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There I was Sonic the Hedgehog the fastest thing alive inside the Olympic stands that were held in Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and his friends invited all of my friends and even my enemy Eggman to participate in these Olympics. At first I denied the invitation but after a few minutes of being bugged I accepted. Little did I know that Mario had planned for me to accept his invitation and he was hoping to get rich off of it. Right when I arrived at the colossal stadium I was immediately greeted by Mario and he had a large smile on his face. Then he wagered that his team would win more gold medals than my team and he betted 100,000,000 mushroom coins for my 1,000 rings that I have been saving to buy a better house because my run down shack was rotting after 120 years of standing in my family. (1 ring = 10,000 mushroom coins) Reluctantly I accepted and then I shook the plumber's hand and I rushed off to tell my team. I told everyone in the locker room about the bet and we then decided who would do what events. Tails and Eggman did archery and trap, Shadow would do jumping and fencing, I would do the hurdles and long distance, Knuckles would do the hammer toss with Vector as well as the Javelin Throw, Blaze would do ping pong and vault, and last but not least Amy my self proclaimed girlfriend who I always ran away from when she tried to be romantic would do the trampoline and the 10m dive. I was reluctant to choose Amy but Tails convinced me to let her do those two events because she had been training to do them for so long. I also believed it would help Amy when knowing her that she would do her best to impress me which would be interesting but I thought highly unlikely. Still I really did not like to make Amy sad so I had to at least give her a chance. It's a good thing I did in the end. Wait I am getting ahead of myself aren't I.

Anyways we had just finished all of our events and all that was left was Amy's events. I had naturally got gold in the 100m, 400m, and 400m hurdle events. Shadow got gold in fencing but got bronze in the long jump and triple jump while Mario and Luigi got gold and silver in those events. Vector and Knuckles got bronze and silver in the Hammer and Javelin events while Bowser got gold in both. Tails and Eggman got gold and silver in the archery event but Tails only got silver in the skeet event because Eggman had one of his robots snipe all of the clay targets and the judges found out so he was disqualified while Waluigi won gold because Tails was so flustered he missed all of his last shots. Blaze won ping pong with gold but Daisy won gold in the vault while Blaze got silver. So all that was left was Amy's events. We discussed with Mario about taking out the water events and he agreed accept for the 10m high dive so we were down only one gold when Amy came up in the trampoline event. I was sitting in the crowd at about the middle of the stands where I had a nice view of Amy's performance with Shadow sitting beside me, Tails in front, and Knuckles beside him. Vector had gone to check up on Espio and make sure that Charmy had not gotten into any trouble. So Amy had just stepped onto the platform right after the announcer said her name in her pink and white uniform with pink sweat pants that she made a week ago that replaced her normal red dress and skirt. Right she started waving to the crowd and got on the overly large trampoline she waited until the judges gave her the signal to go ahead and start. I was so nervous I started biting my fingernails fiercely hoping that Amy would win. Right after the judges gave her the thumbs up she bounced twice in air and reached a height I never thought was possible on that thing. The whole time during her routine I was appalled by her skill in the air with her multiple flips and twists that made me lose track after 10. She seemed like as though she actually controlled gravity and I would almost say a goddess of the air as she spun around for her final trick. Once she landed gracefully the whole stadium filled with people erupted in a cheering frenzy as she got a 9.89 on her routine that almost made me jump out of my seat and scram her name but luckily I was able to keep myself from doing that. However Knuckles looked at me with his usual grin and he knew exactly what was going on in my head. I could not believe that girl had done such a graceful performance and she made it look so easy. Little did everyone know that about halfway through the routine I almost lost my consciousness and probably would have jumped in to join her. I know it sounds weird but I almost did just that. I quickly zoomed outside the girls locker room and waited for Amy to come out and get ready for her final event that I would never do in my life. As she came out with a big smile on her face she immediately blushed at the sight of me standing outside of the girl's restroom and giving her my old thumbs up routine.

"Great job, Amy that was beautiful," I stated with a wink.

"I am so glade you liked it Sonikku," Amy answered and she was blushing in an even darker red then ever before.

"If you do the same as that on your dive I bet you'll make the crowd get ten times louder than before and you will have that medal in no time," I stated while I was giving her a large warm smile.

I was about to leave when I heard Amy say my name shyly so I wheeled around and faced her.

"What is it Amy?" I asked.

Amy was now blushing in an even dark red all over her face and here feet were sliding against the hard granite pavement.

"I was wondering if maybe we could after all of this is over with maybe have a date together. You know just the two of us," Amy asked almost looking like the same color of Knuckles right now.

I sighed and I thought about it because I really haven't ever accepted this offer yet in the past but now because this is so important I might as well show her how grateful I am.

" I will tell you what, Amy," I said calmly."If you show a gold medal effort in your next routine I just might go out with you. How's that?"

I didn't even need to ask her because she immediately jumped into my arms and wrapped her soft delicate arms around my neck in a bit of a sweetly way that was entirely not what I was expecting at all. I was so used to the fact of Amy hugging my guts out that this completely took me off guard but I had to admit that it was nice.

After another minute of her hugging Amy released me and then sweetly smiled at me with her pink cute face. "It's a deal," she answered and then she got out of my arms and ran toward the Aquatic Stadium when it would be the only time me and my team would ever set foot in there.

After about a half an hour of waiting and watching the warm ups for all the divers it was time for the big event. The pool had to have been about a foot ball field in length and the depth of it made me shiver in terror. I was sitting with the rest of the team waiting for Amy's routine on the side of the pool where we were allowed to watch with the best view of the place to see the diver's performance. The rest of the large dome's seats above us were full to the brim with spectators and I shivered at that because I never really liked being around a large crowd of people. That was when the official signaled that the start of the final contest. I watched the other diver's do their dives but I was not even impressed by their dives and I really did not care what their scores were until Amy came up to the diving board. I scooted up in my seat and anxiously awaited Amy's performance. Then the whistle was blown and almost immediately leaped into the air. It felt like time literally stopped like Chaos Control as she spun around in the air with untold beauty and grace. She executed everything perfectly as she drove into the water with at a perfect angle and emitted a small splash that not many people even saw it. Right after she did my team completely erupted in cheers and whistles as much of the audience followed our lead. However at about halfway through our clapping I started to hear a loud roar of boos in the background but I did not pay much attention to it. I did not even look at the score because I believed that she deserved at least a 9.75 or higher. After she finished getting out the next diver came up and did another dive as it was her second one and let me tell you I nearly fell asleep at her dive. The others were not much better really and my eyes grew heavy but just as I was about to fall asleep Tails shook me awake and I saw Amy again on the diving board with her facing backwards Then she soared high into the air after the whistle blew and she started twisting and spinning right as she was in the air. She did it all so perfectly that it looked like for a moment that I was watching an angel diving instead of Amy. Her sweet slender body seemed to have complete control of the air around her as she seemed to hang in the air for what seemed like hours. It was absolutely beautiful, majestic, and any other word that I would use to describe it would simply fall short to the truth. I noticed my face was feeling warm and I was blushing as it all happened and my heart felt like it was racing the 400m instead of me. Finally the entry justified the performance as she collided with the water at a perfect angle which left almost no disturbance of the water's surface. Everyone except for Mario's team erupted in cheers in whistling in response to that breathtaking performance. I was jumping up and down screaming her name and thunderously clapping at a speed that rivaled my own legs. Then again as before half way through the crowd erupted in boos but I just ignored them again. I kept my eye on Amy that graceful majesty of the air and I blushed harder as she smiled back at me and waved. It looked like I had to start planning for our date already.

Then the next diver stepped up to the diving board and I immediately fell asleep for I truly did not want to see these "amateurs" even approach the water. I only wanted to see Amy one last time do another dive. Soon enough Tails shook me awake again in time for me to see Amy do her last and defiantly most graceful dive ever seen in my eyes and ever will. Amy leaped forward in the air and again showed her dominance over the air and seemed to control it at her will. Her flips, her twists, and her emotion that was in that dive almost drove me over the edge to jump into the water myself and hug her like there was no tomorrow. My heart was beating faster than ever before and I almost thought it was going to burst the moment the dive ended as it wanted to scream for more. My face was furiously burning deep red and I lighted up so brightly it could probably blind anyone who would see me. As Amy entered the water with a perfect ending I was shocked at the entrance. It looked like she somehow warped into the water and never even collided with the surface because there was not even a ripple from where she landed. Then the crowd and everyone in the stadium but our opponents erupted in a cheer so loud I almost thought I was going to be deaf for the rest of my life. Then it erupted into even more boos and I couldn't take it anymore Amy did not deserve boos. I whipped around and clenched my fist tight and pulled it back aiming at the nearest contributor to the boos until I noticed that the pedestrian was looking not at Amy but at he score screen. I turned around and I almost exploded with anger. Here was the results for all of Amy's dives.

1st dive: 6.12

2nd dive: 5.64

3rd dive: 3.67

Total: 15.43

Then I saw the other diver's scores and that just made it worse. All of them had at least a score of 23.57 or higher and I was trembling. I looked at Amy only to feel even more angered at the BS that was going on. She was still wet from the water but what I saw cracked my heart. She was in full blown tears crying at her results and knowing she did not even win a medal. She ran into the girl's locker room covering her eyes with her soft sweet hands and I was just about to run in after her when the one person I did not need to see appeared in front of me. Mario. He held out his hand and grinned at me knowing that had won the bet. Once I saw his face I knew right then and there that this whole contest was rigged and Amy was going to be the main target of it all. I quickly gave him a a check with all the rings I had stored in the bank and if I was not so concerned about Amy I would have given him an uppercut right up his stomach for subjecting Amy to his plot.

I bolted to the entrance to the girl's locker room and there I waited for Amy to come out. I waited about 10 minutes until Blaze came out with a sad expression all over her face.

"Blaze is Amy still in there?" I blurted out hoping to get answer soon.

Blaze looked at me and then looked back at the granite hard ground in depression.

"Yeah she still is," she answered gloomily "She is cooped up in one of the showers with the water on crying her eyes out. I can't believe the BS of those judges that they did this to her. She did the best any diver could ever do and what does she get? A terrible score and utter humiliation to everyone. She won't come out no matter what I try to do."

Then Blaze jerked my arm and pushed in the girl's locker room and then sternly looked at me.

"Go talk to her," she commanded and I looked at her like she was out of her flipping mind.

"Are you crazy?" I answered in disbelief, "I can't go in there I am not a girl!"

"So what Amy needs you and you are going in there to talk to her understand?" she commanded and then the walked away as I sighed and crept in to the girl's locker room.

I heard silent squeaky sobs as I walked inside. The place was full of shower stalls with curtains and sinks that lined up against the wall. I then heard the sound of one of the shower stalls still running water and I slowly crept towards it. I slowly pulled the curtains away revealing Amy still in her uniform with tears streaming down her face and the beating of hat water from the shower head against her angelic like body. She looked up at me and then she covered her face with her hands trying to hide from my gaze.

"Go away Sonic," she said in between her sobbing," leave me alone, I am not good enough to be your girlfriend. I didn't give you a gold medal worthy performance. Heck I didn't even give a bronze medal performance."

I sat down wrapped my arms around her around her and she immediately stopped crying and looked at me with her emerald eyes glowing but also full of watery tears. I then did something that I have been holding back for so long it has been festering inside so much recently it just exploded. I started to get closer to her slowly until both of our bodies were pressed together and our lips were only centimeters apart. Then I finished the task as I gave it my last inch of distance and our lips pressed against each other and the warmth of both of our bodies exploded in feelings that can't be described accurately. Amy's eyes widened at what was happening but then quickly shut as she started to kiss back. Our tongues were slashing against each other and wrestling in a battle of dominance and love that eventually ended in a tie between us. My hands were massaging Amy's sweet slender back gently that made her react by having her hands running through my quills softly and so perfectly that drove me crazy. Finally after a few minutes that seemed like hours to probably both of us our lips broke apart and I started to hug her lovingly. Then my mouth inched up to Amy's ear and I started to reveal the truth.

"I don't care what other people think how you did ,Amy," I whispered softly," You see I think it was more than a gold medal effort and even if I lose everything the one thing I don't want to lose is you. Because you see I love you Amy Rose.

With that we both simultaneously broke down in tears as we hugged ever so gently. Then finally Amy spoke her last few whispers before we both fell asleep against the hot beating water from the shower head.

"I love you too Sonic."

Little did I know that while I was doing this Knuckles had snuck in hoping to show me the two checks of both mine and Mario's because he and Tails successfully proved that Amy indeed without a doubt won that gold medal. Knuckles took a quick picture of us sleeping in each other's arms in that shower stall and he snickered to himself after he told me days later.

"I am going to be rich off of this."

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