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When Bella fisted her fingers in my hair, willing me closer with every ragged breath she took, I've never wanted to take a person more than in that moment. It wasn't only my groin that was yearning for her, but something deep in my chest ached, longing for her to deepen her touch, to feel her tiny frame enveloped in my arms.

I knew my feelings had been changing for Bella over the past month, but it wasn't until that moment, sitting there next to Bella, our lips barely parted, that I finally allowed myself to think that we could be something more. Ever since the first time she, Edward, and I had been together I noticed my behavior around her had changed. When we would walk together in the forest, I would, consciously or unconsciously I didn't know, step closer to her so that if her stride were to sway our skin would touch. I found myself constantly watching her, surprised about the little things she did that I had missed the past 60 years. She always turned the pages of whatever she was reading with her right ring finger. When she was concentrating, the faintest hint of a wrinkle would form just at the edge of her left eye. She would always wait for Alice to start complaining before she would repaint her finger nails. Whenever she caught me staring at her, she would instantly become aroused, though I thought that was a new development and not something I had been missing. And when she removed her wedding ring before hunting, she always kissed it before sliding it off her finger.

Thinking about how tenderly Bella treated her wedding ring was what had made me stop the kiss from happening. Even though Bella and Edward were having problems, she still loved him dearly and no matter what I was feeling for her, I wouldn't let her do anything that she or I would regret later.

And I loved my wife. I knew that I was in love with Alice, and as much as I had wanted to lavish Bella's entire body, I wanted to do it to Alice more. At least that's what I kept telling myself, and it had been working. I had decided to push whatever I was feeling for Bella aside and do what Edward had asked me to do: I would help, rather than interfere, with his and Bella's love life.

That was the mindset I was in when I sought out Edward and brought him to Bella; and when I made her tell him how she liked it when he had pinched her nipple; and when I had begun giving them instructions. But when Bella had knelt in front of Edward and spread her legs, exposing all her glory to me, it was all too easy to imagine myself in Edward's place. In that moment I had only wanted to bury myself in between her thighs and taste that sweet nectar that I had been denied for over a month.

I don't know why or how I stopped myself, but I was grateful that I had when Bella and Edward finished, holding each other so tenderly it made my heart ache. I had slipped out of the room and ran to my own to once again work out my sexual frustrations about Bella with Alice.

And here I was now, lying in bed with Alice, trying to enjoy the sensation of our naked bodies intertwined to no avail. Even though Alice's face was resting on my chest I could still make out her troubled features. I was about to ask her what was wrong when she spoke up before me.

"Jasper?" she asked, lifting her head to look at me.

"Yes, darlin'?" I asked trying to get her to smile as I forced my accent to take over my speech, which usually worked, but not tonight. She grinned, but nothing reached her eyes. They were so sad and I couldn't help but think back to that first night when I had returned to Alice waiting for me in our bedroom. She had looked this sad after her vision.

"How do you think Edward and Bella are doing?"

I don't know what I was expecting her to ask me, but that definitely was not it. Why would that be making her so sad?

"They're actually doing much better tonight, but I'm not sure how long that's going to last. It barely lasted a week the first time. I just hope Bella can start talking to Edward and the prude can finally realize what it is she wants," I said.

That's not completely true because then there would be no more need for me and I don't think I'm ready to give this up yet.

"I love you, Jasper. Just please, remember that," Alice said, reaching for my face and placing a chaste kiss on my chin.

I made no response. There was no need. I wasn't quite sure where this whole arrangement was going, but apparently whatever decisions I made they would all lead me to the same place; a place where Alice needed to remind me that she loved me, and I would have to remember that I loved her above everything. I tried to contain the sorrow that was surging through me at the thought that I would have to be reminded that I loved Alice. I had to do something to make up for whatever I was going to do.

Gripping her tightly I hummed to her until the rising sun peaked over the horizon and shone through our window making our skin glisten in its light. Alice detangled herself from my grasp and smiled a genuine smile at me before hopping out of bed to spend the next hour in the closet picking out our outfits for the day

Alice and Bella, though I think the latter was forced, spent most of the day at the computer ordering the newest Fall fashion because "we can't start at a new school looking like yesterday's garbage." Alice was overly excited about starting school as normal. The prospect of new friends to be made always resulted in a fit a giggles from her. Even though we all knew that most people avoided us like the plague, her enthusiasm made me smile.

Edward and I were playing a game of chess, watching our women. Every once in a while Bella would turn around and catch Edward's eyes. They would smile at each other and all I could feel was love rolling off the both of them. It made me that much happier of my decision to stay out of their love making the night before.

"Rosalie!" Alice yelled upstairs halfway through her time at the computer. "If you don't dismount Emmett right now you're going to miss out on the last of the Gucci boots! I can't seem to remember what size you wear," she teased. A loud thud and a second later Rosalie was downstairs brushing her hair back and swearing.

"Alice, I told you not to start without me, damnit. Couldn't you have waited a few minutes for me?" Rosalie huffed as she pulled up a chair next to the girls.

"Yes, but I told you three hours ago that we were starting. Couldn't you have waited to have THAT," Alice said, pointing to Rosalie's crotch, "filled by THAT?" Alice redirected her finger towards the stairs where a boisterous Emmett came crashing down.

Bella laughed at Alice's joke, unintentionally gaining the interest of Emmett.

"Little sis, I can assure you that there's nothing funny about this." Emmett teasingly thrust his hips into the air a couple times. "I can show you if you'd like." Bella bit her lip and looked down at her shifting feet.

"C'mon, Emmett, stop. You know that shit still embarrasses the hell out of her," I spoke up. Bella might not be able to blush anymore but I could still feel her embarrassment. I thought I was being a good guy.

"What's wrong, Jazz? Don't want me picking on your girlfriend?" Emmett laughed.

Bella's doe eyes shot up towards mine as a dozen different emotions ran through her. Edward nearly dropped his chess piece and his eyes matched those of his wife. What the hell am I supposed to say to that?

"Wooow, what's everyone freaking out about?" Emmett asked, taking in our faces. "It's not like you guys have been quiet during you're little escapades, not that it would have helped with our freaky deaky super natural hearing. To each his own, right? I must say I'm a little disappointed that you didn't ask me to join." Emmett cracked a smile, determined to keep the mood light. Surprisingly, Bella was the one to aid in his attempts.

"Emmett, I'm pretty sure that that thing you're so proud of there, isn't all that you make it out to be seeing how Rose would rather buy shoes than keep riding it," Bella jibed at him.

We all looked at each other before cracking up, filling the house with laughter.

"Ouch, sister, ouch," Emmett said, standing up from the floor where his laughter had taken him. A split second later he had Bella pinned down, tickling her wherever he could.

The rest of the day was uneventful. There were no more mentionings of Bella being my "girlfriend." Esme had come inside during the tickling fight to make sure none of her new furniture had been ruined, effectively ending the previous conversation. Even if she knew about our extracurricular activities I knew she would never mention that knowledge.

Carlisle had come home near midnight. The local hospital staff had desperately needed his help and he was more than willing to oblige them. He had taken Emmett and Edward hunting with him shortly after his return, wanting to be home in time to make it back to the hospital for the morning shift.

And Alice, she needed some alone time with her closet. After ordering too many thousands of dollars worth of new clothing, space needed to be made. She had disappeared to our room hours ago. That left Bella and I alone. We were contently sitting by the fireplace, each reading our respective novels. I had to add one more item to the list of things I was noticing about Bella: she made me happy. I think I had a permanent grin on my face the entire time we were reading. That was until Bella shifted her position, spreading her legs in front of me. Thank God she was wearing pants today. My mind instantly began replaying the events of the previous night and a bulge soon formed in the front of my jeans.

It didn't take long for Bella to notice the change in my mood. Hell, I had all but dropped the book from my hands as I lost myself to my memories. Her mood immediately changed to match mine when her eyes swept over my straining erection.

"Bella, I –" The sound of a falling shoe box cut me off, reminding me that Alice was in our room. Alice! A new smile crawled onto my face as a way to make up for whatever I was going to do in the future came into mind.

"Come with me, darlin'," I said, grabbing Bella's hand. "I think Alice needs our help."

She made no protest as I laced our fingers together and lead us to the back bedroom.

One good thing about Alice's shopping addiction: her collection of lingerie was extensive to say the least. When I pushed the door open, there she stood, wearing a black corset and a matching thong. The corset wrapped up around her shoulders, pushing her breasts up and leaving them bare and exposed to Bella and I to see. As I tore my eyes away from her hardened nipples I caught sight of her feet. Red stilettos, just for me. My member twitched, begging to be released from the confines of the God forsaken pants I was wearing.

"I've been waiting for you two for far too long," Alice said before she sped towards me, smashing her mouth against mine. I could feel her lips curve into a smile as she reached over to take Bella's free hand.

Nervousness instantaneously surged through Bella. Alice pulled away from me, the smile still wide on her face, and moved to stand in front of Bella. She took the back of her hand and slowly ran it across Bella's check. Her slender fingertips ghosted along the line of Bella's jaw and up across her lips. Bella's mouth opened at Alice's touch and she was calmed without any help from me.

I felt my own smile form at just how amazing these two women were, and how they were both about to be mine.

"Jazzy baby," Alice spoke, not looking away from Bella, "it's time for you to leave now."

"Excuse me?" The words were out of my mouth before I could think about them. Me leave? It had been my idea for Bella and I to run back here together. I had every intention of making a reality the dozen of images that had been running through my mind. What did Alice think she was doing here? I started my lips to protest, but quickly stopped when she turned my way, a stern look on her face.

"Jasper, you need to leave," Alice repeated. And Alice always got her way.

Bella squeezed my hand before she dropped it and I walked out of the room leaving behind the two women who were entirely interested in each other, and not at all in me.

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