Author's Note: This is an extremely different fandom, hell, a different universe for me, given that Harry Potter and Twilight were my main deal. But I love Marshall, and I've been rooting for him and the Preacher's boy since the very beginning, and when I saw the episode this week, I couldn't help it. I practically screamed when Jason kissed him back. Well, I did scream. So this came up in my head after I watched it for the second time. And I quite love it. Kinda drabbel-esque. Uber short. Uber sweet. Uber sexy. Review, please. -Delta (also, this is my first 'first-person' fic, so be gentle.)

Disclaimer: I do not own United States of Tara.


His lips were soft, too soft, disconcertingly soft.

And I never wanted them to leave mine.

I was nervous and shaking and I was praying to every deity my mind could think up in those few free moments that our lips weren't touching and all there was was his beautiful breath brushing across my face that this wasn't a mistake and that he wasn't thinking the opposite.

I let my tongue brush across his bottom lip and I felt him stiffen beneath me before his full lips parted and, God, when his tongue curled around mine I thought my arms would buckle, and the thought seemed well enough, given that it was his body that would break my fall.

And when his hands snaked through my hair and curved around my neck, I did.

And he welcomed me.

I wanted to scream with joy, my heart almost bursting within my small chest, fluttering against his and I knew he could feel it, practically taste the excitement on my tongue.

And I swear I could feel him smile.