final details for the wedding, before sitting down and breathing a sigh of relief. The wedding was almost here. She should feel more excited. But the news that Chandler may not be there had hit her hard--harder than it should have. She found it ironic that he was being transferred to London. She sighed, hoping that he found in London whatever it was he had been looking for. Amidst all that had been going on over the past few months, Monica couldn't help but notice that Chandler had seemed lost. All she could do, was hope that he'd find happiness in London, the way she had found it with Richard. She walked into her bedroom, and saw a plain envelope sitting on her bed, with her name scrawled across it. She smiled, thinking that Richard must have slipped in unnoticed, and placed it on her bed. She opened the letter, and began to read. It was then that it became clear--painfully clear--the letter was not from Richard--it was from Chandler.

Old friendships fade away, love falls apart
And you've not spent a single day outside my heart
But, there's just one more dream that I have left for you
I hope you're smiling when he turns around and says I do. . .


Oh, I wonder what Monica will do? No really, I haven't even thought that far, LOL.
If you heven't heard this song, you should. It's great.

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