Summary: In the darkness, there is always someone pulling the strings. One who watches. One who schemes. and One who calculates everything. This person is called a Mastermind. What difference will one person make? Apparently a hell of difference. Will SEES be able to uncover the mysterious Mastermind? Or will his plot suceed without them even knowing? Persona 3. AU.

Tatsumi Port Island, Gekkoukan High School, 1999

Within the walls of the school, a group of scientists worked on a experiment. A experiment that was part of a project that could very well change the face of the planet. The completion of this experiment, could very well give those scientists the power to control space and time! These scientists hoped to harness this power, through the means of creatures called Shadows.

These men were in the final stage of their experiment, of course they were all excited. They calculated every possible outcome, check every instruments in the room, observed the collected Shadows in the adjacent room through a glass window, and talked about the procedure for the experiment.

"Is every going as planned?" one scientist asked.

"Everything is running smoothly, far better than anything we could have expected!" another answered.

"No doubt that new guy had something to do with it." another said as the three looked to another scientist looking through the glass and the combine Shadows in the other room, "I mean, the guy basically came out of nowhere and is able to grasp everything we discovered in matter of weeks! How hell did he ever accomplish that?" he said as the three continued to talk.

The scientist of the gossiping was still looking through the glass as he watched the Shadows. In back of the room, another man was standing, over looking everything, with a look of eagerness, with a tint of greed in them. "Mr. Kirijo! We are ready to begin!" a scientist said from his computer. Kirijo, only gave a nod as the scientists all moved to their assigned positions for the experiment.

Everyone quickly got to their computers and devices, preparing for what might be the breakthrough of the century! All of them were filled with excitement for various reasons, while the one who was by the window, moved at a slightly slower pace than the others as a smirk crawled on to his face.

Within a few minutes, the long awaited time for these scientists where their hard work would bear fruit and lead them to fame and power. In the room containing the Shadows, two rods came out of opposite walls as they began to discharge electricity, before shocking all of the Shadows in the room. Their roars could be heard through the window and over the sound of the electricity as gauges on the computers increased at a fast pace!

"Process at 22%!"

"No anomalies have arisen!" Shouted another scientist, as all of them were monitoring their part of the experiment, while Kirijo looked on with a sick satisfied look. During everyone's excitement and work, all of them failed to notice that one scientist, smirking in the back.

"Process at 57% and growing!" shouted the scientist, "…Huh!? What the!?"

"What's wrong!?"

"I don't know!" The scientist shouted as the system began to go haywire, "Everything is starting to lose control!"

"Well, fix it!" Kirijo shouted, "We've come too far for this to come to waste!" he shouted as laughing could be heard. Everyone in the room turned their heads to the source, the so called genius of the project. "Wha? What are you laughing at!? Stop this! This is your system!" he shouted, but the scientist only laughed.

"Hu hu hu…Did you actually think that people like you can control this power? Hah, such arrogance." he said as he rose from his seat and walked to the front of the room. "To be vexed by such power, it is only natural to be blinded and yet move ever forward like mindless beasts."

"What was that!?" Kirijo shouted as he was beyond mad as he jumped to his feet, slamming his fists on the table in front of him, but the scientist did not flinch in anyway. He just stood there as the Shadows continued to roar and instruments were beginning to go haywire, with a smirk of satisfaction plastered on his face.

Everyone was trying to regain control over everything, but nothing was working, only getting worse as sparks began to fly and smoke start to trail out of the computers. "There is no point trying to stop it. The system is only doing what I programmed it to."

"What!? Why would you do that?!"

"Power is not for anyone who reaches for it. It is deserved by a select few. And you people, aren't them." the traitorous scientist said as the system was reaching critical, emergency lights were blaring, and electrical discharge was becoming more and more frequent! "When fools reach for power, only disaster await them."

"No! If we don't stop this, the result can be disastrous! Who knows what'll happen!"

"You've gone past the point of no return. This is the end result of your greed. Bask in it. Indulge it. It is all yours to enjoy." the Traitor sneered as the system finally reached critical as every began to blow, while the Traitor began to laugh as hell ensued the room! The room containing the Shadows also over loaded as the power of the Shadows became unstable as they unleashed their raw power, causing a massive explosion that was able to destroy the containing room and giving their freedom, as the mass of Shadows split up and went in different directions!

Because of the raw power generated from the Shadows, the operating room was destroyed in the blast, killing all in the room…or so it seemed. In the flames, one still remained on his feet. It was the Traitor, rising from the fire with his coat burning, but he paid little attention to it as he looked at the hole that the Shadows escaped from. "Ha ha…Now it's only a matter of time…" he whispered to himself as the fires intensified, engulfing everything!

A/N: This is my first Persona fic. I recently become addictied to the Persona series, more specifically Personas 3 and 4. Anyway, this is basically Persona 3 with a Mastermind that was the cause of everything, not like how Ikutsuki was, but on a more larger scale. Will include OCs. The plot will change accordingly. Personas will be created. And hell will be unleashed....on more than one occasion.