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People die. You of all should know. Is that an insult? Yes. Don't appear to be so surprised. I'm not weak anymore. Yes, you are, but not me. That's why you're depressed. You could always give in now and make this easier. On who? Me, of course. You consider me a fool, but I'm not. You consider me to be crazy, but did you ever think about you? You are. You're still weak. That's why you fell so easily into my hands. You are because you never knew till now. Come now; don't be so defiant. You're mine. You can't get away. Are you afraid? Yes? No? You'll have to pick one, but only to conclude it for yourself. I know you are. You are. You are. You are. I will make sure that you don't get away this time. The last thing you'll see before you die is my face. You'll be dead and I'll be alive. Don't you know who I am? Of course you do. You can see me in your mind now. You deny that you've ever seen me? That's an insult to me. You know who I am. You know because you and I have been together for a long time. We're hardly ever apart, if there is a time at all. Can you see me now? No? Yes? Yes, you can. You just don't want to admit it. You can't admit it. Are you still afraid? Yes, you are… hmm… don't be. It'll all be over soon.

Chapter 1

: : 5:46 PM Monday : :

Sora Takenouchi sat on the hillside and looked across the small beachside towards the vast ocean. It stretched forever, or so it seemed to her. The sun in the pinkish purple sky was setting and appeared to be dipping into the deep darkness of the blue water. A slight chill was set in the air and made her tug at the sweater draped on her shoulders.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

She turned and smiled at Yamato Ishida as he sat down beside her. The waves crashing against the rocks along the shore and the sound of the wind whistling past flowed into the both of them, making them feel delightfully warm, despite the winter air.

"It really is," Sora breathed at last. Her cheeks and nose were rosy red from the wind nipping at them. Her fingers were numb and hard to move, but at the moment she didn't really care to move.

"Aren't you glad you came with us?" Matt asked. His eyes sparkled and a smile crept across his face.

"Yeah," Sora murmured. She watched Matt's Golden Retriever attempt to catch the birds that had landed on the water's edge. It's frantic barking and desperate efforts amused her.

"I am, too," Matt replied, his voice stricken with concern and his face a little more serious now. He touched Sora lightly on the shoulder. "I've been real worried about… all this…"

Sora frowned and looked down at the ground in front of her. She knew what Matt was talking about, but why did he have to bring it up at such a picturesque moment? The wind blew a breath harder, and relaxed again, as if to exaggerate how Sora needed to talk about this.

"Sora…?" Matt spoke softly and delicately, like he to a child. Sora cleared her throat and looked at him.

"I got another one," she whispered hoarsely.

Matt's eyes widened. "When?"

Sora shivered. "Yesterday."

On top of the hill was a beach house, old and worn with many years. Its walls and roof were damaged with years of ruthless wind pressing against them and merciless rain bearing down onto them. It swayed now with the winds changing directions, creaking and moaning.

But still, the inside of the beach house was homey, and warm, along with being more appealing on the inside than the out. There was a fire lit in the den, but no one sat on the couches in front of it to enjoy the warmth.

There was someone, however who stared out one of the two windows facing the ocean and its beach. That person leaned his head against the cold glass of the window and watched the two people who sat on the hillside. Taichi Kamiya was trying to place his thoughts.

I wonder what they're talking about. Tai thought, as he observed Matt and Sora. He sighed and looked away into the empty room. The fire cracked as one of the logs broke and fell into the ashes below it.

The door on the other side of the den opened, catching Tai's attention. He glimpsed up to see Takeru Takaishi walk into the room, letting a hum of laughter pour into the room with him. The younger boy smiled and walked to the other window in the room and peered at the two on the hillside.

"How long have they been out there?" TK asked, concerned about the cold.

"Matt just went out there to get her," Tai replied and looked back at Matt and Sora. They were still talking, and now Matt's face appeared to be angry. Sora was looking at the ground.

"I wonder what they're talking about," TK said. Tai raised an eyebrow at TK having said what he had been thinking only a few minutes before. He glanced out of the corner of his eye at Matt's younger clone.

Sighing, Tai finally pulled away from the window whenever he saw Matt and Sora stand up. TK stayed by the window a few seconds longer, but retreated to the couch as Matt stared up to the beach house.

For a moment, TK came across as a ghost in the old beach house. Matt breathed in deeply and squinted his eyes to see better, but the boy had already vanished from the window. It gave Matt a sudden fear, but he kept his fear to himself.

Sora's eyes remained on the ground. She heard Matt take in a deep breath beside her, but still didn't bother to look up. His hand tightened on her shoulder and he pulled her closer, yet she kept her eyes from lifting, afraid of what she might find there.

Tai and TK sat on the couch in silence. They heard the door in the mudroom open and the thump of shoes dropping onto the floor. In a few seconds Matt and Sora walked into he den. TK smiled at Matt and got off the couch.

"Is it cold enough out there?" TK asked. Sora rubbed her pink cheeks and nodded. Tai appeared behind TK and handed her a tissue.

"Thank you," Sora said sweetly. Tai smiled and sat back on the couch. Matt dropped down beside him.

"Where's everyone else? In the dining room?" Matt asked.

"Yeah," TK said. He and Sora sat down on the couch opposite the one Matt and Tai were on.

"Izzy said that a storm is coming. We might lose some contact with the main island for a while when it does," Tai said, changing the subject. "He also said that it would be hard to get off the island in the storm, so he and Mimi are going back tonight to get some stuff. They'll be back tomorrow morning."

"So if you need anything, then you might want to go with them," TK finished for Tai. Sora and Matt nodded.

Outside, the storm was already moving closer. The tremendous waves of the ocean crashed against the rocks on the beachside. A lighthouse, on a small peninsula-like piece of the island, buzzed as it turned on. The light flashed around, shining through the windows of the den. The sun had almost completely gone down by now and with the storm setting in, it became very dark on the island.

The wind hit the side of the beach house with massive force. The group of trees that the teenagers called "Wonder Woods" that lay further into the small island leaned in the wind. A few sounds of breaking limbs and the whistling of the leaves could be heard.

But all was at piece inside the beach house. Izzy Isumi and Mimi Tachikawa were preparing to leave for the night. Mimi had a list of things that she needed, along with everyone else's requests and Izzy printed out some pictures of what was to be expected of the storm. He pulled Joe Kido to one side of the room where the others wouldn't disturb them.

"I don't know if we will be able to come back tomorrow morning, or even tomorrow at all. It may be days before we can come back. This storm is beginning to look very violent," Izzy said quietly to Joe.

The older boy nodded. He folded his arms and considered what Izzy had told him. "Do you think the ferry will even be able to come for you tonight? The waves out there look big, or so I can tell whenever the lighthouse goes across them."

"I don't know. They may radio us back and say they can't come," Izzy replied. He glanced out the dining room window and noticed that little rain droplets were hitting the glass. "If we're going to go, then we'd better go now before it gets too serious."

Joe nodded and radioed the main land to confirm that the ferry was coming while Izzy went to find Mimi. There was a lot of static across the radio due to the storm, but Joe managed to hear what the coastguard was saying. He gave Izzy thumbs up as he walked through the door with Mimi.

The two headed for the mudroom to get their coats on. Mimi wrapped her pink raincoat around herself and took the umbrella that Joe was offering her. Izzy got another umbrella and, after waving goodbye, they dashed through the door into the rain.

The peer was a good distance from the beach house, and downhill, so the water drained towards the ocean and also created puddles. Mimi tried her best to dodge these puddles, but found it very hard. She was wearing her flip-flop sandals and the water splashed onto her feet.

"I'm getting all wet!" she yelled through the rain to Izzy. He glanced down at her feet and laughed.

"I told you to wear your boats!" he shouted back. Mimi gave him a frustrated look.

"Boots with these pants! Do you know how ridiculous that would look?" Mimi griped. Izzy laughed at her again. She rolled her eyes and tried to forget that her freshly painted toenails were going to be ruined.

The waves of the ocean smashed into the peer. Izzy and Mimi stood at the base of the hill in stun. They were for sure going to get soaked. In the distance they could see the ferry's lights and hear its horn as it crossed the raging ocean.

Mimi glimpsed over her shoulder. She couldn't see the beach house anymore since they were too far down the hill, but looked anyway. A nervous feeling crept through her and she turned to Izzy.

"I've got a bad feeling about this!" She yelled. Izzy could hear her voice but couldn't distinguish what she was saying over the crash of the waves. He leaned in closer to her.


"I said that I've got a bad feeling about this!" Mimi repeated. Izzy smiled.

"Don't worry, your feet will be fine!" Izzy teased. Mimi smiled but shook her head.

"Not about this this! About leaving the other behind!" Mimi pointed up the hill. "I think they should all come with us!"

"Why?" Izzy asked. He looked up the hill and shrugged. "They'll be fine! They have plenty of food and firewood! Beside, do you really want to run back up the hill to get them?"

Mimi shook her head and Izzy converted his attention back to the ferry that was now closer. Again, Mimi looked over her shoulder and felt a stir of feelings inside of her. She chewed on her lower lip nervously.

Izzy saw the worried look on Mimi's face out of the corner of his eye and sighed deeply. "Do you really want to them to come along?"

"Yeah!" Mimi answered. Her voice was taken away by the wind. She rubbed her throat sorely from having to yell so much. "I just have this odd feeling!"

"You're just nervous! Don't worry so much!" Izzy pointed at the ferry that had finally made it to the peer. "We need to get going!"

Mimi nodded and followed Izzy across the peer, getting splashed and soaked by the ocean water. One of the shipmates had climbed onto the peer and helped her onto the boat's deck. Izzy climbed on right behind her and the shipmate lead them to the cabin where they could be dry.

Taking one last look, Mimi turned away from the island and followed Izzy to the dryer place. I hope he's right. She thought. I hope they're going to be okay.

Daisuke Motimiya leaned against the wall and stared out the dining room window. He couldn't see Mimi or Izzy, but he could see the ferry and watched as it stopped at where he guessed the peer was and then pulled away again.

The lighthouse flashed his way about the same time lightening cracked the sky. He could see the ocean waves colliding with the beachside and the ferry as it went back to the main land. Sighing, he turned away from the window.

Ken Ichijouji was sitting at the table drinking a glass of water and reading. He looked up at Davis when he turned from the window and smiled before going back to his book. He liked the way it was quiet enough that he could hear the rain on the rooftop.

Davis frowned at Ken. Great, he'll be reading for hours. He thought disappointingly before walking to the kitchen where Yolei and Hikari Kamiya were. The two girls barely acknowledged his presence by sending him a fleeting look.

"So what I'm saying is that he could have surrendered," Yolei was saying. She drummed her fingers on the table. "It would've made the movie stupid, but there's still the possibility."

"But even if it hadn't been a movie, he wouldn't have surrendered. It's like an army thing. They don't know how to give up," Kari retorted. She watched Yolei's hand in annoyance, but didn't say anything.

Davis strolled to the refrigerator to get some milk, but Yolei grabbed his arm as he passed her. He sighed, knowing that he was about to get drug into whatever dispute the girls had.

"Davis, do you think someone would or wouldn't surrender if they had six guns pointed in their direction?" Yolei asked. She and Kari stared intently at him.

Not really caring, Davis just shrugged. "I don't know. I never saw the movie."

"Come on. You don't have to see the movie to answer this. Do you or don't you?" Yolei squeezed his arm waiting for him to answer.

"I don't know," Davis replied. The two girls groaned at his answer so he sighed and added, "It would depend on the person. If the person were a coward, then they'd give in. If they weren't, then they wouldn't. Can I go now?"

Yolei released him and the two girls continued with their pointless babbling. Davis wasn't really in the mood for milk anymore so instead he went back to the dining room. Ken was still deep into his book in there, so Davis made his way to the den.

Joe and Sora were leaving as he walked in. Matt and Tai were standing at one of the windows, staring out into the stormy night and speaking quietly to each other. TK sat alone on one of the couches and that's where Davis decided to go.

He sat down beside TK and sighed. Their 'week of fun' hadn't started out very fun, and now that it was raining they wouldn't be able to do anything outside. Not that they'd want to anyway because of the cold.

TK turned to Davis and said, "Ken or Tai?"

Davis blinked at the question. He smiled uneasily. "That's like me asking you 'Kari or Yolei'."

"Oh?" TK's eyes widened. "How so?"

"Come on. You know how I feel," Davis muttered. He shifted awkwardly on the couch. This subject still made him tense even though it had been straightened out long before.

TK smirked. "Right. I forgot."

"I bet you did," Davis grumbled under his breath.

In the dining room, Ken propped his feet up on the table and leaned back in his chair. He heard the ground creak under him, but didn't care enough to let his eyes stray from the book. He was almost in a dream state with the rain pattering on the roof and the quietness of the room lightly broken by the click of the clock on the wall.

This was bliss. He could sit there reading for hours on end. But, of course, happiness doesn't last long. Ken's perfect silence was disrupted as Yolei popped her head from behind the kitchen door and stared at her prey.

"Hey Ken! What are you reading?" she perked and skipped into the room. Ken's eyes flicked from the book to her.

"A book," he scoffed.

"I can see that, but what's the title?" Yolei said, not at all catching the hint of annoyance in Ken's voice. He sighed and closed the book, realizing that his idyllic state was slipping through his fingers.

"It's called 'Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo,'" Ken said and slid the book across the table to Yolei as she sat down.

"Oh," Yolei mumbled, not really interested. She glanced at the cover and slid it back to Ken. "Looks appealing."

"It is. I'm at a very intense part in the book and I especially want to know what happens next," Ken hinted. Yolei didn't seem to pick up on what he was insinuating at. Instead, she began to play with the fringe on the tips of the tablecloth.

"So, I was wondering," Yolei launched, "do you and Davis have a… thing?"

"A thing?" Ken asked, frowning. He was fortunate enough to not have to answer because Kari walked through the door, interrupting the uncomfortable conversation.

"Can one of you go get Matt? Joe and Sora are having problems cooking," Kari asked. In a flash, Ken had leaped out of his chair and was walking to the den's door.

"I'll get him," Ken happily obliged and departed through the other door.

He saw Davis and TK first and smiled at the two. Matt and Tai stopped talking whenever he walked over to the two of them. He heard Tai say 'Yolei' but Matt shushed him as Ken walked up. The two older boys stared at Ken coldly.

"Do you need something?" Matt asked, raising an inquisitive eyebrow. Ken stirred at the tone he used.

"Uh, yeah," Ken said slowly. "Sora and Joe need you in the kitchen."

"Kay," Matt said. He strode out of the room quickly, but not without first sending Tai a look of conviction. He vanished from the room a few seconds later.

How odd. Ken thought. I wonder what they were talking about…

: : 4:32 AM Tuesday : :

Yolei stretched and stepped into the kitchen. The linoleum was freezing against her bare feet. She flipped on the lights, causing her eyes to squint at the sudden brightness. The rain was still coming down hard; she could hear it hitting the glass on the side door.

"I'm so thirsty," she muttered and ambled towards the sink. Yolei opened the cabinets above her head and grabbed a cup. Her throat was extremely dry and she was very happy to get the water.

As she was drinking, Yolei heard the door open behind her. She turned and smiled at the other person who stood in the doorway, and then turned back around to finish her water. When she had drunk enough, she placed the cup into the sink and snatched a paper towel to wipe her mouth.

"So why are you up?" Yolei said over her shoulder. She heard their footsteps as they slowly walked towards her. She laughed when they didn't answer. "Are you still too groggy to talk? It is really early."

Yolei felt an arm wrap around her and something cold and hard press against her throat. Suddenly, her breath was taken away and immense pain followed the object as it left her throat. Her hands flew up and she felt something warm and sticky against her fingers. She pulled her hands away to see that they were dark red.

She couldn't breath. It hurt so much. She grabbed onto the counter, but didn't have enough strength and collapsed to the floor, leaving a bloody handprint down the side of the cabinets. She rolled onto her back and raised her murky eyes to the person leaning over her with a bloody butcher knife in their hand.

Then everything was dark.

: : 7:24 AM Tuesday : :

Sora sat up and stretched. She had gone out like a light as soon as her head hit the pillow. The day before had been so exhausting. She yawned and rubbed her eyes. Across the room, she saw that Kari's little overnight bed of quilts and blankets on the floor was empty, and so was Yolei's.

They must already be awake. She thought and glanced at the clock beside her bed. Hmm… they get up too early. Sora normally would have lain back down and gone back to sleep, but her stomach protested and begged her to get up.

She sighed and slipped out of bed, trembling at the cold of the floor. She found her duffle bag and changed out of her nightclothes into a plain shirt, a pair of old blue jeans and some raggedy tennis shoes. She shivered and grabbed her favorite blue sweater.

Stretching again, she walked into the kitchen. Matt and Kari were sitting at the table in there, both looking up at her as she strolled in. Matt was reading some kind of sports magazine and smiled at her. She smiled back and went to the refrigerator for some milk.

"Sora, do you know if Yolei went somewhere?" Kari asked, her voice giving a slight hint of concern. Sora shook her head and shrugged. It would seem like Yolei to disappear.

"She probably went for a walk or something," Sora replied. She took her cup of milk and sat down between Matt and Kari at the table. Kari had the most disbelieving look on her face.

"In the rain?" she said dryly, which was a bit odd to Sora to hear such doubt from Kari. Sora shrugged again.

"I don't know. We are talking about Yolei, let me remind you," Sora said. She sighed when she saw Kari frown with disappointment and put a comforting arm around her. "Look, wherever Yolei has disappeared to, I'm sure she's okay."

"You're right. I'm just so… worried. You see, last night, I remember seeing her get up, like really early in the morning," Kari said. She shook her head and laughed at herself for being so silly. "You're probably right. Yolei's is perfectly fine.

Matt dropped his magazine on the table and looked at Sora. "Are you ready for breakfast?"

"Yeah," Sora said, placing a hand on her rumbling stomach.

"Then go get it." Matt grinned impishly at her. Sora stared back at him curiously. He reminded her of an elf when he grinned like that. Pointing towards the kitchen door, he said, "There's a box of waffles in the outside freezer."

"In the outside freezer? Why the outside freezer?" Sora complained.

"The one in the fridge is too small. It's full of a lot of other stuff," Matt elucidated. He saw Sora flinch and laughed. "Are you hungry enough to go out there?"

"Why don't you go?" Sora demanded. Matt pointed at his clothes. He was wearing a robe and boxers, but nothing more. She groaned again and glanced at Kari, but Kari was still in her nightclothes, too. Sora frowned. "Am I the only one who gets dressed around here?"

"Looks like it," Matt snorted, catching an evil eye from Sora.

Groaning, she pushed her chair back and got up. After dropping her empty glass in the sink, she sauntered to the mudroom to get her raincoat, an umbrella, and a flashlight. The outside freezer was in a little shed near the kitchen's side door, but the light in it didn't work very well.

She quietly passed back through the den, avoiding the little masses that were her friends curled up on the floor. The guys had to sleep on the floor, or couches, in the den while the girls were allowed the bedroom. Of course, Sora was the only one who got the bed. Yolei and Kari insisted that she did, even though Yolei really wanted it.

Kari had already left the kitchen when Sora came back through. Matt had started to read his magazine again and smirked to himself as Sora opened the kitchen door. The rain had eased up a bit from earlier, but it was still coming down steady. Sora popped the umbrella in one hand and held the flashlight close to her with the other.

She leaped into the rain, hearing the screen door slam behind her and dashed in the direction of the shed. The ground was nearly completely flooded, and water splashed under her pant legs as she bounded through the giant puddles. Her tennis shoes were soaked.

The shed didn't offer much protection from the rain. It's old roof leaked and dripped on Sora once she walked in. She shivered as the cold-water droplets fell onto her head and slid down her cheek. She clicked her flashlight on and wiped the droplets off her face.

Along with being wet, the air was bitter cold. The idea of having to reach in the freezer for the waffles didn't appeal much to Sora. She sighed and cursed under her breath. Matt would do something like this just to spite her.

The lid to the freezer was extremely heavy and it took all her might to open it. She had to place the flashlight in her mouth so she could see what was inside the ancient freezer. The minute she had the lid up, her eyes frantically searched for the waffles. She spied them under some other stuff and reached in to get the box. Her fingers shriveled at the cold, but she managed to yank the box of waffles out and dropped the lid with a heavy thud.

The flashlight in Sora's mouth caught something on top of the freezer. She stared down at the lid in wonder. There were bloody fingerprints where her hand had been. Setting the waffles down, Sora pulled the flashlight out of her mouth and shined the glow onto her left hand.

There was a red liquid on her fingers. She stared at it, confused, and wondered what she had stuck her hand in. She didn't want to wipe it off on her pants, and looked around for something else. The shed was empty, all except for a few tools and the freezer.

Some more drops of water trickled down her face. She passed the flashlight into her left hand, trying to avoid the red, and wiped her face off. As she pulled her hand away, she noticed that her fingers on her right hand were now red.

"What the…?" she muttered. Looking up, she shined the flashlight to the roof of the shed.

Sora screamed.