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"Edward …"

"Bella, come for me love."

"Edward … I can't." God I was horrified. What was wrong with me? I literally had a sex god in between my legs right now, pulling out every trick in his book and I still couldn't find a release. Not that I wasn't enjoying myself. Every time Edward touched me my body quivered, I just couldn't be pushed over the edge by simple love making anymore.

"What's wrong, love? Is there something I can do? Not being able to satisfy you is unbearable. Please let me help you." Edward pleaded with me, sorrow filling his eyes. I reached out and cupped his face in my hands. I hated myself for hurting him like this, but what could I do?

"Oh Edward, as cliché as it sounds, it's not you it's me. I love you so much, I just don't know what to do. My body won't respond the way I want it to anymore. Maybe I need something … more."

"More?" He raised an eyebrow in question. I couldn't believe the words I was thinking were about to escape my lips.

"Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy the way you make love to me, I truly do. I think I need a little more spice, for lack of a better word. I want something different." I stared at my fingers twisting the sheets, avoiding Edward's gaze. "Not someone different, but maybe a little … forcefulness, roughness. Let the monster that I know resides inside of you out for me. I'm sure he'd love to see me as much as I'd love for him to appear."

Edward lifted my chin so I was forced to look into his golden eyes. "And you're sure it's not me you're not satisfied with."

"Oh God no! Edward I –" I started, only to be stopped by Edward placing a firm finger to my lips.

"Please love, can I have a minute to think," he pleaded with me for the second time during the night and I could not refuse him. Nodding my head, Edward laid across the bed, arms behind his head, eyes closed.

I was a monster for placing Edward in the quandary that he now resided in. How could I do this to him? How could I make him doubt what I felt for him? I would explode if one more ounce of love filled my being for him. I didn't deserve him. He treated me like a queen, placing me on a pedestal that if I fell off of, he would be there to catch me and return me to my place. If he decided to leave me now, he would only be in the right.

After what seemed like hours Edward finally spoke. I was totally unprepared for what he said.

"Bella, you know I love you more than life itself and I would do anything to make you happy, absolutely anything."


"And you feel the same way about me?" I was panged that he even needed to ask the question.

"Without question."

"Well then I have only one more question for you, love." The crooked grin that I loved spread across his face. What could possibly be amusing right now?

"Are you sure that you wouldn't like someone different to join us?"

"What!?" I jumped off the bed and across the room, totally taken by surprise. What was more surprising was the next thought that entered my mind. Who did he suggest join us?

"Calm down, Bella. Truthfully, it's something that I've been thinking about for a while now." He motioned for me to rejoin him, running his other hand through his tousled bronze hair. I obliged his request. I was thoroughly intrigued. Where did this side of Edward come from? "As long as we are both know that it's strictly about sex, I don't see a problem inviting someone else into our bed."

"Do you already have someone in mind," I blurted the words out without thinking, instinctively covering my mouth as if the action could somehow stop the words from escaping.

"Actually, yes, I do. Jasper, could you please come in." Edward did not take his eyes off of me, waiting for my reaction as the door opened, and in walked Jasper. I gasped at the sight of him. His blonde hair hung loosely around his face. He was dressed in a tight fitting dark blue button down shirt and khakis. He extended a hand at me as he sauntered towards Edward and I.

"Hello, Bella. How nice to see …" Jasper trailed off as his eyes raked over my body, "… all of you."

Oh no! I was completely naked. I seized the sheet from underneath Edward, nearly knocking him over in the process and wrapping it around me. If I was still human I would have been blushing furiously.

"Jasper! What are you doing here? Edward?" I didn't know what to say.

"Don't worry, love. Isn't it obvious? I invited Jasper here tonight to join us. Bella," Edward grabbed my face, speaking softly, trying to calm my nerves, "I've noticed lately that we've been having some problems, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Please try to understand, I'm trying to help us."

"But what about Alice?"

"Alice and I have had an open relationship for quite some time now. Believe me when I say she has no qualms about this." Jasper looked at me as he spoke, and I was instantly calm. "If you feel at all uncomfortable with this, I will leave."

"No," I spoke softly, unsure of myself, unsure of what the repercussions would be if I allowed this night to happen. I had always felt some level of attraction towards Jasper. He was so quiet and reserved that I was often reminded of myself. But at that moment, sitting naked in bed with two beautiful men in the room, my body aching for a release, my attraction towards him increased ten fold. "I want you to stay."

Jasper and Edward smiled at me at the same time. They looked to each other and Edward nodded. Jasper was the first to speak.

"Bella, darlin', please take that sheet away from yourself and come here." He started to unbutton his shirt, making his way to the edge of the bed. "You should never hide that beautiful body."

I did as commanded and let the sheet fall from my shoulders, allowing my breasts to be exposed and scooted towards the side of the bed where Jasper now stood. He undid the last button of his shirt and left it hanging open. All I could do was stare. I had never seen Jasper's bare chest before and the sight was enough to render me speechless. Reaching my hand out I ran one finger down the middle of Jasper's stomach, eliciting a growl from him. I could already see a bulge forming in his pants.

Seeing the effect I had on Jasper I was suddenly filled with a newfound confidence. Running both my hands up his chest I removed the offense piece of clothing baring his entire torso to me. God his beauty rivaled Edward's. Edward. I turned sharply locking eyes with my husband. Somehow he was smiling at me, his eyes filled with lust.

In an instant Edward was behind me, placing soft but swift kissing down my neck and along my collarbone. I knew then that everything would be alright. He wanted this night to happen as much as I did.

I returned my attention to Jasper who had stripped down to his boxers. Grabbing my face he crashed his lips into mine. His kiss was forceful, full of something that Edward's normally weren't. Longing?

It didn't take long for this errant thought to be erased from my mind as Jasper forced his tongue into my mouth allowing me to fully taste him. He was intoxicating. The flavor of syrup and something floral whose name I could not think of flooded my mouth as our tongue danced together.

Jasper broke our kiss, only long enough to whisper "Isabella," before returning to the onslaught on my mouth. Edward was still behind me, kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear. Reaching his arms around my body, Edward grabbed my already hard nipples, massaging them in between his fingers. I moaned loudly into Jasper's mouth, causing his member to twitch. A wave of juices flowed from my core, increasing the want that I felt for these two men.

"Bella, may I take this sheet the rest of the way off you? I want to know what you taste like." Jasper was already placing a finger inside the sheet. Biting my lip I nodded.

Before I could blink, Jasper had ripped the sheet away from me. "You are exquisite," he muttered, getting to his knees and trailing kisses down my stomach. Edward turned my face towards his, licking the outside of my lips, begging for entrance. He kissed me with a fire that I had never felt from his before. Lust, need, and love radiated from his mouth into mine.

"Edward," I spoke into his mouth.

"My Bella," Edward answered, moving a hand from my chest to caress my face.

I was suddenly jolted out of my reverie, by Jasper's tongue, licking its way up my thigh towards my soaking wet core. He placed his mouth directly in front of my throbbing bundle of nerves blowing a cool breath. My hips bucked forward at the sensation and had it not been for his heightened senses I would have rammed myself into his face.

Smiling, Jasper began placing feather light kisses on the outside of my lips, teasing me with every move he made.

"Are you ready for this, Bella? Do you want me?" Jasper questioned from in between my legs, his eyes glancing toward my face. All I could manage was an infinitesimal nod of my head.

"That's not good enough, Bella." Jasper ran his fingers along the outside of my lips. "I want to hear you say it."

"I want you Jasper, I need you." No sooner had the words escaped my mouth than Jasper thrust his tongue in between my lips, causing me to throw my head backwards onto Edward's chest. Edward took the opportunity to ravish my mouth with his, while continuing to massage my glass-shatteringly hard nipples with his hands.

Jasper moved his tongue from the bottom of my entrance to just below my clit, refusing me the total pleasure that he could give me.

"Mmmm, Bella. So sweet. So delicious." Jasper raised his head only long enough to whisper these words. He placed he hands on either of my thighs, pushing them apart to their breaking point. At vampiric speed he began thrusting his tongue in and out of me causing my venom filled juices to flow across his face.

"Jasper!" I screamed as he pinched my clit with his fingers, kneading it the same way Edward was with my nipples. I was nearing my peak. I could feel the explosion waiting to be released collecting in the pit of my stomach. I knew it. Edward knew it. And Jasper knew it.

Removing his tongue from my entrance, Jasper replaced it with two fingers, continuing at the same pace he had with his tongue. My body began to shake as he moved that amazing mouth of his towards my clit, pulling it in, and biting down.

In that moment I was undone. One hand flew to Edward's hair, the other to Jasper's as the strongest orgasm I had ever had raked threw my body. My mind could form no coherent words. Growls and screams flew out of my mouth as my men continued to work me down from my orgasm. I collapsed onto Edward's chest, letting the last spasms exit my body.

I could feel Edward's arousal at my back and see Jasper's in front on me. They were not finished with me yet. I was not ready for them to be.

"Bella." Edward's voice startled me as I felt him move from behind me. "Turn around and get on your hands and knees. You're going to do to me what Jasper just did for you."

This was the Edward I had been waiting for. The commanding, domineering Edward that I had craved for years was finally emerging. The monster that I had been waiting for has reared his head. Trying to hide the smile that wanted to plaster itself across my face, I flipped around and into the position that Edward had demanded. The sight that greeted me only wanted to make me smile more.

Edward was on his knees, inches from my face, fully erect. I licked my lips awaiting the meal that was in front of me.

My tongue left my mouth and found the tip of Edward's dick, circling around the head, spreading the fluid that had escaped. The growl that emanated from his chest was enough to make a new wave of my own fluids escape.

I reached out with one hand and began stroking Edward, slowly at first, but gaining speed fast. Placing only his head in my mouth, I continued to stroke and suck him. I felt Jasper behind me, his erection placed perfectly outside my entrance.

"Do it, Jasper. Ram yourself into my Bella. Make her scream. Do it." Edward's voice filled my ears. I almost didn't believe that it was my Edward that was speaking. Where had he been all this time? I was so turned on that I was about ready to explode without anyone needing to touch me.

However, Jasper had every intention on following through with what Edward had told him to do. Jasper thrust himself into me, filling my completely, and shoving Edward all the way down my throat. Edward's groin twitched in my mouth. He began moaning my name over and over again as I moved him in and out of my mouth.

Jasper, on the other hand had not moved since he entered me. I thrust my hips back into him, craving his touch just as much as Edward's.

"Wait, Bella. You're so warm, so snug. I don't know if … please, just wait." Jasper's voice was strained as he spoke. Somehow his begging only turned me on more. It took all the strength I could muster to not slam myself back into him again. Instead I focused my attention toward Edward.

Edward placed his hands on my head forcing me to the pace that we wanted. I reached my hand to grasp his balls, squeezing and releasing, trying to bring his orgasm to the surface. His pace quickened if that was at all possible.

Jasper finally regained his composure and began thrusting into me, making me moan around Edward's member in my mouth. My hips moved back and forth with Jasper willing my climax to emerge. None of us were going to last very long. Jasper reached his hand underneath me creating the friction I so desired.

"Bella!" They screamed my name in unison pushing me over the top. Edward emptied himself into my throat, pulling my hair and shoving me down onto him at the same time Jasper thrust one final time spilling into me. My body quivered with the second orgasm of the night and I was in ecstasy.

The three of us fell onto the bed, gasping for the air that none of us needed.

Edward was the first to move, reaching for my face. He began placing haste kisses down my chin and jaw before crashing his mouth onto mine.

"Don't you think for one second that I'm done with the two of you." I was full of confidence and a lust I hadn't felt since Edward has denied himself to me when I was human. "I want to feel you both inside of me at the same time, and I want it now."

I sat up in between the two of them. Jasper looked at me, eyes wide as I placed him inside my mouth. Feeling him grow there was amazing. I reached my free hand towards Edward, stroking him once again until he was throbbing for me. Quickly, I crawled on top of him, slamming down on his hips so that he was totally sheathed inside of me. He grabbed my waist, guiding my erratic movements.

"Darlin' as you sure you want this?" Jasper asked me, still lying on his back next to me.

"Absolutely, now come here." Not stopping my movements on Edward I attacked Jasper's mouth, thrusting my tongue into him the way he had done to me earlier. Releasing myself from the kiss I motioned for him to get behind me, to which he was only too quick to do.

Edward slowed me down, preparing me for Jasper's entrance. Jasper began rubbing his cock up and down my slit, spreading my juices to the place he was about to enter.

"Are you ready?" He positioned himself at my hole and I nodded, awaiting the pain to come.

Jasper began to enter me slowly, pushing his way into my tightness. I gasped aloud. It was painful, but not unpleasant.

They both waited for me to let them know I was okay before their thrusting began. The sensation of being completely filled by the two of them overwhelmed any pain that may have still been present. I could feel Edward and Jasper rubbing against each other inside of me and I knew they could feel it too.

Grunts and growls were escaping all of our mouths. I fell onto Edward placing fiery kissing along his jaw line before making my way to his mouth.

"Bella," he whispered my name and our eyes met. There were so many emotions traveling threw his eyes that I couldn't catch them all. He needed to know that I was still his. I needed to make him feel my love.

I mouthed 'I love you' to him, pleading with my eyes, hoping he would see I belonged to him and no one else. All emotions ceased in his eyes and they were instantly flooded with love, overpowering love.

"I'm so close, Bella, come for us." Jasper voiced startled me. Both he and Edward quickened their paces, but Edward's eyes never left mine.

"Yes, Bella, do it, come for us. Come for us now, love. I can't hold on any longer."

Right then these two men, these two awe-strikingly beautiful men leaned to either side of my neck and bit down. Hard.

If I thought the orgasm from earlier was amazing, I was wrong. There were no words to describe the waves of ecstasy streaming through my body. I felt my juices spill out onto Edward's stomach as he and Jasper came with me. Neither ceased their thrusts in and out of me. They were both trying to prolong my release and it was working. I felt my walls clench around Edward as a second orgasm came rippling through my body, making my head spin.

"Edward! Jasper!" I screamed both of their names, thanking them for what they were doing to my body.

We remained in the same position for minutes, not wanting to be torn away from each other and the bliss that we had created.

Finally, Jasper released himself from me and Edward flipped me to my side, pulling out as well. I wanted to crawl into the fetal position, the aftershocks of my explosion not having left my body yet.

Edward and Jasper propped themselves onto an elbow staring down at me.

"Are you okay, love?" Edward asked, wiping away a strand of hair from my face.

"I'm more than okay. Thank you both so much. That was utterly amazing."

Jasper chuckled before speaking. "Maybe Alice will have to join us next time."

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