Last time The Trix were forced back into their personal hells again by Zahidia as the Construct destroyed itself due to the false piece installed. Thanks to Marissa's intervention, Zahidia spared our favorite villains. Zahidia then mutated Vicky into a monster and sent her to kill Bloom. The warped witch took Bloom to Domino where they fought. Vicky had the advantage, but the timely arrival of Sky, Stella, Carmen, Jake and the others saved Bloom. With Carmen's energy storing tattoo giving her the edge in a distracting battle with Vicky, Bloom and The Winx gathered enough Fairy Dust to remove the taint on the stolen ember of Dragonfire in Vicky, effectively burning her alive from the inside. But the witch died laughing, saying that the Ancestress Coven still lives, thereby keeping Domino cursed.

Chapter 34: Fall and Rise of an Empress

"She's gone," said a horrorstruck Icy as she, Darcy, Stormy, Toro, Trabon, Kevin, Naz, James, Sara and Johnny, sat and watched the battle on Domino. They saw Vicky getting hit by that sphere of concentrated Fairy Dust and then saw her burn alive. They also heard Vicky declare that the Ancestress Coven was still alive and Domino would still be cursed, but right now that's the least thing on the minds of Icy, Darcy and Stormy.

"You killed her!" snapped Stormy at Zahidia, "you mutated and murdered our sister!"

"And I'll do the same to you as well," said Zahidia as she sipped from a teacup, "you pathetic worms were useless before, just as Victoria was. I made her a useful tool, but she still failed. However," she eyed the three sisters and their friends, "I have plenty of resources to practice on, to make the perfect weapon to kill Bloom of Domino."

"This isn't exactly what I had in mind," said Marissa, "I never intended for you to change Vicky, or to send her alone against Bloom. I hate to say it, Zahidia, but you're not thinking right."

"Don't you try to undermine me, Marissa!" snapped Zahidia as she threw her teacup into the wall, a maniacal look on her face as the cup shattered, "I know how much you covet the throne of R'leyh, despite how much you denied it."

Marissa glared at Zahidia with unadulterated loathing, "alright, I admit. I want to rule the new empire. I want to destroy you utterly and seat myself on the throne of Xaldo, and I would have done it by now, if it weren't for those meddling fairies."

All the servants and Zahidia's entourage began shouting 'Traitor!'

"I was never officially affiliated with this cabal," said Marissa, "I only wish to take what was rightfully mine to begin with."

"You had your chance to become the empress," said Zahidia, "instead you sided with those wretched abominations. You joined the Enigma 13 of your own free will, and now you expect me to just let you usurp me without a fight?"

"I never said dethroning you would be easy," said Marissa, "I knew that if I were to try to do it myself I would fail. That is why I looked for help, and I found it." She then waved her hand and released The Trix and their allies from the enchanted chairs.

"It took some convincing," said Icy as she, Stormy and Darcy faced Zahidia, "but we agreed to help Marissa bring you down!"

"We said we'd also help," said Naz as she, Kevin, Rolf, James, Sara, Jonny and Plank, stood with The Trix.

"You insolent brats!" snapped Zahidia, "you'll all suffer for this trechery!"

"I think not," said Marissa, "you see, I wouldn't declare myself your enemy like this, unless I had a plan that would ensure my inevitable ascension to the throne."

"And just what is that plan?" Zahidia asked. She then suddenly began blinking heavily, as if her vision refused to focus.

"It begins," said Marissa, "first your eyes become disoriented, then your equilibrium, then you can't breathe, then your hearts stop beating."

"Hearts?" Darcy asked.

"Those of our race have two hearts," said Marissa, "that and other factors make us rather hard to kill."

"You cannot kill me!" exclaimed the would be empress, "I am Zahidia!"

"I know that," said Marissa, "which is why I dosed your tea with a few milligrams of willow bark extract while you were watching the battle."

"Aspirin!" exclaimed Zahidia as she continued to blink heavily.

"Not enough to be detected by the palace poison sensors," said Marissa, "but enough to slow you down so my friends and I can have our way with you."

"Get her!" shouted James as he sent a massive mind blast at Zahidia, while Rolf and Naz sent a barrage of curses, combined with ice blasts, dark blasts and dark lighting blasts from Icy, Darcy and Stormy.

"This is for everything you did to me when we were kids, you bitch!" spat Marissa as she to added her own curses to the barrage. But all of the dark blasts merely bounded off of a dark magic barrier Zahidia summoned.

"Is that all you ingrates have?" Zahidia asked in a daring tone.

"We're just getting started!" shouted Trabon as he sent a concentrated hurricane at Zahidia. She brushed it aside like it was a fly.

Toro then morphed into his monster form; a mixed monstrosity of a yeti, a bull, an eel, a crane and an octopus. He then rushed at Zahidia, intending to crush her in her yeti hands.

Zahidia's barrier deflected Toro. He then tried to impale her on his bull horns, but her shield blocked him again. He then tried to ensnare her with his octopus tentacles, but Zahidia used a spell that got Toro tied up with his own tentacles.

Toro had to revert back to his human form just to be able to move again, only to be hit by a massive curse that left him unable to move.

Zahidia then raised her Cthulhu-marked hand and her eyes glowed purple. This time she didn't need to make eye contact to ensnare The Tirx, Toro, Trabon, Naz, Rolf, James and Sara in their own personal hells.

"You thought you could bring me down," said Zahidia, "you thought wrong. I'll torment you until you die. And when you reach the real hell, tell the keepers of the underworld that you foolishly thought you could best me."

"Suck on this, bitch!" shouted Kevin. He had gotten behind Zahidia and stabbed her with a knife, the blade cutting into her left-hand heart. Johnny then jumped down from the ceiling and bashed her on the head with Plank. The double attack caused Zahidia to lose her focus and free The Trix and the others from their personal nightmares.

"Good shot, buddy!" shouted Johnny.

"Thanks," said Kevin as he pulled his knife out of Zahidia.

"Not you," said Johnny, "I was talking to Plank. He's the real hero here!"

"Well, you tell Plank," said Stormy as she, her sisters and the others got back up, "that I'll give him the waxing and polishing of a lifetime."

"Why are you talking about rewarding a piece of wood?" Trabon asked.

"You're right," said Stormy, "what was I thinking?"

"Nothing, as usual," muttered Icy.

Just then Zahidia got back up and sent out a massive pulse of dark magic that forced everyone to the ground. But then Zahidia coughed up some blood and nearly lost her balance.

"And there goes your equilibrium," said Marissa as she and the others struggled to get back up.

"How much longer can she keep this up?" Naz asked, "she's been poisoned, stabbed and bonked on the head."

"Not much longer," said Marissa, "if the poison doesn't finish her off, she'll bleed to death."

"You…you think you've defeated me, Marissa?" Zahidia asked as she struggled to stay on her feet, "you think me so weak that you could just shove me aside? Well you're wrong! This body of mine, my fourth, it may be dieing, but I will not die! I cannot die! I will never die!"

"You don't mean…?" exclaimed Marissa.

"Yes!" shouted Zahidia, "the power of our race to cheat time and death themselves! We may be the last of our species, those fools who called themselves the Lords of Time, but we're better than them, or at least I am! Their gift of life shall be my ascension to a new era of darkness!"

"What's she talking about?" Icy demanded, "and what's a Lord of Time?"

"Time Lords," said Marissa in a correcting manner, "Zahidia and I, we're descended from Time Lords who fled Gallifrey before the last Great Time War, the war that destroyed our race and The Daleks."

"You're not making any sense!" said Stormy.

"Then perhaps this will make some sense, you pathetic worm of a witch!" said Zahidia as he body began glowing with dark energy, "I shall overcome this pitiful attempt to usurp my rule! Zahidia, The Empress, shall…" she threw her arms out and held her head up, "… REGENERATE!"

Her whole body was lit up with dark energy so bright and terrible that nobody could look at it. After ten second or so the light began to fade. The Trix and Marissa could see Zahidia's face change into a completely different identity.

The dark light finally went out, revealing a slightly shorter Zahidia, now with the face and figure of Jennifer Love Hewitt.

"Well," said Zahidia, "that was interesting," she then gasped and smiled, her hand shooting up to her lips, "oh, is that my voice now? And what about the rest of me? Am I still beautiful?" she gestured to a servant, "mirror! Now!"

A full-length mirror was brought in so that Zahidia could admire her new appearance, "I am more than beautiful. I am gorgeous!" she laughed with glee, "I think I'm going to like this new me. Oh yes, I'm definitely going to enjoy this."

"Change of plans," Marissa whispered to Icy, Darcy and Stormy, "you and your friends, your get to that stealth battle cruiser and get as far away from Xaldo as you can. I'll distract her."

"Why are you doing this?" Darcy asked, "why are you helping us?"

"Because I hate her more than I hate all things good," said Marissa, indicating the transformed Zahidia, who was still admiring her reflection, "and I will do anything to see her defeated once and for all, even if it means losing a battle. But I promise you this; my war with her is far from over. Now go!"

Icy and her sisters didn't even know how to thank her, they just got up and ran for the door, with Kevin, Naz and the others following closely behind.

"Just where is the stealth battle cruiser?" Icy asked.

"It's down this way," said Kevin as he pointed to a side corridor up ahead. They all reached the intersection in the hallways, when Marissa suddenly appeared in front of them.

"I just bought you enough time to get away," said Marissa, "and make a few detors along the way."

"What'd you do?" Naz asked.

"I told Zahidia that Diaspro is planning to keep her army of super soldiers for herself," said Marissa, "my former friend didn't like that one bit. Right now she's completely fixated on bringing the little psycho princess back to Xaldo for a public execution."

"Ain't that a little overboard?" Kevin asked.

"Apparently Zahidia's new personality likes to be overboard," said Marissa, "her mind has changed with her body."

"you're going to have to explain this to us someday," said Stormy, "Time Lords and Regeneating, what does it all mean?"

"I'll tell you later," said Marissa, "right now you have to go pick up Chimera before you leave."

"Chimera?" Darcy asked, "Cassandra's daughter?"

"I made an arrangement with Cassandra," said Marissa, "she's adjusted to being a scullery maid for the rest of her life, but she refuses to allow her daughter to remain a whore for the imperial grunts for another moment."

"So you want us to pick up that spoiled brat of a princess?" Icy asked, "and do what? Baby-sit her for the rest of our lives? I don't think so."

"I don't care what you do with her," said Marissa, "but I promised Cassandra that I would get Chimera away from Xaldo, and I always keep my promises. Oh, when you leave, you're going to pick up Diaspro from her lab, before Zahidia's goons get her."

"Hell no!" exclaimed Icy, "that psycho bitch tried to mess with us. No way we're taking her with us."

"Oh but you will," said Marissa, "you see, I have a plan for her as well. I need her alive, just as I need you to take Chimera with you."

"What plan is this?" Darcy asked.

"There's no time to explain," said Marissa, "look, Chimera hates Stella, and Diaspro hates Bloom, that's all the reason you should need to make them your allies. You want another reason?" she summoned a set of keys into her hands, "you'll never get the stealth battle cruiser started without these."

"And you won't give them to us unless we do as you say," said Stormy.

"Just agree already before Zahidia remembers we exist!" shouted Sara.

"Alright already!" said Icy, "we'll take Chimera with us and go pick up Diaspro, is that all? Or is there something else you want form us?"

"That's all," said Marissa as she tossed the keys to Kevin, "you'll find Chimera in the dungeons," she then handed a piece of paper to Naz, "once you've gotten the ship in orbit, make for these coordinates, that's where Diaspro has her lab set up. The battle curiser should get you there before Zahidia's goons arrive. Oh, I've also given you something else that'll make things easier for you."

"What's that?" Stormy asked suspiciously.

"The Tachyon Transporter," said Marissa, "I 'asked' some of the imperial technicians to install one onto the stealth battle cruiser. I've also made arrangements for all data of the Tachyon Transporter in the palace databanks to be permanently erased, while the prototype I brought with me when I first got here is to be destroyed. You'll have the only Tachyon Transporter in existence."

"Why are you doing this?" Trabon asked, "just who are you?"

"You couldn't pronounce my full name," said Marissa, "my real name. Just call me Marissa, The Shadow Lady."

"Shadow Lady," said Icy, "I'll remember that."

"Do so," said Marissa, "for we will meet again when things cool down here. Once Zahidia knows that you are gone, and has taken a lot of her property, and denied her of her 'fun' with Diaspro, she'll send every available dog of hers after you, so you'd better lay low for a while."

"I know a few places on the outer rim of the Magical Dimension where we can hide," said Toro, "Darcy and I found them."

"Then that's were we'll go when we have Diaspro," said Icy, "I have a few words I'd like to share with that psycho bitch."

"Then go with the darkness," said Marissa, "and good luck." with that she vanished.

"I really don't get her," said Stormy, "just who's side is she on?"

"Her own side," said Trabon, "with her own agenda."

"Let's just hope we share the same side," said Darcy.

"We'll get the ship up and running," said Kevin.

"We'll go get Chimera," said Icy, "keep the motor running."

The three witch sisters then headed towards the dungeons. They found Chimera, once a princess of Solaria, once an heir to the throne for a few months, now reduced to a filth-encrusted, rag-wearing trollop for the soldiers of Xaldo.

Icy froze the lock off Chimera's cell, while Stormy and Darcy killed the few guards in the area. They then pulled a fitfully sleeping Chimera from her bead of straw.

"No!" shouted Chimera as she fought against Darcy and Stormy, unaware that they weren't there for a 'visit,' "No more! I can't take any more!"

"We're not here to hurt you," said Darcy. She then used a mind numbing spell that made Chimera relax.

"She's half crazy," said Stormy.

"At least she's not a drolling idiot," said Icy.

They dragged Chimera halfway out of the dungeons before the disgraced princess became coherent again, "what's happening? Who are you?"

"Let's just say your mom and the three of us have a mutual acquaintance," said Darcy.

"We're leaving Xaldo," said Stormy.

"We can't leave!" shouted Chimera, "I won't leave without my mother!"

"We can't waste time looking for her," said Icy, "we have to go and we have to go now!"

"We'll come back for you mother," lied Darcy, "someday. But in the meantime, we have revenge to plan."

"Revenge?" Chimera asked.

"Against the bleached-haired fairy who got you in this mess in the first place," said Stormy.

"Stella," said Chimera through gritted teeth, "I'll rip her head off!"

"That's the spirit!" said Icy, "now let's go already."

They made it out of the dungeons and made their way to the palace starship docks. There at the far end of the construction area was a large black ship. She was streamline and possessed a dark elegance that eclipsed every other ship in the area.

"Now that's what a I call a starship," said Icy. For some reason, she was instantly in love with the stealth battle cruiser.

"She's all set," said Kevin as he appeared on the lower hatch.

"Then let's go," said Icy as she, Stormy and Darcy helped Chimera on board. They closed the hatch and followed Kevin to the bridge.

"We haven't been able to get the dock doors open yet," said Naz as she sat at one of the flight control terminals, "just give me another minute or so."

"I don't want to wait another minute," insisted Icy, "whoever knows how to use the weapons, blast the doors open!"

"Aye, captain," said James in an eager tone. He and Sara sat at the firing control stations and charged up a forward set of phase cannons, shooting the doors of the dock open. A loud klaxon sounded, announcing the damage done to the palace.

"They'll be on to us any second now," said Sara.

"Rolf shall pilot this ship of the stars into the orbit," said the warlock as he sat at the helm. Before they knew it, the villians were in space, heading away from Xaldo.

"Wow, she sure is fast," said an admiring Naz.

"She will need a name after all," said Kevin. He then looked at Icy, "any ideas, Captain?"

For some reason, Icy took to being called captain naturally, "I need to think about it," she said as she sat in the captains chair, "first things first, let's go get our psycho friend."

"We're on our way," said Naz as she entered the coordinates into the computer. Within seconds the ship had entered hyperspace.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Stormy, "what a rush!"

"Soon, my darlings," said Diaspro as she finished another batch of Perfectives, bringing the total now up to nearly 800, "soon we'll be able to bring to life more and more of your bothers and sisters. Soon we'll have an unstoppable army that will crush all who stand before us!"

"You're crazy!" shouted one of the imperial lab assistants. In one stroke, Diaspro had gathered most the scientists and workers Zahidia provided her and locked them in a containment bubble. Only a handful of scientists remained free when they sided with Diaspro, thinking that it would be better to take their chances with the mad princess, rather than risk Zahidia's wrath. The work stations were now being run by Perfectives, all performing the tasks Diaspro assigned to them without question.

"So they say," said Diaspro, "but then, most people who desire power are a little mad. I say the more mad, the more power."

"Lady Zahidia won't stand for this!" shouted another lab assistant, "the empress will come and rip your soul into countless pieces!"

"Let that overbearing bitch come," said Diaspro, "by the time she learns of this it will be too late. My army will be ready to sweep Zahidia off her throne, making me the empress of R'leyh!"

Just then Diaspro's cell phone rang. She recognized the caller ID, know knowing that it belongs to Marissa, "what do you want?"

"Just wondering how your Perfectives are coming," said Marissa, "oh, I also wanted to tell you that I just told Zahidia about your plan to keep super soldier army for yourself."

"You did what?" exclaimed Diaspro.

"Oh she was pissed," said Marissa, "she broke a really expensive mirror, she was so upset. Right now a large squad of Imperial guards are on their way in a hyperspace shuttle to strap you into a straightjacket and drag your crazy ass all the way back to Xaldo. Believe me, you don't want to know what Zahidia has planned for you."

"You bitch!" shouted Diaspro, "I'll kill you! You'll be the first to die when I make Xaldo mine!"

"I'm not on Xaldo any more, you stupid psychopath," said Marissa, "I'm not ashamed to admit that I was wrong. I should have left you to the Galaxy Police long ago. I thought you had potential, so I tired to help you, but you just had to do things your way. Well, you're on your own now." With that she hung up.

"BITCH!" shouted Diaspro as she threw her phone against the wall, breaking it on impact.

"What now?" asked one of the scientists who sided with her.

Diaspro took a moment to calm down and compose herself, "we're about to have some visitors from Xaldo, unwelcome visitors." she then gestured to one of her Perfectives, "Energize the defense shield. If they can't get in, they can't disrupt my work."

"I obey," said the Perfective, a rather tall male specimen with short black hair and brown eyes.

"Now that sucked," said Trabon as she stealth battleship exited hyperspace and approached the asteroid, "I admit that was my first faster than light experience."

"You know the old saying how ones first experience in hyperspace is like being drunk?" Naz asked. "very unpleasant."

"How's being drunk unpleasant?" Toro asked.

"As a glass of water," said Rolf.

"There's the asteroid," said Darcy as she read a sensor reading from a data screen, "and we're too late. There's an imperial shuttle already here."

"Looks like Diaspro's been expecting company," said Naz as she also read the sensor readout, "that asteroid has a shield. But it's nothing the Tachyon Transporter can't get through. But we'll have to get closer. That shield is messing with the lock-on controls for the Transporter."

"Let's see if this ship is really undetectable," said Icy, "take us in. If that enemy shuttle doesn't blink, we're in the clear."

"Or we could just blast it out of the stars," said Sara as she eagerly sat at the weapons control station.

"We'll keep that in mind," said Icy, "but whatever happens, I want Diaspro alive."

"Whatever you say, captain," said Kevin, "any ideas for a name for the ship?"

"I'm still working on that," said Icy.

"What the hell?" Darcy said, "either this scanner is broken, or the shield on the asteroid just dropped."

"It did drop," said Naz, "what's that psycho bitch Diaspro up to?"

"Let's find out," said Trabon as he activated a sensor that acted like a crystal ball, revealing the interior lab of the asteroid.

Diaspro then noticed a blinking red light on one of the computer consoles, "the shield has been deactivated. I gave no such order! Who dared to leave this instilation open to attack!"

"I lowered the shield," said the Perfective who activated the shield earlier.

This caused Diaspro's eyelids to twitch, but she didn't overreact. Instead she was rather calm about it, "You will obey no commands save that which I give you," said Diaspro, "now reactivate the shield, is that understood?"

"Negative," said the Perfective, "I will not obey."

"But you must!" exclaimed Diaspro, "I created you! I am your mistress! I! I! You will obey me!"

"Negative," said the Perfective.

"Then you are of no use to me," said an irate Diaspro, "I'll deal with you reject later," she then gestured to one of the scientists, "activate she shield."

"Immediately," said the scientist. He went to the control panel to turn the shield back on, but then two Perfectives blocked his path, while the black-haired Perfective grabbed him by the neck and crushed his windpipe, then threw him against the wall. The scientist was dead before he hit the floor.

"The shield will remain down," said the black-haired Perfective.

"The imperial shuttle is moving in," said Naz as she read the sensor data, "it's going to dock with the airlock. But the outer and inner doors are still locked. It'll take them some time to cut through."

"Meanwhile," said an interested Icy as she watched the crystal ball image, "our psychotic princess has bitten off more than she can chew."

"When do we beam her out?" James asked as he prepared to activate the Tachyon Transporter.

"Let's wait," said Icy, "I want to see just what Diaspro has gotten herself into."

"Aye, captain," said James.

"Why are you doing this!" Diaspro demanded as all the Perfectives in the control room forced her and her remaining scientists into a corner, while the scientists and workers loyal to Zahidia were freed and told to wait outside the control room. The loyalists headed away from the room and went to the airlock, waiting for help from Xaldo to come.

"I created you all!" shouted Diaspro, "it's in your DNA to obey me! You will obey me! Obey!"

"You may have given us life," said the black-haired Perfective, clearly their leader, "but we owe are allegiance to Zahidia."

"That bitch is nothing!" snapped Diaspro, "she has nothing to offer you! But I have everything to offer you! I can help you become so much more than mere soldiers! I can help you evolve into a true master race. I can help you rule the universe."

"Your words of placating mean nothing to us," said the lead Perfective, "we do not need you to advance us as a species. Everything we need to survive has been given to us already. We know exactly what to do to create more of us, and soon we will be able to reproduce biologically. We are a species unto ourselves, perfectly capable of evolving on our own."

Just then one of the other Perfectives saw a sensor readout, "the imperial shuttle has made contact with the airlock. It is only a matter of time before the doors are forced open."

"Let them come," said the lead Perfective, "we have nothing to fear," he then glared at Diaspro as the few renegade scientists, "but first we have to purge a few undesirable elements."

"No! you cannot kill them!" shouted Diaspro, "these people are scientists and workers. They can help you progress towards Ultimate Perfection. Let them live! Show them mercy!"

"Mercy is for the weak!" snapped the lead Perfective, "kill them!"

The Perfectives then fell on the handful of renegade scientists, slaughtering them all within seconds.

"I've seen enough," said Icy, "activate the Tachyon Transporter."

"Just give me a second," said James, "this thing needs to warm up first. I guess there's still a few bugs in the machine that need to be worked out."

"I don't think Diaspro has that long," said Sara.

With all her cohorts dead, Diaspro was truly alone as the Perfectives now turned their wrath on her.

But the mad princess still had one last card to play. She glanced to her left and saw a big red button under a breakaway glass case. This was the emergency self-destruct button that was intended to be used in the event the worst should happen, and to Diaspro, this was the worst thing that could happen to her.

Slowly she edged towards the button, trying once again to reason to her out of control creatures, "For the last time, I am your creator! You must…you will obey me!"

"We obey no one save Lady Zahidia," said the lead Perfective in a cold tone, "we live only to serve Lady Zahidia!"

Diaspro then bolted for the button, but two Perfectives got to the control panel first. One of the Perfectives ripped the panel off, rendering the button useless. The other Perfective then delivered a backhand blow to Diaspro, sending her to the floor with a long cut across her face that was sure to leave a scar running down hthe left side of her face near the eye.

"Enough of this foolishness!" said the lead Perfective, "eliminate the traitor!"

Diaspro screamed in terror as her creations closed in on her for the kill. She balled up with her hands over her head, waiting for the end…

But it never came. Cautiously, Diaspro opened her eyes and realized that she wasn't on the asteroid any more.

"We got her," said James.

"Bring her," said Icy.

Toro and Kevin then dragged the confused Diaspro towards the captains chair and threw her down at Icy's feet.

"How the mighty have fallen," said Darcy in a mocking tone.

"You," said Diaspro to Icy, "you saved me. Why?"

"That's a good question," said Icy, "Tell me, Diaspro, the times we were in bed, was any of it real? Did I really fall for you, or were you just using me for your own sick pleasure? Did we end up together because we were meant to be together? Or was it all due to whatever you did to my DNA? Well? Tell me!"

"I'm a psychopath," Diaspro admitted as she stood up, trying to maintain whatever dignity she had left, "I cannot love anyone but myself. Anything you felt was all your part. The ball is in your court, Icy. My own creations have turn against me, my benefactors have abandoned me and I've broken my end of the bargain with Zahidia, so kill me if you wish, just don't waste my time."

"You're lucky I find you sexy as hell," said Icy, "I'm gonna keep you around for a while. Who knows, you may just prove yourself useful outside my bed." she then looked at Toro and Kevin, "throw her into the dungeons."

"Ships don't have dungeons," said Kevin, "if you mean throw her into the brig, then yes, we have that."

"Then throw her in there," said Icy, "I'll deal with her later."

"You frosty whore!" shouted Diaspro as Kevin and Toro dragged her off the bridge, "you just want to use me! Like Zahidia and Marissa! Well you won't make a fool out of me! Oh no! Not this time!"

"You've done that already, you friggin lunatic!" said Stormy.

"She's a real piece of work," said a disgusted Naz.

"I think I'm going to be sick," said a rather green-looking Darcy.

"She makes me sick too," said Sara.

"No, seriously!" said Darcy as she lurched from her seat, "I'm really going to throw up!" she ran off the bridge and made it to the nearest bathroom just before she vomited.

"What's her problem?" Johnny asked.

"Hyperspace sickness?" Stormy asked.

"Some weird witch disease?" Sara asked.

"None of that," said the disembodied voice of Marissa. Her image then appeared on the bridge.

"I take it you managed to escape from Xaldo," said Icy.

"My ship was hidden in a place where none of Zahidia's goons would find," said Marissa, "right in plain sight, all thanks to my ships' chameleon circuit."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," said Stormy.

"It's a long story," said Marissa, "but I have good news for you. When I resurrected Darcy, I added a little something to her that would make her, her lover, and the rest of you very happy."

"And what would that be?" Trabon asked as he and Kevin came back onto the bridge.

"What did you do to me!" snapped Darcy as she came back to the bridge as well.

"I just made it so that your older sister had a way back to the land of the living," said Marissa, "Bloom and her friends may have destroyed Vicky's body, but her soul, that I managed to save, and when everyone was distracted, I placed into Darcy, whom was already with child."

"WHAT!" exclaimed everyone.

"Consider this a gift to remember me by," said Marissa, "I will be back to claim what's mine from Zahidia, and when I do come back, I hope you'll remember all that I've done for you. Until then." She then vanished.

"What a weirdo," said Sara.

"Time Lords are that way, I guess," said Trabon.

"Who cares about that?" said a grinning Toro, "I'm going to be a father."

"And I'm going to be a mother," said Darcy, "and Vicky's going to come back. Our baby has her soul!"

"We're going to be aunts," said a grinning Stormy, "I'm going to be an aunt."

All Icy could do was smile, but she was still thinking. "Wait, I've got it! The name of this ship; Black Ghost."

"I like it," said Kevin, "it's identifiable." With that Sara, James, Naz, Rolf, James, Sara, Johnny and Plank, all nodded in agreement.

"A fitting name," said Trabon, "a name that will strike terror into the hearts of the innocent fools of the Magical Dimension."

"Then let's make it official," said Naz as she summoned a bottle of Champagne, "I chrissen thee, Black Ghost!" she broke the bottle on the wall, then summoned several more bottles and several glasses, "let's all toast our new ship!"

"None for me," said Darcy as she placed her hands on her still flat stomach.

"Oh, right," said Naz.

"But I am thirsty," said Darcy, "and hungry, for pickle juice and chocolate covered eggs."

"Why not," said Toro, "you're eating for two now." At that everyone laughed.

"We need to get going," said Kevin suddenly, "we may be undetectable, but I don't want to take any chances. When those imperal goons realize that we have Diaspro, they'll send for backup."

"Then let's go," said Icy, "somewhere beyond the reach of Zahidia and the rest of the Magical Dimension, anywhere where we can plan. We will be back, and everyone, Zahidia, Bloom, everyone in the Magical Dimension, will soon fear and despair us."

"It matters not that the foolish woman who created us has disappeared," said the lead Perfective to his fellow genetically enhanced super soldiers, "we don't need her, nor do we truly need Zahidia. Let her minions come to take us to Xaldo. Let them throw us into slavery. Let them make us warriors for their own greed.

"It matters not. For we have the power to create more of us. Soon we truly will be a race, a master race. We will prepare for the day when we will throw off the guise of slavery and turn on the fools who dare to use us for their selfish needs. We will grow strong enough to destroy anyone who stands in our way.

"Soon, my brothers and sisters, soon we will be ready. When the day of reckoning comes, we will emerge from the shadows, and take our rightful place as the supreme power of the universe!"

The hundreds of Perfectives cheered their leader on.

"Are you sure you're alright, Bloom?" Sky asked as the ships landed back on Magix.

"I was just thinking," said Bloom, "I feel like everything we've been through, The Trix, Darkar, The Shadow Riders, and now Zahidia and the R'leyh empire, it's like it's all leading towards something, something big, really."

"Bigger than everything we've done so far?" Sky asked.

"Bigger," said Bloom, "so big that it'll mean the fate of not only the universe, but all of time itself." she then smiled, "but I don't want to worry about that now. I'm just glad everyone's alright."

"I'm glad to," said Sky, "right now, the only problem on my mind is how we're going to stop Stella from turning our wedding into a fiasco."

"You know Stella," said Bloom, "once she sets her mind on something, there's no stopping her." At that they both laugh.

Though Bloom and her friends had faced incredible adversity since they first met and formed The Winx, and unimaginable trials and tribulations were yet to come, Bloom felt confident about the future. Her friends and loved ones were safe, and for her, that was all that mattered right now.

The End.

Finally! After so many months of writing, my biggest story is finished! I hope you enjoyed this fic as much as I enjoyed writing it. And stay tuned, fellow readers and writers, for soon, I shall produce a third Magic and Martial Arts story. Just what that story will entail, only time will tell. See you then!

'for those with wings, fly to your dreams'