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Horrified, Kari spun around and watched, mouth open and gaping, as Sora placed both hands on the sides of the tub and stood up slowly, almost menacingly. She leaned back against the sink counter, trying to get as far away from the girl who was gradually stepping out of the tub and moving towards her. The red water dripped off of Sora's clothes and her skin no longer was its soft tan color but now a stained cherry. The smirk never left her face as she walked towards Kari, bringing a knife from behind her back.

Kari opened her mouth to scream but Sora leapt on her, covering her mouth with her hand, and stabbed her viciously in the heart. Intense pain shot through Kari's body, radiating from her chest, and she could only squeak as Sora began to cut her stomach apart. Sora didn't stop until Kari's head turned limply to the side and her eyes dropped to an eerie dull.

Satisfied, Sora threw the knife aside and opened the cabinet below the sink that was beside her. Inside was a gun that she had placed there. She'd brought two guns to the island. One was in the boathouse - with the now dead Mimi and Izzy and the already dead Joe and Iori - and one in the bathroom. She'd planned everything out perfectly. The gun she had in her hand now was only a six-shooter, which meant she had two shots each for Matt, TK, and Davis. The one in the boathouse was a flintlock pistol. She wasn't even sure if it still worked, but if it did - if one of the dead decided they were dead yet - she could blow a hole through them, literally.

Matt eyed the bedroom door. Kari and Sora were gone. He guessed they might have gone to the bedroom or bathroom or wherever together just to be safe, but didn't know for sure. He hadn't been paying attention with they left and cursed himself for that. He waited a little longer, but neither girl showed up. Fairly annoyed, Matt got to his feet. He thought for a moment about telling TK, but the boy appeared too lost in thought to bother. Instead, he walked to the bedroom door.

Sora was coming out of the bathroom as Matt was coming into the bedroom. His eyes widened at the blood that covered her clothes, but she didn't give him a chance to speak as she leveled the gun at his chest and fired. Matt stumbled back and hit the wall hard, holding his chest. He slid down the wall to the floor and then in a few more seconds he drooped to the floor, his eyes closing. Sora smiled triumphantly and walked to the bedroom door.

Jumping back a few minutes…

A gunshot made TK jump out of his thoughts. After that a thud sounded as something hit the bedroom wall right behind him. He gasped, realizing that he was in trouble and shot out of his seat to the other side of the room where he was going to make a run for it through the dining room, den, and out the mudroom door. He was pushing the dining room door open when he remembered Davis, who was still sitting at the table watching TK's movements curiously.

Spinning around, TK ran back to Davis and grabbed his wrist. He jerked Davis out of the chair and pulled him towards the dining room. The bedroom door opened before he got there and he twisted around right as Sora shot her gun again. The bullet his him in his lower stomach and made him crash to the ground, pulling Davis down with him. He choked as blood went up his throat and dribbled down his chin. He opened his mouth in hope to get air, his teeth dripping red, but the only thing that came was more blood and it to went down the front of him. A growing red spot grew where the bullet hit, and the pain as burning through TK like fire.

Yet he reminded himself he couldn't give up. He put a hand down on the floor for stability, using the other to hold his side, and tried to sit up. He heard the clicking sound of Sora's bloody shoes sticking to the floor with each step she took towards him and raised his eyes fearfully to her as she stood over him, swinging the gun in her hand and smiling at him. Sora kneeled down beside him and breathed in deeply, as if she loved the smell of blood. Though that was a possibility since she was covered in it.

"I suppose you want to know why, hm?" Sora sighed, ending it with an amused smirk. TK didn't reply, only coughing up more blood as he slowly died. Sora smiled wider at this. "I knew you would. I suppose you still think there is a possibility that you'll live. Don't count on it. You and Davis are the only two left alive on this island, other than myself of course. Soon, I'll be the only person left on this island. I guess this means I'll be the only digidestined still alive, too."

Sora laughed at this. TK couldn't hold himself up any longer and fell back against the floor. He closed his eyes but reopened them quickly, telling himself not to give up. Davis was looking at him curiously from beside Sora. He didn't seem to notice Sora there and kept looking at TK. His curious, yet empty, stare only made it harder for TK to stay alive.

Noticing TK looking elsewhere, Sora placed an arm on Davis's shoulder, not that the boy noticed. "Worried about Davis? Don't. He'll die, too. I imagine he'll be the easiest to kill, just sitting there for me as I shoot him. Do you think he'll even feel the pain? Let's find out."

Sora put the gun right up to the fabric of Davis's shirt against his chest. He looked down at the gun and then at Sora, finally acknowledging that there was someone else besides him and TK in the kitchen. Sora laughed as he tilted his head to the side and blinked. As she started to pull the trigger, TK used all of his strength to move and knocked Sora's arm. The gun still fired, but it was pushed far enough that it only grazed Davis's shoulder. He yelped anyway and held his shoulder.

"I guess he does feel pain," Sora mocked. She looked back at TK, who had fallen to the floor again. "That was a dumb move, Takeru."

TK was too weak to move anymore. Even his eyelids felt like they had weights tied to them. When Sora and Davis started to get fuzzy, he finally let his eyes close. Memories from his life flashed through his mind. One that stuck was when he was with Sora in the digiworld and she was taking care of him since his brother was gone. But Matt had come back that time and he wasn't coming back this time. TK choked on his blood again he started to sob. He forced his eyes open.

The tears streaming down TK's face took Sora's attention away from Davis and back to him. She scoffed. "You're still alive? I must say Takeru, you have a strong will to live." She reached down and caught one of TK's tears with her fingertip. "How sad. I suppose you have suffered enough. You always were my favorite. It's not fair I'm putting you through this."

With that, Sora shot him in the head. She waited a moment to make sure he was dead for sure, wiping the rest of the tears off his cheek and closing his eyes, something she hadn't done for anyone else. TK was her favorite. She'd felt like a mother to him when they were in the digiworld. He needed her. But then they went back to the real world, and he went back to his real mother, and he didn't need her anymore. He deserved his death.

Sora broke off her thoughts of TK before she could regret his death. Davis was still sitting beside her, looking at TK almost as if he was waiting for the blonde to get up and talk to him. Sora got to her feet and stretched. Blood covered nearly her entire body now, making everything she did a sticky move. She sighed and looked at the one last person that was to die. And that person wasn't even trying to fight for his life.

"I guess this is it Davis," Sora said coldly. "Goodbye."

"Goodbye," Davis imitated.

Sneer, Sora directed the pistol at his head. A deafening gunshot rang through the air, but it wasn't from the weapon in her hand. Sora's eyes widened and the pistol slipped from her hand, landing on the floor with a clank. She dropped to her knees, reaching for her side, where the pain was coming from. To her shock, a blood was pouring and she collapsed completely to the floor. She cried out and rolled onto her back, now in a pool of her own blood. She raised her eyes dizzily. Standing in the doorway of the kitchen was Ken, and in his hand was the flintlock gun.

: : Three Weeks Later : :

Ken peered at Davis through the large window of his hospital room, only it wasn't a medical hospital. Davis had been admitted a couple days after he was found as the only survivor of brutal murders on the island. The police tried to question him, but they found that it was a lost cause. The doctors diagnosed a mental illness caused by shock soon after that. Thus, that led Davis to where he was now, sitting on the edge of his bed staring out a window blankly.

The police received an emergency phone call at 2:30 PM Thursday, which was about the time Kari was walking into the bathroom inside the beach house. It had taken a while to figure out what the person on the other end was saying. Their voice sounded hazy and a crackly noise came through the phone line, indicating the call was made on a cell phone. The call had been made in a female's voice.

Mimi's to be exact.

By the time the police reached the island, she was already dead.

Nine bodies were found. The police searched the island for the other two, but after a week of finding nothing, they declared that the other two bodies were carried out with the tide. It was documented that the two bodies had been tied down in the water like Joe's, but the ropes failed and thus they were pulled out to sea. The murderer was decided as Takenouchi Sora, whom was killed by Takaishi Takeru with a flintlock pistol. The police guessed that after shooting TK in the stomach, she turned to murder Davis, whom been sitting at the table the entire time, but TK pulled out the flintlock and shot her in the back. As she died, she shot him in the head. Davis was blank through all of this.

Ken smiled sadly as a doctor dressed in one-of-a-kind neon yellow scrubs entered Davis's room and started trying to talk to insane boy. Ken took this as his cue to leave and turned away from the window. He glanced back - his eyes meeting up briefly with Davis's empty ones - before moving on. He left the mental hospital and walked to the lake nearby, leaning on the rails that were put there to prevent any of the patients at the hospital to drown themselves. He started to think again as he stared at the small waves breaking the lake's surface.

Of course, Sora didn't kill everyone. How could she be in two places at the same time? How could she kill Joe when she was still asleep in the bed that night? And if she didn't kill everyone, then she had an accomplice. She had to have one. Otherwise, she would have started to worry when someone turned up dead that she didn't kill. Who was her accomplice? It definitely wasn't Ken or Davis. So if everyone was murdered on the island except Ken and Davis, then who was her accomplice?

"I thought you'd be sick of water." Ken felt a chin rest gently on his shoulder and arms place themselves near his, the person behind him also looking across the lake. Ken laughed softly and turned around to face the person.


Two people were missing and presumed dead, their bodies carried with the tide into the deep depths of the ocean. It had never occurred to the police that maybe their two missing bodies were missing because they weren't dead. And since they hadn't been on the island through all of the murders, they did not know Sora would have to have an accomplice to commit some of the murders without others knowing. Sora indeed had only killed Mimi, Izzy, TK, and Kari. So who killed the others?

Matt was Sora's accomplice. The reason she shot him coming out of the bathroom was simple: if TK had come in the room, it would look silly to see Matt sitting on the bed waiting for Sora to finish everyone off. How would he explain that to his brother? Oh, I thought Sora would kill you by now. Where is she anyway? Matt loved TK, but not enough that he thought the squirt should live. Yet, at the same time, Matt did not murder anyone on the island. Not a single soul. His hands were not stained with blood, metaphorically speaking. But if Matt didn't kill anyone, then who killed the other four destined? That was simple equation also.

"Let's go," Ken said and the two drew away from the railing. They were supposed to be dead now and had freedom.

Matt had an accomplice.

Sora believed that she and Matt came up with the plan to get rid of the rest of the digidestined. She believed that Matt murdered Yolei, Joe, Tai, Iori, and Ken. What she didn't know was that she was being used in a plot devised by Matt and Ken. She was being used as a tool; a person to frame. Poor Sora never had a clue. She loved Matt more than everything else in her world and would do anything for him. However, Matt did not love her.

It's guessed that Ken killed the other four digidestined. That wasn't true either. Ken only killed Tai and Iori. Both had been rather easy to do away with. Iori was murdered before anyone knew he was even coming on the vacation. He rode to the island with Ken. They were the last people to arrive at the island. Yet only Ken made it to the beach house alive. He slaughtered Iori as soon as the ferry was gone and placed the smaller boy in the top of the boathouse. All Ken had to do with Tai was lead the soccer player to the lighthouse and proceed from there.

So who murdered Yolei and Joe?

Yet another simple question.


Ken paused in their walking. Matt stopped too and turned around to face him curiously. Ken sighed and looked away from Matt. "There's something you should know, Matt. I've lied to you."

"What do you mean?" Matt asked, furrowing his brow.

Ken didn't reply, making an uneasy air set about the two of them. Matt opened his mouth to ask again, but a figure walking towards them dressed neon yellow outfit caught his attention. He looked over Ken's shoulder at the approaching person and as he recognized the person as Davis, he got somewhat curious. Shouldn't Davis be at the hospital? He began to worry, however, when Davis wrapped his arms around Ken's waist and leaned forward to brush a warm kiss across the base of Ken's neck. He looked at Matt, only the expression wasn't a blank stare; it was full of pure sanity and evil. Ken grinned equally evilly at Matt and produced a pistol from beneath his jacket.

"There's a problem, Matt. You see, three's a crowd."