summary: Bella goes to forks to live with her dad, but she falls in love with a hot guy named Sam Uley, aong the way she discovers something about her self.

Chapter 1

Bella's pov

I stood in the airport. My mother, Renee, clinging to my arm. Sobbing over and over about how she was going to miss me.

"Mom, my flights about to leave and I need my arm to go with me" I said. But she just cried even harder. I patted her arm and pulled free from her death grip.

"But I don't want you to go" she sobbed

"Mom, I'll email you ever other day when I can" I said

With a quick good-bye, I ran to the gate. Gave my ticket and took my seat on the plane.

"This is your captain speaking, please buckle your seat belts and prepare for lift off" a voice over the intercom said. After the plane waslifted into the sky I began to fall asleep. My brain was tried from all the sobbing and weeping Renee did at the airport and I needed to get some rest for in a few hours I was going to see daddy again.

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